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    Been flying online combat flight sims since Air Warrior was wire-frame over a 14.4 kb/s modem and I still suck at dogfighting but my bombing is OK.
    Air Warrior->Dawn Of Aces & Warbirds->Aces High->IL2-1946->IL2-Cliffs Of Dover->DCS Normandy->IL2 BoX

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  1. 56RAF_Roblex

    Tactical Air War

    Are you suggesting that people plan their missions before they enter the server? That is crazy even for a solo pilot but ludicrous when planning for a whole squadron. Until you enter the server you don't know what airfields or aircraft you have and don't know what targets need hitting or defending. If you actually mean 'Spectating' as in where you end up when you die or land your parachute but have not ended the mission then OK, there is no reason to stay there for more than a few minutes. Same for sitting in the map room without choosing a side but organised people do need to spend time in the map room working out what they will be doing.
  2. 56RAF_Roblex

    Display only theatre-specific skins option

    You won't see a custom skin unless you also have that skin on your PC of course so you must be talking about the 'Official' skins. The problem there is that there may only be one Summer or one Winter skin specific to the theatre so we would end up with everyone in identical skins which is very boring and can be a bit confusing. I admit you may get more choice in Summer but I have seen Winter maps where my chosen aircraft only had one winter skin.
  3. 56RAF_Roblex

    For how long we will tolerate this?

    I am not arguing with you, you are making a lot of sense, but there is a problem with that in BoX. The problem we at 56 Squadron/56GvIAP have is that we usually have about 6 squad members at each of our bi-weekly squad nights and sometimes it can be a big problem finding a server with 6 free slots. Even when we do, you can find the situation where there are 20 v 20 on the server and whatever side we join will then be unbalanced. That is an unfortunate circumstance but worse is the fact that most of the servers don't *want* to allow for squadrons joining. I have asked in a couple of server forums if they can modify their rules to work for squads as well as solo players and I inevitably get a flood of vitriol from solo players for 'trying to change the rules just for my own squadrons benefit'. For example, a rule that only allows you to fly from a certain field if you have landed there earlier or only allowed to take a specific type of aircraft from there if you have taken one there earlier causes problems for squads because not everyone has the time to ferry aircraft around before squad night so we end up all having to fly the most basic aircraft available from the rear field every time. When we flew in CLOD it was possible for members of a registered squadron to ferry aircraft on behalf of the whole squadron so if we want 6 of us to fly Yak-1s from a certain forward field on squad night then one squad member with time can make 6 ferry flights (or two make 4 flights) and any other member of the squad can then use any of those six, but not any from the public supply. I would understand if the server creators said it was too difficult but they just don't accept there is a problem to be fixed and tell us to just fly mixed aircraft from multiple fields. Yes that is possible but it takes away half the advantages of flying as a co-ordinated squad when some are in spitfires & some are in LA5s and the rest in P40s all spread across the map.
  4. 56RAF_Roblex

    For how long we will tolerate this?

    I have been flying it recently and find it odd that all the advice tells you that nominal/continuous settings are about 2600 and combat and max settings are 3000 yet the dial is marked at 2400 & 2700.
  5. 56RAF_Roblex

    Tactical Air War

    This would probably affect my squad because sometimes they spend 10-15 just working out what route to fly and who wings who etc. πŸ™‚ I am not arguing against your suggestion though, my leaders need to learn to speed the briefings up (that's me in trouble!) or do part in the map room and the rest while getting the engines started. Before anyone complains that we are part of the current problem, I should point out that we rarely fly in TAW as a squad because it very rarely has enough room for 6 of us to join on squadnights which are at a peak European time. In fact we have not managed it yet this year (not a complaint, just down to our flying schedule)
  6. 56RAF_Roblex

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    So being captured now means you get executed? I have to admit that it is probably about 12 months since I last took part in an airfield capture on your server. Previously it was normal practice to land at the closed field without penalty. Also the person I was helping advised me to land there and I trusted him πŸ™‚ Perhaps he was one of those people who thinks getting killed is irrelevant as long as it allows you to finish the task quicker.
  7. 56RAF_Roblex

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    I am not sure if there is a bug. This morning at 8:50 I used an IL2 to help someone close an airfield but I took some damage and was also wounded. None of it was fatal and I continued on for another ten minutes until the field was closed then landed at the closed field. It was a nice gentle landing with no further damage caused and I switched off and finished the mission without problems and was told I had made a successful landing. Looking at the logs now it shows I ditched, OK fair enough as it may count an enemy airfield as a ditch, but then it says I died. It does not sound like the same bug everyone is reporting as they are being pronounced dead some time after ending the mission but I was pronounced dead at the same time as I left. My next flight, in an A20, also shows me dying as I left but that is not so clearly wrong as I had to ditch while still in range of enemy guns. It was successful ditch and I did not see any sign of dying before I despawned but it might have happened.
  8. 56RAF_Roblex

    84 slots, we need more

    Doubling it to 168 would be fantastic as it would get rid of all the trouble my squad has finding a server that has room for 6 of us to join. We could mostly fly one server each squad night and that means we could start using the servers own TS instead of our own so there would be more scope for coordinating with other players. If you wonder why the two go together, it is because several of our squad, and I am sure this true elsewhere, cannot alt-tab out of BoX without causing the game to crash or lock up so if we use, say, the TAW TS server, then switching to the KOTA server that means those people have to stop their game completely before they can move to KOTAs TS server (and we might find when we get there that there is a problem so we have to go to another server) The problem is that doubling the number of players means increasing the efficiency of the code by 100% which is a tall order. It is not impossible though; the original Cliffs Of Dover only allowed about 32 players and a bunch of amateur programmers without access to the source code found a way of increasing it to 100 players! Obviously not by optimising all the code, just some sort of tweak to the networking code.
  9. 56RAF_Roblex

    For how long we will tolerate this?

