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  2. I'm far from an expert in this field but just as a reference point I believe I returned to flight sims and IL2 with the Saitek X55 (now 56) but that's definitely a setup in the mid segment. As an entry point that offers full HOTAS capacity I hear good things about the X52. Lower down on that scale in terms of price you'd find something like the Hotas X - rather ugly piece though. A HOTAS system is of course not all that easy to stuff in a bag, except maybe the hotas X, so I'm assuming size really is the key point here. If you're looking for just a stick - Thrustmaster have two in the budget segment that I believe are just called "USB joystick" and "T-Flight X", CH products has a high end stick-in-a-box on the market as well, and it's hard to leave the trusty ol' "logitech extreme 3D" out of any discussion - but I've no personal experience with any of these. Finally, it should be noted that many of the HOTAS solutions can be had as separate pieces. Just make sure you get a stick with twist grip if you're running without pedals! Oh, and welcome back!
  3. You don't need that. WITHOUT IT you can perfectly well define a probability model (specific to each type of plane) of what kind of damage a bullet hitting the hitbox will do. First you need to guess which part was hit, then how severely it was hit. WITH IT you could ensure that your probability model was finely grained, i.e. you would know which part was hit, and the probability model would then decide how severely it had been hit.
  4. i am getting the bonus of 100% while fair play is 100% for a similar mission where i get just the flight time bonus less fair play difference index . so just to compare 430 against 209 for the same mission objectives . that's what i do'nt understand . Is my fairplay index reduced due to the disconnects ?
  5. I don't think the devs are likely to do that because it means also rolling back WWII. Plus it wasn't just the DM changed in the update(s). Besides, the dummy spitting would be so severe over there a random projectile would likely take your eye out. No-one wants that. This is supposed to be a safe environment where we can kill each other without nonsense like danger or harm to ones person. I really do hope they tweak the current DM though. I don't want to see tumbleweeds. I WANT TO SEE ACTION!!! S! Please …. In the meantime any skinners around who can emblazon "Fragile! Handle with Care!" on the upper side of the top wing and the underside of the bottom wing of my Camel. That should give enough authority to stop people shooting at my wings don't you think?
  6. Angle of seat i doubt is the reasson. This is a mig3 cockpit... you can compare with previous. Others argue , the reasson is the fast response of VVS planes induce more instant g to pilot.... and it can be certain in particular cases... But not explain the actual situation. For me is something relationated with the special diet of german pilots, and super training on tibet mountains... They simply are best trainning and can manage better G stress. Ok... is a ironic explain ... but no matters... are only my feeling. no?
  7. SteamVR ... still less than 2%. Of course sim users generally are older, are more dedicated etc so the VR percentage in this case is indeed (most probably) far higher. VR users are very vocal though : NO VR NO BUY ... When I read the forums for various AAA titles (sim or not) I have the impression though that Devs are very reluctant to promise both VR as well as no VR, even for future AAA titles. They too know the true % of users. Examples (maybe not really AAA titles) ... Everspace 2, UBOAT, Doom Eternal ... I personally believe VR users should therefore be grateful IL-2 GB as well as DCS do offer VR ! Also, I personally use 4K 43 inch+ monitors/TVs to enjoy sims but am willing to believe even those are no substitute for true VR ... at all.
  8. Here you are. It is a beauty:
  9. Papierkrieg mit dem Landesamt für Besoldung -BUMP :abg:
  10. Keep up the great work. Despite the passion in the complaints we have this passion due to love of the sim. Thank you!
  11. VR has finally liberated me from the clutches of TrackIR. I had been using head tracking since TrackIR v1.0 came out in the early 2000s (can't remember exactly when, 2004-2005 perhaps?) and I have never been 100% comfortable with it, even with custom curve profiles etc. In contrast to what some others have reported I do not experience motion sickness with VR, in fact I have always found that it was quite easy to get dizzy and disorientated using TrackIR if I moved my head around too quickly, but this does not happen to me now when flying in VR. All the cockpit reference points are there all around me so I always know which way I am facing and which way is up and down. Quite often if I was in a turning fight using TrackIR I would stall or spin out the aircraft just through losing my bearings generally and not realising how close to the departure point I was pushing it. This does not happen in VR and I think it has made me a better virtual pilot and better at dogfighting as a consequence. I did wonder if I would experience any issues with vertigo when converting to VR, but this has proved not to be the case. In fact when the area around me is quiet with not much going on it is simply lots of fun just to engage autolevel and then peer over the sides of the cockpit to watch the terrain below and all around going past in 3D, with a proper sense of height and distance. The novelty and delight of doing that has not worn off yet.
