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IL-2 BOS plane recognition game (Memrise)


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I use "Memrise" sometimes for language learning, and I figured it is suitable tool for plane identification game; one hour later we have a game! :)




Just click this link and start game. It is not needed to download app, you can use web page. Unfortunately you must login (gmail, or face, or create user on Memrise...)

There are 21+1+4 airplanes in game, I "borrow" it from other threads...




(*) - Allies

(#) - Axis




EDIT: - Second set of cards (pictures) are added in game.

           - P-47D added

EDIT2: planes added:

          - Tempest mk.V (*)
          - P-51D Mustang (*)
          - P-38J Lightning (*)
          - ME 262 Schwalbe (#)

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I made a quiz on Memrise a few years back to teach myself all the NFL quarterbacks with terrible puns such as 'Ryan will tan a hill of dolphin hides' & 'Philip drives his colts into rivers'  🙂

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I works and is added to my memrise account. I would even suggest to make it even harder to split up the  views into onto separate cards.  Just a though thanks for taking the time to prepare this.

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That was my idea also, but it is not smart. Many planes are too similar in some perspective, so identification would be too hard. Also, in IL-2 the planes are not stationary pictures; usually they move, changing position and their angle, and you do not have to guess just by 1 pic.
I think the most important for new players is to learn all planes easy way, and later they will fine tune they identification.

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Thanks, this is fantastic, i went from struggling to being near 100% pretty quickly (3 sessions of sitting and messing the free version for a while).


Still need to see if it translates to improved ID abilities in-game.


I really liked that some planes seemed to have at least a couple silhouette images it would rotate between so they weren't exactly the same image everytime.


It'd be great if someone did one with FC aircraft, especially once FC2 comes out

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On 5/18/2021 at 2:03 PM, willr said:

(3 sessions of sitting and messing the free version for a while).

You can play for free as long as you want, no need to pay anything. When done, just click repeat.

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