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  2. Dear Devs, my suggestion is simple: add the old career mode back! Not replacing the new one, but as a choice. I would be really nice to choose between the two. Surely it was "more acadey" but nonetheless sometimes more interesting/less boring. Does anyone here remember it? You could simply pick any Plane and Mission type you wanted from an available Airfield. Faction depended on the Airfield you chose. And as you successfuly completed missions, combat theater progress went on through the stages we know today. Pilot killed or captured? Doesnt matter, the war goes on. Your stats still counted, kinda like multiplayer, they were added and as you did more and more, awards were given to you. It sounds similar to "quick mission", but there is still a difference. Thats what I miss. The freedom of not being linked to a particular pilot or name (or plane). Creating 5 different careers with 5 pilots just to fly the other planes someone wants, is not that great. Please think about it
  3. I use : Historical squadron web sites usually have unit badges illustrated. Modeling sites often have images of decal sheets. Image search on Bing specifically for badge/crest You can go to other game sites such as Mission4Today download skins for aircraft of interest and copy markings from skin. For camouflage I edit layers from templates , edit complete skins after converting dds to bmp then modifying in GIMP, or just start from scratch using base color layer from template.
  4. I had to go back and watch this again, a couple of times. The HUD symbology is a bit different, and I don't have the DCS F-16 so I have a question for you? Does the DCS F-16 give you the option of programming a Pull-Up range (in feet) under the CCRP option? I ask because CCRP Loft was the way we lofted BDU-33s to simulate how we would actually deliver a B-61. For the uninitiated, the B-61 was euphemistically called a "shape" or "blivet" or "bucket of sunshine" or "Warsaw Pact Central Heating." Anyway, for all CCRP Loft deliveries we programmed a Pull-Up range (22100' for CBU in your case). As you approach the programmed range you would press and hold the pickle button down. At that programmed range the pull up cue (horizontal line) would move up the steering cue. So you're centering the vertical line/steering cue and smoothly pulling your FPM (Flight Path Marker) toward the pull up cue. When your FPM horizontal "wings" touched the pull up cue, the cue flashes and the plane's computer releases the weapon. The entire time you've been holding the pickle button down, essentially giving your consent to let the airplane decide when to release the weapon. IOW you don't wait for the FPM to touch the pull up cue to press the pickle button.
  5. Gentlemen I resently upgraded my system to: Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Ultra LGA 1200 Intel Core i9-10900KF processor 3.7 GHz Cooler Master MasterLiquid 32GB DDR4 3600 MHz Samsung ssd Power supply 850w My GPU is a gigabyte 1080 and I'm looking to upgrade it to finish my build. I was on a queue on Overclockers for a Palit 3080 but cancel it as Brexit fucked up things with delivery. The 3080s are now mostly priced at around €1100 to €1500 which is gone crazy expensive with the shortage and scraper and retailers bumping up the price. I see AMD 6900 xt at the same price and are available now and I'm wondering would it be a good move. Does anyone here have a 6900 running in there system and would you recommend it. By the way I use VR being a Rift S and will probably look at upgrading that in a year or so. I only fly Sims being IL-2 the main one. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, could you tell me please what buttons do you use? Im using rft S, and when I use the designed zoom buttons or the mouse wheel, nothing happens.... only If I play en 2d (without VR) the zoom works. Thanks!
