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  2. I think that should be what Clostermann referred to as „Mk.Vd“ at some point (even though he had the „c“ wing). A plane that was universally hated by its crews. Fast at low level, yet they had to fly the same kind of escort missions as anyone else, at altitudes where the engine ran out of air and you bring only 60 rpg. Clipped, clapped, cropped.
  3. Does anyone disagree with this? The only other option is to pitch hard up to get altitude and bail. However, if you are in a bomber with multiple crew this still doesn't give enough time for everyone to get out. Also a question I have is when on fire should you turn the engine off?
  4. Ju88s already are used as low alt pinpoint bombers so making one with more guns insted bombsight thats not used mutch is great selection, devs know what most players like in their game. For game where you can destroy factorys with 20mm, C6 is perfect selection. Planset they have for BoN could not be better, only improvment i see is needed is G6/AS and make Spit XIV one of first to come out in early acces so allied players se reson to preorder whole thing and not just wait to get it as collectable.
  5. I also find current clouds beautiful.
  6. Fred Ascani: he made a number of test flights post WWII in the Ar 234. "My recollection is that it was very stable aircraft, very easy to fly. The greatest problem was getting the engines started. You felt 90% of the flight was over ones that happened. It exibeted wat we called cavatations. The engine cavateted wich ment they were trusting you forward then dropping off. You felt like going forward and backwards the whole time you're on the final approuch for landing and it's an eery feeling unless you're aware of it".
  7. I also agree. The new clouds are a big step up and their appreciation got lost among other topics. I hope that one day we will also get convective models that would nicely match the Summer weather patterns. Milan
  8. Today
  9. Hi, it is a Leo... Plug and Play, awesome interface device! I've noticed that I needed the "BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board" due to the amount and kind of switches. I will build a second Switch Panel and use the BBI32 which can be seen on the pics. I don't fly in VR, even though I know I posted in the category. Be sure to read carefully and have a look at a few Leo... youtube videos to broaden your spectrum before ordering. And I say this because in case you want to use Pots... and/or certain types of buttons switches.
  10. @Agathos_Deimon Sehr cooles Video! Aber eine Junkers-Uhr in einer P-51? Sakrileg! 😋 Why do Stallion51 not equip their airplanes with Gopro/ similar HD camers? That would make all their videos much cooler.
  11. Good video - thanks for linking. FM critique done well. I wonder if the problem with how much power is needed to start the BoX plane rolling relates more to the ground friction rather than the FM per se. AFAICR this was increased from the early days to stop the MP phenomenon of people just taking off from the parking bay. It is now almost impossible to land without nosing over outside airfields, even on dry grass fields, in planes where this should be possible without too much problem. Which is a shame. Agree with jcomm-il2 our Spitfire trim is odd, so it does not surprise me that the narrator finds the P-51 trim is odd too: Spitfire should feel more like the Camel where you need forwards pressure on the stick, whether from trim or by hand: as it is you are constantly having to pull the stick back or use nose up trim to fly level.
  12. I’m no model, but I’ll happily send you some pics.
  13. And boy do they look FANTASTIC in VR! IMHO these new clowds surely have bumped up the immersion level of the game by a few notches.
  14. Maybe a standalone collector's airplane? Kind of like the initial G-6... I also like the idea of the late-war Mk. Vs. It would make sense in terms of fleshing out the Normandy map for earlier dates. An up-rated Fw 190A-5/6 would be a good counterpart. And another (I know, yawn) 109-model: The pressurized G-1 and G-5.
  15. It was a hot summer. I'm still wating for a hotpants-wearing australian pilot-model...
  16. It helped me a lot blowing less at dogfighting.
  17. It is hard to find the decals in a really high Resolution on the Internet. I really don´t know how you skinners find all those stuff. Maybe this here is too low in res?!
  18. I can’t help think that the C6 would be better off as the AI aircraft, and more value would be seen across every theatre expansion if the C-47 was the one flyable.
  19. As I know „no” even with Odyssey + so with WMR also. W10 update :/.
  20. Alonzo - Though I'm no expert in this area, I've had some success reducing stutters on Combat Box by reducing the MTU in this way on the PC Ethernet interface as well as the upstream routers. I have a theory that setting the MTU on the PC Ethernet interface allows some netcode API calls in the game to determine what maximum packet size it should use, rather than relying on some handshake protocol. This can be done as follows, open a Command type window as Admin, then type this to see the interfaces: netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface Then look for the one that says something like "Ethernet" or maybe "Local Area Connection *2", then type something like: netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Ethernet" mtu=1492 store=persistent You should be able to tell which subinterface is being used from the stats printed from the first command. This seems to reduce the game packets so they don't go above 1500 when the PPPoE header is added. Note this extract from Wikipedia: 56RAF_phoenix
  21. I bought a magazine last year and in that magazine there was an article about the A-20 with photographs of a low level operation being conducted by the RAF. Therefore, although I would like to see the A-20 in the Bodenplatte map, I would be happy to pay for a different version to fit the timescales and the Allies! That said, it will be interesting to see with the BON map being released with the Mossie, whether that becomes the tactical Allied twin engine bomber of choice!? In this game, I see the A-20 being used more as a tactical bomber than anything else, however, if the game is limited to twin engine bombers, it will be interesting to see what else Jason can pull out of the hat!? Regards EDIT (The article was from Flypast August 2016, so it wasn't last year!!! LOL) Operation Oyster was one article, although the magazine talks about the A-20G and as such it is the A-20G I would like to see in Bodenplatte!
  22. Am I not allowed to be curious? A-20 is the Allies' only strategic bomber available for the BoBp maps. Sometimes, fighters are allowed to carry bombs making them fighter/bombers. Meanwhile, Axis has 2 strategic bombers - 111 and 88, one fighter/bomber - 110 and one strike bomber - 87 to choose from + jabos. I want to see how they stack up in usage and RTB success rate on CB. I'm guessing the 87 is used least, but percentage-wise gets the worst of it. Well, that, and, I have many friends I fly with who do fly the A-20 and have the balls to take relentless beatings in order to win maps. When it's said: I'm not really sure what to make of it. I have my opinions but, it's probably best if I keep them to myself or between me and my friends.
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