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  1. Kathon, it seems that with the U-2 as transport taking a gunner disqualifies it as a transport. Can this be confirmed/fixed?
  2. What is it with people not knowing how to record or take screenshots? its terrible to look at
  3. To be fair, reading to rules is quite important on TAW. Maybe you/LG/Kathon could look at updating the, at this point quite obsolete manual as a whole?
  4. Its already up on the TAW website under the manual
  5. They'd rather eat their left testicle than fly a Russian plane I think 😛
  6. Fair enough, I didn't really realize that. Balance is going to be much better this campaign compared to 20
  7. SCG are going Soviet? Didn't think I'd live to see the day.
  8. LG meme-ing? I'll join #odpalaj kampanię
  9. Tiny little bugs are also worth reporting! In this case its the ''Deck'' skin on the Tempest. It says No.222 Squadron operated from Kluis, Germany. This should be Kluis, the Netherlands as airfield Kluis is not in Germany.
  10. Well I did a quick little MS Paint edit on the current plane set for WF TAW, this is close to what I think is a balanced, historical and engaging plane set. If you have any questions or criticism I'd like to hear it. The Normandy planes can be gradually introduced as they are being released as well.
  11. Why is the topic of one of the most popular servers in Il-2 not pinned? @Forum mods
  12. thanks for the replies everyone, and since the yaw sensor is the one that went bananas on my 3D pro I will refrain from buying the T.16000M. Instead I have opted for spending an extra €40 on the VKB gladiator mkII instead.
  13. In my country I have to pay €100 for the VKB gladiator all included, so any additional grips would be out of the question.
  14. So the sensors on my good old Logitech extreme 3D pro are giving out and I'm in need of a new stick. I'm no rich guy so shelling out 100+ euros on a stick is out of the option, pedals are also not an option, just too expensive. Does anyone have any recommendations that aren't the t16000m? Or is it really worth spending the extra 40 euros for a vkb gladiator mk.II? I'd love to hear some recommendations and thanks in advance for any replies.
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