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  2. SharpeXB

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    Well you did.
  3. Hi SCG and II/JG11 it isn’t a pvp campaign but pve, so we’re not looking for opposition but for new members. But it might be a giggle to have a dogfight match one Friday though. We could arrange something on a small map with balanced planesets. pm me if you’re up for something like that and we can try and work it out. von Tom
  4. AndyJWest

    What, if anything, is 'energy retention'?

    How would this relate to the statement in the Wikipedia article that the Me 262 showed "better energy retention in maneuvers" due to it being a jet?
  5. Johnny-Red

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    For fairness I have to point out that WAAF personnel did do significant radio and RDF work. This places a female voice in the frame for the ground controller (and the airfield section of the script). As a pilot in distress (RAF or USAAF) you could get a WAAF on the emergency channel and she would do her best to guide you to an appropriate friendly airfield. If you weren't going to make it they'd put a rescue launch onto your last known position. In some instances Ground Controlled Interception units were staffed entirely by women, from the radar operators, through plotters, to controllers. https://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/40/a3104740.shtml To undertake the WAAF controller role, a native British accent would be essential.
  6. DarkWolf29

    Question about 2K P-47 Template

    Yeah it was the alpha channel. After messing around a bit extracting the official skins from the game files so I could compare their alpha layers I able to tweak the template one to mimic it. Got it very close, though the underside is still a little darker when viewed at an oblique angle, its in the ball park. DW
  7. JG51_Ogg

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    This invite shows Invalid at the time of this writing https://discord.gg/2p2Cg9
  8. Eldur

    Der DCS Thread

    Status der F-14B... und:
  9. dog1

    FW190 A5 armament doubts

    here is the list i have
  10. 325th_Bugsy

    P-47 D Skins

    Heres a one of a kind fella's... The Old Buzzard Ass flown by the 512th FS. You have 2 versions one with green zinc chromate or yellow for the wheel wells, you choose which one you like better..Salute! Download Here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ef075qn5lqa1555/Old_Buzzard.rar/file
  11. Megalax

    Multiplayer Buddy list

    I'd like to see a buddy list system implemented if possible, so you can see where your squadmates are when you hop on to MP. I know most squadrons probably get together on comms prior to flying online, but I'm only flying with a few friends right now and it would be a nice addition to be able to see if they're online and in what servers they are flying in.
  12. 6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann

    What, if anything, is 'energy retention'?

    A Polar Graph like this, giving a Potential Energy gain (Altitude) per Unit of Time, for any given Speed. Now, with a Motorplane like a Bf109G-2 for example this Graph at Sea Level would show negative Values below 150kph, no gain at 150km/h, 21m/s gain at 270km/h, no gain at 529km/h, and negative gain above 529km/h. Now, the Aircraft that at any given Speed has the better Climb/Sink Rate is the one that decelerates less, which means it retains its Energy better. Take for example these two, and you will see which one retains Energy better than the other, given the ASW-15/18 to maintain 150km/h decends at only 0.8m/s, while the K-13, an old Wood and Canvas Plane, has to decend at 3m/s to maintain 150, meaning a rather steep dive, compared to the ASW-15 which is going pretty much straigh ahead. The required loss of Altitude is basically your Energy Bleed, the lower your Bleed and Drag, the better the Energy Retention.
  13. Today
  14. JG26jokkmccarthy

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    Monitors = 2d I never recommended handicapping monitors. Quite the opposite.
  15. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Tactical Air War

    Some feedback on the planeset, you can take off the bomb modification of the Yak so it neglets the limitation, same would apply to the F-4. Speed isn't the only aspect to a plane performance, power to weight ratio also matters, which isn't really affected by the pylons. So imho for 1941 maps we should stick with F-2 and E-7 vs I-16 and MiG-3.
  16. SharpeXB

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    By that you mean handicapping monitors down to the level of VR headsets. No thanks. Some deficiencies of VR may get resolved by better headsets in the future (not the near future though) some are intrinsic to VR and can’t be solved such as making the wearer physically move 1:1 in order to see all around. With regard to graphics, VR in 3D will always remain behind 2D. Honestly none one of your suggestions are worthwhile. Like “cleaning the glass” or “adding colored blobs” or whatever. If you can’t get past how much VR sucks to try and see anything with you should stop using it or stop complaining.
  17. Yesterday
  18. AndyJWest

    What, if anything, is 'energy retention'?

