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  2. Yeah, my immediate thought with regard to game soundtracks was GTA. The original top-down-view version was as good, if not better, in that regard.
  3. @LukeFF@AndyJWest@anyone else. There is sooo much I want to say here, but Iโ€™ll just keep it to this. May I suggest that if you guys want to make a point that the OPTION to click things in aircraft cockpits should NEVER be added to IL-2 GBs, EVER, and that the OPTION to click things in an aircraft cockpit is something that should NEVER have been invented, then how about you destroy your mouse with a hammer or by running it over with your vehicle, etc. Afterwards you can figure it out yourself how to load IL-2 GBs by just using the keyboard and without using the mouse. Cheers.
  4. Sight seeing in the mountains
  5. The A-26 didn't fly it's first combat mission until Nov 1944. The Douglas A-26 is descended from the Douglas A-20, not the Martin B-26. If you wanted to play the sim in a somewhat historical fashion, you would primarily be flying formation in the mid-teens between 10,000' to 20,000' not skimming along at tree top height. Only as AI.
  6. Why no tech-tip box in this one? It's a real game killer not having it.
  7. Never mind that, I've gone and added all of VRock to GTA 5's "Self Radio" - best of both worlds curiously enough, I have also added that exact model helicopter to that very game as a mod - and have treated it not much differently as far as landing sites go.... and THEN I found this thread, which I hadn't read before
  8. Sometimes sarcasm can be hard to spot among people who actually believe odd things like this lol
  9. i think its got to be gta vice city what do you think i feel like trying something new
  10. A little guide made by me, first time doing so so let me know if I can make any improvements. I hope this can help those looking to learn the aircraft! https://www.patreon.com/posts/39898002
  11. So enlighten us on how it's done? Maybe then we'll stop "clinging"
  12. Yes, this must get fixed. Maybe it can be done before we get to map #2. ๐Ÿค”
  13. Thanks guys; it was fun. You all fly real well. One more question. (I could check next time but forewarned is better, right?) Are the mixture controls operational, too? (I expect they probably are.) I was in a hurry to get airborne last time and only solved my radiator problem. I got some altitude and it seemed to climb okay but I didn't change the mixture. I've been flying the BrisFit offline, too. Always loved that beast. Might try that next time I'm at the Zoo. Prosit!
  14. A fixed air pressure would be really great to get those A-8s off the ground on short fields....
  15. Ti ringrazio molto! Sono felice che il mod possa essere di tuo interesse!!! ๐Ÿ‘Œ ENG Translation: Thank you very much! I am happy that the mod could be of interest for you!!! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  16. Would you believe it, ordered on day of release and here I am patiently waiting for the 6th and found today my joystick is broke, fuck. Anyway, great to know we will finally have it to try on our own PC, great work guys, hope all goes well. Take care and be safe. Wishing you all the very best, Pete.
  17. One of the more notable things in relation to clickpits over at "buggy combat simulator" is how much effort those who have the time and/or resources seem to go into avoiding using them. Modern combat aircraft are complex beasts, system-wise, and while most probably end up using a mouse for some functions at least, those who can afford it seem to prefer lashing out a fortune on top-range HOTAS systems, along with additional switch boxes, Physical MFDs and anything else that avoids having to move a pointer around on screen. And having spent time recently trying to get half-competent on the Hornet and the Harrier, I can see why. The real aircraft use a HOTAS for very good reasons: things you need in combat you need to be able to access quickly, instinctively, and without looking at them (and possibly under a high G load, though that doesn't apply to sim pilots, obviously). And in order to maximise no-looking controls, many real-world HOTAS buttons serve multiple functions depending on context, despite the obvious opportunity for confusion that can lead to. Switches, interactive displays, dials etc are generally restricted to things you'll have more time to operate, in a context where taking your eyes off what is going on outside is less significant. This particular long-running debate is often confused by people conflating complex systems modelling with clickpits, which isn't helpful, either. They are separate issues, and should be discussed as such. And people advocating for clickpits (along with more complex system management) should probably ask themselves whether they would be prepared to pay the prices that DCS asks for them. And put up with the additional opportunity for bugs they seem to generate. My ongoing love-hate relationship with DCS seems to cycle between amazement that I can do such things as adjust the gain in the air-to-ground radar display on an MFD, to asking myself why I need to adjust the gain at all to be able to see a 400-ft-long steel ship on radar, and to asking myself whether flying a Fokker Eindekker instead. The view is just as good, it still shoots nasty stuff out the front, and I don't have to read a 200-page manual in order to fly it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  18. Good 'ol Yak 1 is my favorite out of all of them, so no issue there. Granted, any sane person would go for the 7 or 1b for combat action any day. I do wonder why the MiG-3 isn't available though. Is it map dependent or did some high-altitude Ju-88/He-111 drivers get mad somewhere along the way of the server development? I know the P-47 is now available, but to be honest, I'd rather have the MiG for bomber intercepts at 6km. Yes, I can see that. Just having the grid numbers for the cities in the mission description should suffice for those that are interested in strategic long term dynamic play.
  19. I can't recall for DCS, because I haven't run it for some time. I forgot in Blitz F10 and middle mouse toggles the camera to pan view in cockpit which is my preference. I just looked in DCS and didn't see anything that allows toggle to pan view in cockpit - but - lol- I could have missed it - there are a lot of view commands......
  20. Well this is the only time click pits make sense. But we wont get it, it is time Luke come and beat his dead horse. My point is the principe and negativity among users about it. I am well aware of the capasity problem , but in my opinion it is up to developers to take care of
  21. Yea I see your point. The B-25 imo is more interresting since it is more unique from the A-26. While the B-26 is to similar to the A-26 (A-26 is kinda the B-26 converted into a ground support attacker) Don't we allready have the B-25 ingame or am I crazy?๐Ÿค”
  22. AA gun crews will definitely abandon their gun and take cover if they take incoming fire, whether or not rounds are actually hitting the gun.
  23. Yes, it would be nice, but for the most part German units are modeled at the Gruppe level and not the Staffel level - with the rare exceptions being independent named Staffeln like the Pitomnik staffel of JG 3 Bf 109s at Stalingrad or the Spanish Bf 109 staffel on the Moscow map. So, in that case, what you're probably going to see on the Normandy map for JG 52 is the II./JG 52 and III./JG 52 units we already have, since those units of course continued to exist as a whole until the war's end.
  24. I believe anti-aircraft guns can be suppressed by direct hits... the crew will abandon the guns long before they are destroyed. I think it is even possible for them to get the guns working again at a later time (re-activate). I actually modded the default values to make it so that there is a much bigger gap between suppression and destruction (i.e. easier to suppress, harder to destroy). However, I haven't seen an anti-aircraft gun get suppressed by shooting near them or flying towards them (a feature that ZloyPetrushkO's mod had). Let me know if I'm wrong about that (or setting up my missions incorrectly)! In ground combat suppressing fire doesn't actually have to hit the target to work... so, I see this as a reasonable possible improvement... in some areas at least.
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