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  2. Where should i unpack my mods?

    so something like this D:\SteamGames\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\MODS?
  3. Where should i unpack my mods?

    While mods can be installed manually, it's easier to use a mod enabler. Install JSGME (or a similar) in your "Il-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow" folder. In the same place, you can create your MODS folder. Extract any downloaded mods to the MODS folder and activate them with JSGME.exe. Make sure that the MODS ON option is enabled in the game.
  4. Bodenplatte early access

    Wasn't UBI at least responsible for the epilepsy issue with the props? CLOD has shown some signs of life now, how much they can regain now remains to be seen though.
  5. Time compression and the new career

    I must correct myself. I played 3 Bomber campaign missions now and i couldnt change the first waypoint. Looks like you are not allowed to change the first waypoint as a bomberpilot. Im sorry for giving wrong information.
  6. Where should i unpack my mods?

    is there a Mods folder i should create or something? i dont really know where to put modded files. can anyone help?
  7. Bodenplatte early access

    NO NO NO!!!! UBI had nothing to do with it. It was all 1C's doing, as they were the major backer of the project. UBI was only the distributor for the West. And who cares anymore at this point. Clod is dead as a door nail and has a development cycle time that rival's DCS.
  8. The Game Screenshot Thread

    Speaking of KSP.
  9. Soviet Pilot Uniforms Mod - Request Feedback

    Enable mods!!!! D'oh.. Of course. Thanks.
  10. Ah, I see. Thanks for that clarification, Gambit. Oh...and thanks for bursting my bubble! Lol!
  11. Oh brother! I love the line that says, "As a fighting ship she's just like a big girl. You have to take her onto your lap and manhandle her." Try to get away with that statement in today's "Politically Correct" society! And as far as where to get these manuals, they're pretty easy to get ahold of. Not originals, of course, but the reprints. I have handbooks for the P-51, P-40, and P-47. Gonna have to look for this P-38 manual. Check Amazon.
  12. Bodenplatte early access

    "offensively from first to last. It certainly wasn't the RAF," Les Rutherford of Bomber Command would disagree with that statement and he was there as he makes the statement that Bomber Command was always on the offense. Even during the BoB. Spitfire, Hurricane's etc were defensive during this period while Bomber Command were tasked with the offensive operations: https://tv.historyhit.com/watch/26929106 The longest Battle which was arguably the most important would have been the Battle of the Atlantic...But we're straying off. The day/night operations when the US joined meant 24 hr round the operations against the Third Reich, no other nations came close to that. I knew a veteran of Schweinfurt raid (one of the few who came back without a scratch, he was a great uncle of my ex-wife (Arvid Dahl), and I recall him talking about Spitfires a lot and mentioned going on one night mission with the RAF. I remember his remark, he called them nuts for doing night raids, which is quite interesting as I suspect they were all rather nuts for going on any of these missions. Anyway we're off topic. There is a an Internet article here about Arvid here when he visited Germany. https://www.stripes.com/news/americans-germans-recall-deadly-wwii-raid-1.25148
  13. Two new features in the 3.001 ME

    Saw those - thanks!
  14. The A.I. still does it :(

    Thank you for canalizing this waste.
  15. The A.I. still does it :(

    OK - I saw some things there that I reported in your first mission. Thanks for posting the missions guys.
  16. Loving Wings of Liberty an interested in flying coordinated Bf 110 ground attack raids with other 110 pilots? Then consider to drop a message via Telegram messenger's channel "Wol110" = http://t.me/wol110 The "wol110" channel may be used to coordinate with other WoL attack fighter pilots. E.g. if you are online or consider to go online at WOL at the moment to fly a 110 raid with other 110 pilots in team, then drop a message to the channel with your WoL-name and check for response. Flight routes and targets then should be arranged via WoL team chat only. Horrido
  17. Problems when starting 3.001

