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Game version 3.012 discussion: Fw 190 D-9, Prokhorovka, M4A2, PzKpfw.III Ausf.M, Fokker D.VIIF

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1 minute ago, Han said:

Dear friends,

We just released the new update 3.012. Only two weeks have passed since the previous update so the changelist isn't that long, but this time our customers will get FIVE new pieces of content for all three our current projects at once.



News on 3.012 update, full text

You can ask new questions in this thread

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Can you use the new Prochorovka tank map in single-player QMB with all the planes ? (if so I may buy the tank module just for the increased map fidelity).

Is the improved destruction system on this map working with planes too ?

Does the map have winter version ?

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You guys are awesome !   Can’t wait to try the long nose and D7F.   


The new sounds on Flying Circus are really good, by the way.  Just need to turn up the bullet strike and mid air collision sounds relative to engine sounds.(IMO.)


Great  work everything.  


Ceowulf <><

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holy [edited].... The Dora!!!! can't wait to finish work and go home... just 9 hours remaining lol, this is awesome


Damn now that I think about it better...  I will probably fly the Dora until I fall asleep in front of the PC... cant believe its here already

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8 minutes ago, StG2_Raven said:

Many thanks for the update.  What is in control of the weapon group 3?

It was introduced with 3.011 and is for the upper guns from the Sopwith Dolphin. I don´t know if or when they will give other planes the option

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Just been having a blast doing high alt dogfights between Dora's, k4s v spit ix and p47. Suuuuuuper good fun. Both ways round. Firing windows in BoBP are going to be small! 


In the Dora, the speed at which you overtake things at emergency boost is terrifying! 

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I love the update but after looking at the tanks in the editor... observations.


PzVI      Player Only.  No Ai use  ☹️

PzIIIm   Player Only.  No Ai use. ☹️

M4a2    Player Only.  No Ai use. ☹️


Kv1s     Player and Ai use. 😃

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