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  1. I understand but this design makes bugs I was writing about. If the solution is wrong then there are bugs. In the current version where mod takes priority over filters: 1. Mods are available despite configuration of the filter => it's a bug (filter is useless) 2. You can't setup mod which is selected and disabled (locked) at the same time so player can't unselect it => it's a bug In the version where mod doesn't takes priority over filters: 1. No bugs as above.
  2. @-DED-Rapidus in general yes. The Available Mods filter makes modification enabled or disabled. WeaponMods makes modification checked or unchecked. So it should be possible to make modification checked and disabled so player can't uncheck it. But because of the bug every check modification (in WeaponMods) is automatically enabled regardless of the Available Mods filter. In general Available Mods filter is useless because even if it's empty (you would expect no modification is enabled) all modification can be enabled if WeaponMods is configured properly.
  3. @SmokinHole you should have waited in the briefing room (click end mission) not in the cockpit. If you are in the queue you can't spawn. Because of it you were kicked from the server. Moreover if there is imbalance situation 10min penalty is added for pilots who disconnects from the server. If you had waited in the briefing room you would have been able to spawn again and take off after a few minutes.
  4. Problem has been fixed during the weekend. Destroyed artillery in the allied defense position wasn't counted properly by the script. (Normally there are static objects like BM-13 (east front) or Sd.Kfz. 251 but there is no such object for US side so I added artillery but didn't tested it enough ) There was problem with aircraft type and FW190 Jabo wasn't counted as attacker. It was also fixed some time ago. You damaged him but did't destroy and he landed. Remember that bombers like A20 consist of many sub-objects like gunners and turrents so many events "was damaged" concern those sub-objects. Red damaged him in about 5.5%, you 2.5%. So AK was counted for red. There is of course room for improvement by not taking into account FF in such case. In that case AK would go to you. It wasn't marked as "Attack!" ===================================================================================================== The manual has been updated thanks to =/Hospiz/=MetalHead. He put all changes into one readable and useful document. If something is still unclear or you see any bugs please let us know.
  5. Friendly air kill Fw 190 A-8 during mission #6. I really don't like to by a judge in such cases. I understand your explanations and let's reduce penalty to 12 missions. So penalty is over. Please double check the target next time.
  6. We plan to do it. I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. 190: http://www.taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=10643&name=Ala13_Eco_Charlie Damaged you Damaged ACG_HardeKoning Was damaged by ACG_HardeKoning P47 ACG_HardeKoning: http://www.taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=10636&name=ACG_HardeKoning Damaged 190 Was damaged by 190 P47 you: http://www.taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=10635&name=Nerfection Were damaged by 190 It all looks ok for me. What is missing?
  7. Sure there is. How would you like to adjust it? QTY (quantity) - it is current number of available aircraft for the pilot. MAX (maximum) - QTY can't be greater than MAX.
  8. To not be able to disappear immediately after landing.
  9. If your aircraft is damaged more than 30% then after landing it’s not available in the current and next mission. It was introduced some time ago: Not the first time. He's been grounded for next 24 missions. As above.
  10. There is absolute limit 45 pilots per side and relative limit about 12 pilots between sides. But there is an exception for squadrons: In case there is too much difference in number of pilots between sides (over-limit message on the map) members of those squadrons can still spawn and fly together. The “big squadrons” are squadrons with at least 6 active members. How does it work: a member can bypass over-limit message if there is already someone spawned on the server from his squadron. He can do it only once during the mission. As long as he lands on the airfield, ha can take off again. In general it’s to help squadrons fly together. Sure, added to "to-do" list. PM me. You password has been reset.
  11. Please check changes: Defense position around the enemy city as additional target. (before only attacked city by a tank convoy had visible defense on the map, now not attacked city can have visible defense)
  12. 1. Wrong question. There are flakvierling38. In the current mission #35 there are 28 of Flak Vierling in total. 2. Yes, in the current mission #35 there are 26 of Flak 36. 3. Probably a bug in the script. Need to check it. 4. They weren't commonly used but we will consider unlocking with some limits.
  13. It's running now. US trucks are now with linked entity so it should fix the problem (we will monitor CPU utilization). There was also bug where destroyed allied trucks in convoys were generated once again in the next mission. Now it's fixed.
  14. The solution with only USAAF airfields were easier and faster to implement. It's possible to add RAF airfields on the north as shown on the map but here comes some questions: 1. List of available aircraft on RAF airfields? 2. List of available aircraft on USAAF airfields? 3. If all RAF airfields are closed or captured then some aircraft will not be available on the map at all? The same for USAAF. 4. During registration also choice between RAF and USAAF pilots? 4a. YES => Will RAF pilots be able to spawn on USAAF airfields? If no then what if all RAF airfields are closed/captured? RAF pilots will not be able to fly. 4b NO => So all US pilots (current solution) may use USAAF and RAF airfields?
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