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  1. It's data from Il-2: Great Battles? Have you even clicked the link?
  2. Can we stop with the Cyrillic here? English only on this forum, translating and pasting is not difficult guys.
  3. Yak-9 M-105PF produced two plants: N153 - from October 1942 to February 1943 (from the 1st to the 3rd series, the last aircraft - N03-51), a total of 195 aircraft; and N 166 - from January to August 1943 (from the 1st to the 6th series), a total of 264 aircraft. Thus, a total of 459 Yak-9 M-105PF aircraft were built http://www.combatavia.info/index1yak9.html Yak-1b - ("b" is unofficial suffix, just like those of Yak-7B). New upper gargrot, armoured frontal and rear glass, back view mirror, back of head and left hand are armour protected, 2xSHKAS replaced with 1xUBS, new fi
  4. @=LG=Kathon Don't think this is quite supposed to happen, is it?
  5. That's a campaign of 150 people doing using them weekly for a very lengthy campaign, its not insignificant. Of course your average CoBo player will think its pointless, but its not all about them @Gambit21
  6. You'd be surprised @Gambit21 I can speak for the whole of ACG when I say we would definitely find a use for drop tanks. Currently we have started using the refuelling/rearming feature in our Kuban campaign, drop tanks would be something we would use for sure
  7. Today somebody spawned in my gunner and shot my elevator before he was kicked: https://prnt.sc/v65907 Can't ''Player-#'' people just get kicked on joining the server with a message to make an account? I've seen on Combat Box they already do that so could be a good suggestion for something to implement in the future @=LG=Kathon. If you can't even link your il-2 account you have no place in a server like this anyway.
  8. kubinka isn't even the airfield they are attacking, which makes it even stranger
  9. In mission #48 a tank column spawned and immediately closed nesterovo, is it supposed to be that way? seems very weird to me
  10. Doesn't it make more sense to combine the 1b with the 9? they share more similarities I'd say, also how about the 9T? Can't the plane set just be updated?
  11. Yeah more people need to use it. @=LG=Kathon Can you add a recurring message in the chat or something to remind everyone to use SRS? that would be really useful.
  12. Plus when you cap the registration off if the other side is outnumbered you'll only get a bunch of wehraboos making fake red accounts so they can have their space 'o nines.
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