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  1. A bug in the script when last map ends as a draw. This was veeery long campaign. Thanks for all for participation.
  2. At the moment 12 or more, but I plan to add random factor so it will be e.g. 10-14 in a future Defense: - AT and tanks (about 50% of total strenght) - armored vehicles/BM13 (about 35%) - dugout that are are connected to each other by dark corridor (15%). Artillery: all 9 artillery guns
  3. It's possible to fly with time penalty if your side is lower than the enemy side (it's for the balance reason)
  4. I will explain starting from the end: 1. The last map is a Allied counter-offensive map (more tank convoys at the beginning of the map) so they started having less cities. The opposite situation was on the #6 Axis offensive map (Allied had more cities at the beginning). So it's fair enough. 2. We are working on the new Kuban map which will be much more balanced. 3. Allied attack on Krasnodar: #632 tanks 24km from the city in a straight line (all vehicles on the road in a convoy). Enemy defense 100%. #633 tanks advanced by 21,6 km and are 7,1km from the city (separate tanks, truck and artillery). Enemy defense still 100% so they didn't attacked after the mission but waited for the air support who should attack enemy defense. (if enemy defense is more than 70% then tanks wait one mission before the attack) #634 tanks are at the same position. Enemy defense 96%!!! #635 Krasnodar was captured after long and bloody battle (almost all tanks had been destroyed). The probability of the capturing enemy city with almost full defense is really low, but here they did it. 4. Axis attack on Krasnodar: #635 tanks 19km from the city in a straight line (all vehicles on the road in a convoy). Enemy defense only 30%. Convoy had been attacked but not enough. One more destroyed vehicle and it would have advanced much slower in the next mission. #636 tanks advanced by 26 km and were able to attack weak enemy defense and capture the city. 5. Tanks aren't moved by the same distance all the time. There is also a random factor. If you still think there is something unfair let me know.
  5. Done. It was KrasotulechkA :http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=97338&name=KrasotulechkA He was destroyed at the same time and at the same place. Unfortunately during the collision there is no info in the log files who collided with who.
  6. You can't see his profile if he is not registered. Normally such players are kick automatically after spawning but sometimes DServer doesn't kick those players. Ha has been banned permanently. Could you explain, I'm not sure I understand you.
  7. I will check it. His first two PILOT EXIT were when he had 6. Next three were during the same mission minutes after spawning or taking off. Mission #455 - having 6 Mission #487 - having 6 Mission #487 - just after spawning (not visible on the sortie list - hmmm nobody would see it) Mission #487 - just after take off Mission #487 - just after take off I would understand if he had many PILOT EXIT and once was when he had 6. But here it looks like he intentionally disconnected a few times to show internet problems. We decided to ground him for 3 days and remove from TOP5 pilots.
  8. What makes you think that the total account of the Allied aircraft is decreased by 1 in that case? Did you check it? If you ditch and you are still alive then total aircraft is not decreased by 1.
  9. As far as I remember they always show messages even after destruction. There was a problem with it because most of the units are simple static trucks and they can't be connect to any logic. Tanks were introduced some time ago in random units so maybe after destroying particular tank they will not show messages. I added it to "to-do' list. If your aircraft hadn't been lost for some time it would be pointless to land on the particular airfields. You could land on any airfield on the map. Regarding Germankill I will check his logs, track and decide what to do.
  10. I have an impression that some of those values aren't correct. For example I tested wagons and armored trucks and their equivalent in static blocks: It looks like those durability=10000 are too high. I also don't understand why every static object in mission editor has default durability = 25000? Every time you have to change it manually or search forum for correct (or not) values or use 3rd party apps. Objects should have correct durability in mission editor.
  11. I did more tests and have just updated the durability of the trains and depots. Unfortunately my PC has died again so can't test remaining objects (I hope replacing main board battery will help).
  12. Example: It was 970/975 so tank convoy is generated. During that mission 6 tanks were destroyed so now it's 976/975. Ideally if tank convoy had only 5 tanks not 20 as always. Maybe one day I will improve the script. No tanks are generated if limit is exceeded (in general but there is still a small bug) but tanks genersted before the limit was exceeded are still moving toward enemy city for the next few missions. Allied didn't exceed the limit so it was possible to generate tanks but tanks are not generated every missions. That time they hadn't been generated.
  13. Ok, finally I was able to make some changes in the script. First I had to download 15GB of the game update with the very poor internet so it took me many hours to do that. Then my PC broke down. I did some test and I think there is something wrong with the bombs and creates and destruction area. Very often destruction area doesn't correspond with the crater. The crater and smoke of the SC1000kg is very big but the destruction are is much smaller. I updated the script and lowered durability of the buildings and static vehicles. Let me know if it's better and something need to be adjusted more. P.S. There was bug with the warehouse on mission #279. This bug was removed.
  14. It's Gerhard_Barkhorn or Tupoc on Axis side. He changed his name. I agree. I was out of the town lately without access to my PC with the game so I couldn't carry out some tests. I did a short trip 200km :) to bring my PC eventually so I hop I will find solution as soon as possible.
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