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  2. @J2_Bidu If you are referring to start and end times on the missions tab on the parser, all times are GMT/UTC. IN game / cockpit watch / mission description times are totally independent of server time. PS Husar is correct. Smoke and fire are not a load on the server. Players and AI are.
  3. What they say in the video is a false lead. They later added the reason I mentioned as the first comment stickied to the video: It's about Dual Rank. Go look at their stickied comment please. You need to check which topology your mainboard has, and then you can go either for 2x16GB (daisy chain) or 4x8GB (t-topology). Please do not believe YouTubers without remaining critical. Believe Engineers, not formerly unemployed video-creators/gamers that found a (good) way to make a living. @chiliwili69 I checked the B550 Aorus Pro for you. It's daisy chain / fly-by regarding memory topology. Yours is best served with 2x16GB sticks in DIMM 2 and 4. My original RAM recommendation stands: The RAM that I recommended in the second post of this thread is your best bet. It goes up to 3800MHz (or higher) to match your 5600X's likely FLCK of 1900MHz, while being able to keep tight primary and secondary timings. It is able to go up to 1.45V - 1.5V: It is Samsung B-Die, 100%, and basically what they are rebranding right now to sell as this for new Ryzen owners (with added premium of course) Take it, or leave it, but you know, if you slam 4x8GB in there you'll have a harder time bringing them up to frequency. The latency will be larger as well and you'll be torturing your memory controller. I like your board, it definitely has nice voltage regulation from what I read. Here's a good source May ask yourself, what is the benefit of all this? Not just slightly 5-10% better performance... especially if you have cleared that bottleneck already even if it was suboptimal setup regarding RAM. Doing it right assaults and flattens 0.1% and 1% dips in framerate as well. This is where it shines the most in my honest opinion. And well, to be ready for MSFS2020 in VR and 2D, if that interests you too. And because things need to be done in a right way.
  4. With old Moscow Fly-over mod removed & new version added....
  5. Hi! I'm new to skinning but have used Photoshop for years so I would like to figure out the workflow using that tool. My goal is to add historic markings and the fantastic "deer on a mountaintop" emblem from JG51 to BlackHellHound1's Bf 109F-2 4k template (thank you for all that work btw!). Eventually I'd like to make other mods, but this is my immediate goal. I have installed the latest version of NVidia's "Texture Tools Exporter" plugin for Photoshop. I understand how layers work, but don't really understand the alpha layer issue. I can open the psd template and (mostly) navigate the layers and make edits, but I can't figure out how to export the file to a DDS with the alpha layer (I think). I can get a DDS file exported, but it doesn't have that semi-translucent appearance that other DDS skins have. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I did find a youtube video where someone did their edits in Photoshop and then used Gimp to convert the edited PSD to a DDS, but I'm hoping to learn how to do it in Photoshop. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. cheers, dave
  6. https://mega.nz/file/cqwW3KRS#UrwT4y7RQ9sUHtOc3Vhp95-5cD3UWyH-AA7exNxgkSw
  7. This is an extremely absolute statement, at least when it comes to people who fly with both joysticks and mouse (or virtual mouse-joysticks). Its just a matter of habit and there is no dissonance in mind when you change controls. Also there is an option to invert x- or y-axis if you are not comfortable with the default settings. But that is a matter of another discussion 🙂 High realism settings and joystick mode are meant for joysticks. If you'd change difficulty settings to easy and mose mode, the game still be a simulator, but some tasks will be performed by the game. Quite similar to the modern day aircraft, where avionics makes life easier for a pilot. And why not to improve mouse mode (or enable keyboard feature for single-player) to make the game more attractive for people. Right now there is no aircraft simulator game on the market, with realistic single player/multiplayer gameplay and good mouse+keyboard controls. War Thunder has great controls, but it is more an arena-air-quake-grinfest than a historical game. The upcoming DCS: Modern Air Combat is quite promising in terms of the aforementioned criteria, but it is too eary to judge. And it is all about postwar jets, while my passion are piston engine birds.
