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  1. Yes we need a match for the JU52, especially on those maps that let the LW drop paratroopers, but... it is only fair to also give the LW something to match the Po-2. Maybe a Storch? I am sure 1C mentioned the possibility of artillery spotting once or maybe some servers might want to add a 'rescue the downed pilot' option 🙂
  2. If you get 15m loading times now you need to put in a bug report because that was solved several months ago. Some people reported seeing it after a recent patch but it was fixed within days.
  3. I used to use TrackIr but I got annoyed that it sometimes got confused by any changes in my light and it did not cope very well with rapid head movements such as the one I do when in a scissors or watching someone flash past in a head-on. I changed to EDTracker which does not care about light and responds instantly to the quickest of head movements. Technically it only has four degrees of freedom instead of six so does not offer 'sliding your head sideways' or 'Raising or lowering your head position' but these can be simulated using Opentrack. I never liked tilting my view by tilting my head in TrackIr and had it disabled so now when I tilt my head it slides my view sideways. For raising and lowering my viewpoint I found I only did that to look at my instruments or looking over my aircrafts nose so I told Opentrack that when I look down I also want to move forward a few inches and 'slouch' to get a closer look at the dials (only during first ten degrees or so). When I look up I want to 'stretch my neck' so I can lower my eyes and see better over the nose. I can post a video if anyone wants to see it in action. Last week I decided to try TrackIr again as I now sit in a different room where the light levels are more constant and TrackIrs is more natural when looking round canopy struts etc but I found it still kept losing tracking at the extremes and was sluggish responding so I switched back immediately. Perhaps others get better performance as I only have the reflective stickers not the LEDs.
  4. Maybe Phil realised his error and forgot to remove that part as it does look very much like he was about to show both fields to demonstrate then just moved onto another subject. I would have thought Hornchurch was important enough to include as they do have details in other parts of Essex and Hornchurch is quite close to the Thames. Especially as they decided to put so much detail into the Isle Of Dogs which is way to the West of the Map.
  5. I was tempted to buy the map after seeing a video of the area around Hawkinge and Dover but then I saw a review a few days back that showed several worrying things:- Detling airfield is just a cut & paste of Abbeville and bears no relation to the real thing. West Malling, a much more important airfield only a few miles away, does not exist and neither does Gravesend. I do not know if they decided to cut off the detail West of Detling but they model the docks in the East End of London right down to sheds & flowers in the gardens of the nearby houses. Eastchurch on the Isle Of Sheppey does not exist though it was not used a lot in the late war so maybe that is forgivable. Same for Ramsgate. Hornchurch is also missing and that was used a lot during the mid to late war.
  6. It is just a convenience for gentle climbs etc. You could just as easily keep holding the stick at the required angle but trimming makes your life easier. It does have an advantage when flying in formation because you can never hold the stick perfectly still in one position and every time you move your elevator you are causing drag so it can make it harder to stay with your leader. When diving on a target, if you have to hold the nose down strongly to maintain the dive angle then it badly affects your aim so trimming off at least some of that stick pressure helps.
  7. After the last update I actually increased a couple of settings that would normally crucify a weak PC eg Shadows & Mirrors. If these settings cause you problems then put those two down. Mirrors are the worst.
  8. Here is a demo of what a piss-poor pilot can do with stupid enemies and a Yak-9T using HE ammo. First kill went very well and seemed to get a PK first time. Second kill took two hits to make the 190 crash. I am not sure if I wounded the pilot or cut vital control cables as he looked to be alive but unable to compensate for a missing aileron. Third target I again wasted shots being impatient and going for shots below the nose but once I calmed down and waited for a good gun solution he was made unflightworthy with two shots (and one that missed).
  9. Sorry for being thick but are we saying that the official Yak-9 skins will not be made available as PSDs as the rest are? If that is the case then what do I need to do to get it into a state where I can use Photoshop as I usually do? EDIT: Managed to get the files open by downloading the latest version of Gimp and saved as PSD. Sorry, the posts above made me think that was no longer possible.
  10. What exactly do you mean? I have trim on one of my joystick hats. is that not a switch? It is not a axis. In fact *every* plane I fly is trimmed that way.
  11. I had a similar experience using a P39 against a 109-G4 and not using the 37mm but that was offline so I guess I just hit something vital.
  12. I have seen several videos of people testing out the Yak-9Ts and it mostly seems to be the 109s that are the problem while 190s die nicely. OK maybe 'Problem' is open to misunderstanding so let's just say that from what I have seen and experienced, 190s are much more likely to be killed by single 37mm hits and 109s are much more likely to survive three before going down. I would also venture that 'it seems to me' that 190 pilots are more likely to be killed by shrapnel from hits to the wings than 109 pilots. Whether these observed behaviours mean 190s are too weak or 109s are too strong or it is an illusion is another question. Did 109s have better pilot protection from the side?
  13. This forum has seen dozens of photos and videos showing people surviving hits that looked like they should be catastrophic, and that was before the Yak-9 was released, There are also videos showing planes exploding from collisions when they seemed to miss each other in the video and vice-versa, What you see is not always what the server saw. Here is one of my own examples of a hit from a Yak-1b. He kept fighting with no apparent damage or injury after this. It is just graphics.
  14. Wow. Great news. Thanks.
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