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  1. Engine fire may be the only critical event to keep. I read lot of B29 teams were lost due to engine fire, untill they made B29 engine more reliable.
  2. Hello. I simply do not think that any engineer or any military plane tester will have allow to let planes be used in war condition with engine that can be broken so suddenly and without any warning, as in game. That's simply too dangerous for pilots who may fight for their life. They may be not so well trained to keep their self control and think at engine management even if you have someone on your six firing at you. I do believe that devs have greatly overdone engine limitation, if no temperature issues engines should mostly start to loose power and RPM, have vibration,...long time
  3. You may check with VRnecksafer. It provides an left/right and fwd/back option. So if you map a key with no angle, it mat work. And you can use the auto feature for rotation. Otherwise, you may ask him for a new feature... That.s just default head position. They are not fitted well for VR: too much right ans often too much forward. When you "are" in VR cockpit at full scale it's annoying, so you have to move tour head before evey recenter to be roughly were you should realky be (on top of your seat, and not shifted)
  4. Hello. You can also save the settings, because I found them sometime overwritten by new versions... Here are mine, covering most of german fighters ans some other other planes for which I was not happy wih default views.
  5. Only for IPD. I have to rework it to provide same menus than for DCS. But unfortunatelly, it's hard to find the time... link to documentation fixed.
  6. Here are some picture taken from the "API" part of your impressive video (if I'm not wrong): Entry hole is quite small, but that's not the case of output hole ! Morever I was totally impressed by the result of multiple impact on the same barrel. So, as we have fighters with 3 or 4 guns on the same wing, I wonder if it's possible to have this kind of mutliple impact in real life...
  7. unfortunatelly, there is noèother way to fix shadows. Maybe you should focus on far shadows and use fine settings.. I was thinking to remove all this part of the mod. It should be broken with last version for ground, nobody complains and it's a lot of work. VRnecksafer provide a far better way to add rotation. Which helmet do you use ?
  8. It should work, I'll check. I'll try to do something for the next version.
  9. I can just not have constant 90 fps in multiplayer, and I found 90 fps with Motion Smoothing (that you may set because you may not be able to have these 90 fps every moment) is far more anoying than having a constant 60 fps without Motion smoothing.. I'm not sure having 60 instead of 90 will change spotting, I do not understand why. But I'm sure that Motion smoothing will. And if you set 90 fps without motion smoothing, but can not achieve it, you will have stuttering. And I found also motion smoothing is creating a lot of image artifact in IL2 (I did not try recently, I'm not sure it has
  10. And you can also try lower dispkay frequency. I play with 60 hz on my Reverb and feel it good. There are only very few cases where I go down 60 fps in game.
  11. Hello. I do not know a way to do that without setting "mods on" option on server.
  12. Here they are (compatible with JSGME format) snapviews.zip
  13. Hello. There is a new version of the mod. But I do not support anymore IPD change, because I found that now in game IPD settings are doing the job, at least for the Reverb, and it was a lot of work. Moreover, the mod can nomore be used online.
  14. Check that steamVR space is well calibrated : you must be at center and the triangle on ground must be directly in front of you.
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