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    Been flying online combat flight sims since Air Warrior was wire-frame over a 14.4 kb/s modem and I still suck at dogfighting but my bombing is OK.
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  1. 56RAF_Roblex

    Who lives in London, England???

    I think people are overselling the tube a bit, it can be dirty, but they are right that it is the best way to visit Hendon and people in central London that bother owning cars only use them to travel out of London. Taxis are fine in the centre but Buses & Tubes are the main form of transport within Greater London. If you stay in Central London and end up with spare time, the Science Museum in Kensington has an Aviation Gallery. I am not sure what is there at the moment as I have not visited for a while.
  2. 56RAF_Roblex

    unexpected explosions

    Were you landing on an airfield? There have been some instances of certain maps having an invisible object that people have collided with but these have been in the middle of nowhere. I am sure if there was one on the approach to a runway it would have been fixed by now. Other possibilities:- An enemy shot you up on landing. You were accidentally landing at an enemy field and go hit by a heavy AAA shell. It does happen πŸ™‚ Your wing was badly damaged and the act of flaring caused it to fail. It is quite common to shoot up an enemy fighter and not seem to do fatal damage then 5 seconds later he makes a gentle turn and his wing comes off. If you suddenly exploded in a big fireball though then hitting something sounds the most likely. Take a look at this 35 second video. The first death is almost certainly AAA but the second death is in friendly territory miles from any military targets or ground units. The fact that plane just stops instantly and all the debris bounces backwards shows he collided with an invisible wall.
  3. I can get into the server to fly but I cannot access the stats site. It times out. EDIT: Apologies. If I use the link you posted on Discord I do get into the sats page.
  4. You need to make the file 'Read Only' after you make your change. Obviously that will stop you making any other changes until you change it back.
  5. 56RAF_Roblex

    Update Store Page/Details of packs

    Then there is the problem. All I get is 'Included in Stalingrad pack. May also be used in Battle Of Moscow careeer.' Forcing a reload or changing browsers does not help. It's not a major issue. I just wondered if I was looking in the wrong place.
  6. 56RAF_Roblex

    Update Store Page/Details of packs

    Where? I followed the link and I am not sure where this change is.
  7. 56RAF_Roblex

    Over the Road pics from an american trucker

    Like trying to stuff a marshmallow into a slot machine.
  8. 56RAF_Roblex

    The amazing Pe2 gunner strikes again!

    While I do disagree that gunners (on both sides) are way too good at shooting while spinning etc., I do remember reading a pilots autobiography where he mentioned killing a German bomber that went into a death spiral then when he followed it down to watch it crash the rear gunner shot out his engine. You would think the gunners would be more concerned about getting out but it seems that sometimes they just accept they are not going to escape and do their best to take you with them. It may have been in 'Ten Little Fighter Boys'. I say again, I am not saying that AI gunners firing from impossible angles under high G is reasonable. I just offer that story up as a curio πŸ™‚ One thing that could probably be done fairly easily is to say 'If a bomber is mortally damaged then the crew abandon their guns and try to bail.' The game certainly makes a decision quite early on that the plane is 'Dead' as evidenced by the number of times it gets it wrong and you RTB with a 'Dead' plane πŸ™‚ It looks like there is some sort of built in delay when crew bail out as there is often a 5 second delay between losing all engines or a a wing etc and the first crew member jumping but the problem seems to be that the game decides if the gunner has not actually got out the hatch then he is still at his station shooting back. Of course this fix contradicts my opening story but never mind πŸ™‚ A block on shooting under heavy G would also be a useful fix though I don't doubt that a determined, and scared, gunner might do his best to shoot even under 5G.
  9. 56RAF_Roblex

    Remove radio chatter?

    I am sure this has been asked before and the answer was no, at least so far as official methods. It is possible, using a mod, to change the language so maybe there is a mod to change it to silence.
  10. You cannot move your head up or down or sideways while TrackIr is active because TrackIR needs to know where the 'neutral' position is and will fight any attempt by another source to shift it. It is understandable really. It would be hard for TrackIR to work if the central/neutral position kept moving around. I don't know if it helps but you *can* set a button to disable TrackIR entirely for as long as you need and use the joystick to move your views as you did before buying trackIR. You can also set a button to engage 'Precision mode' which makes it less sensitive.
  11. If you are talking about Pilot head position then that cannot be done while TrackIr is active. It is designed to allow you to set the default head position for the pilot, ie how far forward/sideways/up/down he is sitting, then save using F10 before switching on TrackIr again. I did this a few days ago to alter how big my gunsight ring was on the reflector glass. 'Lean' back & forward to allow your view to change as if you have leaned forward up to about 30cm is done by TrackIR by default using the Z axis. Zoom, ie like using a pair of binoculars to look at something outside the cockpit, can be bound to a pair of keys or buttons on the joystick. I have it bound to a hat on my joystick. Which one are you having a problem with? Position, Lean or Zoom? I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do. It sounds like you want to be able to lean forward, eg to see the instruments better, but don't want to just lean forward in real life and let TrackIR do the same for you in the cockpit. You say that gives you a headache yet you are using TrackIR for everything else. Is that right? You have no problems looking around in TrackIr but leaning forwards or backwards and having your in-cockpit view do the same gives you a headache? Is it because you don't like the view changing every time you move your head in real life and increasing the dead zone does not work as you want? Personally, I have disabled the Z axis and use zoom to look at the instruments closer or just change my field of view. Sorry. I know it is frustrating when people are misunderstanding the issue and giving you solutions to problems you don't have but we are all trying to clarify exactly what you want so we can help.
  12. 56RAF_Roblex

    DD today?

    Didn't I hear that all the records were destroyed when the company folded? It seems inconceivable now but these things do happen in real life. A bean counter somewhere is asked what to do with all these left over records/items and just says 'Scrap them' without any thought about history. To be fair, blueprints & records from that era took up huge amounts of space and why would anyone bother preserving them when the need for them no longer exists?
  13. 56RAF_Roblex

    How to use the Soviet gunsight PBP-1

    Am I missing a point? Is there a disadvantage to moving the pilots default head position forward to get the rings then zooming out to get the wider view again?
  14. 56RAF_Roblex

    How to use the Soviet gunsight PBP-1

    I did not know these rings existed because the default head position on all my aircraft puts the rings outside the reflector glass. I have just had to go through adjusting them all.
  15. 56RAF_Roblex

    The Road of Death

    No the most 'Whoahhh!' moment was that second I-16 taking off at the end πŸ™‚ I thought he was dead for sure 😧