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  1. IL2 radiators are bugged, since the new DM patch arrived players noticed that, also IL2's don't leak water.
  2. @HRc_Tumu 15sec is ok, but imo parachute should be hanging until it touches the ground. If you are bothered by chute killing, maybe it's time to also agree to punish by reducing experience/rank from pilots who do that. Another thing, map is either too big or has too little time for any ally to make difference vulching arfields with 262s, as I've discussed with some people, it might be worth to either break down the map into smaller sections, such as in Moscow maps, or prolong mission time (which would impact greatly campaign progress)
  3. Stay as you want, in the end I'm not the one complaining being shot down by 262s or complaining about bein chute killed. It's good entertainment how some people get upset for other people killing their pixels that they need to rage in the forums🤣
  4. And how technochat would help that? As far as I know there's no prior warning in expert seetings, just read the ... gauges
  5. Mig-3 has it, check middle mark below throttle here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh-6oQF4l9I&t=66s P-51D also has it, look at the white stripe for 70% here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-WxvRRgj3o&t=59s You are clearly thinking there's an exact value for any plane even in real life, when actually there wasn't, if you are in doubt read pilot's manuals. FUnny though the major problem of technochat off is related to 109s temperature gauge, there's no oil temperature (gauge doesn't work as intented), just water, but that doesn't bother as much because for some reason it's really hard to overheat the engine. Another thing to point out, everyone is going to rely on approx values, just as irl, people won't be flying at exact 1.32 ata, 61" whatever max combat power is, even when taking off, do you really push throttle exactly 1"? I don't think so, neither in realy life pilots did that, it's an estimated value. Technochat is a gamey thing, seems like people want to fly rather a game than a simulator, IL2 is already pretty much simplified, there's no need for more simplification. I just don't understand all the fuzz when clearly server is running pretty well and seems there's a minority that wants to stick to arcade games buzzing around this forum. I'm not gonna answer any complains about technochat that clearly aren't core issues of IL2's game engine limitation. Last but not least CB and WoL are on the left.
  6. That's something needs to be looked into properly, I'm not sure if it's a certain % or a value gap, there's certainly a mark in US planes and also Mig-3's cockpit, might be worth checking that. I know some people who fly VR that simply checked where it was located in the cockpit to adjust auto mixture.
  7. yes, the team outnumbering can't have more pilots on its side until the difference lowers
  8. Here is the tool with ContZero's data: Complementing my answer: Really depends what you want to achieve with certain aircraft, such as bombing, quick JaBo runs, interceting enemy planes, pure fighter and so on... Every aircraft has its own characteristics, such as max speed, acceleration, turn rate, turn climb, armor, bomb loadout, fuel capacity, type of engine and so on. Everything plays a role, for instance I feel safer doing a quick bombing run in a dangerous place with lots of aaa and enemy fighters in a 110 rather than 190, especially when 110s have additional armor plates, twin engine and etc... But for bomber intercept, I do like both 109s and 190s, in this case 190s are superb since their firepower consists from 2x to 4x 20mms cannons and are still really fast have good armor and can sustain way more battle damage than the nimble 109. Just a reminder that 110s were also used as bomber interceptors, they are by definition a heavy fighter (Zerstörer) and had in early war much more success against bombers than 109s, in the end, what pretty much dictates a plane's role is how they fit better in the aerial airfare against their opponents, if there are better alternatives or planes that do certain role better than them.
  9. player limit, one side outnumbered in 10 the other.
  10. I have some questions: 1- Why aren't there any 2cm Flak Vierlings for the Germans? 2- Are there 37mm Flak for the German in the server? 3- Why He 111s and even Fw 190 A8 can carry SC 1000 while it is locked for Ju 88s? 4- Any reason to lock bigger bomb loads such as SC 1800?
  11. @-=PHX=-SuperEtendard I've been doing some checking and those optimal settings are mostly related to temperatures, as in this case for P-51 100ºC is an optimal temperature for the engine keep running in level flight. Also doesn't make sense in a P-51 since shutters are controlled by a switch, so pilots flew by optimal temperature showed in the instruments. In the case of P-39, I've found this document http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/P-39/P-39M-3_42-4706_FS-M-19-1511-A.pdf. Best speed is achieved with flush settings, 13 turns in the prestone shutter, but clearly no one would do that since engine temperature (129ºC) is beyond the optimal limit of prestone outlet temperature (100-120ºC) and max temperature (125ºC). Again, pilots were instructed to push to the limit of 120-125ºC for best performance . Now need to see if that procedes with Yaks, maybe we can check next Eastern Campaign, but doubtfully it will be an issue since planes were made to be operated and assisted by instruments rather than magical formulas of turns and %.
  12. Show me either manuals or a video to prove that, rather than anecdotes. I've read 2 manuals and so far none of the P-39 informations that you gave match. Note: c. The coolant shutter control (Fig. 10-4) and the oil shutter control (Fig. 10-5) must be adjusted prior to "Take-Off" to suit prevailing climatic conditions. Further adjustment must also be made in flight to maintain the necessary operating temperatures. I've taken a look at P-47s manual some time ago and I don't recall any of that information other than temperature related and respective flight conditons/regimes. Nothing about half open or neutral position that gives less drag.
  13. Not sure what you mean by neutral position, I've flown Yak 7 and P-39 (don't have much experience in the latter). I can tell radiators in Yaks are there to adjust temperature, they don't have any neutral position, the thumb rule is radiators opened = more drag, closed = less drag. If I'm wrong I'd like to see sources, as I haven't read any official manuals.
  14. Thinking properly, it might be complicated to split nations. I think we need someone who knows what planes were available in each airfield, thus based on that to separate both air forces if it's reasonable. If it's the case of mixed ones, then makes no sense at all to do it, if there are a majority though of different air forces stationed, there could be limited number of each to simulate North/South RAF/USAAF fronts. Also my planeset is still incomplete for those air forces, I do not know how extensively RAF flew P-47s and in the case of P-51s if they were all located in England. As I've found on wikipedia: "282 under Lend-Lease served in the RAF as the 'Mustang Mk IV'." @CamusB455 RAF would still have A-20s, check my planeset.
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