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  1. The test mission was attached to this post (AA_bug.zip). Tested on dedicated server.
  2. Great 😄 thanks. BTW: After looking on it by you what next? Are you going to report it as a tester to the devs? Or maybe they already know about it.
  3. Unfortunately spawned AA is also bugged. Here are details: It hasn't been fixed for months.
  4. Brief description: Activated artillery is invisible now Detailed description, conditions: This bug report refers to the previous one: After the latest patch activated artillery is shooting but it's invisible. The test was done on the same test mission. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): There are three artillery on the video from the left: normal, spawned (still with slow rotation bug) and activated which is invisible after activation but you can see it's shooting.
  5. I did a quick test and didn't have this issue. Tested on Lapino map and the new one. Inserted flak38 on the airfield and on the grass was spawned normally.
  6. After latest patch 3.201 when you activate (by the MCU_Trigger_Activate) an artillery it doesn't become visible. Deactivating works fine: artillery is not visible. BTW: activating vehicles looks bizarre because sometimes they become visible in the different place at first and then are moved very fast to the destination point.
  7. The shot time penalty (10min or 15min) please check this change log: If you get message "You are on position X" then you have to end your sortie and come back to the briefing until you get massage "You are clear to take off". Then you can spawn and take off. 1. Change locked account (69th_Andy) to something else 2. Change your active account (AndrewZaytsev) to 69th_Andy To change name of the TAW account please log in and click Pilot profile in the top right corner. He didn't get AK because you landed. There is a bug info in your sortie that you had been shot down by him. The script closes airfields after 15min from the mission's start. It also takes into account number of spawned aircraft on the front line airfields. So if some pilots of those 13 spawned from the further airfields then script might have not closed front line airfields. Yes, but you will not have those tanks in your stats (only more ground kills). Those destroyed tanks will be counted in total tank limit on the current map. If you write about bias by spawned tank convoys then this bias is not by design. Every map in each campaign may start with different tanks positions (it's random). Distance to enemy airfield or city is taking into account and city Viselky was closer than 25km. We will see. 40% of clouds are clear or light so almost half of the mission are friendly for bombers. I can't I have a solution in my mind to this issue by a cost of the balance. We will test it in the next campaign. On the other hand Allied have more fighters on map #6, but maybe it's a good idea to equalize it.
  8. I will check it after this campaign. Pe-2 Ser.87 is available to fly it as a transport mission. Yes, if a city is captured then depot is destroyed. If it's recaptured again then depot is partially rebuild after 15 missions and it's visible on the map. It's a question to the game developers. The script only reads log files. Chances are 20%/35% for Allied/Axis respectively . All sides kill chutes. 30 chuts has been destroyed in total and 17 pilots hanging on the chutes (counted as killed more then 5sec after bail out) from the beginning of this campaign. It's a DServer issue. There was end of the mission on 07:38:45 so all stats for all pilots had been counted and saved into data base. But after that 3 sec later there were some destroyed events in the log files. This system is also to auto-balance teams. Axis has almost always more players on the server so they will lost all 3 lives much faster than Allied and will have to wait 20h. In that case there will be less Axis pilots and teams will be more balanced. Please PM me. I think it's because the web browser caches images, so you have to refresh the web site after the mission with cache deleting. In chrome it's shift+ctrl+R (or something similar) Thanks for reporting it. No good if it was done on purpose by 1./JG42flesch. I will have to fix it. In log files you exited the server without waiting 15 sec . "because the sum of all the damage he did was greater than mine!?!" - no, because it was like that in the log files. The script takes into account total damage only if there is no info about attacker in the log files. But in this case in the log files was that WG_Magners shot down =VP=moros. The script had to give AK to WG_Magners.
  9. There is a chat log you can read and then send message to the server via console to trigger an event. The problem is that chat log is available after mission's end. It's not online by default. You have to use "Cut chat log" command to save current chat to log file.
  10. All gunners are set the same: 25%/50%/25%/0% low/normal/high/ace
  11. No, I was writing about Pe2 gunners. I double checked settings and it's: 80%/20%/0%/0% low/normal/high/ace for Pe2 50%/50%0%/0% low/normal/high/ace for others
  12. No changes in 3 Lives System. They are set to the lowest level. Yes. There were 4 overcast missions out of almost 50 mission. Clouds level varies from 600m to 1000m. That mission was the worst case scenario (only 600m). I will check the AA and maybe lower even more the AI level during the overcast weather. The front line has about 2km error. So landing or bailing out very close to the front line may result as captured. Grounded for 36 missions. Good point.
  13. The new TAW campaign starts on 28.07 at about 10:00 UTC. Because of the summer time and holidays there aren't many changes. I decided to have a break (for the first time) from developing/improving/fixing etc. between campaigns. Changes: 20 hours time penalty when counter "Lives on Map" drop below 0. It was 24h before. (info: when this counter drops below 0 then it's automatically increased by 1) The enemy airfield is closed if attacking tank convoy is about 25km from it. It's still 15km for border airfields. Registration is open. Good luck!
  14. First thing I tested was AA and unfortunately it hasn't been fixed.
  15. Gun pods availability depends on the depot destruction level. The more depo is destroyed the more probably is that gun pod for particular aircraft is not available on the current mission on that airfield. 1. It would be easier if you put image of it. I assume you are talking about hidden supply convoys. You have to fly there and find this convoy to show icon of it on the map. 2. yes Ju-52 don't need 100% fuel in supply transport mission. After landing you can end the sortie. No need to unload. This good question for the developers because in the log files LF-heavy82 shot down Flanker-E. It's not the first time when ingame score differs from log files. If counter is <= 0 after a sortie then it's increased by 1 immediately and time penalty is on. So you never see counter below 0. I will check it. There is not many events in that sortie: http://taw-server.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=53623&name==FSB=HandyNasty If server crashes it doesn't produce any log files so mission is ended and pilots in the air have "In flight" sortie.
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