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  2. Bremspropeller

    Me 262 Questions

    Depends on how you want to look at it: If you're just considering the day of action, then true. But as pointed out, an April '44 - September '44 timeframe (as indicated by sevenless) would have lots of epic air battles with a richer planeset than '42. Mosty for political reasons, though.
  3. Cpt_Siddy

    Tactical Air War

    What are you huffing and puffing about? I forgot to put it in team chat, remember, i fly in VR, i seldom use chat, so i forgot to press ctrl. I've been flying red every TAW and i play to win so there is no way i was sabotaging my OWN side on purpose, if that's what got your panties in a twist so much... How i knew where it was? Secrit spies told me that there is an LZ, meta game i know, sue me... or better yet, give reds a "FREE AIRFIELD" option like Ju-52. And yes, i claim that there is chute killer and ditch shooter in your ranks (the claim is only bold cause you formatted it in BOLD ). However occasional it may be, i happened to be on the receiving end of it, twice. Your honor, in my eyes is stained forever . This eliminates your rights to whine and browbeat chutekillers on TAW thread forever. Now, if you want to talk about "good games" and "Fair play" and "gentleman sport"... well, start by flying one round in Reds for a change, as a balancer and show your gallant and jovial nature and exemplar behavior.
  4. This is one reason why i asked Steam keys for my preorder products. But usually developers release somekind of patch that no longer need online features to use main elements of the game. There are some examples that has not done so like war of the roses. ( Game can not be played even you own it on Steam )
  5. LeLv76_Erkki

    Tactical Air War

    Bold claim, but can you back it up? Conveniently the old stats are gone so you can just whataboutism your way ad infinity and accuse people of this and that to justify your own misbehaviour, and never have to provide proof. I dont think I even met you in previous TAW. Last time I have shot someones chute was around year 2006-ish, it was a certain gentleman that was at the time known to use the log-reading cheat to find out where people take off and fly to intercept them, and who had also in the previous mission chute killed me. Why did you not tell the blue team that their LZ is known to reds? Would you like to play with and against people who behave like you?
  6. Cpt_Siddy

    Tactical Air War

    Last TAW, Kuban Map 7 or 8. At the Ship spawn, LLv killed me in to plane after i was ditched by strafing me when plane was down. Literally, one map rotation later, when i bailed out in 2v1 fight with some of your guys, you shot down my parachute, but i managed to despawn before i died. At the time i did not give a rats ass nor remember who it was, but who ever it was, he knows so ask around.
  7. Norz

    Tactical Air War

    Great.... Yor decisison just ruined MapN2 last campaign and this one also. Better was just remove 109f4 two month before and..if it was not possible at leats this campaign. Thus it one of the reasons why we have an usual score like this on this map (Picture below).
  8. News that Telltale Games (>100 employees) has gone belly-up: What's the link to here? Well, there is uncertainty about what will happen to customer purchases from TG's store. Some titles can be downloaded in their entirety, others rely on TG's servers working to pull down the files. Given that BoX requires a working internet connection to use many of the core features, is there a backup in place that would allow customers (should the worst happen) to still play the game? In the past, prior to Steam (apparently they have a plan in place for such an eventuality) DVDs and CDs were the physical proof of life of a game. As long as that worked you could play. Digitally distributed games are a different story with no obvious mitigation for failure. GoG has this sorted out to a degree by having no DRM so backups of games will work should GoG vanish. Of course, the onus is on the customer to make these backups!
  9. I do not know if it does work for RoF/BoX, because RoF/BoX is already spreading its workload my CPU cores, in my case a i7-7700k quadcore, HT disabled,so it is not needed. But for an single core application like WoFF it was rather helpfull. I did reserve 3 cores exclusive for the .exe file, while one core was reserved for ALL the other activities, like OS, TrackIR etc. While being a single core application I did see spreading its load over two cores, while the 3th always was low on load. I must admit, in this specific single core game, I did use another program called CPU control, very lean and because very old, it is limited to 4core max, does not support HT and it does regonize not all the running processes on your computer. It does work on Win10-64 btw. http://www.koma-code.de/ while the other two from my first post do not have that limit and I think allso better suited. There is also Bill2s that seems to have the same functions, only I could never get this working.
  10. IckyATLAS

