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  1. Try starting with an altitude advantage and getting consistent kills before going level. Online I imagine you would be starting any engagement higher and faster
  2. Gents, I am stumped. All my flying controls are not responding in mission ( stick, throttle & rudder). However in the set up screen. the controllers are identified and can change the selections. For some reason once a mission is started I can't do anything to control the aircraft. Anyone else? I did re-install the game and restart with no change.
  3. Do you have a tablet you can create your nav plan and refer to it using the mission planner app found on this forum
  4. Patrick, Thanks for clearing the problems with AAR they are working. I just need to shoot something down
  5. The attack area command will only work in the area that is covered by it. So you would need to move the attack area near your guns. Then I suggest place a trigger with a small diameter close to the guns to spawn in the guns. If you don't set the ambush this way you may find the Tanks shoot at a long distance and wipe out your guns.
  6. Easily done. Hope you can find a way forward. Cheers
  7. Now I get an error in the Single player when trying to register a kill in the AAR. Maybe I will just reinstall
  8. I have the same problem. I also don't use the Steam version. It seems any attempt to look view from the object also causes an instant crash
  9. When I tried a campaign as a single player all the info was available and you could select the aircraft you destroyed from a drop down list. Then after accepting the full list of mission events appeared. But for the coop version the list of potential aircraft claims is empty although you can go to the next step and see the mission events
  10. I have a similar problem. Flew a Coop with 3 others and could not select the mission in the AAR screen to register the air kills. I have the log record activated. What is the title of the log report. I could try to debug
  11. The runways are quite wide on landing. If you have the power level right you would normally be on a nice glide slope. I only use the stick
  12. I placed a few marders in a staionary ambush line to kill some tanks. They did not fire but were all destroyed by enemy tanks passing. I expected the Marder to attack like a tank. with no need for attack commands. Anyone have the Marders attacking
  13. Maybe make this a bug report for the Devs, they may be able to take it up
  14. Hello SAS_Storebror, This is really appreciated, many ops missions are cut short of video but not now
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