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  1. Hi, Destroying 3 anti-tanks at one position equals killing 1 anti-tank at all three positions.
  2. The community of TAW flies in more organized way lately so we will have to reconsider this airfield's repair system. We will see how respawned AA works after this campaign.
  3. The stat bug has been found and fixed. The TAW campaign will be resumed on 11.01 at about 16:00 UTC.
  4. Server stopped. I'm not able to carry out test now I will try to fix it as soon as possible but not before 19:00 UTC.
  5. Some problems with the server. Server is running.
  6. It's a matter of minutes: big AA 10-15 min, small 3-5 min
  7. New west TAW campaign starts on 10.01.2021 at about 11:00 UTC Changes: 3 Rheinland maps duration of the mission extended to 2:45 +/-5min (only for west campaign) AA on the airfields repairs much faster (before it was 1-3 AA per mission, now it's about 7 AA per mission) destroyed AA on the airfields respawns after some random time during the same mission. If AA is destroyed (even once) it's counted as destroyed and will not be generated in the next mission. AA on the airfields will be improved in the future where number of respawns will be limited depending on the AF supply level. new planeset Registration is open Good luck!
  8. Hi, I plan to run TAW on Sunday 10.01.2020. I will write about it later (not everything is ready yet).
  9. I hope you are all fine. The TAW server has been running for almost five years. We would like to thank all of you who's donated so far. The cost of only hardware server is about 1000€/year, so we would like to assess if we can upgrade it or at least keep it running in the next year. If you would like to regularly donate TAW please log into your account on English TAW website and then fill in Donation/month form in your Pilot profile. We hope that even 1€/month would be enough if even some part of active players decided to do it. We wish you all best in the next year and hope to see you on the TAW sky again.
  10. The campaign will be resumed tomorrow on 13.11.2020 at about 18:00 UTC. I need to do more tests
  11. Hurricane is being added to the plane set. Have you created that new account? Or someone else? Is it possible to prove it?
  12. Red tanks didn't take the Buzinovka because they were heavily damaged and their pace was much slower then normally. In the next mission they were still not close enough to the city to capture it. In the next mission #305 they were completely destroyed. Defense in Safronov was attacked by Ju88 but only 3 BM13 and one truck was destroyed. The first blue tanks were nearly destroyed: 7 left and it was resupplied by 4 more tanks. So 11 tanks attacked almost full defense. But please remember that destruction of the depots has significant impact on the defense's strength. This defense was weaker by almost 30% (Depot - Chapurniki 100%, Sadovoye 75%) After mission #304 tanks attacked it. Tanks were destroyed but during the battle defense was heavily damaged.
  13. Correct They were more than 16km from the Kachalinskaya so they were on the road. Taks are able to move up to about 20km between missions so it was possible to capture that city after that mission because there were no defense at all. When one side loses all of their tanks there are 3 options: 1. Opposite side also loses all of their tanks after some time => map ends in a draw. 2. Opposite side captures or closes all of enemy city/airfields after some time => opposite side wins 3. Warehouse is generated and not completely destroyed so that side is able to generate tanks again => maps goes on.
  14. Not a bug. If tanks are near (16km or less) an enemy city they form an attack formation. In that case they were little farther. If defense position is in good level after the mission then tanks wait one mission for air support. Here defense in Kachalinskaya was destroyed: http://taw-server.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=271 So tanks attacked the city, captured it and there were enough tanks and trucks alive (not destroyed) so it was possible to form another tank convoy to next enemy city. Those tanks were about 14km from Peskovatka so they formed an attack position. It's AK-(Deaths+Captures+Discos) No, in that case it will not spawned at all.
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