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  1. So a total of 4 Ju-88s please. To all SCG guys participating in this mission, I will be sending the briefing to you all tonight.
  2. Please Tip, could you reserve 3 Ju-88s for SCG as well: - SCG_CorZero - SCG_Limbo - SCG_Kuppis. The ones for the 109s are: - SCG_Riksen - 3./JG15_Schnaufer - 3./JG15_Geist - SCG_Sinerox - SCG_Fenris_Wolf - SCG_Rudis - SCG_vonMiller All confirmed!
  3. @=VARP=Klingon FNBF event is up again. You guys should try it out.
  4. If I didnt have all the slots we reserved taken by our pilots I would have cancelled them by now. I gave one to Shuck because I did not want to leave him out since he is a regular in FNBF. In the past whenever we were not able to have all our reservations taken by our pilots, we would let Tip know ahead of time (at least 48hs before). Emergencies happen to everyone in the last minute just like it has with many here in the past but last minute cancellations within SCG are not common. We have all the 7 slots taken by our pilots so you have nothing to worry about ... There will be plenty of us!
  5. Got it. Well good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for! Cheers
  6. His group is also listed there. Good unit for sure:
  7. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/17-virtual-squadrons/
  8. You should probably try the squadron section of the forum. There you will be able to find several squadrons and some of them provide training. IMHO though, you should consider those that prioritize teaching you how to fight in group and use the proper tactics to do so. There is a big difference in being a duelist and a dogfighter in my opinion. You can be a great duelist pilot and fare poorly in most online servers since there you need more discipline and situational awereness than in 1v1 fights. I know plenty of pilots who are mediocre at dueling, including me, but great pilots when performing in groups.
  9. Tip, can you give one of our reserved Bf-109 G4s to Shuck?
  10. Sorry von. My home is undergoing some renovations and my computer is not accessible at the moment ... I'm gonna have to delay this for a bit but I'll get to it by next month and yes I hope to get the skins assigned automatically to your squadmates.
  11. You cannot play as a gunner in this server.
  12. It depends on the server balance but, if you are on the outnumbering side when you die and only 1 life left, you will reach 0 lives and be banned for 20hs. After the ban experies, you automatically receive 1 life.
  13. Lol ... Great 109 pilots there 😊 Nice video as usual Drift
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