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  1. I was installing the 27+ GB on a new computr and getting the failed to update msg in the launcher. I noticed MS windows was ready to update. So I had to do this a few times. I also connected a LAN cable as I thought the wifi was less reliable. Eventually it worked and the game is installed
  2. Vertical convergance cannot be set by the player. I assumed the game would set this to maximise the shells landing at the horizontal convergance range
  3. Not that I know of. I just use the objective map to quickly check location or a land mark
  4. The rearm feature is implenented by the mission builder when making the mission. If it is active the mission brief should say which airfields apply or a specific location. So it is not on all maps
  5. Check the RPM settings for your aircraft. You will quickly kill any engine at full throttle in a short time.
  6. Not sure but the bomb normally needs time to arm once its left the rack. try it a bit higher. It may also give the bomb a chance to noze over.. Skip bombing ships on water works for sure.
  7. How close are you getting to the tank before shooting. I have not tried for some time but I would get scarily close before firing
  8. Hello Top, I took the P47 D22 for a spin I like the busy airfield. dived in on the airfield with the gang and like a noob admiring my handiwork clipped the trees while looking o0ver my shoulder. doh.
  9. I was trying to use Edge as the web browser but I think there was a message saying java does not work. So I copied the java download link into Chrome and installed. Resrarted pc and it worked. Before I changed the browser the java seemed to insrall but when I ran PWCG the same msg kept popping up. Only on thr BOS version not FC.
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