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  1. Non-Steam players have not had a new update either. The announcement was a bit ambiguous but I think they were just saying that they have managed to squeeze a last minute improvement into the *upcoming* patch due in a week or two.
  2. Thanks. I have a track so I will see if that confirms an enemy around.
  3. DONT delete the whole game! I will post a quick solution in 2 mins Go to "????????\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\snapviews" and delete the file with the same name as the aircraft that is causing problems then restart the game. That will rebuild the snapview.
  4. Type of improvement: Gameplay Explanation of proposals: Add a key to declare an emergency when you need to land immediately and are worried that people may try to take off as you are landing and unable to go round. Pressing this key will cause sirens (different to air raid?) to go off and (optionally) ambulance and fire trucks to line up near the runway of your nearest airfield. This will make it very clear for players who never look over their shoulders and never read the chat that they need to stay off the runway. Alternatively a simpler version might just be to let us call Finals which generates a message on the screen/in-chat and a flare sent up as so few players check before taking off. Benefits: It is just gameplay and eye candy and immersion.
  5. The way things are organised in this forum it is very hard to see which guides have been updated. A few show links being updated but nothing to say if that was because BoBp aircraft have been added or not. There may be update announcements buried in some threads but it is hit & miss finding the, I believe 'Pilots Notes' has been updated but are there more? If people added a note in this thread then we would all know. I know it is all volunteers work done out of the kindness of your hearts so thankyou even if you can't face updating them.
  6. Using EDTracker with Opentrack I don't have any problem. In both the P38 & Tempest, tilting my head back stops just before the headrest comes into view and turning my head slightly allows me to glimpse part of it. It must be a problem in your EDTracker or Opentrack settings.
  7. I have not noticed an issue with the Tempest .If you could post a video it would help. Also, what headtracking? TrackIR is a bit dodgy looking straight up on *all* planes but EDTracker should be fine.
  8. Why WW1? Last I heard he was working on a re-make of Dambusters. I did not know he owned aircraft. Are they mostly WW1?
  9. What exactly do the airfield flares tell us? I was joining the circuit from the Finals end a few days back and I saw a red flare an someone taking off while someone else was landing in the opposite direction. I did a break over the field and turned downwind and this time as I neared the end I was given a green flare. I am sure the game is not clever enough to recognise that a player is on finals while another is taking off so were those flares just for an AI flight?
  10. Trying to learn how a new video editor works so played with some footage from Friday evening. My skin is heavily based on ICDPs template.
  11. I agree. Ideally I would like to see a little further than 'Normal' gives us but only in terms of their being a 'dot' visible further out (maybe 15-20km?). Making a giant plane visible at 40k that shrinks as it gets closer until it vanishes is a crazy idea. I abandoned DCS a few years ago but they also had a mode where you saw giant aircraft in the distance and that was just as horrible. Why did 1C copy them?
  12. My squad stopped flying KOTA when it went to alternative and were thinking we may have to give up on all MP servers until the devs come up with a fix for the 40km arcade view in Alternative but luckily Combat Box is currently using Normal settings so I can only hope they stay that way.
  13. I don't use VR and I have a low end PC but 'Normal' vis works great for me. I am really enjoying not seeing those stupid fake aircraft 40Km way that disappear as you get closer or zoom in. My whole squad prefers 'Normal' and we have quite a cross section of cards and settings being used. BTW, is there a problem with the stats? They do not show me as flying any sorties since Tuesday.
  14. I agree. When you you have to bail at 20,000ft it would be nice if you could wait until you are well away from the battle before you open your chute.
  15. Brilliant. I had not realised the bailouts were so cool now, especially the bomber crew. Please 1C can we have first person view as standard? Also, throw in some roman candles and failed chutes and maybe even some tangling up on your own or your attackers plane where appropriate.
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