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  1. No, it should work as it is...Which graphic setting do you use ? If you select "sharpen" on, then the mod will remove the in game sharpen filter outside the cockpit, if you have "sharpen" off, the mod will use a moded sharpen (that you can set) for cockpit only. I'm currently using the in game sharpen (I find it nicer, finally) , I'll check the mod sharpen when I can.
  2. If you use jsgme or ovgme it's just one mouse clik. And no, I do not know a way to override admin choices for server. They decided to avoid 3dmigoto and reshade on their server, that's their choice. There is no good reason to counter their will. Yes, maybe a convergence issue.
  3. In all cases, you should have the game zooming when pressing the in game key. I discovered that using default mapping is randomly, you should try to remap n the game all zoom key to Left CRTL+NUM key instead Right CTRL + NUM key µJust to remind, the 2.0 version of the mod is to be used for the 4.007, and it do no more unzoom anything. It only change convergence. DEL/INS , HOME/END are to be used to setup convergence for each "in game" zoom level, for view and shadow respectively did you use the 2.0 version ? It fits the 4.007 and allow to fix convergence for 3 "in game" zoom level. You may have to remap zoom key wiht LCRTL instead of RCTRL.
  4. You may have a look here, my mod use the 3dmigoto library. It provides features that works not only for VR (color, icons, ...)
  5. Hello, I did not setup different IPD level for zoom. It's possible but it will makes me change the menu. I will think on it.
  6. .Zip file in first post updated : the documentation includes reference to the includied .py script (no more source to copy/paste) and “motion Features when in Seated mode (experimental)” is no more an option for DCS only.
  7. Sorry, but I did not manage to see any problem in the rack...What should I do ? I tried with HDR option on, and all seems working. If I put 0 as mul factor either for cockpit or external settings, they are black.
  8. I'll have a look, that's strange because I checked setup menu working with HDR, and color change is done by the same shader.
  9. Hello, unfortunately, there is no way to have mod features without the 3dmigoto library. All features are based on shader modification. As some may want to use 3dmigoto or reshade to create spotting cheat, it is fair to allow server admin to protect themself from this.
  10. Thanks, I'll have a look.
  11. New 2.0 version that provide compatibility with 4.007 is available in first post. Please take into account these two points if you are a Pimax user or want ot use the mask feature There is a bug in 3Dmigoto, You must use LCRTL+NUM4 instead of default CRTL+NUM0 for high zoom. By default the zoom convergence is disabled to avoid problems for non Pimax users. You must modify the line "$FixZoomConv = 0.0" to "$FixZoomConv = 1.0" in user_var_initialization.ini in order to modify convergence for view and shadow. Even if I just moved to a Reverb (I did not find time to test it more than 5 mins in IL2 GB !) I will maintain zoom convergence feature of the mod. This version fix some bugs, especially the reflects. Strange, because it worked for others. Which graphics settings are you using ? How did you configure colors ? Did you use all the files provided by the mod ?
  12. I'll have a look. Did you use the IPD function of the mod ? The mod is working with the 4,007 with max zoom. But you should use new in game zoom factor ! So key mapping must be changed and unzoom factor need to be set to 1,0. IDo not use mapping with num0, it won't work for shadow convergence decrease...I will post soon a new version with appropriate ini file. The mod will forbid you to go on server that use "Restrict Injectors" and that's fair.
  13. No it's mine, I did it myself. I can post it, but it needs a saitek quadrant to have all radiator axis mapped, otherwise they will miss to handle the engine. That's strange, they should'nt be modified. Yes, they work also in 2D.
  14. This is not a question of realism, it's just to be on equal terms with users that did not use the mod. I do not want to restart any controversy. If the current game option is still creating problem for VR, please report to the devs.
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