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  1. There is only one position for each side where warehouse can be generated and in that mission there is a icon on the web site and on the map in the game. It's 3:2 and everything is possible. This campaign is quite balance in therms of won maps 3:2 and two maps in a draw. Out of tanks on both sides. Sure, that would be great. This specific territory isn't easy to work with.
  2. The location of the warehouses are close to the boarders for each sides for every map. The idea was that it's destroyed similar like the depot by level bombing so the placement is similar. It has been like that from the beginning of the TAW for about 3 years and suddenly it's a big problem? However this map Stalingrad_Center was originally smaller (as some of you may remember) and ended on the city Stalingrad. There were no Kulklin and Leninsk cities at the beginning, they were added later. Unfortunately I forgot about warehouse and now Allied warehouse is located near Shkolniy (near the old, original border of the map). I will fix it in the next campaign. The advantage at the start doesn't matter. If you destroy completely enemy warehouse no new tanks, trucks and aircraft will be added to the limit. If you damage it only part will be added according to the level of the destruction. If the city near the warehouse is captured no warehouse is generated (like depot) So where would you like to put it? In the middle of the map so enemy would destroy it before you could even fly there and protect it? Or warehouse wouldn't be generated at all because the front line moved and city with warehouse was captured. That would be really fair: winning side has warehouse where other side don't. Please, give us en example where in your opinion would be ideal location of the warehouse. Yes, they are generated as a target during particular mission. So if you don't destroy it during that mission it will be not generated in the next mission. The next mission with warehouse will be after a few days. How many times per map? - it depends how long the maps last. That was done deliberately and I spent many, many hours to find places where the script could generate such situations. It was main idea of the TAW to create such missions every time with tanks between two airfields and railway station. But unfortunately it was only one mission during almost 4 years of TAW campaigns so I think I have to devote much more free time to improve it. If limit is exceeded then new tanks are not generated. It doesn't has impact on the tanks that had been generated before it. Example: Mission #100: tank convoy was generated Mission #101: tank limit was reached Mission #102: tank convoy from mission #100 is still on the map advancing to the enemy city. Mission #103: no more tanks convoys are generated because of the limit. Yes.
  3. Time penalty is now 6 hours. It will be 12 hours on the last #8 map. I want to analyze the impact of the time penalty duration to number of grounded pilots. I'm a few pages behind on this topic with many unread posts so if there is something important please pm me.
  4. It's "delayed air kill" problem when pilot starts a new sortie before enemy is shot down from the previous sortie. I will try to improve it.
  5. The campaign will be resumed at 19:00 UTC on 26.12 Small changes: Time penalty when counter "Lives" drop below zero is now only 2 hours (it was 20 hours before) It's allowed to spawn on the airfield with time penalty if your side is lower then opponent side and mission elapsed time is more than 10 min.
  6. This is game bug. There are events in the log files that something was destroyed but there is no info about what it was. Also coordination of those unknown objects are bizarre because there aren't any object on the map with that coordination. Could you post links to those sorties. I'm not able to manually check sortie after sortie.
  7. Check PM. Don't worry, passwords aren't saved as plain text and they can be only reset to random new one.
  8. Ditched (on the airfield or friendly territory) aircraft aren't counted as aircraft lost for the team. Killed or captured pilots, bail outs, destroyed static_planes and disconnections are counted as aircraft lost for the team. From the manual: If tank convoy is near (about 25km) enemy city or airfield then this airfield is closed, so distance to the city is also taking into account. 1. the Wehrmacht at a distance of 25 km from the airfield Peskovatka-the airfield is blocked. - OK 2. The red army tanks 18 miles from Skvorin airfield - the airfield is not blocked. - Skvorin wasn't attacked by the tanks in that mission, Kumovka was attacked. I will improve it by adding condition that any enemy airfield is closed if tanks are near enough, not only this attacking. 3. Mission #320,tanks of the Wehrmacht at a distance of 28 km from the airfield Safronov-the airfield is blocked. - But to the city Safronov is 24,7km. City distance is probably an old condition and I will delete it so only distance to the airfield will be taken into account.
  9. Nope. From manual: Frequency of spawning tanks convoys depends on three factors: · map type (offensive or counteroffensive) - more tank convoys at the beginning of the map · enemy depo destruction – the greater destruction the more friendly tank convoys · captured enemy territory – the bigger territory the more friendly tank convoys
  10. There is no dependency between AA level and population. Give missions number to analyse those situations.
  11. I don't know what settings on the server side have impact on the FPS on the client side. There are no AI aircraft on TAW and most of vehicles, tanks and AA are deleted when no enemy aircraft is nearby.
  12. Sometimes on TAW server is similar situation. DServer successfully loads the mission but nobody can join it. I have to close DServer and run it once again with the same mission and then it's ok. So I think this issue is not related to the mission.
  13. Unfortunately no. Before every campaign all database is cleared. Yes, correct. Counter is increased by 1 instantly when it drops below 0. Sorry for the confusion. You can change already registered WhiteMoose account to something else and registered a new account as WhiteMoose on the opposite side. Yes, Tank's limit for both sides was exceeded.
  14. Sometimes DServer crashes and stops generating log files, then the script end mission and generate the next one. I will try to fix it adding condition when crash is before e.g. 1 hour then script loads the same mission one more time. There is also rare bug in DServer when after loading the mission it doesn't allow anyone to connect and DServer runs empty. I will try to fix it as well by reloading current mission one more time.
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