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  1. No. It's a DServer.exe bug that sometimes doesn't allow people to connect. I will restart it
  2. 1. If you get the message like "you can't take off now!" then you should end the mission and go back to the briefing. Then after some time if you are clear to take off you will get message on the chat. If you want to check your actual position on the queue then spawn again, read the message and go back to the briefing. 2. You can fly on both sides. The team-change penalty is probably an old settings that should be lowered. Not yet. Can you elaborate? Was the server full? Did you spawn on the airfield? In general: during the mission difference between sides is check periodically. Let's say it's 9 pilots for one hour for example. The script calculates number of attacks on enemy airfields from the bigger team ( it takes 5 pilots for 40 minutes to one attack) so in this case 2 airfields will be attack. I didn't change this. Almost 40 pilots were kicked after death when server was full.
  3. There is always a room for improvements and this feature can be limited as you proposed to cases when player scored GK and disconnection was within e.g. 5 minutes. The Tag was for the test purpose. We will see how does it work and nothing stands in the way of adding your squadron and other. Don't worry, this system is not based on the player name or squad name but on the client ID (unchangeable, internal identifier that is sent to the server when player join it).
  4. The new TAW campaign starts on Sunday 17.11.2019 at about 12:00 UTC Changes: Tanks from the convoy may create attack formation when are near the enemy city (about 15km). In that case they aren’t in a line on the road but spread out on the grass field. Trucks from that convoy are still on the road (there are two icons on the map: one for the tanks and one for the trucks) Support for the big squadrons. In case there is too much difference in number of pilots between sides (over-limit message on the map) members of those squadrons can still spawn and fly together. For quick test purpose “big squadrons” are squadrons with at least 6 active members with squadron tag in their names registered in the last TAW campaign. How does it work: a member can bypass over-limit message if there is already someone spawned on the server from his squadron. He can do it only once during the mission. As long as he lands on the airfield, ha can take off again. In general it’s to help squadrons fly together. In case of too much difference in number of pilots between sides for a longer time during the mission, some front-line airfields from the bigger side are attacked after that mission. It’s like simulating missing pilots from the smaller side to make the game play more balanced. The queuing system has been fixed. In some rare cases it was possible to fly on unavailable aircraft or with Time Penalty. Players also got conflicting messages that are ready to take off and can’t fly at the same time. After disconnection when neither pilot nor his aircraft was damaged (no DISCO result) this aircraft is out of service (ditched) for the current and next mission. It’s because some players fly over target, drops bombs and deliberately disconnect to fly quickly again without returning to the airfield. Different type of trucks is now in the convoys because of the visibility bug. Some static trucks are still visible from far away and some are not visible just from 400m. During the overcast weather AA has much lower AI level (but not on the airfield). The new Pz.Kpfw.VI tank added to the convoy from map #5 Missing bridges and city smokes were added. They are now on all maps. Planeset – work in progress Registration is open. Good luck! P.S. In case of bugs, errors and problems please post it here:
  5. Some slight changes based on the propositions on the forum but no BoBp aircraft. BoBp scenario is a long-term project and first it will be run as a separate campaign (it's much easier to do it from technical point of view).
  6. I've decided not to wait until developers fix this AA bug. I will change the way AA is generated by the script in the all targets. If everything goes well the new TAW campaign will start this weekend.
  7. Unfortunately no. They haven't fixed it. It was working some version ago so all they had to do was to compare source code of the artillery and make it as it was before, just one hour of work probably. But we have ability to add photo in the cockpit, maybe it was more important.
  8. Hi, I have report similar issue with the artillery some time ago:
  9. This time brake is longer because of the of the artillery bug that was intruduced after the latest patch. Here are more detailes about it: We need to wait for the devs to fix it. Let's hope it will be soon. But don't worry I was adding new features to the script and fixing bugs.
  10. The test mission was attached to this post (AA_bug.zip). Tested on dedicated server.
  11. Great 😄 thanks. BTW: After looking on it by you what next? Are you going to report it as a tester to the devs? Or maybe they already know about it.
  12. Unfortunately spawned AA is also bugged. Here are details: It hasn't been fixed for months.
  13. Brief description: Activated artillery is invisible now Detailed description, conditions: This bug report refers to the previous one: After the latest patch activated artillery is shooting but it's invisible. The test was done on the same test mission. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): There are three artillery on the video from the left: normal, spawned (still with slow rotation bug) and activated which is invisible after activation but you can see it's shooting.
  14. I did a quick test and didn't have this issue. Tested on Lapino map and the new one. Inserted flak38 on the airfield and on the grass was spawned normally.
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