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  1. Is Axis airframes too easy to bring down .

    Whoops. I was flying a Mig while that was happening and my aging brain messed up.
  2. Is Axis airframes too easy to bring down .

    I recorded a video a few days ago showing a 109 with three I-16s on his tail using 50 cals. They were lighting him up like firecrackers on Chinese New Year but he was shrugging it all off for a good 60 seconds before finally succumbing. I have certainly had my fair share of filling 109s, 190s & 110s with holes until they are belching black smoke then breaking off to let them crash then finding they had flown home and landed safely or climbed back up to attack me again. It is subjective for both sides, sometimes they die after a half second burst and sometimes they soak up everything you have and fly home. I listen to LW pilots complaining that PE2 are impossible to kill and I think to myself 'Why does my PE2 always explode on the first attack?' :-)
  3. Yak-1b WoL Adventure

    I love it when a 109 or 190 learns how to tumble then just keeps using it over & over. It destroys their E and if they use it too early they are just giving you a stationary target to pour all your ammo into :-)
  4. Stuttering clouds?

    I tried using 'Low' clouds as suggested by Jason and it was horrendous! See photo. I went back to 'High' which is not perfect but nowhere near as bad
  5. Thoughts on the P39...

    Preaching to the choir I have done it twice since Kuban came out Normally I increase the throttle gradually but on both occasions it was caused by me chopping the throttle abruptly to avoid overshooting my victim then slamming it forward again when he started pulling away. It just goes 'Klunk' and stops. I did it once long ago with a Mig-3 in the same situation.
  6. Thoughts on the P39...

    You sure? I have always done it the other way round, increase rpm then throttle and decrease throttle then rpm. Just checked the original manual and it does say "To increase engine power during flight set the mixture control lever in the Auto Rich position, Adjust the propellor control lever to the desired rpm and increase manifold pressure as desired" To decrease power during flight you must adjust the throttle to the desired manifold pressure then adjust the propellor control lever to the desired rpm.
  7. Tactical Air War

    I think you misunderstand. Perhaps he should not have used the phrase 'Touchy Feely' to describe tactile feedback as 'Touchy Feely' is usually an insult but I think he meant it in a positive way. He is saying that in real life you would have lots of cues about how your engine is performing and you could also feel where the settings are without looking (that is why he mentioned 'haptics'). He is arguing that the technochat makes up for these things we do not have in the sim. I am not sure I totally agree, or at least not based on what the game is telling us. His argument is valid for things like radiator settings being shown because in the real thing you would adjust it by hand without needing to look down to see where the lever is. Trim is done by 'feel' in real life, rarely by visual position (except when setting up before take-off) so unless you have a very good force feedback joystick then you have no feel but OTOH knowing the percentages does not help with that either :-) I am not sure I agree that we need to be told the engine is overheating as that is on the dials where a real pilot would be looking though he argues that as the engine failure behaviour is not realistic then we need unrealistic feedback info. Hmmm. Maybe. What we certainly don't need in a 'realistic' server is things like 'Adjust your Mixture' & 'Slow down to 200kts and lower your flaps' :-) On a related note, I noticed that with the P-39 there is a very definite audible change in engine note when you change from Continuous Mode to Combat Mode. I cannot say I have noticed that on any other aircraft.
  8. Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    I have always been a big believer in 'Attack Is The Best Form Of Defense' :-) If you flying level in a bomber while being attacked then praying that your gunner gets the fighter before he gets you is a big gamble. If the fighter makes a pass then slowly climbs away in front then I say 'Go for it!' (except when in a good tight formation) I used to do it in CLoD in my blenheim when 109s thought they had all the time in the world to make a lazy turn and come back for another go then found me following them with guns blazing. They forget that the blenheim was also used as a fighter and was not much different to a 110 except for its puny guns. The same applies in BoX, the PE2 was initially designed as a fighter and even the A20 saw action as a nightfighter over England. Evena stuka can be a dangerous enemy when flown aggressively!
  9. Human gunner on bombers: shoot down own plane?

    It is certainly possible though the AI gunners usually manage to avoid doing it. On the other hand the AI gunners are very good at shooting friendlies instead. My squad did a 7 ship PE-2 raid in close formation and I believe all 7 of us received friendly fire warnings because of our AI gunners :-)
  10. A-20C, Yak-7B, and P-39L Default Skins

    Wow thanks. I was expecting to have to wait 6 months before I could do anything but this allows me to make some preliminary amended skins.
  11. WIP Mod Packages - Replacements for Default Skins

    I may be missing the point of this mod. The issue the game has at the moment is that if you use a custom winter skin in a Winter map online then everyone else just sees a default skin which is usually green so you are very easy to see. If I understand correctly, this mod changes it so *you* see other peoples default skin as a Winter skin but they still see you as being green against the snow so you are making it harder to see your enemies while remaining easily seen by them. Is that right?
  12. Thanks for the big TEASE!

    ...and the 'Co-Op' picture appears to be RAF, maybe Bodenplatte.
  13. Problems with my Careers

    Are you using airstarts? There is almost always an enemy formation on the way but if you used an airstart you are too fast so it does not arrive until you are heading home. I found this out when I got frustrated like you and pressed CTL-F2 on a couple of missions when I had flown in circles for ten minutes and was told to RTB. Also, there are sometimes battles going on nearby but just out of visual range. Sometimes it pays to hang around a bit after the RTB order is given or to look to see if there are any friendly targets or other enemy targets nearby. I have stumbled across friendly bombers under attack or nearby factories etc. The downside to hanging around after the RTB is that you will be alone.
  14. Thoughts on the P39...

    This was nice but I am guessing it was more to do with a lucky hit to the ammo than the general strength of the P-39s cannons. Note that I was not firing the 37mm. AI target from career.