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TAW - bugs, errors and problems

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3 - The level of skills of the AI Anti Aircraft gunners is set to high.

I know that these kind of targets should be attacked with several aircraft to distract the AAA defences but despite the numerous attempts made there seems to be not any effort by the LW units to plan and coordinate their attacks together so for lone players and small units this becomes a pain.

Every unit seems to play by itself hidden in its " Teamspeak hole " so for players that have no other way than flying alone ( or in very small units ) there in no way to have fun flying a ground attack sortie because you get sistematically killed by the " sniper gunners " that do not seem to miss a single shot, also from distance.

A possible solution could be vary a bit the skill level of the various enemy ground units so the have a bit more of  differentiation and so to not meet always enemy troops with the skill level of a Jedi ( At the end not all the troops at the front line were fully experienced units ) so to provide to lone players ( or to units with just 2-3 players in their ranks ) the chance to try to fly these kind of sorties with some sort of chance ( that instead actually are a sure and complete suicide for them ).

Add to this that now we have the " 3 lives system " and you can easily immagine how much these things could restrict the player choices and freedom of action. ( Thing that should be avoided in a dynamic campaign, in my humble opinion ).


As an additional note, in the case that you don't want to change the system, should be at least specified in the TAW manual that flying lone sorties or with just 2-3 pilots against ground targets , corresponds to a mere suicide. ( I'm new to the TAW campaign so I was totally unaware of this and it will be the same for a new pilot\small unit joining the TAW campaign in the future )

As said in my opinion this should be tweaked in a better way because actually the currect system detracts heavily from the fun of lone players\small units...and it's a real pity because this campaign is simply marvellous in its concept and realisation.


As always my comments are to be intended exclusively as suggestions\gentle requests and NEVER as mandatory\peremptory ones.

These are simply my feedbacks from a passionate player point of view, trying, if possible, to improve the " TAW Experience ". 


With respect, my sincere best regards to all!


Keep up the great work!





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=LG= please see this post about a possible issue with the turnkey tank attack/capture process in the current map (#7):  




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Hi Kathon!


Today I was disconnected from the server on two different times but on similar situations. Both times, it happened when there was suddenly a very large number of planes in the area. The first a groups of 15+ bombers showed up in front of me, as soon i was about to engage a bomber, i got disconnected. The second time, a couple of hours later and on a different map iteration, I played for about an hour until we saw a large number of enemy fighters and bombers, suddenly i was disconnected. On both cases, my stats show the sorties as "in flight" and the last entry says "pilot exit".


I have never seen this behavior on other servers or on previous TAWs.



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