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  1. sounds like your IL2 setup is mono only... can you set up stereo vibrations in IL2 or were you just saying it hypothetically? if you, or anyone else, has set up stereo vibration in IL2 I'd love to hear more about it! here's how mine is set up [not the ideal method according to BK, so take this for what it's worth... it's the only way I could get it to work on my system] PC SOUND settings: set to HEADPHONES [and I have my BK amp plugged into the headphone jack at the front of my PC not the back/sound card] Oculus DEVICE settings: RIFT set to MIRROR VR in the OFF position Steam VR settings: Mirror Audio to Device set to HEADPHONES hopefully this helps!
  2. update: from day one, I thought the buttkicker was great... however, now that it's cutting out on me after about 5 minutes of playtime, I realize I don't have ANY desire to fly wihtout it! I'll be calling tech support first thing in the morning.
  3. Andrew actually discouraged me from using VoiceMeeter with my setup. So, I'm not using it at all.
  4. Andrew Luden [BK support] was a BIG help... my buttkicker is up and running consistently now!
  5. will do! thanks for the suggestion! didn't realize they had REAL customer service.
  6. just got a buttkicker yesterday... it's awesome if/when IT decides to work. I'm totally lost in PC land, so I'm sure it's me and my system. here's what I know: 1. the buttkicker works 2. somehow, I got the IL2 sound to work [and had a blast with it]; however, when I started up my PC the next time I got zero sound out of the buttkicker. I have no idea why the settings didn't stick? or how it even worked in the first place. I was trying all kinds of combinations and then I just stopped when it worked, thinking I was done. 3. when the sound does come out of the BK, it's like a speaker... I don't just hear the lows [or vibrations], I hear everything, no matter what dials I turn on the amp. any suggestions would be appreciated! I'm using VoiceMeter but I don't really know what I'm doing with it or anything else PC related. Would sending screen captures of my sound options help or can someone walk me through it without additional info on my end? thanks in advance!
  7. I unplugged my MFG Crosswind pedals, which seemed to do the trick. I'm back to where I was before, thankfully. Is there some reason I can't map ESCAPE to ANYTHING??? I've tried over and over but the escape key is the only key that works. Certainly, there's a way to map some other key to get to the menu, right???
  8. Still very new to IL2... more or less, everything was working fine until I clicked on DEFAULT in the key mapping menu [which wiped everything out, as expected]. however, I can't re-map my stick or throttle. my pedals were working but now they aren't either. any suggestions?
  9. got it, thanks... it's working great now! off topic: how do you force quit IL2? there have been a couple times that I've needed to that and the mac keyboard commands don't work. [I didn't really try them – maybe I should have!]
  10. I'll try that, thanks! Why couldn't I bind [head: snap center] to anything on my HOTAS or mouse??? is there something about only certain keys working in VR? since Numpad 5 worked in VR, it seems like I should be able to change that to something/anything else... right?
  11. new to VR and IL2, struggling with this issue... I'm having problems remapping keys to my Warthog stick. Numpad 5 does exactly what I expect/want but when blind to the real world in VR I can't find my keyboard [much less Numpad 5]. 😉 when I try to bind different buttons to [head: snap center] nothing works. I thought it was my stick but I can't bind it to anything on my mouse either. I must be doing something wrong. in the 3 columns, do I have to delete Numpad 5 and replace it? I assume I can have Numpad 5 AND 2 other buttons do the same thing... is this correct?
  12. update: my rig is up and running! I'm installing software now [tons of fun, especially for a mac guy!] here's what I ended up putting in my Corsair Crystal 570X case: i7-9700 Corsair H150i Pro Z390 Aorus Pro 16GB Ripjaws 3200 [14 CAS] 970 Evo 1TB SSD Barracuda 2TB HD EVGA 1080 Ti EVGA 850 G2 [thanks 19//curiousGamblerr!!!] thanks to all for all the help/advice!
  13. are all 1080 Ti's created equal? I'll be fine with anything that says 1080 Ti with 11GB?
  14. with that in mind, does that make the 2080 look better in your eyes? isn't it roughly the same as the 1080 Ti?
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