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  1. Answer already given in this post.... Update windows to at least 2004, it will include the last WMR version that fix the issue with IL2 GB. I had the problem and fixed it with this update. And yes, this issue of WMR version is only on IL2 and not on DCS.
  2. That's a bad news for Pimax users, as for the moment VREM is the only way to not use Parallel Projection (that eats fps) and keep a working zoom. Same for all other nice features and fixes provided in the mod. But unfortunatelly, injectors may allow people to cheat...
  3. I didn't know that work. If I knew it, I won't have done MiMec.. I had a look in it, it seems to me a bit more complicated to use than python... For example Select all objects of newMission containing "Plane" in their name : planeList=findObject(newMission, Name='Plane') modify all objects previously found: modify_kv(newMission, planeList, XPos=changedX, AILevel=1, Name=changedName, Enabled=0, Country=CountryID['Germany']) This line change XPos by adding 10 on it, add "_test" at the end of the object name, set Enabled to 0 and Country to Germany for each objects in planeList. Of course, you can do less or more changes and can build planeList with a lot of other criterias. That's exactly what MiMec is doing as it is, as it can modify all "key=value" properties. You can add on your python program somthing to parse a directory for all mission files
  4. @Alonzo @dinodadino: maybe that's something that can be integrated in MiMec ? This library allows you to easilly change any properties of a selection of objects...
  5. What is Pyl2GB MiMec ? Python Il2 Great Battle Mission Mechanic is a python library to automatize some painfull processes in IL2 GB mission creation. The IL2 mission editor is powerfull, but the mechanics of mission involve creation of lot of "MCU" and link (target, object, OnReports, OnEvents,...) between objects that make things quite complicated, especially if you want to modify/update mission. The group feature is powerfull but may be also cumbersome if you want to update things that are scattered between groups. The mid term target of MiMec is to remove from the 3D editor as most as possible MCU and link creation , and put all the mission logic into python program with high level, human understandable functions, that should hide all this MCU and other things. Currently it will just allow you to load a mission, search and modify by lot any mission objects, then save the mission into a new one. The following use case can be already done with few python lines: change height of lot of objects (planes, vehicle, blocks, Waypoint,...) by adding 50m for example. set country of all blocks around a given position or an object update Complex Trigger to replace planes/vehicules scripts and country (usefull if you import AA group that were not design for the planes of the current mission, for example) It is totally opensource and available here : https://github.com/lefufu/PylGBMiMec If some want to participate, I will grant them access to the project, and explanation of the code if needed. Just ask. This is not the best python code you may have seen, but it seems to work. I must start the wiki to explain all functions and object properties. For the moment there is a short summary in the readme. I hope it will help you. After reading it, you should have a look on the template mission : it will give you an idea of what can be done. Thanks for your feedback. I started this project to practice a bit more python, it takes me more time than intially planned, so I won't work again on it if nobody is finding interest.
  6. What about loading more than 4 planes textures, as you may seen in multiplayer ? I wonder if gorgeous 4k texture are eating GPU memory...
  7. You should also try to fire on train locomotive. I did not have time to do a simple mission to compare with the same locomotive, but in QMB I can make it stop with a short burst of WWI plane 7mm gun and did not achieve to do the same with the 8 12,7mm guns of p47...
  8. I noticed this kind of spikes two time in the past, for one part they were linked to HUD (H key), and for another part they were linked to pitool usage : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/55320-stuttering-in-single-player-research/?do=findComment&comment=875600 But I'm not sure it is still the same situation, both Pitool and the game evolved...
  9. It's working well, even if you'll have to recenter your view after releasing key. Where are you stuck ? I though my documentation was clear anough...
  10. Can you post a track so I can test your idea with my mod and share screenshot ? I won't be able to change thing using plane size but I may use plane distance, it should have same effect.
  11. I may be able to do something with my mod to test this proposition...Of course for SP only because most of server are now blocking injector mod (fortunately).
  12. Play War Thunder in arcade mode. It really provides lot of fun and, as you have icon, you won't have problem with spotting. You will have same problem than IL2 GB with other mode. As you don't care with realism, all WT flaws will not be important for you.
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