  7. I am adding 2 throttle quadrants and thought I knew what I was doing but I cannot get them to respond on the p-38. Any questions / ideas are welcome. Patrick
  8. Under performing relative to what? The physical reality of .50 cal AP ammunition vs aeroplane wings? The game's 13mm HE? Or gamer desire that a burst of .50 cals should cripple a target in MP? You cannot agree on the solution to a problem if you have inconsistent definitions of what the problem actually is. The OP points out a difference in the ratios between the number of shots required to reach level 3 damage - ie the most severe level of surface damage possible consistent with the plane still being flyable. I think everyone commenting so far finds the ratio excessive, but they often do not say why. Suppose you thought 5:1 is reasonable. You can adjust the ratio by adjusting either, or both, of the quantities. 20:1 can go to 20:4 or 5:1 or 10:2 Clearly these require different adjustments to the model, not all of which will make .50 cal AP capable of noticeably slowing down a target fighter by increasing it's drag. If the just ratio of modelled surface damage is "wrong", is that because the damage from 13mm HE is too high, the damage from .50 cal too low, or both? Or are you simply asking for a .50 cal API shell to be modelled, in addition to the current .50 cal AP? FWIIW my own views are that the .50 cal AP surface damage is actually plausible, but it would not bother me if it was ~doubled. The 13mm HE I find wildly implausible. API is not modelled but should be, not as a bodge on all .50 cal AP, but explicitly, as should other incendiaries for other gun types. Then you would have a .50 cal AP bullet with similar characteristics to today's, a 13mm HE bullet with considerably reduced surface effects (both quantity and spread), and a .50 cal API shell with performance somewhere in between. I am happy to adjust any of those views based on evidence of what the shell types actually did to real planes. Solutions I would regard as unacceptable in a simulation would be to make .50 cal AP behave like a bullet with a significant CE load (API), just in order to appease an MP faction that is frustrated by certain aspects of their targets' flight behaviour.
  9. Nachtrag: Hab gerade die Erklärungen für die Schwierigkeitseinstellung gefunden, das Teil hat auch vernünftiges FM, sobald man das höher einstellt, hatte das zuerst noch auf Arcade belassen (weil das mit den -30% doof aussah; Arcade ist die zweite Einstellung, ab der dritten gibts dann das FM, welches dann bei den höheren Stufen mehr Feinheiten bekommt). Macht gleich noch mehr Spaß so und man bekommt mehr Rewards Für den 10er hol ich mir das noch, bevor es teurer wird
  10. Wildly off topic, but I can’t help but point out that those production gains were achieved by: ceasing production of nearly every aircraft except the 109, 190 and 262 pressing huge amounts of slave labor into service, resulting in an aviation work force similar in size to that of the US (for a fraction of the output) fudging their numbers to the tune of 8000 fighters in order to keep Speer in Hitler’s good graces cutting every corner possible in actual production, resulting in fighters that were often 20+ mph slower than their specifications, if they even ran or flew at all But hey, the numbers looked good on paper. And those stupid Americans. They just put together a target list of potentially vital choke points in the German economy with the aid of businessmen who had worked in Germany extensively before the war. And then once they reached a point of being able to actually bomb those targets regularly and observe the results, it took an entire four months to arrive at the optimal targets(fuel and rail infrastructure) to cripple German industry (whose production started dropping off a cliff in September, before any Allied soldier had set foot in the Reich). What a bunch of idiots.
  11. Lol, I didn't pick up on the cheeky Canadian reference on the bomb bay door...sorry about that!
  12. The Ju88C6a is an heavy fighter which carried 3x20mm and 3x7.7mm guns in the nose and gunpod, it can only carry 10x50kg bombs max. We might get an engine modification with the more powerfull BMW engines which was renamed to Ju88R. This aircraft was used as an trainbuster in the eastern front and hunting ships in the Bay of Biscay. It was used (Both Ju88C and Ju88R) very few times in the Normandy campaign. An late war Junkers bomber for Normandy would be the Ju188 or Ju88S, another alternative is the Do217 series.
  13. Today
  14. @busdriver I think you've misunderstood. Hoots wasn't referring to you, but to the tedious troll my new signature is directed at. I think Hoots just linked that post of mine since that is where he saw the sig.
  15. is it possible to repair and re-supply in game?
  16. now wehr is my bingo card...i thought i had it around here somewhere...
  17. You're driving it too hard. If the BK is constantly flicking that red light on and off every time something goes boom or buzzes, it will eventually overheat and shut down until it cools, similar to what you are describing. I try to keep my gain at the lowest threshold I can get by with and still feel it. The tactile cues you receive don't have to be massive, and I don't like my chair feeling like one of those coin-operated vibrating beds in a cheap motel!