  8. Blitzen, You'll need to have 2 objectives completed along with the take-off and a landing back at Le Culot after certain conditions have been met to proceed past mission one. It may require the use of the RRR utilities at St.Trond and/or Le Culot to achieve this. It may also require other units to successfully complete their objectives in tandem with your own either within the main sortie or during your RRR sorties. So give Lili a smooch, arm up and get back in the fray. Tip
  9. Smoke is not AI and do not hog the server performance - it's client job to draw particles.
  10. A request: Would it be possible to add the timezone to the Flugpark main page? Figuring out map starting and ending times would be easier. Seems like GMT - 4. Is it AST?
  11. In multiplayer, i normally fly the German stuff, and if i can i take the A3. But if i just fancy an offline scenic flight around the Kuban, i have a secret love for the MiG 3.........
  12. Thanks, these worked fine. For some reason I had no *.mission files in v18. My problem wasn't just yours, it also affected all my FC single player missions. Solution was to use mission editor and resave all missions one folder at a time. For what ever reason (don't know why) that worked on everything - including your missions (I had to add v17 *.mission files). I've now replaced all your missions with v19 and things are great once again. Thanks for your help, and really appreciate all the work you do.
  13. Sorry. I wasn't clear. I meant that I installed the updated version and can again fly into the "Forbidden Zone". But Pennywise still holds sway, "We all float down here." 😉
  14. Today
  15. True, though once I'm able to run a solid 60+fps at Max view distance, on a 2160x2160x2 headset, I'm probably done with upgrading for a few more years. Il-2, DCS and FS2020 are the only things that hammer my computer, and I figure the next big innovation in all three will be going multi-core. My local Microcenter has a bunch of 5800X's in stock. I sort of wanted to go big and get a 5950X, so I (in theory) won't need to upgrade for a long time, but the 5800X is slightly better now, and definitely cheaper. I'm figuring really broad multi-core support is going to hit once Intel launches their Alder Lake platform, and having a ton of fairly high performance cores should still be solid even in that environment. But, we will likely also see AAA gaming more constrained by the consoles by that point too. I'll probably wait until the end of year bills are paid off, and get one or the other over the winter break, but definitely on the fence.
  16. @Sketch I have tried multiple ways to get the bombers to level bomb and fly to the correct waypoint but nothing is working. This issue I am running into here is getting the bombers to the correct waypoint with OnBingoBombs Event msg. MyMission.rar
  17. El más esbelto no lo era quizás tan poco el más maniobrable pero si el más confiable ese motor radial aguantaba y resistía llevando a pilotos como Gabbi Gabreski de vuelta a casa.
  18. THE P-47!!!!! Still the prettiest warbird imo!! maybe they can give us a later variant in the future !!!🤞
  19. El 109 entra como un sable en el combate y FW 190 es demoledor es una apisonadora a mi me gustan los motores rádiales 👍🏼
  20. Spitfire, P-51, P-47 i like them a lot! But my true love is the Bf 109, flown her the first time in my first flight sim in 98, and she was my number one fighter in original IL2 ❤️
  21. thanks all! yes! i used resolve!
  22. That would be fine. I just like the look.
  23. Other than like driving a car in an FPS game with the WASD keys (which sucks), no I try doing that. Again it’s just super frustrating and not worthwhile. Plus using a mouse or game pad controller for flight has the Y-Axis inversion problem. That reflex is simply impossible to unlearn and makes those controls impossible to use for flight. Unless you had no idea how an aircraft operates and that pulling back makes you go up which is the opposite of how a mouse is used. You’d have to think of that as an air-shooter flight game where you just point the gunsight around like an FPS and shut any though of flying out of your mind. It just doesn’t work. Simulators like this are meant for joysticks. Really...
  24. As @=621=Samikatz said, it seems to be a mission/career design issue. Recent QMB or career missions are always saved as _gen.Mission files in the mission folder, so you can always resave them and investigate them in the ME for any oddities experienced. I don't say it's easy, I only say it's possible. At least you can submit them in addition to bugreports.
  25. Can you confirm you have the in-game volume turned up to 100%?
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