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  1. Depending on how many are flying, 56sqn tend to have about 4 bombers escorted by 4 - 6 fighters. I will admit that since BoBp was released the bombers tend to be P38s but before that they were PE2s or A20s. We did try 8 unescorted PE2s in close formation once just to see if they were as invulnerable as the LW fighters jocks kept saying but despite staying in formation, six were destroyed within 2 minutes of being spotted and the last two died about 30 seconds after dropping on the target πŸ™‚
  2. This may be nothing to do with your problem but.... after using EDTRacker for a long time, I decided to give TrackIR another go but could not get it to work. The problems turned out to be that at some point I had told my PC to not allow any cameras as I never used my webcam so it was just a security risk. It did not stop EDTRacker working but TrackIR is a camera.
  3. My squad has 8-10 flying members and I have made each pilot a personal skin for the aircraft they regularly fly. The result is that the ZIP file I use to distribute them is over 1Gb πŸ™‚ It is not an issue unless you have space issues on your PC and they only have to download the big file once then when I do skins for a new aircraft I just post that new directory. Even the 1Gb file is not really an issue as most of us can download 1Gb fairly quickly.
  4. I am guessing he wanted to finish the music track and could not show any more angles of the same attack.
  5. "Tower. How ya doin' down there? Is it safe to land?" , "Watch yourself in the circuit. There's an enemy fighter aboot.' I am not arguing because Alonzo knows the servers ten times better than me but am I crazy in thinking that one of the others servers had this? Coconut? TAW? If you recce'd a target it did not have any effect until you landed and if you did not land then it never happened. Several servers don't count scores unless you land so maybe someone managed to link the Recce to the scoring system in some way?
  6. They can be used just for background interest if you have made a mission set at a time when your fields are getting attacked regularly. Nobody complains about having pointless static cars or animals etc πŸ™‚ They can also be used to indicate fields that players are not allowed to land at. I have seen them used to great effect in campaigns to show that your squadron is under serious pressure and only has one usable runway so the next mission is an evacuation to a new field before that one gets closed.
  7. Like most of us, I can not see anything new in the video. . I understand that this is down to Youtube and I totally believe Jasons claims that he is seeing a big improvement but, for me, the video did not demonstrate anything. I am excited to see the real thing though πŸ‘
  8. I have no idea how what you describe could happen but here is a wacky idea. Open the file and save a copy with a different name. See if you can see this new copy. If you can see the copy, open it and save it back in the original name. This might replace the old one with a visible version. Alternatively, after making a copy, use DOS to navigate to the directory and delete the invisible file by name ie 'del startup.cfg' then rename your copy to startup.cfg (either in DOS or back in Windows.)
  9. Open the Start menu Type file explorer options into Start. Click File Explorer Options. Click the View tab. Click the Show hidden files, folders, and drives circle. Click Apply, then click OK.
  10. I was watching Sheriffs most recent video, 'Butchering The Butcher Birds', and there is even more to this new SRS addition than the video above shows. I heard people being warned of 'multiple aircraft in the pattern' (21:30), current active runway due to bombing of other runways(22:00). Smoking P51 blocking runway (24:20) and active runway instructions amongst other things (I probably missed more because I was concentrating on the action) Great stuff!
  11. Now we just need people to call when turning finals or joining the runway on Ch.2 and we might get fewer collisions πŸ™‚ If you could recognise when someone is landing the wrong way and tell them not to then that would be great πŸ˜„
  12. When does each map end? Is it based on a time eg After two hours the map closes and the AI does a ground attack phase? Do we choose the JU52 landing points ourselves to try to cover the points we need to watch or does the game tell us exactly where we must land and mark it with smoke or something? Will there be a sabotage element in a later version?
  13. I did wonder whether you thought he was talking about the standard built-in track recording when he said IL2 Great Battles Recorder. It does sound that way πŸ™‚
  14. The whole point of IL2 Great Battles Recorder is that as soon as it reaches 512 and stops, it starts a new recording.
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