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  2. Art-J

    How Do I know If Support Got My Ticket?

    The version number is in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen.
  3. JtD

    Aircraft Specs and operating limits

    The developer figures? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25993-aircraft-flight-and-technical-specifications-and-operational-details/
  4. I Am having a brain fade and seniors moment concurrently - I have had it many times before but cannot locate where all the different a/c specs and operating limits are located.???? Someone help an old fart please.
  5. I wish the multiplayer/server system was made so that there would be an API that the background app could use. Then it would just be a question of running the server without any need for a predefined mission or mission restarts. The app would just use the API to remove the destroyed tank bases etc. and then create new ones.
  6. So,was 1C/777 studio expanded? I saw this line:"Our new Engineer-Programmer Kirill Konnov describes how the gyro gunsight works in detail:" I'm glad to see the dev team bigger and bigger!
  7. RaFiGer

    Motorradfahrer auch im echten Leben...

    @Sperber Klasse, sieht super aus und super schicke Werkstatt Ist das im Hintergrund ein "UASIK"?
  8. Generally speaking people in the Commonwealth have a right to be a little bit sensitive. With the exception of the Battle of Britain there has been almost no representation in simulators. I've fought with the Might 8th in a dozen sims and never had a sim that modelled night bombing for instance - despite the fact that it was similar in scale and impact as the daylight campaign (and happened over a longer period of time, and had very high casualty rates). All because American studios and audiences were deemed to not be interested, and Russian studios assumed that night fighting would be boring or confusing for the player. I grew up around a lot of veterans from that campaign, and read books at the library as a kid - but with the veterans gone and the books disappearing - and little artistic representation I fear we are forgetting here. Heck, I had two B-17 kits as a kid, but no Lancaster or Halifax - because only the American stuff was easily available.
  9. Did I say something about playing? Mission route bug was fixed. Nice
  10. Mmaruda

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Loving it! BTW The space combat in Star Wars was inspired by the movie Battle of Britain, so yeah, I am pretty sure the Empire's fighters cockpits we purposely designed to look similar to the Heinkels.
  11. Yes, I was just theorising - since you'd only have one or two enemy aircraft in a given engagement at night it would become quite doable. But the fact is that in the United States there is little interest or knowledge of the night air-war - so it is assumed to not have market potential. Hence we'll never see it represented in a simulator (despite the fact that it was just as important in scale and impact as the daylight campaign).
  12. ...Says the American! Can you imagine if the P51 had more foreign skins than your Stars and Stripes? Let's be real here- that kind of thing would absolutely enrage the North Americans. Folks would be up in arms about it. The OP has been very reasonable, there's no need for the ridicule. Please keep it civil, gents.
  13. ShamrockOneFive

    Spit mk IX

    It's +18lbs boost on the engine. No +25lb available (yet anyways).
  14. LLv34_Temuri

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    I'm pretty sure @LLv34_Untamo didn't mean it to work that way 😄
  15. 1./KG4_OldJames

    Precision – Level bombing cinematic highlight [He 111, Ju88]

    Brilliant editing, and a nice advert for bomber squadrons!
  16. novicebutdeadly

    G14 OMG

  17. unreasonable

    Spitfire IXE inverted (BUG?)