  12. Plenty of action tonight against some good Central pilots. Timestamps done Talbots
  13. Engine start stop: The pilot switches required switches in the cockpit. Look for the fuel cock it's usually one of the first next or the battery. Planes that had an autopilot have a switch and it's animated. Parking brakes are all animated where applicable. Tail-wheels lock levers are all animated where applicable. If it's a plane like the FW190 you need to pull back the stick and taxi straight for a moment feel the plane out. This is how pilots did it.
  14. As far as i know there will be Fw190,BF,SPIT,Dora,110...and many others..
  15. Sigh... Proceeds to scrape together life savings.
  16. Well, I'm just speculating after all, so he could've got it from somewhere else.
  17. I agree. As long as we don't have the spars and wires to hit, any predictive model cannot have to much difference in damage tolerance. It's a game after all and whatever realism we get, it has to be permissive for good gameplay. It's good that we have differences in damage tolerance but at some points, one has to cut corners to keep it a good game. There are many places in this sim where we have "not so realistic" options and that is fine. I feel it would be out of place insisting on (theoretical) truth here, when in fact the whole IL2 series is a fantastic balance of what is realistic and what works in a game. The current odds for demise after few hits are just way too big for some aircraft in the game.
  18. Superb! How to get in touch with you and follow your progresses ?
  19. @-DED-Rapidus Settings below. I also set Bloom = 0 in Startup file + Triple Buffering = OFF + Vertical Sync = Use 3D Application Setting
  20. The only real difference between the D-5 and D-15 is the dorsal fin, so I wouldn't mind seeing Mustang Ds from June 6th.
  21. Today
  22. Good evening everyone, I've always loved flight simulators and played them all the time as a kid. Well, I've got some free time and I want to start flying again! However, I have some questions about joysticks. I'm not looking for historical accuracy, or modern luxury. But I am looking for compact but complete. I move around a lot and I'd like a joystick that can pack up in a backpack/courier bag nice, I've look at the Saitek ST90, and it looks like the most compact out there, but it's also over a decade old. Anyone know of something newer and smaller? Or is there an effective way to play on keyboard/mouse? Maybe a Razer Tartarus? Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  23. Server rules Shooting parachutes, intentional ramming, shoulder-shooting and friendly fire are strictly forbidden! The parking and taxiing player-controlled planes on the airfields what are not marked by "Destroyable" are not valid targets. So shooting/bombing planes on the ground at these spawn airfields are forbidden! Respect your opponents (this is not real war)! Violating these rules will initiate ban for 1 week! Speaking/being disrespectful to other players or to the admins is unacceptable! Vulgar words, insulting, harassing others, political discussions are strictly forbidden. If you see any player who violating the rules, make a screenshot/video and you can report to us that way! Max Ping Limit is 300. We recommend to attack targets in groups. Otherwise flak will get you, sooner or later. We recommend to attack Industrial Facilities, large targets from high altitude. You would have higher survival chance that way. Discord server: https://discord.gg/KHbVNn5 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kotaserver/posts Any help to run our server would be highly appriciated. We salute to our patreons.
  24. I was thinking about this late at night. It seems to be that we are not going to get detailed modelled wings with every wire and strut included. Taking a single main element like spar size is also produced wildly skewed differences and killing gameplay for a section of players. Until the engine and average home GPU can cope with detailed wing models I wonder whether the focus should be to roll back to where we were pre update, with all the wings much more resilient, some more so than others. I can’t see any other way out right now.
  25. kalbuth

    VR zoom

    You are the best, @Jason_Williams & team. I truly mean it.
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