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  2. nouvelle mission disponible , Kharkov 1943 New mission available ! Kharkov 1943
  3. As long as your file is 5 MB or less, you can attach it to a forum post and it will stay there. That's what I did with the editor manual.
  4. Looks nice. 64 GB of ram is a bit of overkill unless you need it for other things. 32 Gb should be plenty. You could also easily find two sticks with a CL of 14 at 3200 MHz.
  5. Brief description: lot of 'pop' noise and currupted sound of distant planes (like dithering but applied to sound) Detailed description, conditions: For example after landing, once the engine is shut donw, the user can hear the sound of other airplanes still in the pattern. Those sounds have been corrupted in the latest updates. They don't fade in and out gracefully but with popping bursts of noise. I had never heard that before (perhaps before version 4?), it's very irritating to the ear. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): none Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): IL-2 version 4.003b The sound card is a Sound Blaster Z (I don't have those popping sounds anywhere else) In-game sound settings are basic so I doubt they're relevant, they are still the same as in my previous problem report:
  6. Hey guys.... Is this still true? I've been tweaking my graphics for the past week ( I even did a clean install and format of windows just for IL-2). Am I missing the opportunity for 4k textures?
  7. Quick Question for the more knowledgeable with regard to hardware. At present I am using a i7-2600K@4.000Ghz on a Asus Mobo (Maximus IV Extreme Z) with 16 Gigs and two Asus GTX980 in SLI Combo, which served me well over the past years, but that rig is getting a tad bit dated and I am no more able to max out graphics in FullHD. Based on the Infos thankfully posted here in this thread and the Remagen benchmark thread I am planning to do some upgrades and during 2020 I am planning to invest in the following components. The aim is to have maximum reasonable performance for Il-2 GB for the next years to come and to have some horsepower to do the next step and perhaps later in 2021 go for VR and a Pimax 8K+: MoBo: Asus Maximus XI Code CPU: i9 9900K RAM: Corsair Dominator, 64 GB (4 x 16 GB), DDR4 3200 (PC4-25600), C16 SSD: Samsung MZ-V7P1T0BW 970 PRO 1 TB NVMe M.2 CPU Cooler: ASUS ROG Ryujin 360 Watercooling Solution GPU: My aim is for Asus 2080Ti which will replace my GTX-980-SLI Combo in the 2nd half of this year. Any ideas? Good? Bad? Suggestions for optimisations? Possible performance bottlenecks?
  8. It’s not an AI issue, but a mission logic issue.
  9. Magic trees! OK, thanks. I may still put in a couple of waypoints so they don't just barge through in case the player comes upon a tank driving through a tree and thinks their days of using psychedelics have come back to haunt them. LOL.
  10. He was a lot of fun, and one of my best "go to" guys for special missions in FIF. I was concerned, had not seen him since BS.... He will be missed. I wish his family all the best.
  11. I think so. AI, both offensive and defensive, ability is a source of some consternation. Others with more time may know differently though.
  12. Yeh I find enemy tank AI in the QMB to be pretty obtuse. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. The AAA is more likely to kill my tank than an AI tank in most cases.
  13. Hello, I tried again to make this thing working, but I'm not able to have the rotation working for IL2. There is no turn left or turn right option to map when I try do define the mapping for IL2. What am I doing wrong ?
  14. Been on Berloga for 10 days now. Really like it except for map. But then again the bleak terrain does makes aircraft more visible. Have two questions : 1.Is there any place that describes the scoring system? 2.I managed to actually land on open terrain a couple of times but are their actual airfields to land on in emergencies. I've see what looks like unapproved strips out there like one shown below. Are they usable.?
  15. Next Mission Impossible - Tom is piloting a spaceship
  16. place LS=FI onto your joystick ! Press joystick button Only when you need to center sight ! Don't hold down continuously
  17. This. Twice this month I have been killed by an over-zealous friendly who dove into an engagement I was already in. Almost happend again yesterday as my wing and I engaged a couple of Camels. About this same time I saw the guys that jumped into our fight jump into another where there were already 3 guys on 1 Bristol making it 5 to 1. Then the complaining starts about friendly fire...... Is it really necessary?
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  19. I thought that after TIM of gen 9th the delidding was going to be a thing from the past. But I see it is still there. I am afraid that gen 10th will not improve that too much. what is that? Any suggestions about Mobo for that? ROG Maximus XI Apex seems to be target for that. Any other Mobo?
  20. Now I have new problem. I use TrackIr, and now when I use Left Shift +F1 the view don´t move. Without Left Shit + F1 View moves normally
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