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  2. TOG_Strewth

    Developer Diary 294 - Discussion

    WOW!!!! This is just getting better all the time. Recently I appear to have improved my graphics settings and FPS to pleasing levels. These latest couple of updates are just adding to my contentment in the game. I quite often just go for a spin now because of the graphics improvements and just fly around enjoying the flight. These cloud features will just add to the chill out factor if nothing else. Thanks again to all contributing. It really is appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Hi, just a minor bug we've just noticed. The rain effects on the typhoon bubble canopy are going backwards - i.e. Rolling from back to front rather than front to back!
  4. -DED-Rapidus

    cause of the bug found 4.604

    @TIGRE88, Gunner firing at targets in both missions. Let's WTR and let's figure it out.
  5. If you are using steam client, then I would really recommend running that file verification steam provides. If you run that, and all is well, might want to try that workaround that a few of us did. Right now the game is running well for me, with the exception of the stutters I get after a few hours playing. Memory leak I suppose. Other than that, runs really well. Workaround: (if you want to call it that) If you still have the issue and run steam client, try to verify files. If problem insists, then go to where you have IL-2 installed and try to run it in admin mode, once you've signed back into the account in admin mode, close game and try to run the steam version again. Re-link your steam account to the IL-2 account, then try to verify once again. Essentially, once I had re-linked my accounts and re-verified my files through steam, my stutters stopped. I know it's not really the best method here, but with no way of knowing where the issue is, it's really had to pinpoint a solution. Best of luck, I know how frustrating it is to have those stutters. I will lay out my issues and how I resolved them below, just to further explain it as best as I can. Small update for IL-2 IL-2 would crash on launch right before entering hangar. No crash report or troubleshooting options(no code to run to find problem area) Ran steam verify file integrity troubleshooter, re-acquired 7 files. Launched game in Administrator mode (ran IL-2 application) Loaded into hangar, signed into account. (Only had Normandy, I used steam for all other purchases) Logged out of game, and Launched through the Steam Library Re-linked my IL-2 account to my Steam account in order to regain access to all DLC purchases on steam) Loaded into 3 MP servers, all had 2-3 second interval micro-stutters, and FPS was down 20-30% on average. Re-verified steam ( 1 file was missing) Loaded back up, logged into MP and still had persisting issues. Closed game and ran the verify file integrity troubleshooter again (1 file) I then ran the troubleshooter again ( it stated 0 files) Launched IL-2, and I was no longer experiencing the micro stutters. So as you can see, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, why my problem is actually fixed. I think normally this would just be running in circles with the constant verifying... but it was really my only option without a crash report, so yeah. Hope that may help some others. I think there was just an issue before they dropped this update. I hope you all can get it working, main thing is. Make sure you have all your files verified through steam. If you use steam. GL Also, I don't run VR, so not sure if the new update impacts VR > Panel.
  6. taffy2jeffmorgan

    TrackIR 5 stopped working ?

    TrackIR now working correctly, I noticed that the TrackIR screen was showing " Device Unknown " so got Windows to update the driver and now the screen displays the device , so did not have to uninstall. Cheers.
  7. Dannybooze

    Developer Diary 294 - Discussion

    Looks awesome! great battles keeps getting better with time!
  8. Great that I shouldn't be shot in the tail anymore by my AI 'friends'.
  9. DP_Spaz

    Developer Diary 294 - Discussion

    This was something I had forgot to put into my post, the impact weather has on the AI... specifically obscured targets ground and air. Which patch was this specific item restored?.. I have reviewed back to Aug 2020 and did not see it listed in the patch. Have not observed this to be functioning for AI. I'll do some more testing, possibly did not realize it.
  10. Lowelegend

