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  2. Just to make sure, @fnugen, did you check your joystick calibration? I mean the results of the windows calibration, to make sure the axis are centered after you calibrated it. You can do it in game too (controls -> axes, the two green bars on the lower right for the selected input axis). The outputs should be consistent with your inputs (ie. If you leave the stick completely centered, pitch, roll and yaw should show centered too). The effects mentioned in the previous posts are relatively subtle. Like if you leave your stick untouched the plane will start to veer to one side slowly. Specially due to yaw then roll. Removing power will make the nose drop and adding power will make the nose rise, as mentioned. You are not fighting this movements that much when controlling the plane. It shouldn‘t be too different than what you‘ve experienced before with Great Battles (I assume you are referring to this one, as Kintaro mentioned; not Birds of Prey), tbh. Keeping the rudder slightly twisted and the stick slightly forward should do the trick when going fast. But trim the aircraft whenever you can, like the others already said. Pitch trim is especially important for shooting accurately and to get out of dives.
  3. I am the opposite. I am greatly fascinated of this career system where there appear to be real historical squadrons and not some developer made up.
  4. it's really not my type to make jokes when someone gets on my nerves .. people i disagree with i just ignore them .. i don't have time to waste on joking .. but you are wrong, all is well i am just joking and showing videos, i do not see where the problem is.
  5. Allowing us some selectable weapons choices? 🙏 😜
  6. This thing really is death from above... The new laser guided rockets are awesome, lol, as is the helmet cuing system. And a close up gratuitous shot of the gun.... Going to be spending some time in this for sure now.
  7. Flying the Macchi C.202 during the "Macchi Mayhem" event organized by @ATAG_Pattle Presented as two parts and with english voice comms.
  8. And why do you and I seem to be at odds with each other? I started out first by sympathizing with your reaction to a problem that caused you to quite making missions for the community. Now I can't say that I am really following what exactly your point is. You said you wont waste you time making missions anymore. I understand that decision. So I guess that means you moved on to bigger and better things.... pizza and beer?
  9. Outside flight sims it is more like "imagine someone using Intel CPU" 😄
  10. Wise decision! The three IL-2 series of games are the following : 1 - "IL-2 Sturmovik", released in 2001. Since 2006 it has been renamed under the name "IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946". "Pacific Fighters" (2004) is an example of a standalone game in this series, but it is part of the same game anyway. 2 - "IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover", released in 2011. The original game of 2011 is abandoned, we currently use the 2017 re-release only, which is titled "IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover BLITZ". The first add-on for BLITZ is "Desert Wings - Tobruk", it was in August. Tobruk is absolutely a "must have", trust me. Not a standalone game as you need to posses "BLITZ" first if you want to run it in your computer. 3 - "IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles", released in 2013 when the first module in the series, "IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad" was proposed as a preorder product. The next game in the series was "Battle of Moscow" (2016) and the name "Great Battles" was officially coined in 2017 for the series. The three mentioned items in the above list are the only existing IL-2 games. If you never played "1946" and you are playing "Cliffs of Dover" for the first time... then I conclude that you only have played modules in the "Great Battles" series. Sure, but do not give up fnugen, as "Cliffs" is, in my opinion, the best WWII combat flight sim out there. To Messucher: yeah, sure, this is why we need the trim anyway, same as real pilots need it, whether they are fighter pilots or not.
  11. I don't believe this is correct. The MG131 used AP, HE, and HE-I. The last is an HE round, but also included Incendiary component. A lot of folks are begging for API for 50BMG because they want better capability to set fires and etc. But I'm certain that many forget the fact that when API is introduced, it wont just be US planes that get it. German early war planes will become even more deadly as well because 8mm MGs will get API ammo as well. The MG131 i believe will be even more deadly because an ordinary solid projectile with an incendiary component is much less likely to cause a fuel leak and ignition when hitting self sealing fuel tanks. However, having the HE filler of the MG131 is much more likely to breach a self sealing tank and cause a major leak. All that being said, if we see self sealing tanks introduced appropriately, i think folks will hate on 50BMG even more than they already do.
