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  1. No I don't run any joystick-to-key or other special software at all. TS natively recognises that PTT=button 2 or whatever I choose. Setting PTT to be a key on my kb then running Saiteks software to generate key presses when I press a JS button is *a* way of doing it but I have never used that software in IL2 or any other game as everything, Inc TS & SRS, recognises JS button presses.
  2. Odd. My whole squad has been using Teamspeak via buttons on our joysticks for many years. I suggest your issue has to do with with your PC or Joystick, not SRS or Teamspeak I use the buttons labelled 'B' & 'C' on my X-52 for PTT but at various times I have used the hat switches and the buttons on the base and and on the throttle unit. They all work fine with TS and SRS. I also use buttons on my HOTAS for changing channels. Personally, I *loathe* Discord and will never fly with a squad that uses it for operations. I do know how to use it and have a dozen connections for tho
  3. Yes it is heavier but, apart from the climb, the difference in the performance between 1b, 9 & 9T is not that big. At sea level the 9s best turn is 1.5s faster than the 1b but the 9T Still matches the 1b on the deck. At 3000m the 9 still turns 1.5s faster than the 1b and the 9T is 1.5 slower than the 1b. In the climb the 9 is 2m/s better than a 9T all the way up but the 9T still climbs slightly faster than a 1b at sea level and that rises steadily to 2m/s better by the time it gets to 6000m. The 9 &b 9T have identical TAS at sea level and the 9 is 1kph fas
  4. Better still, Let the pilot run after getting out as some pilots think it fun to come back to kill the pilot after he crash lands. You can keep it simple and just say that he runs for 10 seconds steered by the mouse before diving on the floor and hopefully that will get you to a treeline or a building. After that then you can either despawn or sit and watch the battle. I like the ship debris idea but it should be expanded to aircraft too as many just make a splash and vanish.
  5. I was counting the shots and thought you would struggle to get five before running out of 37mm but you were saved by the quick kills on the final two. I hear people say "I don't fly the 9T because it is a ground attack aircraft and too heavy to dogfight." and I think "You are so dumb!" People also avoided the Yak-7b for similar reasons and I love that one too.
  6. Great idea. 👍 I would go further and ask 'Can we please not use a shiny silver official skin as the default when someone is using a custom skin?' I have nice customs skins for each of my squadmates but we can't use the P51 or P38 ones as we know that everyone else will see a shiny hi-vis skin. On Winter maps we cannot use any of our lovely skins because the default ones are usually bright green. A solution to both issues might be to allow players to specify which official skins will be used as the default that everyone else sees.
  7. Funny you should say that 😄 Two successive missions. Stopping the raiders but paying a price: roblex56raf — LiveJournal A second wave of incoming raiders: roblex56raf — LiveJournal
  8. Here is a very short video showing a P39 hitting the ammo in the wing of a 109. NOTE: I was not firing the 37mm cannon. https://youtu.be/v8PTPCa6e_g
  9. AA is not as good at following a vector changing in 3 dimensions so make your attack in a traversing curve as well as a vertical curve. It can also confuse them to put a few 'steps' into the dive eg dive as if attacking a point well in front of the target then pull up into a very shallow dive for a few seconds then dive again on the target.
  10. My favourite sorties are the ones where I manage to get shot up so badly that I can barely keep the aircraft level and the engine is on the verge of quitting but I manage to get home on minimal revs and make a controlled crash landing on the airfield. This is particularly true when I fly a bomber. Flying somewhere dropping your bombs and going home unscathed is boring but hitting the target and limping home with too few engines is great fun. No, I am not into whips & chains. Why do you ask? 😄
  11. Apologies if I missed a post but I was just flying Finnish and I thought I saw a message saying you had an SRS server but I could not find it again. I cannot find a mention on the first post here or on the official webpage. Is there an address for an SRS server? ADDENDUM Its OK I managed to find it in a post in the SRS thread ts3.virtualpilots.fi:6002
  12. Can the OP confirm (truthfully) that he has not been flying the P51 with over 50% fuel? As in real life, it is horribly unbalanced with full fuel but I guess in real life if they had taken full fuel they had burned most of it away before they met the enemy. With lower fuel the P51 is a superb aircraft though you will find many people agreeing, rightly or wrongly, that they think the 50s are not as effective as they should be.
  13. The Russians themselves are no longer scared of telling the truth. Their TV series 'The Attackers' showed how pilots from rich families were treated like criminals and pilots who were shot down in enemy territory but managed to get home were treated like spies. It had a some corny combat scenes but the cockpit shots (back seat of a two seater?) and most landings & take-offs etc were real and one of the pilots is Lydia Litvyak. The Attackers - Episode 1. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Military Drama. English Subtitles - YouTube There is also a series called 'The N
  14. Kuban has the best scenery and great aircraft though I often find it a shame that nobody flies BoM as the I-16 and Mig-3 are great fun. Best collector I went for the Ya-1b as it was such a step up from the Yak-1 and is still a good aircraft in the later matchups. I chose IL-CLoD because I played it for years and loved it though it is not as good as GB. I own DCS and used to fly it it but I am not into jets and they dropped the ball on the Normandy project with their weird ahistorical matchups but mostly I did not choose it because the gameplay is lacking and the servers are not fun. It
  15. You have reminded me of a video I made offline where I stayed over the target when everyone else did one pass and went home. Like you, I made my own way home and even though I stayed longer then got a bit lost, I somehow arrived back just at the same time as the rest of the squad... then I upset the Flight Leader (just jump to 09:20 if you only want to see how I upset him) 😮
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