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  1. I placed a few marders in a staionary ambush line to kill some tanks. They did not fire but were all destroyed by enemy tanks passing. I expected the Marder to attack like a tank. with no need for attack commands. Anyone have the Marders attacking
  2. Maybe make this a bug report for the Devs, they may be able to take it up
  3. Hello SAS_Storebror, This is really appreciated, many ops missions are cut short of video but not now
  4. Planky the trails can be lengthened but after playing the track it begins to look like a birds nest. πŸ˜€
  5. To be honest if you are solo just aim at the brightest spot. 😁. When flying with others one can be a decoy and the other attack without the light in the face.
  6. So the only difference is if its a linked entity. Normally linked entities are used as a target for the scores and gave a relevance to the objectives. Anything else is scenery.
  7. I cant think why adding the arrows would be a problem they are just graphical and used everywhere by designers.
  8. I always thought reshader was not workable with IL2. Are the profiles shared anywhere. I tried to make it work last week and could not Cheers
  9. Its very good. Thats a British understatement 😁😁
  10. Lol Vander you are kicking out updates faster than life lets me have time to fly. Thanks o7
  11. rocho try to point here C:\Program files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad
  12. @FAW-Tromplamort Have you been able to run any multiplayer missions or is this the first time yoyr squad has tried it with Il2 BoX
  13. @DD_Arthur Nice to see you guys have as much fun as Tangmere Pilots do when we meet up. @SYN_Vander Thanks for making this tool and improving it at such a speed o7
  14. I tried this out and having 2 slides. I did get a server overload message but maybe because I was testing out the AI with only 1 human
  15. The only thing you will find is where some servers are using scripts to run a dynamic campaign. Maybe the Devs will get there for meer mortals with no scriot writing experience
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