  12. If you used the votekick/ban feature, then you haven't read the rules. Teamkilling will be automatically handled by the server logic. The assailant will get punished. If you have a problem with a player, PM(private message) us. Don't post here. Either use the forum PM, Discord PM, or email: gameserver (at) virtualpilots (dot) fi
  13. Basically two of them: scuba-face and freedive-face. Absolutely gutted there's no perspiration sensors. On a more serious note, I am not sure what the targetted market is...? I kinda get the gaze tracker (eventual foveated rendering) and let's say to some extent the pupil size tracker (brightness control, eye health?)... but facial expression of a person wearing a mask and heart-rate?
  14. Yeah, but in this game dogfights are constant. Because of that bf 109 thing I want lever for bf 109 pitch thing trim (and of course to all other trims too). I land and take off, and don't use autopilot, so I actually liked allied planes in original IL-2 because you could trim them and it was very worthwhile to do. Somehow I feel in BoX it is more easy to fly with only bf 109 pitch thing trim, and even more so if you use "level flight" or whatever shift-a button, which appear to be not disabled by any difficulty setting. So the trimming in BoX feel more like a chore, and allied planes not so good anymore.
  15. lightning is unpredictable it hits at random
  16. So my question was, why did you remove one, but not the other.... too much beer?
  17. It can move a tank because it cannot penetrate the armor. Therefore it transfers all of it’s energy into the target. Airfoils are thin and .50 cal passes right through it, therefore it keeps most of the energy. This is elementary physics.
  18. Interesting - I must not be including escorts in the AAR. Thanks. Until I fix that - if that happens just pick any fighter type and PWCG will give you credit.
  19. In IL-2 the german 13mm HE round has 0.8g TNT and the russian 12.7mm has 2g. However the definition files for the projectiles look partly odd. German 13mm: Radius = 1.3 // Radius of the sphere of influence of the explosion, which determines the selection of objects TNT_equ = 0.0008 // TNT equivalent for atmospheric shock wave simulations // High-explosive effect: range, (-1 not used), pairs (armor, damage for armor) ArmorFoug = 0.0, -1, 0.257 ArmorFoug = 0.5, -1, 0.83 ArmorFoug = 0.6, -1, 0.65 ArmorFoug = 0.7, -1, 0.50 // Shrapnel impact ShrapnelQuantity = 2 FragmentMass = 0.0071 // Single shard: range, speed, pairs (armor, damage beyond armor) ArmorShr = 0.0.342, 1.42, 0.167 ArmorShr = 1.3.336, 1.40, 0.161 Russian 12.7mm: Radius = 2.0 // Radius of the sphere of influence of the explosion, which determines the selection of objects TNT_equ = 0.002 // TNT equivalent for atmospheric shock wave simulation // High-explosive effect: range, (-1 not used), pairs (armor, damage for armor) ArmorFoug = 0.0, -1, 0.453 ArmorFoug = 0.5, -1, 0.140 ArmorFoug = 0.7, -1, 0.83 ArmorFoug = 0.9, -1, 0.50 // Shrapnel impact ShrapnelQuantity = 5 FragmentMass = 0.0030 // Single shard: range, speed, pairs (armor, damage beyond armor) ArmorShr = 0.0.535, 2.42, 1.106, 0.169 ArmorShr = 2.0.509, 2.38, 1.96, 0.153 The "ArmorFoug" lines are supposed to end on pairs (armor, damage for armor), but they end on single values only. The "ArmorShr" lines are supposed to end on pairs (armor, damage beyond armor), but they do so for the russian 12.7mm rounds only, whereas the german 13mm rounds end on single values. What's the meaning, what's the impact? Bug? Why is the last value of the "ArmorFoug" lines on the 2nd line (ArmorFoug = 0.5, -1, (...)) so much smaller for the russian than for the german round? All other lines show bigger or equal numbers on the russian side. What's more effective? 2 Fragments of 7.1 grams each, or 5 fragments of 3 grams each? Why the difference? Source? Mike
  20. Just curious, what does THUNDERBOLT have to do with removing posts from your threads?
  21. YES. It is my birthday this month as well so that Hurricane is a necessity to help restore my sense of karma in a mad world. Besides, we all need something new to bitch about instead of the spotting, damage model, Psychology et al. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
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