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  2. unreasonable

    Overlord (2018) Movie

    Seen "Overlord" with the GF here in Bangkok last weekend. We both enjoyed it, knowing in advance that it was meant to be a B movie entertainment, not a serious examination of the human condition set in an authentic historical setting. In many ways it was a better film than "Dunkirk".
  3. Feathered_IV

    Anyone thinks they should give us a Storch?

    I agree. As much as I would like to have both the Storch and Po-2, without the proper (not placeholder) gamelay to go with them, they would be about as useful to me as a Sturmovik in Microsoft FSX.
  4. mincer

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    I-16 is the funniest plane to fly on Berloga.
  5. 71st_AH_wuffman

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Had the Odyssey since last Xmas. Works fine for me. Does seem to require a good light source. Been experimenting with IR spectrum; works better than UV. Recommend it for now. Lighter and smaller would be better.
  6. xvii-Dietrich

    Anyone thinks they should give us a Storch?

    The Fi-156 is an amazing aircraft, and I would love to see it get good treatment in a combat flight game. However, I really don't think it is a good match for BoX. As has been pointed out, you can do ground spotting in a Ju -87, Hs-129 or pretty much any other aircraft. There is no dedicated recon mechanism in BoX, let alone medi-vac, artillery spotting or liaison. The Ju-52/3m has a limited role, with a plain SP campaign and "no points for transport"... so it would be all the much the worse for an Fi-156, which would require a host of new mechanisms. The devs have said they'd not consider a campaign for bombers (REF), let alone transport, so even more let alone a recon/spotter. And, given how long it is taking the Po-2/U-2 to be realised, an Fi-156 doesn't really make sense from a development-work perspective. It is still a really cool aircraft though, and I would consider getting it, should it ever come out. Far more a Fi-156 than the U-2 (unless the latter had floats!). By the way, I found this neat video about the Finnish Fi-156.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBfhFZiCQO4
  7. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    My comment was (admittedly rather vaguely) addressed to the poster who described the frayed edge as looking hand painted. Perhaps I should have made that clearer. I don't doubt you know your subject matter - I have PM'ed you before to congratulate you on your work. I included your picture as an excellent example of a real hand painted roundel.
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  9. 325th_Bugsy

    FW 190 A-5 Skins

    Great thanks my friend!
  10. 325th_Bugsy

    szelljr skindeposit ® ™ ©

    Yes thanks very much for making these great skins my friend!
  11. OrLoK

    P40E questions

    I couldn't live without my toe brakes on the p40. for me, they're essential.
  12. not seeing my BoS purchace displayed. assume it's cos it was a Steam buy back in the day (I think!) not a game breaker!
  13. Bilbo_Baggins

    Bombing in the 109

    It hasn't been brought up yet so I'll mention that in addition it's very likely to do with the tail of the Messerschmitt machines. The vertical stabilizer (and likely the small fuselage side area) on Bf109s is too small, and constant rudder input was required to stop the plane skidding which becomes very apparent when you start lobbing bombs at the ground. BF109s historically had to apply constant right rudder in the climb to keep the plane straight, and conversely at higher speeds heavy forces were needed on the left rudder in a dive- to the extent that it became noticeably harder to roll left than right at high speeds. This is modelled in game, To exacerbate the issue, there was no trim for the rudder which might have reduced pilot workload significantly it was added. RGDS
  14. Voyager

    How much of a bribe to get P-47 this week?

    Good luck with that. It was the most produced US fighter of the war. Might as well wish people would stop talking about the 109.. A couple of things jump out, first is, it is a P-47B at 400 mph at 10,000ft. I'm assuming it is TAS, but I'm not sure any of those could reach 400mph at that altitude, so the may be predicted values rather than test results. Second is, this was discussed to death in the old IL-2 forums, but it turned out there was a change in the aileron linkage design during the P-47's development that some found the test data for, that ultimately increased roll rate, particularly at higher speed. That was something like 10-15 years ago so it may take some digging to unearth, but after all the "fun" everyone had last time, I'm pretty sure the team still has the data, if only to not have to go through all that enthusiasm all over again.
  15. SR603-DamneD

    My First Tiger Skin

    looking good flow,like the ice on top of the turret
  16. Talon_

    Bombing in the 109

    The Spitfire went on to become a primary ground attacker with 2TAF accounting for a large proportion of their ground kills including through the use of bombs, the most popular loadouts being 2x 250lb underwing or 2x 250lb underwing +1 500lb underbelly.
  17. Also 88 Sqn flew A-20Cs in 2TAF
  18. Yesterday
  19. Great example of this is the new 20x series of cards.
  20. And another piece of the puzzle has arrived finally. i9 9900k ( had on pre-order a while).
  21. He's absolutely right you know, total war doesn't mean that you don't have to preserve the environment 👌
  22. FurphyForum

    [MOD] 4k textures cockpit Bf-110E (WIP)

    @FF*VaSoK*22; where are you at with this, or is it dead?
  23. BeastyBaiter

    RTX 2070 vs RTX 2080

    The RX480/580/590 and GTX 1060 6GB can all run BoX at a locked 60 fps with the settings maxed at 1080p. Even 1440p is fine if you drop the AA slightly (2x maybe). A GTX 1070 or Vega 56 should work well for you I think. The higher end cards are for 4k, high refresh monitors and VR. DLSS is basically a dynamic resolution technology similar to what's built into the game. It sacrifices visual quality to keep performance high when the GPU hits its limit. Since anything above an RX480 or GTX 1060 won't get maxed out in BoX, that's not a concern and it isn't a very useful feature to begin with imho. I do not expect BoX to get ray tracing support anytime in the next several years, at which point a whole new generation of GPU's should be out. So that also isn't relevant for us.
  24. Eicio

    Bombing in the 109

    That's actually a good question: how much did they use the 109 as CAS ? The 190 replaced the old stuka in that role and thus became regular but what about 109 ? On the other side of the channel Pierre Clostermann, spitfire pilot, said that the tests to put some bombs under the spitfire were not sucessful, it was really a pain to hit anything with those. And I'd say that such a frail plane wouldn't have resisted the AAA fire anyway. Maybe when it comes to CAS the heavier the better...
  25. I'm in the same boat, I've purchased COD, BOS and BOK on Steam, but no bronze badges. : ( I tried signing in from my Steam account in the hope it would somehow synchronise my purchases, but that doesn't appear to have worked either.
  26. Marabekm

    been looking for 'free flight' mode in IL2 1946

    If you go through the quick mission builder 1. Under the section labeled your flight --- Put the Num. block to 1. Then select whatever your plane will be. 2. Under the sections labeled Friendly and Hostile --- All Num. blocks to 0 3. Now find where it says target. Change this block to Scramble. 4. Hit fly. You should start on the ground and be able to fly around as long as you want. No enemies or Friendlies are present. Note: If you have your Map BLock set to Coral Sea, you will start on aircraft carrier.
  27. edit: here an example of the productiveness of madness: how many people knows hw extreamly warm tinfoil hats are as to make a winter line cloth make of tin foil:
  28. Stix_09

    Bombing in the 109

    True , but the Germans did it or it would not have been an option . In mplay I don't use bombs on fighters myself...
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