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  1. My father passed away recently and among the photos I found in his house was what I believe is a Wellington. I have another photo of the man 2nd from the right so he is likely a relative but I am not sure who. The issue is that the code appears to be OQ-J and that code was only used 5sqn who flew fighters and 52 OTU who also only flew fighters. QO was a Canadian squadron who flew Wellingtons but why would the code be reversed? Any thoughts? Is this definitely a Wellington or did another bomber use that triangular window?
  2. What I am still confused about is what exactly triggers the fine. If I make a video of me playing a game and mark it as 'Not made for children' but the FTC disagrees is that an automatic fine or do I have to drop an F bomb or do something else best not seen or heard by children to get fined? What if I mark it as 'Made for children' then drop an 'F' bomb? I am not making money from my gameplay videos and people are saying that marking my videos as 'Made For Children' is safest but what if someone else in the game says something rude? Surely marking it as 'For children' then swearing is worse than a video that had no inappropriate content but I marked it as 'Not Made For Children' and the FTC disagrees.
  3. I did exactly the same about two days back. I was on the verge of accepting that my joystick had failed and I would have to give up flying until I won the lottery and could replace it πŸ™‚ The fact that pulling back the stick made the throttle increase seemed incontrovertible proof that I had a hardware issue until I heard about 'Cruise'
  4. You *can* land it with full flaps if you keep the nose almost level but it does tend to come down quite hard. Better to use 50% to 70%. The flight manual prohibits using more than 35 degrees on landing which is 70% because with full flap the wings will stall at an angle of just 9.8 degrees but the landing attitude is 12.5 degrees πŸ™‚. On the first three landings you can see it stall and drop a wing. Later landings appear to show the aircraft being flown into the ground instead of flaring.
  5. Jason *always* asks if it is SP or MP whatever the problem because there are too many variables with MP that make it almost impossible to follow up.
  6. I play with a 1050Ti which is about 70% as good as a 1060 . I agree that I have had to reduce some settings to continue getting 6o fps but I would never dream of refusing to play any more just because I cannot get as much eye candy as before.
  7. You missed the fact that he does not want a D9 or P38 so paying $69.99 for something that costs $49.99 is not a bargain πŸ™‚ Even if he later decides to get a P38 he will not have paid anything extra, he will just have spread the cost. I do agree though that he is wrong to call it 'cynical' to keep offering a discount instead of going to full price.
  8. I have this argument every time I order a burger and drink from a well known chain πŸ™‚ "Would you like to make that a meal for 1p more and get fries with it?" "No thanks. I don't like your fries." "But it is only 1p more." "Why would I pay you 1p to take your fries and put them in your bin?" And they still look confused by my refusal πŸ™„ I very rarely have any interest in the Axis collector planes but the pre-release discount means I am not actually paying for it and I like having the other aircraft as they are released. I actually thought I would probably have no interest in the P38 so it was not guaranteed that I would buy the Premium edition on pre-release but I was wrong about it and it is actually surprisingly good for dropping a large bomb load then still having a very capable fighter after.
  9. I end up making 8 quasi-historic skins for every new aircraft that my squadron take a shine to. We each have a code letter (or number for Russian aircraft) and personal symbols below the cockpit. It can be a bit time consuming but it is a big help when we are taxiing out and are not sure if the aircraft passing us is our wing leader and needs following.
  10. The good news is that here is. Somebody made a new set of sound files in English that you just put in to replace the old ones. The bad news is that I don't remember where you get them from. EDIT: Try this link
  11. Nicely done. Shame you forgot the Tempest except as a bit player in your ode to the 190 πŸ™Žβ€β™‚οΈ
  12. It does not matter now as we have templates but OK. I wonder why they are in 'planes5' when everything else is in 'skins5'. It does not matter though as I was just looking for something to use before the official templates came out and we have those now.
  13. Are ACG planning to continue with a Battle Of Stalingrad campaign or taking a break or are you changing to another sim?
  14. At a guess, I suppose it is possible that losing that much wing will lose you about 1/2 of your lift on the left BUT.... with flaps down and providing an extra 50% of lift to the inner wings then that lost wingtip is only losing about 2/5. More likely though it is a bug in the flight model πŸ™‚
  15. I tried the mod that does that and although it was very cleverly done, I disabled it very soon after as it was just distracting and did not really add anything. Racing sims are easier because they just have to model 'both hands on the wheel' and an animation for changing gear. With aircraft there are dozens of animations needed and if they don't line up perfectly with the control animation it looks bad.
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