  18. 1944 Germans had shortage of everything? Boi Ihope you know, the germans has no fuel problem until 1944 april, when 1 yes 1 american suggested to bomb the syntetic refineries. And the germans produced the MOST in 1944: Most tank, planes everything. Example: They produced 300-500 BF-109 in 1943/month. In 1944 they increased it to ~1200/month. Oh and they distributed the big factories into little manufactures. 4-5 big factory into 700 little manufacture. Bf-109: 1943:6418, 1944:14,152 They produced 1500-2000 Panzer IV in 1943, in 1944-1945 they produced 5500. Panther: 1943: 1200, 1944-45:5000.
  19. Sorry for the late response. I've been deep diving into files. To All -- Thanks much for all the help. I tried the executable files suggested by DD_FT, and of the five, three(3) were already installed. I installed the other two and ......... it worked! Well, partially anyway. Those files worked fully on the Rise of Flight FS. The programs starts and runs like a Champ. No issues at all. And the new computer and video card is just ...WOW! Those same files got me into CLODB+DWT, that is either thru Steam or the Desktop short cut. The program starts, I get music and I can maneuver thru the various pages. I can set up for my controller and throttle quard ( all my previous setting are gone). I can select a mission or flight, select an alternate (or not) aircraft, get everything for the flight set up. Then when I press the START button, the program goes to black, crashes and I'm back to the Steam page or my desktop. Sometimes (I've tried re-starts 6 or 7 times) I'll get the cockpit view for a second, then crash. Doing a Line-By-Line search of the five (5) .ini files from the older HP and comparing them to the files moved to the new HP, I found a discrepancy in the conf.ini file. A line item was missing in the [core] sub group of the moved file (on the new HP). The old, original file (old HP) has " VisDistActorStatics=1" ; the new, moved file in the new HP is missing this line. otherwise all the .ini files are the same between the older HP and the moved files to the new HP. I don't know if this is significant in any way. J-HAT -- thanks for the follow up to my question with your clear instructions. I'll try this in the morning. Its getting late here in my Time Zone and I probably need a clearer head my self before I start monkeying around with software files. I'll follow up with a progress report tomorrow. Again, thanks for all your help --- Jcole
  20. Man! That's GREAT! Thank you! I'll check those URL's and if it's different from your MP3: yes, I'd like that too, please. I flew Flugpark a couple times again this morning; BK working intermittently. It'll go between 20 and 30 minutes and then goes into red-light standby mode. Comes back on unexpectedly after a few minutes. Takes a little getting used to. I still "flinch" as if my engine just quit. But no! The tachometer says it's still running! (Except at the end of my first D7F flight today; where my engine got hit and eventually quit. Saved the plane.) The BK quit again when I was flying the Dr.1. Then, I was working on a bot Camel when a bot Albatros came out of nowhere and collided with my plane; taking off the top and bottom right wings. I got knocked inverted; don't know what happened to him. Got it upright but it was bucking like a bronco. Still had the engine and prop but guidance became a matter of trying to maintain a nose-high knife-edge attitude while continuously re-balancing extreme control and power inputs. Looking around, I was near their aerodrome and headed west. Ach, schnit! Getting it turned around east and back across the mud took a lot of work. I lost it and recovered twice. Once I was back over our green; I bailed and landed in a crater at the edge of the mud. As soon as I left, the plane augered-in. I was lucky to get back and there wasn't any way I could have landed that wreck. The BK was working again when I jumped. The difference between cockpit noise and the silence of the saddle is physically palpable through the BK. Really adds a lot to VR. Gotta get my JetPad working.
  21. my goodness, this is rich. you are the guy that only attacks boats which yield 200-300 points per kill, far more than any other objective. and you're talking about people increasing their score? you might sit at the top of the leaderboard month after month, but you sure don't belong there.
  22. Really nice job! Very detailed! Amazing stuff! Salute! -Gerald
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