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  1. How close are you getting to the tank before shooting. I have not tried for some time but I would get scarily close before firing
  2. Hello Top, I took the P47 D22 for a spin I like the busy airfield. dived in on the airfield with the gang and like a noob admiring my handiwork clipped the trees while looking o0ver my shoulder. doh.
  3. @Gambit21 I can help out as needed.
  4. I was trying to use Edge as the web browser but I think there was a message saying java does not work. So I copied the java download link into Chrome and installed. Resrarted pc and it worked. Before I changed the browser the java seemed to insrall but when I ran PWCG the same msg kept popping up. Only on thr BOS version not FC.
  5. Can voice attack be used to switch channel and radio
  6. Guys we were trying the intercom it seemed to work in tanks but not in a bomber any tips to make the intercom function in an aircraft
  7. This is an excellent job. I have thought about using VAC and no reason not to now.
  8. I was running a QMB and flying on my own as a bit of practice. I want to see how the AI attack ground targets so I switched to autopilot. I tried IL2 and P-47 they flew around to the different spotter points but only flew around in a circle at each point no interest to attack. Is this usual. I thought once as AI it would attack
  9. That is if you are finished for the mission and have no other ues for that trigger. Maybe just use a basic trigger and you will see the same result
  10. You can get an idea from looking on the mission map and zooming in on the airfield where it will show some details.
  11. No idea really. Some thoughts on questions Is a 4k skin being used What is your graphics card Are you hosting the server or on a public one
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