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  1. That is if you are finished for the mission and have no other ues for that trigger. Maybe just use a basic trigger and you will see the same result
  2. You can get an idea from looking on the mission map and zooming in on the airfield where it will show some details.
  3. No idea really. Some thoughts on questions Is a 4k skin being used What is your graphics card Are you hosting the server or on a public one
  4. It is not clear to me what you are trying to do wit each aircraft type. Dive bomb, level bomb or guns attack on the ground Are you linking more than one way point. Are you using an attack command. Can you attach the mission of a image of the setup in the mission builder
  5. I did mean google drive. Now it looks ok so download is complete thanks
  6. When I try to download the text in the drop box looks Arabic or like it is this correct. Normally its in english
  7. Gustaf. What type of aircraft were you using. A Pe2 should be able to kill a ship with 2 * 250kg bombs and survive. Maybe with some holes. If you get in quick before AA wake up and get a track on you . Once they are alert its best to fly of out of range and try again.
  8. I think pilot kill is a key part. A short burst of cannon to the pilots head could cause minimal damage to the airframe and its not obvious the kill is done
  9. Can you hace 2 sets of blocks for each coalation. The deactivate one set and activate the other set as and when the correct conditions are set
  10. Yes the bomb looking things are supply canisters. The cargo doors open on landing once stopped and empty
  11. Great. I would say use less flaps and accellerate more to get speed. Because the flap will give lift but the speed will be low making it wallow around. Wait till they introduce carrier ops. Then you will know all about short take off with heavy loaded aircraft 😂
  12. There is no parking brake. I took off with no problems. I would suggest your brake control settings. the 110 has left right brakes. If they are on rudder pedals you may find you need a deadzone to give a bit of slack in the setting. Do you hear a sound like breaks rubbing
  13. I am building a anti ship mission with rough seas with white wave tops visible. Is it possible.
  14. Generally this happenes if the prop pitch is nit st 100%. As the engine managenent is automatic. I imagine there is a small chance you set manual prop pitch. Otherwise try on a concrerte runway first. 50 % fuel. Max throttle and a bit of flaps once rolling. Then try on grass strips that have more drag. Add fuel and see how it goes
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