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  1. Had the same happen to me a few times. Here is one I also had it happen in a mission and fear of doing it twice in row made me lose the engine on the next mission anyway ๐Ÿ™„ https://roblex56raf.livejournal.com/31999.html https://roblex56raf.livejournal.com/32189.html
  2. OK so number 2 flew into number 1s bombs then number 3 flew into number 2s bombs ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. What I am saying is that silver skins currently show as highly visible right to the edge of the visibility bubble and it would seem to be way beyond what I would expect in real life and what I experienced when I did indeed fly at an airfield with bare metal aircraft. I merely wondered if the change to reflections affected that aspect of the game.
  4. Still wondering if Jason can confirm if the changes to reflections will also affect how easily distant bare metal skins will be visible? Shiny A20s are incredibly easy to see even at 9k compared to dull skinned PE-2s and He111 etc. Is that a different problem?
  5. Why did we not see any camels once the fighting started?
  6. OK. I am a bit puzzled now. I was about to put BoS onto my 120Gb SSD and checked the size of the game folder using properties and it told me it was taking up 250Gb so I abandoned the idea. It says the DATA folder alone is 100Gb. How am I getting those figures? ADDENDUM I have discovered that more than half of that was Screenshots and videos (I had set that folder as the destination for GeForce videos) I still have an issue with DATA taking up 86Gb but I am sure I can track that down.
  7. Does new reflection code stop A20s standing out like magnesium flares at 9Km? That is a real pain when most of the default skins are shiny.
  8. What do you mean by 'it was taken'? If you mean you think it was taken away then I flew Mitchells Men yesterday and had to run the gauntlet of AAA at 18,000ft while approaching the target area.
  9. Woah! We are you quoting me before making that comment? The Server Owners & Map Designers are the ones saying they don't want vulching and have withdrawn the Scheldt map so they can stop people vulching the 262s at their airfield.. I merely suggested a possible way to separate the targets and player flown aircraft.
  10. I wonder if there is a way to put the required targets 'near' but not 'on the active field? For example, 262 parked on the far side of the field from the spawn areas and Fuel & ammo dumps in the next field on that same side. Then there would be no accidental crossover.
  11. Yak-1b Climb rate at sea level: 16.9 m/s Climb rate at 3000 m: 15.0 m/s Climb rate at 6000 m: 9.4 m/s Yak-7b Climb rate at sea level: 17.0 m/s Climb rate at 3000 m: 15.0 m/s Climb rate at 6000 m: 9.5 m/s How you fly makes a much bigger difference. You could put your friends in 1bs and still pull away, especially if they are following rather than leading as trying to copy what the man in front does creates a lot of drag.
  12. I love it. There is a myth surrounding the 7b that it is heavier and so climbs & turns worse but the stats show that the differences in climb rate and turn rate are so tiny that no human pilot,either enemy or in-cockpit, would ever see them. The only real difference comes down to 'Clear Rear View' versus 'Heavier firepower' and in my opinion the fact that the 7bs canopy is longer to account for a rear seat means the blind spot to the rear is negligible while the small increase in hitting power makes a noticeable difference to how long it takes to get a killing shot. I am expecting the 9 versus 9T argument to be the same. People are already saying they won't touch the 9T because it weighs more so must perform worse than the 9 despite historical accounts saying the performance of both are very close and many of the top pilots preferred the 9T for air combat.
  13. Purely for entertainment, here is a two minute video of a 262 being caught by two Tempests. I am not saying they can always be caught but we had a height advantage and were lucky that he turned across our path. This meant we had quite a speed advantage over him when we engaged. I do agree though that a 262 at full speed co-alt is pretty untouchable unless you get a lucky snapshot or he is stupid enough to turn too hard and bleed speed. I would not worry as it souinds almost certain that it is the bug described by Disarray eg visual and audible damage but no actual damage done. If you still want the info then the mission was 'Closing Of The Ruhr Pocket' and it was the middle airfield but I cannot remember its name. I know we flew for several minutes S then SSE to pass Koln so is there a field near Dusseldorf?
  14. My squad does more than 'tolerate' the current number of 262s, we enjoy knowing that there are some juicy targets available to shoot down ๐Ÿ˜‰ Any fewer and we would never see them. Any greater and they might be a bit OP.
  15. Thanks. So it is a kind of 'Ghost Replay' of how you just died or how the person who last spawned there is dying now ๐Ÿ™‚. I thought it had happened longer after he spawned but I must be misremembering.
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