    Well, if 'energy retention' is an actual thing that some aircraft have more of than others, it should be measurable. So I'll ask again, how do you measure it, and what units do you measure it in?
  19. -=PHX=-SuperEtendard

    Version en Castellano

    La parte de los parámetros de motor del P-39L es un copy-paste de las del P-40E en la versión en castellano. Si bien es el mismo motor son versiones diferentes y tienen diferentes especificaciones y límites de tiempo.
  20. E69_julian57

    Skin 4k Pfalz DIIIa / Sopwith Camel

    Skin 4k Sopwith Camel 4 Sqn. AFC H. Watson Download https://mega.nz/#!53wFnSrR!fAZg8b5xKyxGnmxTefD2gIr9yJ8CZHPr56vh4XOx-xA
  21. -[HRAF]BubiHUN

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Please, try to join again using the new link at the main post. Please, try again.Should be okay now.
  22. stupor-mundi

    Spotting. Please improve

    When these threads come up, and big discrepancies emerge between different posters as to what the situation (or ability of the engine) is, there's a recurring theme I think: The O.P. usually silently assumes the context is multiplayer. Then people respond, contradicting, and it turns out they do experiments offline. When this happened to me in the past, I had to concede that the engine can render planes up to 10km (or more, dont want to get into that fight). Many of us, in multiplayer, experience spotting issues, which I think aren't bottlenecked by what the engine will render, but rather, a client/server thing, often called a 'bubble', but which is distinct from the 10km rendering bubble, where you overfly an area and you're only presented with the contacts once you're far closer than 10km. Something similar, but slightly different, happened to me just now on the EFront server. I was driving around in tank, hatch open, looking at an AI stuka. It kept disappearing and reappearing. It's wasn't very small at all (distant), not: a single pixel or something. It was a bunch of pixels, not a compact blob, but vert stab distinguishable and so on. It wasn't flying away or approaching, but going perpendicular to my view axis. Then I realised I was playing around with the scroll wheel. When I zoomed out all the way, it disappeared. When I zoomed in a bit, it appeared again. When disappearing, it didn't decrease in size until disappearing, it disappeared, bang, going from multipel pixels across, to transparent. To confirm this, I played around with the zoom for a while, turning the plane on and off many times. This was an AI, so I tried to do the same thing with a player controlled plane nearby, where it didn't work. No idea if the distance wasn't right, or if this only happens with AI, or what determines the outcome. I'll continue to try and replicate that with player controlled planes. -- Edit: just went on EU official normal (with icons) to estimate how far away that stuka must have been. I'd say around 3.5 to 4.5 km.
  23. 6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann

    What, if anything, is 'energy retention'?

    This is energy retention:
  24. raaaid

    What, if anything, is 'energy retention'?

    youre right bos is the first sim that a duel circle is mostly won by whom pulls less the stick less is more chapeau to this sim
  25. Two weeks ago, I swapped my Intel 7500 cpu for an Amd Ryzen 5 2600x, a Gigabyte B250M-DS3H motherboard for an Aorus B450M and a Crucial 8 GB 2600 ghz ram for 16 GB Corsair Vengeance 3000. Since then my Logitech x56 (grey/black) has been making ghost inputs. I've been onto Gigabyte about it thinking it's caused by a faulty motherboard and they are helping with my problem. All drivers have been installed. I'm wondering if it's the x56, though I've only had it two months. I uninstalled and reinstalled the x56 and the game, which were was already installed on my hard drive before the upgrade, to no avail. I haven't done so with Windows 10 64 though. I did wonder if it was a power problem but my 600w psu should be sufficient. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  26. 53 here But in my defense I was 47 twice. Never been 46 in my life.
  27. IckyATLAS

    Brakes on IL2

    Thanks Disarray and 216th_Cat. All clear now. Works as intended. Clearly the efficiency of these pneumatic brakes if far from excellent but it works.🙂
  28. 392FS_TheDoctor*

    De Havilland Mosquito & gun camera film

    very sad that i won't see this awesome plane hammering german sites in il-2 BOS by 2020 .
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