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  1. I didn't notice with my Reverb pro and my corrective lenses...
  2. I mean : you should use the post for your questions, instead of using this one and so divide questions and answers on two posts for the same need.
  3. Hello, you should use this post, as it is pinned : I'm using DRIVER4VR with HP Reverb. I have no issue if the WMR controllers are off.
  4. It's working for me with the last DCS beta and HP reverb. Dis you check in steam that Rizer Hydra driver are still there ?
  5. Hello, the VREM mod can only be used in SP. It is normal to have it seen as a mod by MP server, it is one !
  6. I don't like not being centered in the cockpit. In real life as in VR, your head is aligned with your butt 😁 So you should be centered above your seat. Default view for german plane is centered on sight, so you are shifted to right. I changed all views of german fighter to be at the right position, above the seat. That means that mostly only your right eye should see the sight, as in real life, I think. I can share my fixed snapview files, if you want. The default views will be automatically changed.
  7. Hello, did you try to unactivate icon masking ? (LCTRL + u)
  8. As I understand, the game put a 20% deadzone on DirectX X and Y axis, that you cannot remove even with deadzone to 0 in settings...The workaroud is to use other DX axis, as XROT and YROT, so you need to remap your joystick axis to these ones. Should be done easilly with Target. I will try. I did notice something weird in plane control, but did not realize this was a deadzone problem.
  9. This is a "star wars" sim: as realistic as having sound in space, laser lower than lightspeed and so on. So you take it to play as in movies, that's all. And it really do the job for that, at least in solo. The only problem from that point of view is you can not crash on ships or tunnel walls. There are a lot of crash in movies, so they should have allowed it. I used target, it put thrustmaster combined at top of joylist...so nothing to unplug, and as only few commands/axis are needed it works without any program.
  10. I don't like your server, I get always killed by psychopats who don't let me bomb things here and there...😁
  11. Or use MiMec. It will allow you to find player plane with one python line and replace the model with another one.
  12. Answer already given in this post.... Update windows to at least 2004, it will include the last WMR version that fix the issue with IL2 GB. I had the problem and fixed it with this update. And yes, this issue of WMR version is only on IL2 and not on DCS.
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