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  1. Are you sad because you didnt get the chance to shoot my chute?
  2. I see what you mean now. Thank you for the description.
  3. IL-2 mechanics do not allow this as any type of media (image or audio), as of now, are played for both sides unlike messages-only. It would definitely be a great immersive feature but the system is very rudimentary in terms of media and briefings (it does not allow separate briefings either).
  4. @Mobile_BBQ S! sir. What does not make sense to you with the life system? I think it is an important feature to help the outnumbered side if they managed to get a kill. It is much easier to get an aerial victory when you team is staked against the other hence it will give less of a penalty to the pilot being killed in the outnumbered team. I think it is pretty fair and gives a small incentive for the guys in outnumbered team to stay in the server and fight on. Is this the part that you consider confusing? You are right. The ratio is variable during the mission but for this system to work we would have to use the total player count at the end of the mission and not a single point during the mission. So if the mission started with 30 LW x 10 VVS but later became 40 VVS x 20 LW then the final count of players would be balanced and therefore not apply any offsets to the result. Only the final count would mater. Also, in order to properly do so, the system could establish a minimum count or ratio to kick in. For example if the final player count difference is not higher than 10, then the system would not kick in and this would account for the fact that it will always be some difference in number of players and small difference should be expected. Thank you for the input BTW.
  5. Merry Christmas to all DBS team and all of the pilots who enjoyed the FNBF! Happy New Year guys!
  6. @1./JG42flesch Of course your reaction will be negative. I wouldn't expect any less from a cry baby like you. Anyways, my message is not aimed at individuals with half a brain like you but those that can engage in a constructive conversation to solve the issue and make the campaign better to all.
  7. To admins of TAW, This version of TAW, like many before, we experience the LW stack that is prevalent most of the time, specially during EST mornings and evenings. It seems the decision to allow the unbalance based on squadrons has made the issue worse. I understand the importance of letting squadron members play together but some sort of offset should be implemented when the difference is absurd (one of my last missions there were 12 of us against 44 LW). I see that the life system already helps that somewhat but I think there should be more in regards to the ground war as well. What do you think about decreasing the amount of ground kills when one of the sides has a ratio higher than 2:1 for a mission. For example, if the whole mission had 30 LW players and 10 VVS players, the total ground destruction associated with the LW would be divided by 3. So if LW destroyed 30 tanks in that mission, the offset feature would decrease that to 10. This would help to prevent the crazy advances we see take place during hours which most unbalance takes places. Maybe this feature could only apply for the total pool of ground vehicles only so the players would still retain their real amount of vehicles destroyed. So in the example above, if all those 30 tanks were destroyed by a single LW player, he would still retain his 30 tank kills but when the system calculates the tank pool, damage to the advancing tank column, and nap progression, it divides the number by 3.
  8. Dear Devs, @Jason_Williams You mentioned the bug associated with the tail breaking apart when the input from some joysticks spiked too fast or something like that and the issue appeared to have been corrected in the previous patch but, I believe, it has come back. It happened to me twice now when flying a La5 and only with the La5. Could you guys check on this issue again? I was not on a dive or doing any kind of hard maneuvering. The thing just came off when I was climbing. Both instances the break point was in the same place (elevator surfaces break off while the rest of the structure splits in half).
  9. Having flown for both sides I definitely agree with all of your points. I have a different experience than yours. For me the 20mm is very deadly and knock pilot's unconscious very often now. The spotting for me has improved considerably from far away but, sometimes, from close range, the contacts blend in too much with the ground. A lot of people have better spotting than before but, I'm afraid, there are more people with more issues with the visibility than not. I hope the devs can work on this again in order to make it more consistent across the board. Some guys in my previous unit could see stuff way before me and others just couldnt see a plane sitting 1km from their faces. It is very weird.
  10. It is a bug. When it happens, restart your game and try again. Usually, the second attempt does it and allows you to join without an issue.
  11. AAA should be at the highest level in order to prevent lone wolf attacks. This is specially important during the US prime time since the population are lower than EU prime time. I find this vital to hold off large changes in map during the low population times and to stimulate team work. If you want to survive the AAA, you have to coordinate with other players. It is called Tactical Air War for a reason. You can buy BOM. The plane set is always changing from one campaign to another and tries to be something in between historical availability and balanced gameplay. I do agree with you, however, that the VVS should have more planes available in terms of number than the LW. The same reason some people don't play TAW is actually the same reason why some love TAW. You can't please everyone but like @SCG_Limbo said, the mechanics offered by TAW is what makes it stand-out and offer something different than any other server around. The level of the players is higher, the organization better, and the campaign feeling is top-notch but again, not everyone wants to face adverse or more realistic scenarios when playing the game hence why WoL is the most popular server. One can always change his coalition during the campaign if he sees fit. TAW rules allow players to have two accounts, one for each side.
  12. @Alonzo Thanks for the help setting up the Friday Night Flight. The map worked great and the server completely full. Awesome work! Thank you @[TWB]Sketch for organizing it and all those who showed up!
  13. @77.CountZero Great addition! I hope all servers use your mod for the stats system. Cheers
  14. Links: TWB Axis flight sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GRzfTj99hyR8SeurTWz5TvbOWOT1N_V0-hGdN5x5uyg/ SCG Axis flight sign up (must register in the website first): https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/combatevents See you there!
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