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  1. Gun pods availability depends on the depot destruction level. The more depo is destroyed the more probably is that gun pod for particular aircraft is not available on the current mission on that airfield. 1. It would be easier if you put image of it. I assume you are talking about hidden supply convoys. You have to fly there and find this convoy to show icon of it on the map. 2. yes Ju-52 don't need 100% fuel in supply transport mission. After landing you can end the sortie. No need to unload. This good question for the developers because in the log files LF-heavy82 shot down Flanker-E. It's not the first time when ingame score differs from log files. If counter is <= 0 after a sortie then it's increased by 1 immediately and time penalty is on. So you never see counter below 0. I will check it. There is not many events in that sortie: http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=53623&name==FSB=HandyNasty If server crashes it doesn't produce any log files so mission is ended and pilots in the air have "In flight" sortie.
  2. You destroyed friendly unit. No CM in that case. I'm not familiar with photo recon mechanic from rise of flight, can you elaborate a little more?
  3. He is not registered, so there isn't any pilot's profile. He was kicked three times from the server during that mission but eventually he was able to took off ( I will have to check why). Did you take 100% of fuel for transport mission?
  4. It looks like the new durability values provided by the devs are too strong. I will lower it in the next mission. You are correct, there was a bug (">" character instead of "<" in the comparison) . It will be fixed in the next mission.
  5. Brief description: Spawned and activated AA rotates and aims very slowly and they are not able to shoot at the approaching enemy aircraft. Detailed description, conditions: There are two bugs in the AA: 1. Spawned by MCU_Trigger: Spawner AA rotates and aims very slowly. 2. Activated by MCU_Trigger: Activate AA behaves as above but only for the first time. If it's deactivated and activated again (e.g. by check zone) in the same mission then it shoots normally. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): There are three AA on the test mission: - nearest is activated AA - in the middle is spawned AA - farthest is normal AA (enabled from the beginning of the mission) All AA are looking at the north and enemy aircraft is flying over them from the south. Normal AA rotates by 180 deg in 6 sec but the activated and spawned at about 20 sec so they are unable to even shoot at the approaching enemy aircraft. Video 1: AA activated and spawned for the first time. Video 2: AA activated and spawned again. Activated act as normal now. Test mission: AA_Bug.zip
  6. All AA is bugged in the same way.
  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [edited] 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator.
  8. I have reported the AA bugs to the devs. Let's hope they will fix it as soon as possible. Why should you be credited for it? Please check number of your friendly ground kills in the stats.
  9. Brief description: Strange behavior of the "activated" and "spawned" anti-air guns Detailed description, conditions: There are two bugs in AA guns. 1. When AA is triggered by the MCU_Trigger: Spawner it rotates and aims so slowly that it's hardly able to shot at the enemy aircraft. It turns by 180 deg in almost 20 sec, when normal AA do it in just 6 sec. 2. When AA is triggered by the MCU_Trigger:Activate it behaves in the same way as above but only at the first time. When it's deactivate and then activate again it shots normally. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): There are two videos with 3 AA pointing at the north. The nearest is activated, in the middle is spawned and the farthest is normal AA (enabled from the beginning of the mission). The enemy aircraft is flying from the south to the north at 400m over them. You can see on the first video that activated for the first time (nearest AA) and spawned AA (in the middle) rotates and aim very slowly and are unable to shot at the aircraft. They can be easily destroyed by the enemy aircraft. You can see on the second video that activated AA (nearest) is fine (it was deactivated and activated again by CheckZone MCU during the same mission). Mission file: AA_Bug.zip
  10. As I wrote earlier not all of 20 reds are allowed to fly. Some of them are waiting but they are on the server so they are shown as total number of players. Locked aircraft means that some of the weapons are not available (locked). I seems that penalty counter is immediately increased by 1 after reaching 0 or below.
  11. I remember that one vehicle can generate onKilled event more than once so I connect onKilled to a counter with limit 1.
  12. The main problem is the hardware server. I don't think it would be possible to run two servers TAW and FC at the same time without killing the CPU. If the FC community was big maybe it would be possible to rent a new dedicated hardware.
  13. It's working but those numbers shows spawned pilots and waiting pilots. Not all of 38 reds are flying there (this was much easier and faster for me to implement it)
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