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  2. Ended up buying Syria, damn its a good looking map
  3. During a spin, the rudder is largely out of the propwash so has questionable effect. As the spin recovers, the rudder's effect will increase, which may cause the illusion that it was responsible for stopping the spin. On some aircraft. pilots have reported the need to add aileron into the spin in order to recover. I imagine the theory is that if the aileron on the flying (unstalled) wing is lowered, the increased lift will tilt the axis of rotation, causing the nose to point further downwards during part of the rotation. Nobody's saying it's
  4. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to be flying in VR so that's definitely something to consider. I'm also looking at the monstertech chair so a chair mount might become an option. I guess it's time to save some more money up first though :P.
  5. I have the FW190 "Old" mounted to my chair and for me, personally, the size is no concern but yes it has a large footprint for a desktop scenario. Think you will find any throttle unit located at desk height is going to be very poor ergonomically as it will be too high. The MvdM looks like a nice unit but has too many buttons of the same type and in rows for someone using a VR headset For me, would be difficult to know which switch to use in the bottom two rows as you cannot read the labels with a VR headset fitted. You may not be intending to use VR so that ma
  6. I can see shots fired into both directions. Me262 is limited cause it's superior, Tempest is also superior to its counterparts. It's almost like, i don't know, every time a new plane is introduced is more or less better compared to what enemy has at this point. As if those engineers etc. tried to help to win the war and keep their own pilots safe! What a bizzare idea. So if Me262 is limited due to its superiority (but at the same time it exists only in 1 planeset) - maybe every plane introduced into fight should be limited on the very first planeset it is in? After a
  7. Wuerger

    My Online

    No atmosphere at all, 1940 scenes combined with new hard rock music. No sim atmosphere but a shooter game atmosphere.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I'm a bit worried that that one is too big. I want to start out just using it on a desk, maybe with a chair mount later. Any idea about that? Also any idea what it costs? I was looking at this one:
  9. Would recommend having a look at the "FW190 New" throttle. Huge number of buttons, rotary switches, levers etc. The throttle lever is very ergonomic. I purchased the old version of it from another forum member, second hand, and apart from one small regret have been very pleased/ thrilled with it. What is the small regret? .............................. Vitaly makes some wonderful throttle assemblies that also look fantastic. Alas the FW190 "Old" version is just so good I just have not been able to justify buying another of his marvellous creations. Now that is a real first world
  10. Bonjour, I am new to this sim and have made this modest skin. (in various versions), this one should be historic but I don't really have exact information about this plane. I have based myself on several representations. Here and here. Arvigna. The skin is on HSD.
  11. Hello, I would appreciate any advice on why this might be happening to me and how to fix it. The issue is basically that I play the game normally (using HP Reverb as display and Thrusmaster T.16000 stick+pedals+throttle as controls) and suddenly, apparently at random (although usually, but not always, it happens during some higher G manouevre) the game just stops to react to any control input - be it the thrustmaster set, or the keyboard or a mouse. It just locks out and I can watch being stuck in the last manouver until it hits the ground or fuel goes out.
  12. Thats amazing, within evere update game become better and better😋 Innovations and new content - this is really important for players, keep going devs!
  13. I found these in my book: 'Dutch Spitfires, A technical Study' by Harry van der Meer. And this bit of information on the codes:
  14. It's been explicitly stated that the Nieuport will be in the next update.
  15. Today
  16. Hi J5_Rumey, I found this beauty! Can you still do the skin, please? Sorry, a bit bigger here😉
  17. Thx for Information, haven‘t seen that the invisible objects are already discussed in the main bug section.
  18. Hope you're right Shark. But the statement below is a little vague regarding timing ... if it is indeed referring to the Nieuport? Hopefully Jason clocks in .... And absolutely no mention of the Hanriot! Jason said "We also continue to make new airplanes and other models that will be incorporated into the sim this year and beyond"
  19. I've been trying to nail down the exact date that 322 Squadron changed its code letters from VL to 3W. Some sources say August 1944, others say July 1944. Still, another topic I found says all of their Mk XIV Spitfires only carried the code of VL, but then there are apparently photos of their Mk XIVs carrying the code letters 3W. Could somebody please help straighten this matter out?
  20. Hey Vitaly, what would you say is the best generic throttle for someone who wants to have the most compatibility for the most possible IL-2 planes? It doesn't have to be an authentic reproduction, I just want the most functionality in the most ergonomic way. And what would be the price?
  21. Apparently there are reports of the Quest 2 having been jailbroken, so the FB shenanigans might be avoided soon enough. @MoleUK Shimmering can be reduced considerably by disabling the sharpen option, enabling MSAA and adding a touch of supersampling (even 1.1 does the trick on the Rift S), also clamp the negative LOD bias in your GPU profile settings for the game.
  22. Very nice project, I hope that this possibility of adding objects will see the day. I loved the bicycle hanging on the Tiger.😉
  23. I'm still online also flew with JG_27 for a short while, was a regular on warclouds and battlefront server. Good to see some familiar tags
  24. I agree with the temporary scripted solution. I do not see it posing too much problems gameplay except that people will rush in forest without taking care of real trees as well and will go faster than what is logical. Maybe ramming will not work anymore ? But anyway it is a bit rare and the way it works currently is a bit weird (I made a Pz4 explode by ramming it with a t34 ).
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