    Stalingrad helicopters

    Hi there I was wondering if you could get helicopters in the Stalingrad version of the game.
  11. Today
  12. Good questions Blitzen. All Nieuport skins within the campaign are set to nieuport28_skin_01. This is the only "default" skin with a "Hat in the Ring" emblem in which I could set the numbers on without repeating skins or numbers. The skin, according to it's description belonged to 1lt. Douglas Campbell. 94th Aero Squadron. 16 April 1918... Perhaps this was before they switched to USAAS Roundels or this is incorrect and needs to be changed by the Devs. I do not know. On the subject of the ignition selector modes and landing. LoL. I cracked up often and damaged my wingtips many times in testing this crate on landings that I blew off any attempt to create Rearming-Refueling scenarios for the Nieuport within the campaign. I did finally manage to figure out a way to get slow with the Nieuport 28 and make passable landings most of the time. Try setting your mixture to 35% which negates the engine overcooling when you are cycling through the "blip" switch. You'll need to cycle back and forth from ignition selector mode 1 to 4 often. In this way you can speed up and slow down at very low altitude on approach to basically make a three point carrier landing then punch it to counter the ground looping tendency that all these WWI crates apparently have. Enjoy the Campaign, Tip
  13. migmadmarine

    Developer Diary 294 - Discussion

    Good point, I am not sure. Would be easy enough to test by loading an overcast or heavy clouds setting in QMB with AAA enabled, but I am currently at work.
  14. Avimimus

    Developer Diary 294 - Discussion

    Yeah, as I looked the photos again - I can't help but think how gorgeous it is...
  15. Gambit21


    Anyone know if Mossies operated from any grass airfields? Trying to figure out if Detling is plausible for a fictional RAF/RCAF squadron. (in order to make best use of a small’ish map)
  16. MiGCap

    Der DCS Thread

    Real life Super Hornets: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/42495/this-is-the-most-incredible-super-hornet-footage-we-have-ever-seen
  17. Enceladus

    Single player Campaigns translated

    Thanks Buzz 😎 BTW, when is 1C going to make the TF 6.0. announcement, before or after the Visual Update is released?
  18. Semor76

    Searching for a specific mod..

    ...and can´t find them again The mod adds dust clouds to moving Trucks and Vehicles and was part of a effects pack I belive. Can somebody help me? Greets
  19. Stonehouse

    effects updated for new update

    That would probably mean it is an actual game bug that should be reported over in the bugs thread with pics and steps to reproduce the issue. IE if you are getting the error with mods turned off in the game settings <edit> just got a approx 380mb patch to the game so maybe it has been fixed
  20. 76IAP-Black


    BON is better than one collector plane
  21. Bremspropeller

    Der DCS Thread

    Die Hornet landet sich jetzt recht allerliebst auf dem Träger, nachdem sie ENDLICH (TM) die Engine Response angepasst haben... Mach 1.84 sind jetzt auch nicht ganz schlecht...
  22. Bremspropeller


    Following Fenrir, beating up the airfield. 487sqn is on a secret mission.
  23. BZB_Flyingdoc

    Endlich IV

    Hmm. Die beste Krankheit taugt nichts. Also von mir auch alles Gute und schnelle Besserung OFM.
  24. UlyssesCockmore

    New PWCG Issues Thread

    Hey Pat - bit of a Java issue. I need to use OpenJDK11 for other apps on my machine, but PWCG isn't recognising OpenJDK as a 64 bit JRE. Is there anything I can do to get PWCG to recognise it, please?
  25. grcurmudgeon

    "Ace of Aces" - WWII PWCG Challenge!

    I'll probably regret switching away from the LaGG now that I'm getting used to it, but I need a change of scenery. Warrant Officer Buerling Attempt reporting for duty with 403 Squadron flying Spit IXs. We'll get back to Kozhedub Attempt V later.
  26. Gambit21


    Reading “Terror in the Starboard Seat” for the third time - it’s so damn good. ”Bump-bump-bump around the damn English countryside at low level, and by low I mean pulling up to go over the trees”
  27. DFLion

    Developer Diary 294 - Discussion

    Well done Jason and team, The new cloud formations will make a great flight sim even greater. I very much like the rain showers and the overall cloud cover from high above, the sunlight effects also look very good. Keep up the good work we all appreciate it. DFLion
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