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  1. Why is the topic of one of the most popular servers in Il-2 not pinned? @Forum mods
  2. thanks for the replies everyone, and since the yaw sensor is the one that went bananas on my 3D pro I will refrain from buying the T.16000M. Instead I have opted for spending an extra €40 on the VKB gladiator mkII instead.
  3. In my country I have to pay €100 for the VKB gladiator all included, so any additional grips would be out of the question.
  4. So the sensors on my good old Logitech extreme 3D pro are giving out and I'm in need of a new stick. I'm no rich guy so shelling out 100+ euros on a stick is out of the option, pedals are also not an option, just too expensive. Does anyone have any recommendations that aren't the t16000m? Or is it really worth spending the extra 40 euros for a vkb gladiator mk.II? I'd love to hear some recommendations and thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. Christmas has come early! Thanks for making the il-2 community one of the best @busdriver!
  6. 8 copies?! You're nuts and generous, the very best combination. My best bet is just posting music I like, perhaps you enjoy the chill funkiness too.
  7. I think the planeset is the most important thing to get historical, that's what sets it apart from other servers. On the other things concessions can be made for gameplay's sake. La5-FN's in early 42 is neither historical nor balanced.
  8. Time to leave some actual TAW specific feedback instead of rambling on about the spotting system. Can this table be updated in the manual for next campaign? It seemed to be horribly out of date. Also a recheck of the manual wouldn't be ridiculous either because a few things seemed to have changed since it was last updated/written. Also I hope the mission makers take a look at the planes available in each map so they correspond with the time period. Last campaign La-5FN's and Hs 129 were available from early 1942, while these planes didn't get introduced into combat well into 1943. I think TAW should be focusing on historical accuracy first and balance of the plane set second, time travel isn't a thing. There are plenty of servers out there with completely fictional missions and settings, I'd like TAW to not be one of them and I think a lot of people would agree with me on this.
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