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  2. =RS=rulezcz

    ju-52 career

    well partly you have got a point, but surely paradrops or cargodrops would be nice to do in groups. It would look nice. And it surely happened.
  3. AEthelraedUnraed

    Joystick Issues

    I've had a couple of issues with the game occasionally not recognising certain key presses anymore. Usually, restarting IL2 fixes the problem.
  4. Coming soon SkinPack to replace the generic skins of the game with: - Alpha layer improvement - More accurate RAF camouflage colors. - Colors of the RAF cockades more exact.
  5. Very enjoyable skin. I value the artistic touch and interpretation.
  6. AEthelraedUnraed

    Things that actually need IMPROVEMENT

    Things that actually help you to get your post noticed by the Devs: Don't use caps lock, except where appropriate such as in initialisms like HOTAS. Try to keep your topic limited in scope with preferably one single issue rather than five unrelated ones. Choose an appropriate title that makes it immediately clear which issue you'd like to see addressed. Place your posts in the right forum. If you think there may be a problem with the automatic throttle inappropriately going to 100% or 0%, file a bug report instead of a suggestion to fix it. Be able to relativise t
  7. CUJO_1970

    Junkers Ju 88 C-6 version and armament

    Yes, it's going to be max-loaded down with a whopping 10 SC50s, same bomb load as a 109G. It's going to be super useful over Normandy.
  8. One of the first things I noticed. The Sturmovik although blurry looks exceptional. I think it might be my next aircraft just for that reason alone. I like the camo, the black nose and the cockpit shape. I never really appreciated how great it looks. That's the thing about art - it can show stuff from a whole new perspective. Good spot! 👍
  9. AEthelraedUnraed

    was that Yak any better than bf-109?

    I always like to think of the Bf-109 as a good all-rounder. It's good at everything but excells at nothing, except perhaps climb speed. Which means it gives the pilot great flexibility in how to approach a certain situation and adjust tactics to whatever is necessary. Against most opponents, there are one or two performance characteristics where it has the upper hand, although which characteristics these are differs from opponent to opponent. This as opposed to the Yak, which as a general rule is slightly slower but slightly more manoeuverable than its opponents, and therefore not
  10. It's because they were flown by turnips... be sure! 🙈
  11. Trooper117

    was that Yak any better than bf-109?

    It's all down to the individual skills of the pilot regardless... be sure!
  12. tribal50

    Stuka pilot

    Movie #15 " From Kouban to Bjelgorod". First combat mission of the "tank hunter", and first success.
  13. Trooper117

    Battlefield 2042

    We have yet to see how the Eastern Front side of things properly pans out in HLL, but if you want some decent WWII FPS then at the moment it's definitely HLL or Post Scriptum.
  14. SYN_Ricky

    was that Yak any better than bf-109?

    Also early in the war, and up until quite later on (somewhere in '43???) most russian fghters only had a radio receiver, so that wingmen couldn't talk to their leader, only receive orders. This combined to the rigid doctrines made that the russian pilots were often at a tactical disadvantage in fights. One of the things russian pilots liked in lend-lease planes was the good radios they had.
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  16. CUJO_1970

    Post Your Screenshots Here

  17. NoelGallagher

    was that Yak any better than bf-109?

    wow thx for the so many knowledge guys i'm very new to airplane world and i'm learning a lot of things in this forum thx 😃
  18. That Sturmovik has a very interesting paint scheme as well................................
  19. Mollotin

    was that Yak any better than bf-109?

    yak is by no means bad plane. why germans did so well early in the war is because they had better air combat tactics and soviets had lots of I-16s and Lagg3s and other planes that did not perform as well as yaks. in the game most yaks turn better than 109s, that makes them more forgiving in low alt low speed fights. Most fights in this game happen low alt and quite low speeds. While turn rate is not most important aspect of a plane it plays a role in many engagements. also in this game 109s compress at high speed way more than yaks, so yaks actually hav
  20. the_emperor

    was that Yak any better than bf-109?

    In comparison the Yak could stay competitive because with the duration of the war it could focus on its primary role as a pure fighter. The germans had to addapt theirs to be used in the fighter, ground attack, anti bomber (heavy four engine bombers) roles. Thus the Yak became a lighter (reduced armour and armament 1x20mm cannon and 1x12.7mm gun with low ammo count) while its german counterparts became heavier and the soviet did some smart design choices the germans did not. It was also able to stay competetive because the soviet pilot training improved and the germans deterioted.
  21. 76SQN-Bulldog

    T-34 Shock!

    The wait is almost over: "T★34 SHOCK: THE SOVIET LEGEND IN PICTURES" by Francis Pulham and Will Kerrs ships this TuesdayOrder your copy now fml.pub/T-34A photographic study and technical history of the iconic T-34 tank from conception to victory.248 x 172 mm - hardback with dust jacket - 672 black-and-white and 28 colour photographs
  22. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    This seems to be a common issue with our server. The remedy: remove the contents of the <gamefolder>\data\Multiplayer\moscowwb folder and try again.
  23. AEthelraedUnraed

    Mod Request Brighter ground fires!

    To a *very* limited extent, this would be possible but only at the cost of reducing the dynamic range of the fires themselves, making them look less good in daylight. Getting them to illuminate the surroundings is not really possible, at this time.
  24. oc2209

    AP Fix

    This post feels pretty inane after the one above, but I thought it was funny. It's a blooper I took from my earlier testing: When you're in a normal plane and about to collide with any object, you think: "Well, I'm a goner." When you're in a P-47 and collide with another plane, you think: "Hmm, what was that thump? Did I hit a bird? Oh well."
  25. 335th_GRFirdimigdi

    'Object Undefined' Causes CTD

    You wouldn't find those as they are packaged inside the game's .gtp files. However in the name one can see the cause of this: there is a typo in the reference, instead of worldobjects the path reads worlsobjects. I don't know if this is something the mission creator references manually and thus made the typo, or if it's the game looking up the explosion for a specific type of ammunition.
  26. Robli

    was that Yak any better than bf-109?

    I don't see any serious advantage for Yak-1b over Bf-109F/G. They seem quite equal in general. Yak turns better, but top speeds are quite close. However, there are a couple of clear advantages for Bf-109. One is the climb rate that you mentioned and the other is the max dive speed. It means that Bf-109 is able to disengage from the fight by diving away / climbing away.
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