    It seems that il2 does not care that I can not use the simulator, update my pc to use it, after the update I can not, not even make it run. It is very frustrating especially without anyone from the support you answer we are trying to solve it. Thank you.
  18. Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    Before doing anything please consider that many players are not native speakers. I for instance understand Oxbridge pretty well, not even an East-Coast accent or a bit of Cockney is a problem, but I'm near clueless when listening to some Scouse or something from the Mid-West, and while I understand Hochdeutsch even if mixed with Wienerisch or Bayerisch, anything else is acoustically Greek for me. Thing is, that the notoriously loud and rhetoric shouting in Italian was more comprehensible for me in the old title than what any of the English or German language packs provided. So the very first thing to decide is whether you want immersion for the native speaker or giving info for players who might or might not be native speakers.
  19. Mod discussion

    mind telling me where in the games folder should i drop my mods? again, excuse the ignorance
  20. ACG's Public Server

    I agree with Mcdaddy about this server hopefully being like ATAG. The guys at ATAG have made what I think is the best flight sim MP server at the moment - I highly recommend that ACG looks to them for inspiration
  21. Soviet Pilot Uniforms Mod - Request Feedback

    I thought the ones in the OP looked great.
  22. ACG's Public Server

    Hopefully perhaps a chance for the downfall of the Wings of Liberty status quo? It would be a great thing if this server has potential to become the main ATAG style western server and move the WOL playground to a more favorable part of the world for many players. The critical mass of players needed for a changeover from WOL as the go-to playground is surely not far now with the increasing player numbers. I hope all the best for the server!
  23. Mod discussion

    I just drag and drop the gtp file I want to extract right onto the ungtp.exe and it starts to run. The files appear in a folder called “(null)”.
  24. Zargos Skin Factory diary

    Can't wait to fly one of your La-5FNs!
  25. Today
  26. P-38 Lightning Speculation Thread

    I'm really looking forward to the P-38L, and the variety of missions available to us with this beautiful aircraft. Dive flaps, which first appeared on the last production block of the P-39J, were standard on the L, reducing compressibility dangers during high speed dives. Along with the introduction of aileron power boost on the P-38J-25-LO "there was a remarkable improvement in the roll rate and turn". "Early problems, to include the wing intercooler, cockpit heating and defrosting, high aileron forces, and compressibility in a dive, were all addressed and solved during the P-38J production." With the Ninth Air Force, lots of action from the three P-38 Fighter Groups. Once the weather cleared on December 23rd they escorted bombers, escorted C-47s dropping supplies to Bastogne, and did their own "armed reconnaissance" ground attack missions with 500 lb bombs. One action on Christmas Eve had 12 P-38s of the 394th over Trier vectored to 25 FW 190s, with a P-47 squadron also joining in. Col. Seth McKee, 370th Fighter Group C.O. flying out of the Florennes, Belgium, airfield, reported to be just 15 miles from the front line, is quoted as "I recall that when the weather broke, it was bright and clear. I could take off and I'd be making a run on a target. I could look down there and I'd see my target. I'd look over here and I could see our airbase. We were that close. It would take about fifteen or twenty minutes to fly a mission." One of the engagements Groh records from December 23rd, when the weather cleared enough to fly, one of the day's seven escort missions for the 367th Fighter Group out of Juvincourt, France, had Lieutenant Fincher and eleven other P-38 pilots from the 392nd Squadron escorting B-26s of the 322nd Bomb Group to Euskirchen to bomb a railroad bridge. Reportedly two dozen 109s attacked, with losses on both sides. "U.S. Air Force photograph of Lt. James O. Fincher of the 392nd Fighter Squadron, 367th Fighter Group in his P-38J Lightning “Arkansas Traveler” along with his ground crew. The P-38 was photographed at Clastres Airfield, France in October 1944." The Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Warren M. Bodie The Dynamite Gang, The 367th Fighter Group in World War II, Richard Groh The 370th Fighter Group in World War II, Jay Jones
  27. Anyone successfully hosted a co-op mission on a Dserver?

    OK, closer, but I am punting for now... On the Dserver PC I hit PLAY, loaded the stripped game, got into hosting in Cooperation mode, got everything set up, hit launch, and it came up in the correct spot... could join from another PC, but obviously the stripped down server PC puts you in spectator mode, so there is no way to launch the mission. Also, on stripped PC, the mouse goes away, so it's a royal PITA to uncheck boxes and set the settings. Once you have done it though, it remembers, so no big deal. Man, I thought I had it. Just have to wait for the patch/hotfix to run it officially from Dserver. Crap...
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