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  2. Geronimo553

    How to Improve Tank Crew /Suggestions and Bugs

    The best suggestion I have at this time is for the night vision goggles to have a scope toggle. This would operate like the bomber/gunner sights where the screen turns into a scope except for night vision. Otherwise I dont understand how anyone can see within those goggles. My other suggestion would be for correct German zooming tank scopes. Currently the only method to use German tank scopes is to zoom in and guesstimate shell velocity/drop. If there is a way to actually use the scopes correctly then I must be missing it. The first few minutes of this video really sums up the whole issue of what I'm talking about.
  3. US103_Furlow

    Changes in FM and DM?

    The propeller on the SPAD XIII needs to be looked at as it eats through Dr1's as if it were a wood chipper.
  4. =EXPEND=Tripwire

    13.Kompanie 1st SS PzReg LAH

    Awesome stuff! That looks incredible. Shame that mods on is required to run it though? (I'm almost only in MP).
  5. I./JG1_Baron

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Nice work with Wittmanns Tiger!
  6. YankeeYankee_Mayhem

    VR in Flying Circus is pretty incredible

    Vr is what I needed to hear, buying it right now!
  7. 216_Yakdriver

    Pe-8 anyone ???

    so a Libereiter for the Yanks and a TB-3M for the Russkis? or are u talking about the Condor or the 264? the Do-19 mebey? Or that Arado jet thingie. Piaggio 109 - possibly with the anti tank gun? There are none? The DB606 is a single engine. fire lighter. [/trollpost]
  8. Geronimo553

    13.Kompanie 1st SS PzReg LAH

    Not bad at all! Nice touch for the dirty boot prints.
  9. Field-Ops

    Understanding GM's and Why You Should Avoid Them

    People out of the know on what grey markets are only shop for the lowest price. The bad thing is that these sites are deigned to appear as if they are legitimate so those who preach against them arent taken seriously. And finally when keys do get revoked its always blamed on the publisher/dev team first before the grey market comes to light as the main problem. Super over-simplified analogy -> but its like buying from China just because you saw they have a significantly reduced price on seemingly the same product. In reality the quality on that may not be up to the task you need it for and you've just bolstered China's economy while leaving the US made product to rot on the shelves. Set aside the fact they have some of the cheapest labor forces on earth. And you may even get away with doing that for a while with seemingly no repercussions. But one day it will and you wont be expecting it because its worked for you for so long.
  10. Was always thinking that we would get the PO-2 as something of a preview of what WWI planes would be like in Il-2, astonished to have it be the other way round.
  11. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Parachuters landing in the water bug

    This is not a bug, it's a design choice. The term "bug" is used for flaws that cause unintended behaviour. Furthermore, the survivability of bailing out over water is far from certain.
  12. Hucky

    Endlich IV

    Einen schönen Guten Morgen
  13. This is one thing that's making it aggravating trying to keep AI pilots alive in my squadron in career mode: if I have to make a forced landing and thus exit the mission while my comrades are still flying over enemy territory, they are all instantly tagged as captured as soon as I end the mission. It doesn't matter if their planes were undamaged or not - if they are over enemy territory when I exit the mission, poof, they are gone. This really needs to be fixed.
  14. With the last patch 3.005b the launch of the game under steam is now again perfect and easy. Thanks! The WWI planes are fun to fly but do not try a winter map you freeze to death in minutes...Na, only joking should do but does not happen in the game.
  15. BZB_Flyingdoc

    Endlich IV

    Sonntags GMMC
  16. senseispcc

    New update file size is really big - a problem?

    The last update for me was very little 500mb the 3.005b and the integration to steam is no again correct and perfect! The all game(s) are 41.9 Gb on my HD the bigest part are all the extra skins for IL2. And I did not buy the Tank game this one was over gudget and under interests.But I still have the 2 default tanks T34 and Pzkw III. All this for more than 600 hours of fun less than 20 cent an hour, very cheap.
  17. Today
  18. KGJ54Lord_Pyro

    Since someone needs to collate a controls thread

    Has anyone managed to bind the maingunmovement to a joystick? aiming with the mouse is not immersive at all.
  19. yaan98

    Changes in FM and DM?

    A bit off topic, but somewhat related.... To quote a couple of well known phrases... "if you need to aim, then you're not close enough". "hit Meat or metal" If I could change one thing about these WW1 crates, is that I would make the fuselage impervious to bullets and only collapse due to structural damage from dives/collisions. Ace pilots would be almost a plane's length away before starting to shoot, while novice pilots would start shooting at longer distances. I have not read that WW1 pilots used deflection shooting like WW2. Dicta Boelcke - Only fire at close range, and then only when the opponent is properly in your sights MVR - "I calmly let him shoot, for even the best sharpshooter's marksmanship could not help at a distance of 300 metres. One just does not hit."
  20. I use the Pro throttle for the forwards and reverse and the pedals for steering, all vanilla no apps.
  21. I think my question is answered by Davesteu. that's why in russian book says that tank commander/reloader used PT-4-7 sights. Thanks for reply guys
  22. i use it via Joytokey app, can you use it with the vanilla game? (i mean with no third party apps)
  23. angus26

    The Paleontology Thread

    Pretty cool!
  24. Danziger

    13.Kompanie 1st SS PzReg LAH

    That is f****ng rad mate!
  25. Gambit21

    The Paleontology Thread

    Sorry - I not trying to be jerk. I should have resisted the impulse to type initially. It's a rabbit hole.
  26. I use an old Saitek game pad for driving and firing guns. I use the mouse to aim with.
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