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    Been flying online combat flight sims since Air Warrior was wire-frame over a 14.4 kb/s modem and I still suck at dogfighting but my bombing is OK.
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  1. When you are driving and see an aircraft pass above you on a reciprocal bearing and momentarily panic in case he drops on your tail. If someone overtakes and pulls in front I reach for the guns for a snapshot to punish him for his overshoot. My family is used to me responding to texts with 'OMW' and giving bearings as clock positions. I cannot break the habit of walking slightly behind and to one side of my wife (when not holding hands. Aww)
  2. I discovered Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla gin recently and that is very moreish and does not even need a mixer if you pour it over plenty of ice. A very rich orange flavour. The Rangpur made with lime is nice but does need a mixer. Stolichnaya used to sell a nice coffee flavoured vodka that was dangerously easy to knock back neat but they appear to have stopped.
  3. I would disagree. I think it is fun now and again. It drives away the alt-monkeys who are only interested in padding their scores but who cares about them? ๐Ÿ˜›
  4. The base *might* be 100 miles away but the channel is only 21 miles wide between Dover & Calais so for a 109 fighting over Kent and needing to reach France we are really talking under 50 miles a lot of the time. SE London to Calais is about 100 miles but the escorts rarely went that far. I remember one of the LW fighter pilot memoirs (Knoke? Steinhilper?) saying that when one of them had to bail from altitude the rest of the squadron could be landing in France before the downed pilots parachute landed in Kent ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. There is an interesting interview here with a Hurri pilot from North Africa. He states that although the 109 was better armed they almost never went head on with a hurri because just one 303 round would kill the engine. That would have been with 8 guns. Go to 10:10 for that quote. https://youtu.be/AWyY78s8L3w I don't think anyone would argue that the 303s did little when hitting wings or fuselage unless you got a lucky hit but I feel 1C has underestimated the damage even a rifle calibre bullet would do to an engine surrounded by vital parts. In fact, a large percentage of the 109s brought down in the Battle Of Britain had ruined coolant systems because a hail of 303s would shred those underwing radiators.
  6. Very nice and great texture but dare I say that perhaps when you remake it with the template the star and number need to be a little larger?
  7. Back in Cliffs Of Dover we flew on a server which was designed for squadrons and we were assigned our own home field and had weekly deliveries of new hurricanes and spits in about 2 to 1 ratio to replace losses. We were not the only squadron who arranged to deliver our Spit IIas to other squadrons in return for their hurricanes. It was fantastic for knocking down the LW bombers and quite happy to fight the escorts at 20K. Take the fight up over 30,000ft to meet any high escorts and the 109s found themselves struggling to turn while the hurricanes ran rings around them. The only downside to it was that co-alt the Ju88s were uncatchable and it could not run away from 109s down low but this was balanced by the fact that you did not need to run away as a 109 that was not able to dive was easy pickings for a hurricane at wave tops. Being able to climb well is no help when the hurri can kill you before you get out of range.
  8. Where is that option for USB? I downloaded the app today and all I see is the WiFi options an the only instructions are for setting it up for WiFi.
  9. I recently read a biography of Pat Pattle and it was explained there that much of his success, and the lesson he taught to new pilots, was in the way he always fired two bursts into bombers. The first was a short burst into the fuel tank then he would wait a couple of seconds and fire another short burst into the same place and this almost invariably set it on fire. This was with a gladiator then later a hurricane with 303s.
  10. Lol. You beat the AI offline? You could do that against the same AI opposition flying a Yak-1 and that would not be historic either. It just means they are bad pilots. No drag penalty yet you took over 8 minutes to get into gun range? Its penalty is that it flies slow in return for having a good sustained climb and good high alt low speed handling where the 109s start to flop around. That maneuver at the end was not a 'red tails' maneuver. There was no 'mini loop'. It was a perfectly normal sloppy barrel roll ie a roll with a lateral element so you lost very little airspeed (a proper barrel roll would lose almost zero) but you reduced your forward speed so he overshot leaving you behind him. Far from being unnatural it is one of the most common moves among human pilots in the game as they yank the stick back then sideways. In a 109 it is more extreme and loses a lot of airspeed but *that* is the aberration that 1C have failed to fix. My suggestion would be that you shoot a video online against that planeset and put that up.
  11. Well if we are doing bombers/attackers that don't exist in-game yet then I want a B25H 8x50cals in the nose plus 2 each in top & rear turrets and one each in the waist... then a 75mm cannon in the nose! ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. I could not give one answer. Honestly, I thought hard but could not. I like the Yak 1b, 7b, 9 & 9T. I like the Spit IX and the Tempest. In the early wars I like the Mig-3. There are also those aircraft that I enjoy flying but I have never managed to master well enough to do well in them like the P39 & P47 & La5-FN. To be honest, there are probably no Allied aircraft that I *don't* like, just some that I don't often fly because there are usually better alternatives in each server but if they were all I were allowed to fly and the opposition was at least contemporary then I would be happy to fly them.
  13. After a bit of photoshopery ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. Nah! I am waiting to have a Schriebmann Port (aka 'Neckjack') fitted in the back of my neck so I can just plug in. I will have to pay someone to pull me out at intervals to eat and drink though.
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