    Real plane Vs joystick

    Having flied not WWII but 1950's military fighter trainer plane that besides total engine power (much lower in the trainer) was basically similar, I would say that the rudder pedals in certain planes would feel more near the real thing than joysticks. If you do an installation with the rudder pedals well positioned (relative to your body) and spaced (The Thrustmaster ones are nice but unfortunately the spacing is not good) then yes you are not far from a "good" physical feeling, mainly during taxing and strolling around on the tarmac. The moment you fly then if there is no force feedback on the rudder you loose some of the real stuff. For the Joystick it is always wrong. Except for modern airliners that do indeed use joysticks and use artificial force feedback, the problem is that the motion is made by your wrist instead of your arm. If you have force feedback it is even worse because the force again is on your wrist. In the real case you have a long stick and the point of rotation is down on the floor, so the stick is much longer and you move it with all your arm (and the motion span is much larger in aerobatic maneuvers than the joystick small motion) and depending on forces even with two of your arms after some time when your arm gets tired (you cannot sometimes continuously use the trim wheels to compensate the forces). So yes it is a completely different physical feeling. For the throttle forget it, maybe except for those who fly jets (no experience here at all in my case) and have copies of the throttle like for the Thrustmaster one. In the real WWII fighter planes except if you have a physical model copy, the feel is completely wrong. In my case I would need different levers of different lengths and different handles. The friction force is also different on each lever.
  11. ...FUMS, and make your life easier: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,59488.0.html Mike
  12. Semor76

    TheEnlightenedFlorist Dynamic Campaign

    What about installation? I have a "Src" folder now, where did I have to put this folder?
  13. TG1_Nil

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Excellent work team! Thank you so much for this DD Thank you for taking the time to inform the communty about you are up to. So many of us LOVE your work!
  14. LeLv76_Erkki

    Me 262 Questions

    Anything that supports 2/3 out of East, West and Mediterranean is very welcome to me. Hurricane, Hawk 75, Blenheim, Spitfire IX B, P-51B/C, early P-47s, Do 17, more bombers and attackers... Me 262 looks very good and will be interesting but I think once its no more a new toy everyone wants to play with, will become rare, as in 1946. Schnellbombing will be fun.
  15. chiliwili69

    2080 and 2080 Ti

    Using the same settings than the benchmark (High, 150%SS, shadows medium, clouds medium, etc) I have monitored the GPU load and few other variables with MSI afterburner with the BOM carrer mode. The CPU at 4.8 GHz with 1.29 volt. You will see that the max peak is at 75%, with steady values around 40%-60%. So it is not bottleneck at all. That´s why I think the new 2080Ti will not help me with my current Rift. For the Pimax 5K+ or 8K then the story could be totally different. So people with Rift and 1080 or 1080Ti shouldn´t upgrade their GPU until they have a Pimax 5K+ or 8K or Oculus CV2 and really check that their GPU is the bottleneck. Of course, everybody can burnt their money as they want...
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  17. Ehret

    Me 262 Questions

    Apaches were flying very hard ground attack missions at the time when Axis were far from being broken. Would you prefer to do bombing runs in the Stuka in the 1943, instead?
  18. The problem is how windows didtributes processs among the cores. For flightsim, you‘d actually need to have a know, most overclockable core reserved to its main „fibre“ thread, while carefully distributing the other tasks among the cores. Windows is so bad at this that noone in high preformance computing woukd touch windows even with a stick. Don‘t count on such software. Rememer „Ram Doubler“?
  19. IckyATLAS

