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  1. This was the noob mistake. And AI taxi's with Human pilot in a slot. Not tried to block the AI's path to see what happens. Each WP on the taxi map caused the AI aircraft to slow down so its best to keep them to a minimum
  2. Thanks for both tips I will report back
  3. I was trying to get a group of AI aircraft to follow the taxi way to take off by editing the airfield table. However all that happens is the aircraft start and race across the field. Then I wonder if in a group of 4 2 were AI can they follow the humans along the taxiway
  4. TP_Jacko

    Coop mission builder guide

    JimTM. Thanks for the draft a nice treat to see this. For separate briefings I guess you could add text to way points to build up the plan or use a sub title mcu all set to seen only by the chosen faction.
  5. Folks, is there a set of tips and instructiobs fir making coop missions. Is it possibke to have separate mission briefs for allied & axis
  6. Thanks gents, I came to the same conclusion on the distance of the MCU attack command. I was using Ju52's and they took a long time to get to the attack point so you need care with the timer
  7. Magic, I was just thinking about converting my last Tangmere Pilots Sunday Ops mission to CoOp. And wanted to look under the bonnet. Even better to find a quick mission builder. I think generating missions for 2 sides would be a good next step allowing for your free time and motivation.
  8. Maybe its been covered before but is there a trick to make a straight bomb run and release. All mine ever do is overfly and take a big turn and come back. I am thinking of level bomb runs.
  9. I works and is added to my memrise account. I would even suggest to make it even harder to split up the views into onto separate cards. Just a though thanks for taking the time to prepare this.
  10. Cool I use memrise and will try this
  11. It used to be a popular format in Il2 1946. USL style
  12. Thanks Sketch this may be something for our Sunday campaign missions where a verbal message is broadcast to all. I shall test it out
  13. Is there a clever way to get this function in Coop missions.
  14. I made a link here in case any Mission Builders have had a similar problem
  15. Silk I wonder if JimTM has come across any issues. In his MB bible he says To provide more room (i.e. spawn points), you can place more airfield objects (provided you have enough room near your spawn location).We do have enough room.