    Not sure that it is really flying exactly maintaining altitude, since you only have a few seconds before the engine starts to hiccup and it is pretty hard to tell. But having just tested this myself I agree that compared to other aircraft there is not a noticeable diving effect when you turn inverted when trimmed for level flight. Although I did not find the resulting flight to be unusually stable. I think you have spotted something interesting happening. Before assuming that this is a bug, however, it should be noted that the Spitfire has a comparatively low wing loading: say 65% of contemporary 109s. Therefore, assuming a similar wing CL, it requires a comparatively low AoA to maintain level flight: i.e. maintain enough lift to equal it's weight. So not only is this true in normal flight but also in inverted flight. For instance: suppose for plane A with a higher wing loading the required AoA (trimmed for hands off level flight) is 3 degrees. For inverted flight it is -3 degrees. (Not exactly...) When you invert the AoA has to change 6% to maintain level flight - so you either do this by pushing the nose towards the sky or you will start to descend... Suppose for a Spitfire the AoA required for level flight is only 2 degrees - hence when you invert the required change is only 4 degrees. So I suspect that the Spitfire should feel as though there is less need to push the nose towards the sky than for most other planes, although someone who knows what they are talking about may be able to debunk this theory very easily. Whether that - if true - is enough to fully explain the observed behaviour I expect not - there may well be something else. [edit: Does the Spitfire have a larger proportion of effective over total AoA for instance? ] [edit - Forum has merged my supplementary post:] Having just tested the clipped wing version in the same way, I suggest that the OP does too. Interesting.
  18. MeoW.Scharfi

    Spit mk IX

    I thought it has 18lb and not 25lb. Correct me if i am wrong.
  19. 1./KG4_OldJames

    Question for squads flying MP with 8 to 12 pilots

    Mission times are the main reason we fly Finnish server, as long as we can get organised close to the start. The problems start when one side or the other are too efficient and the mission ends early, usually when you have 4 or 5 squad mates in slow-climbing bombers just reaching 4 km alt.
  20. RaFiGer

    Bf-109 G14 (4k) Template WIP

    @Community Since the Bf-109 G14 was an desperate attemp to standardise thewild bunch of Bf-109 G Models which failed and leds to a too late development of the Bf-190 K-series (IMHO of course ;)) Of course there was a Performance boost dealing DB605AM with the MW 50 water injection and the later installed DB 605ASM high- altitude engine, but nevertheless introduced in July 1944 it is for me remarkable that in December a Bf-109 G10 was also presented, which of course was the fastest Bf-109 G-model but therefore showed that a "Standard" Bf-109 G wasn't archived. In our game I think we get the G14 and not the G10 while it prepresents the Situation having still the "old" G-series with limited power and to have the Bf-109 K4 as high end Messerschmitt throught the end of the war I would at this state just give an example how the template will handle the Tail and Rudder fin of our Bf-109 G14 included in the game. It will be the Bf-109 G14 with the DB 605AM engine but not the ASM model fancing the new engine cover with more aerodynamic design instead of the Bulges. The new design of the tail fin is represented by a wooden or metal construction with textile which was used also on the former series. To give more choices I will will include both Versions as you could see in the Squadron Walkaround underneth (Tall tail Versions for G14)!

    Spit mk IX

    Spitfire LF IXe 25lb with the option to use the M.70 engine for high altitudes yes, this is love
  22. Yeah me too, its annoing bug since begining.

    How many Spitfires IX will we have?

    well ... I would like to say that I am very satisfied with my Spitfire. I found the modification options fantastic, it was a great job We have a Spitfire IX 25lb with the option to install the M.70 engine for high altitudes. Wings cut, the homesick mirror, rockets and bombs ... anyway ... I'm impressed
  24. Fewer options likely. Bombs (500lb and maybe 1000lb) and I'm curious if they will give us rockets to make it a kind of ersatz Typhoon. Aside from that, a sleek and aerodynamically clean 2000hp+ beast of a British tactical fighter with a high top speed at low and medium altitudes, good roll rate, decent enough turn rate, four extremely impressive Mark V Hispano cannons, and one really cool looking fighter. The Tempest was never given a gyro sight but they did project the gunsight direction on the windscreen which cleared the sight picture up quite a bit. I can't wait
  25. JtD

    Spitfire IXE inverted (BUG?)

    Why would neutral longitudinal stability in your opinion almost contradict the behaviour? You're flying this thing on a computer, there is no disturbance until you move the stick. So it doesn't change pitch until after you move the stick, and then it changes pitch significantly. Maybe it should roll off, the dihedral being negative, but then I don't know if that's not offset by the aircraft being a shoulder decker now.
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