    Maybe 1C need to put up a server that doesn't allow you to fly there once you have had more than a certain number of kills, say 20. Perhaps also have a server that won't let you in unless you accumulated 20 kills on the first server but have not reached 50 kills yet. It could become a bit of a safe haven for ground attackers and bombers but if you also count ground kills & static aircraft eventually most people will get to 20 .
  10. 56RAF_Roblex

    Tactical Air War

    My squad uses its own TS because there are about 6 of us trying to co-ordinate our tactics and even with just 6 we often split into sub flights because the comms can get congested. Being on the same channel as people who just like the sound of their own voices discussing politics or shit talking just wont work. I do however agree that more co-ordination with other players would be a huge help. When we flew CLOD we flew in a server that had its own TS and being mostly set up for squads it gave sub channels to any squads that asked for them as well as flight channels within that. It also had a channel just for someone who was coordinating. This meant that we could use TS as we do now but also have the option to set up a button to let us talk to another squad or to the person co-ordinating and they could do the same back. Actually the Friday Night Bomber Night events here also worked in a similar way as each flight was put in its own channel within one TS Server so a flight of fighters could talk to each other and have a second (or third) button to talk to any bombers they were escorting plus there was usually someone in charge who could dip into the channels to talk to people. Incidentally, it is the lack of 'Whisper' on Discord that stops us using it. It does help when a server has its own TS server but it has a couple of disadvantages when not being used in a single organised event. Firstly there are often not enough sub channels for a squad to take one purely for its own internal comms. Second problem is that even when a TS Server does have sub channels for Bombers or Fighters people are reluctant to drop into a channel obviously mostly filled with players from one squad. Although my squad keeps to private comms at the moment, when we were on public servers on CLOD we were open to people dropping in and asking to fly with us and many of our new recruits came that route. The third, and more serious problem is that many players are unable to alt-tab out of IL2 without crashing or freezing the game so changing to another IL2 server would mean they lose comms unless they completely come out of IL2 first in order to log into a new TS server. As we are trying to get 6 players in we often end up changing servers a lot in one evening and sometimes we find we have to change 5 minutes after going in so someone who has to leave the game every time would find that annoying. I wish I could think of a solution that fixes everything. Having just one single TS server sub divided into WoL, Finnish, TAW etc then many sub channels within that would help but who would host it and what about new game servers that don't have slots allocated for them yet? Ideally 1C would set up a central TS server or their own comms but they don't have time to do that. Having game servers that could handle 200+ players would help as then people are less likely to need to switch servers but while I am sure 1C would agree, they can't do it yet. Something that *might* help is if 1C added in-game comms just for the active airfield traffic control and only when within 10 or 20km of the field. We could reduce the problems with people taking off when someone is on approach but also a bomber squad could say 'We are just about to take-off from Slobadov to bomb Slibadoska. Can anyone help or escort us?' People could still use their usual comms method for inter-squad comms. There would need to be a gentlemans agreement not to flood the airfield channel with chatter though (or how about an option to get someone kicked out of the comms channel if enough people click a vote button? πŸ™‚ ).
  11. 56RAF_Roblex

    For how long we will tolerate this?

    My squadron almost always plays Red and there are usually between 5 & 7 of us. We come from several years in Cliffs Of Dover in specific servers where you played campaigns for months on one side and most opposition was at squadron strength so we are organised to fly that way. We never enjoy the single combat furballs that are more popular here and most servers are not set up for squad based missions but it is a better game otherwise. Of course being Red that means that most of the time we are still outnumbered and we also frequently split into bombers & escorts. On the rare occasions we join a server that has too many Reds we either move elsewhere or just use the opportunity to do a single long range bomber mission that does not affect the main battles going on, mainly to practice tactics & navigation and feel we have flown a real mission instead of 'Air-Quake' πŸ™‚
  12. 56RAF_Roblex

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Same here. I found it full of people flying 800mph P51s with Tank armour and 88mm cannons πŸ™‚
  13. 56RAF_Roblex

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Same if we are talking Online Combat Flight Sims. Wire frame graphics over a slow modem πŸ™‚ The first flight sim in a combat aircraft was either Harrier or Spitfire on a BBC Micro. I also have fond memories of A10 Tank Killer and the repeating music is still stuck in my brain 30 years later πŸ™‚ The first career based historical re-enactment style game was 1942: Pacific Air War. I liked that one. The progression to IL2-GB was a few years in Dawn Of Aces/ Warbirds, a few years in Aces High, a few years in IL2 1946, a few years in Cliffs Of Dover, six months in DCS then a couple of years so far in IL2-GB
  14. 56RAF_Roblex

    He-111 trying to survive against p-39's

    Nicely made video. I hope those were AI P39s though as the shooting was abysmal πŸ˜‰
  15. 56RAF_Roblex

    Tactical Air War

    That is not a TAW issue. It is general. I was on a different server yesterday flying a PE2 and someone taxied onto the runway as I was on finals and in my attempt to avoid him I mushed down into the trees causing 50% damage and not even reaching the airfield yet I was awarded a 'Landed Safely'. Next sortie landing another PE2 at the same airfield, no damage as it was just a ferry flight, I landed it safely and gently on the runway but had a small ground loop just before stopping with nothing getting broken, 5% damage, and was told I had made a forced landing.