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  2. I'm a bit outdated on the GPU market, but check the RX 5600 XT and the GTX 1660 Super or 1660 Ti. The 1660 Super can be purchased by $230 and seems to have a good cost / benefit. The RX 5600 XT gets close to $300 and gives a nice boost in some games. The GTX 1660 Ti seems to be crushed in between the two. I don't think it has much value for the money, costing almost the same as the 5600 XT but being worse. Do you play in 1080p? If you intend to keep this new card for a future build, I would go with the RX 5600 XT. Back in the days of ROF, Nvidia was 'the card', so I'm not sure if Il-2 is well optimized for Radeon. Also look for releases this year. You might wait a few months and get a better card.
  3. 50 inch 1080p tv/monitors are available for under $300 USD if you do your research. I have an almost identical setup (AMD equivalent) with a MSI GTX 1660ti 6GB. BoBp runs fine for me. I do have 32 GB of RAM though. If anything you might want to up your RAM - both in GB and if possible, MHz speed - and see if that works better. Make sure your motherboard is compatible first.
  4. Two sides to the coin... When players care about stats they fly smart?... Id say most of the time imo that's not the case... bailing before you've even lost the fight isn't flying smart just so you do not have a kill recorded, shute shooting, kill stealing, vulching... The list goes on and on. I don't know what the answer is and didn't claim too.
  5. @No.54_Reddog The mines will work like the sea-based mines in game now. Place them individually in the FMB. Damage to vehicles will depend on what type of vehicle and how much explosives are put in the mine. As for MP, we will be testing this to see what impact it will have. Besides the obvious, I can see these as being an interesting addition for mission builders who want to protect certain airfields or objects from human controlled ground objects that have some type of mission importance with triggers.
  6. Well, they wrote Early Access on the page, so it's not entirely their fault.
  7. Every plane that you find has a tendency to ground loop on the rollout needs a slight bit of throttle added to keep enough airflow over the rudder, but not enough to re-accelerate the plane. After you touch down, re-apply power very gently until you have control. You can carefully apply brakes too. If you have enough runway, you might not need brakes at all, but with most fields we have to use in-game, it's rare. After the plane slows sufficiently, you should be able to fully cut the throttle and come to a stop.
  8. I own all of their products. I have backed them many times over. I expect items to drop in price over time but not within a couple of months of release. It’s not 10 or 20 dollars. I literally bought FC right before early access ended as they announced the discount was ending. It cost me 70 dollars American. It’s now 30 dollars cheaper then the early access discount they told people to hurry up and get in on. That is rediculous after only a few months after release. It shows the rapid decline of the products value or the fact they are overpriced to begin with. You never see discounts like that on new products from DCS. It’s a slap in the face to your early access customers. Feel free to disagree.
  9. An inordinate amount of firelighting going on there boyz?!!
  10. @Playerone, Whats keeping players from only doing one way ground pound missions, or attacking enemy aircraft without regard for their own survival if not the stats? There's no progression system, no real penalty for death, no death timers, repairs costs, nada. There is no mechanic thats implemented into the game to encourage smart play. If you're so inclined to win the map, you'll just suicide the objectives over and over and over. Theres already folks that don't care about stats that do that. When players care about stats, they fly smart. They might bring escorts if they're moving mud, they might fly with at least some regard for their virtual life if flying CAP, I mean hell, they might even take the extra minute to make a flight plan that allows them to avoid enemy defenses. You're being awful disregarding for someone who doesn't have an alternative, or for that matter, is not even explaining why stats are bad. Because it makes players strive to be better? It's a multiplayer game, the objective is to be better than your opponent.
  11. I get lots of microstudders when getting shot at or flying low to the ground ever since bodenplatte came out.
  12. "Until engagement was over." That isnt indicative of how long an engagement is. I haven't researched how long a typical engagement was, but i doubt longer than 10 min. When you have all those G to pull, after a few minutes of pull and strain you are looking to disengage. Furthermore, to take this into the context of this sim, in TAW(the hardcore server) , it is very rare that you have to fight longer than 5 minutes on WEP. Why? By then, either you won the engagement by shooting them down, the bandits dove away and you leave them be, or you are trying to dive away and escape or you are dead.
  13. Based on the above statement I highlighted, I would say you are safe to hold off another year, as long as all the games you like to run are satisfactory.
  14. I have toe brakes (MFG Crosswind), but maybe the Z-axis is easier?
  15. Basically the most powerful card available today will give you the best longevity. That right now is the 2080Ti. But cards have already been out for a year and they are still expensive. After that you get the 2080 Super and 2080. The next level is 2070 super. The best AMD card comes just under this level. There are new generation graphics cards coming out this year from both, AMD (RDNA2) and Nvidia (Ampere). They are planed to be released sometime mid year, but with the Coronavirus sending entire cities, of tens of milions in quarantine in China, the supply and distribution will most likely be affected. I was in the exact opposite situation. My cpu motherboard and ram was older than my graphics card, so i upgraded those in december and will wait for the graphics card upgrade after the release of the next generation cards, sometimes this year. Good luck with your hardware shopping.
  16. Indeed but happened all the time in 43-44 during escorts. Which relates to my Jug statement. I get it though - you’re talking late war, down low. You’re not wrong - stay fast!
  17. Evening lighting. Let me know what you think
  18. There is more to it than that. This post should help you (steps 1, 2, 5, and 6 are the key).
  19. Given the complexity and the fluidity of desert warfare on the ground - modelling it well is a valuable part of recreating the fight in North Africa. That said, the question about whether AI will be able to react... I'm not sure how triggers work in Cliffs (as there was a partly implemented more advanced trigger system than in '46... but I never really explored the mission editor properly).
  20. Probable some "engine aids" is enable in difficult settings, limiting your control over engine.
  21. Given that the Razorback at the same Powersettings is faster than the Bubble and faces Aircraft on roughly the same Performance Level as the Kuban Aircraft (if not worse) the P-47 in BoN will not be nearly as outmatched as it is by the BoBP Planes. It will be faster pretty much everwhere, and around 18m/s of Climb it will be able to compete far more readily against G-6s with barely 20m/s and A-6s with roughly the same at some Altitudes. The P-47 Bubbletop falls Victim to insanely strong enemy Aircraft and Powersettings from 1943.
  22. In VKB DevCFG I hide twits axis (Rotation Z), and with their movement center to left I create a new virtual axis (Slider 1), and use this axis for "differential brakes" - what in Bo'X work for any plane. In CloD use for British planes and in DCS for Spit, MiG's...
  23. Interesting! Thanks! For the record... the 400 kph thing is my experience based on how I fly... It has been a long time since I read the USAAF histories and after action accounts... I'm sure the P-47 one some 1 vs 1 turn-fights... and it would be interesting to go over accounts of those. That said, I wouldn't characterise '44 or '45 Western Front as being prone to producing conditions where allied fighters were at a numerical disadvantage... the majority of fights would be the other way around (that goes for all fighters).
  24. I wish they'd do the A-20G; I'd rather have that plane than a flyable B-25. Sorry, guys.
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