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  2. Tracked down the following on the Kew archives: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_q=Me262 Seems there's a lot of information available. Should be possible to find Brown's report in there, incl. the stick force measurements.
  3. So I saw a speculation post on the P-38, and thought I would try to start one for one of my favorite planes... the Mustang! SoI guess I am wondering how people feel it will stake up against Luftwaffe, hopefully it will come soon!
  4. You are not the only one and just the 262 has this problem. Here is the bug report. who
  5. Hi all. I'm wondering, am I the only one hearing the external sounds (explosions of Mk108 shells on targets, other aircraft's engines when flying in formation)?
  6. I would guess your setup makes right turn on the ground impossible. Just use left and right brake to steer her on the ground. You don‘t really need the front wheel brake anyway. If you don‘t have toe brakes, you can omit front wheel brake. For me, it also works fine without. I use the front wheel brake on the pinky mapped together with „all brakes“ (Russian brakes) and toe brakes. I use the pinky only for a full stop when not doing any turn.
  7. Its a characteristic of a swept wing. Very basically, the rudder input pushes one wing forward into the path of flight. Maximum lift on a straight wing, as the other wing is swept further back lift is lowered. If you increase lift on one wing and lower it on the other, you get a roll moment.
  8. Tyberan

    ME 262

    Maybe the Russian type brake is set to nose wheel brake. Me262 has both wheel brakes and nose wheel brakes
  9. Salute all. This Staffel has now officially become active in BOX. And is currently flying in the excellent TAW campaign. We are looking to add some pilots to our ranks, so if your interested send me a pm on here or apply officialy on our website. Hals und beinbruch 9./JG52 Meyer
  10. It does change depending on altitude. There is a sea level color and a 10km color and the game interpolates between them.
  11. Hello i would love a 50% collector plane discount, Respect for the gesture!
  12. Thanks for helping the community grow Shamrock (if anyone is gifting away tank crew someday let me know )
  13. Hello I would like to put my name down for a code for the Yak1b if possible. Thanks
  14. Man I man, every month or so I go back to thinking about the possibility of SLI in combination with VR. So few games support it but this game and how demanding it is would benefit greatly from SLI + VR support. https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks/graphics/vrsli Sadly so few games have implemented it that I fear the setup I invested in will never come full bloom into what I imagined.
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  16. Hey folks, I have a couple of discount codes that I picked up from FS Expo that expire on the 22nd and I'm hoping they can go to some folks who could benefit from them. I was going to come up with a fancy contest through the blog but there isn't time and I've been so busy with real life since I got back that I'm just thinking about this now. I have four codes. Two 25% off Bodenplatte, Flying Circus or Tank Crew and two 50% off Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Kuban, Collector Planes and Scripted Campaigns. SO... I'm giving away codes based on these rules: You can actually make use of them. You're able to make a purchase before the expiry of June 22. Throw your hat in the ring by posting below. Let me know if you're in for the 25% or the 50% (if you say both I will randomly choose one if you win). I will choose randomly from the list in 24 hours. That seems fair yeah?
  17. Jaegermeister, I have flown 5 missions and loved each of them. Great job with this campaign, although I must admit I've never heard of it before, but then with all the conflicts around the globe then, its not unreasonable for some of us to not know of all the specifics. Enjoying the campaign and keep up the good work. I've tried the ME; however, completing even a single mission can be overwhelming at times, so I really appreciate the effort it takes to develop and complete a campaign.
  18. I've been searching around but I'm coming up short on a Me262 question. The brakes. I have two buttons bound on my throttle to control braking. I use the right button for all brakes (for Russian aircraft with rudder controlled brakes) and I use the left and right buttons for left and right brakes. Double bound on the right button. But that seems to be an issue in the 262 where the right button activates both brakes. A bit of a mystery for me. Anyone able to shed some light?
  19. I’m in absolute hysterics right now! Thanks mate!
  20. Yes, that is him. Thank you very much for the info. Also thank you for the welcome to the forums.
  21. That is all there is, that we can adjust without overhauling the game engine itself. This is what I can achieve with Reshade Default with 1.1 gamma Reshade
  22. The 50mm Panzer barrel barely does the job just like it did in real life. Which is why the 75mm and 88mm were used to crack open Russian tanks. For T34s, aim for the ammo rack just below the turret on the sides along the track. That flat surface down there allows for better penetration and if the side is not an option aim for the lower glacius.
  23. @CUJO_1970: I saw that, though I'm not entirely clear what it was supposed to mean. All other things being equal, I'd expect sweepback to increase stability in yaw, but as I said earlier, it may also cause strong yaw-roll coupling. Which can sometimes in turn result in Dutch roll, itself a form of instability, though I've not seen this in the IL-2 GB Me 262, or seen it in any flight test reports for the real thing. There are other factors to consider though, like the potential blanking of the vertical tail surfaces by the engine pods at large sideslip angles, so it would be unwise to make any generalisations about what we should expect the Me 262 to do. In practice, it rarely seems necessary to me to use the rudder in flight anyway, as long as both engines are running...
  24. Thank you, I missed that Dev comment. What is it about the swept wing that gives it such effective rudder?
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