    RTX 2080Ti reviews

    I wonder if Jason is willing in a future release to adapt the graphic engine of IL2 to use optimally the DLSS feature of the new Nvidia RTX 2018 Ti boards, or in short use the tensor cores for an improved learning based approach to have the best and fastest possible anti-aliasing solution on Il2 visuals. The Ray Tracing option to improve shadows, reflections etc. is probably a too long shot, and I am not convinced it would bring much overall to the global visual quality. In the cockpit yes it would definitively improve the visual quality, as well as for the objects like tanks, ships, vehicles, trains, and planes but only when the are seen from a short distance. This would also mean that all these objects should be even more detailed to make good use of the RT feature. If there is a choice to be made I would vote for DLSS. After all the seek for visual perfection for a game that targets ultimate perfection as a whole (this is why we love you Jason and Devs) in the combat flight sim niche market , would make it logical to do the necessary adaptation to use the DLSS feature. I suppose that for those who own and play IL2 there is a majority of Nvidia graphic boards users (personal opinion and I may be wrong) which would justify the effort. The bad news would be if the IL2 graphic engine is completely incompatible, and would need to be completely redesigned if it was to be made compatible with RT or DLSS. It would be interesting to have Jason's opinion here, as for the future the technology chosen path by Nividia seems to be Traced.
  20. =KK=Des_

    Tactical Air War

    Hey! I have quite well English))) and it’s not a way do not communicate with me and my people))) also u sidedly often fly with us and will help us with translation))
  21. ZachariasX

    Me 262 Questions

    You‘d be the only one to think so at that time.
  22. ITAF_Rani

    Tactical Air War

    Nice rule...compliments
  23. Pict

    Me 262 Questions

    I'd go for a Battle of Dieppe before any D-Day scenario as there was next to no aerial opposition to the allied landings in 1944. 1942 over Dieppe was an entirely different story where you had Spit 5's & early Spit 9's fighting it out with 109's & early 190's. Anytime a map involving the English channel, is mentioned most people think of the BoB or D-Day, but I think of Dieppe, Dunkirk, V-1's, Mosquito intruder raids, Fw-190 intruder raids and much, much more. Apart from D-Day & the BoB, France is a so far a virtually untouched arena for WW2 aerial combat by most flight sims, yet there is so much potential. I really hope that this changes down the line.
  24. Sim

    Controls, GUI, texts

    Brief description: Special icon commands are visible as tooltips on the map. Detailed description, conditions: You can use special "<routespeed>420</routespeed>" text in the icon description to specify route point speed - but this text is then visible as a tooltip (see screenshot). Issue is visible in the "Sea Dragon" campaign. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Brief description: Icon and text on the map block map scrolling Detailed description, conditions: You cannot click on symbols that have icon or a text on the map and then drag the map around - the movement is blocked. With a crowded map this is an issue as you need to find a "free" space on the map where you can click and pan the map. Brief description: Flight route icons show speed and time for the first icon waypoint Detailed description, conditions: I don't think it is very useful to show speed and time for the first icon - as this is usually where you start your flight from.
  25. LeLv76_Erkki

    Tactical Air War

    Who did this? Is this another baseless accusation or more trolling from you? If you knew reds knew where the blue landing zone is, why didnt you tell them so they dont waste their planes and time - is that also what you think is fair play?
  26. LeLv76_Erkki

    How is the Bf109 supposed to function without guns?

    I think it only happens online. So far I've only had it in 109 G-2, G-4 and 190 A-3. Occurs maybe every other time on the first flight I start after joining server or a new map has been loaded, and never after its been fixed(by choosing empty loadout, back to brief, back to loadout and choosing wanted loadout).
  27. I am late to the party - but just wanted to share that you can set this speed for each route icon by entering some special text in MCU Icon description field (saw this used in "Sea Dragon" campaign): <routespeed>280</routespeed> Then when the game calculates distance and time for each point - it will use this speed for the route icon. If you do not specify the speed this way - the default cruising speed for player plane will be used (which doesn't match waypoint speeds and is quite useless TBH). There is a little problem with this approach that the special text is then visible as a tooltip when you hover over the icon: I will report this bug.
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