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  1. Well, as SCG_motoadve, I'm expecting to have a significant level of vibration once the engine is running. Maybe it's because I'm used to sound mode for IL2 GB, but IRL I fly sometime utlralight plane and I fill that the engine is running with my butt 🙂 The engine shaking is great, but lacks this nearly constant level of vibration, created only by engine parts movement and also explosion chambers. Even if we add 100% factor, I miss something in engine vibration. This is why adding a vibration source by using RPM should be a good thing, in addition of engine shaking of course.
  2. Maybe you should add an option to setup minimal vibration level in addition of amplification level, if the effect is triggered ? That should allow us to setup a constant minimal engine feedback, engine vibration will "fill" the hole beetwen minimal level and 100%. Of course, having engine rpm as input should be better, but as you do not have it (yet ?)...
  3. It's up to you to change config file to have a 7x zoom level. There is no 3 built in zoom function, but only one called with different parameters. Unfortunately, there is no way to use directs button in the 3dmigoto library. The only thing that is really complex to laintain is the zoom feature. It involve 95% of the modified shaders. All features can be disabled. So I will not split the mod and double my work, that'all or nothing.
  4. YES !!! It takes time but here it is. The bad thing is that we have to purchase the "SimShaker - Wings" instead of using the one provided with the gametrix... But well, it seems worth paying again, that's a so expected feature.
  5. I did not find problems with my very quick testing (even in RheinLand), but more complete use may show that some details are altered. In this case, post a track. For example, I discovered last week that my cloud fix seems not work once again.
  6. Hello, I tried again to make this thing working, but I'm not able to have the rotation working for IL2. There is no turn left or turn right option to map when I try do define the mapping for IL2. What am I doing wrong ?
  7. How do you get ride of the infamous circle ? I managed to do it in the past, but the line to add in steamVR config file seems not working anymore....I only managed to use the gigantic roomspace to remove it, but I have to do that at every Il2 launch...
  8. I tested the use of my DCS sharpen function in il2 GB. It works great and allow to have sharpen only for cockpit and not landscape or cloud. That give a great improvement on image quality, I found the look of landscape too artificial when using global sharpen filter. As for DCS, sharpen parameters can be modified, and it can also be toggled on or off. I will include it in next mod release, as capacity to use in game zoom with Pimax and no parallel projection (same as DCS mod too), as it allow to load and display farther objects, that may be usefull for ground target spotting.
  9. No because I made a 3dmigoto mod for DCS.
  10. I doubt that it will add performance. That was not the case for DCS. Same for other new tech miraculous technology in the past (eg dx12,...). Small eye candy things that worse the fps. I do not remember a single technical evolution that give a real fps boost, except hardware or multi core programming. Integrating this kind of thing on an already existing engine often give few fps gains. But it will lake things more complex for 3dmigoto mod...
  11. Even with relatively low settings, I can barely maintain 64 fps in all cases with my 5K+ and IL2 BG is not very friendly with smart smoothing, with a lot of artifacts... So I do not see what 120 Hz will give. exceot these artifacts.
  12. you should because I fixed a bug regarding the propeller.
  13. Did you use the last version of the mod and the default *.ini files ?
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