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Help!: HP Reverb G2, I7 (3.8GHz)/RTX 3080 and still low FPS


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As in the title, HP Reverb G2, Intel I7 (3.8GHz), RTX 3080, 32 GB RAM, and still getting low FPS.  I have been trying many of the various suggested settings, but my FPS still lingers around 30 on a good day.  If anyone out there has the same specs but it getting better FPS, please let me know what your secret sauce is.  Much appreciated--thanks in advance.

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It's the CPU. Even there latest gen i7 won't have enough IPC to serve IL-2's pipeline at 3.8GHz to prepare 2x 90 frames per second.


It would be interesting to know the actual i7 variant. There are a few at 3.8 GHz max.


The result will be; you'll want to overclock the CPU (with decent cooling) or, in case it would not be a K version, replace it with another CPU. But we'd need the precise model type first.

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You should give more detail about scenario with low fps.

Some scripted campaign are not fps friendly. You may also have multiplayer server which will not allow you to have 90 fps.

But you could also set some crazy settings in steamVR that would put your GPU on its virtual knees...

If you have reasonable settings  you may be able to have 90 fps in QMB on moscow map, for example.



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@C6_lefuneste  Thank you very much for the information.  I will check out the QMB/Moscow map and see what I get.  I have been playing scripted campaigns, where the FPS has been low.


Update:  I am getting much higher FPS in QMB/Moscow map, so it may very well just be the particular campaigns.

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