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  2. Is it possible to implement an option where the user can choose the drive location where tracks and screenshots are saved? Most modern computers have SSD drives which are flash memory, and are therefore extremely succeptible to getting corrupted with constant writing/rewriting. It would be better if we could record/save to a mechanical HDD whilst still having the client software on our SSD's to utilise their speeds. It would also be bertter if we could save screenshots as jpeg file types. Many users post screenshots on social media and bmp files need to be changed to do this or they don't display properly.
  3. Ciao Alford, una volta creato il file ed importato la SKIn, nel gioco o in Il2 viewer la vedi esatta?
  4. Place holder. Will post DL link soon. 95% done.
  5. haha yeah pretty much only time I would have a chance
  6. ATT ADMIN Hello Today i was on a bomb run on a russian convoy and i dropped a 500kg bomb which always sinks these freighters . Instead the bomb hit and exploded then the entire smoke and fire went off completely and the ship did not sink . I did this twice with the same result , it never happened before . Can you pls comment incase i'm missing something
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ru0vfgm91rbbefz/P51D15NA_RUGGED_REBEL.dds/file
  8. For doing that test you need an: decent logging tool like FCAT-VR, fpsVR or Steams own, measure the frame times and not by watching the games own FPS digit, I prefer to see an graph. Using a proper benchmark that will not overflow any of your hardware components, and repeat this benchmark a couple of times.
  9. Yeah, Its not like 5kph really matters on attackers.
  10. There's definitely a way to share pics on Google Photos or Google Drive. But you must use a "share" command to create the link.
  11. Today
  12. just a little joke. i rarely see stukas in multi
  13. I had the (very rare) opportunity few days ago to have one when the server was full. It was a blast...
  14. Thank you Julian, as always a wonderful job, well done!
  15. Marco, don t be so shy let these beauties roll😄 Thank you for these nice G-14, well done mate! My question: What is superb, the template or the skins..... both of them!
  16. Hi flyingfish, dont get me wrong but a "little" PLEASE would help you a lot! There are many talented, gentile skinners here......
  17. Thats RAPTOR MANI A STIC!😁 Thanks in advance for your effort and time!
  18. I find the 110 to be very potent. i always wonder how it out turns yaks at low speed. I'm guessing the answer is magic slats, but I still fail to understand how a boxcar does this
  19. I used to fly with some of the Antanov test pilots which were involved with the 225 and 124 programs. Nice to see that it is in the air again! Cheers, Dakpilot
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