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  1. I did not include it in the 3dmigoto mod because I though that most of people will want to keep the superlight in multiplayer, as for the tracer. But it could be an option for next version if some request it.
  2. Same here, Best VR game I ever tried, maybe the best game I ever played. Even if there are some little problems, the interactions with environment are amazing. Graphics are wonderfull. I played 1 hour and did only encoutered barnacles, so that need to be precised with combat gameplay but if you have VR helmet and controller this game must be tried.
  3. The translation is not very clear. Globally, he said that il will be better to make feedback of consequences of the slip ? But anyway, I'm an ultralight plane pilot, and did never "feel" the slip with my butt. If you do not look the ball or outside to see your trajectory, you do not notice it (except of course when you push your rudder, but in this case this is an acceleration).
  4. Do that in a furball, with some guys chasing you... That's 100% steamVR. Did WMR use steamVR ?
  5. Did you try that ? I found it far far better than my mod rotation.
  6. Well this time I was a flying target...
  7. The problem is the planeset : there is only one French plane...we need at least a two seater and a rotary to be able to fly "French" as other country.
  8. Hello all, For your information, we plan to be on the FC JG5 server this Thursday around 9PM (Paris time). We may be beween 10 to 15 pilots, all French (sorry ), from C6, IRRE and OBT squads. If you join us, we will be pleased to be used as flying target for you (or the opposite ?)
  9. Can you try to suppress the file 7791aed2f6200c14-vs.txt or rename it in ;7791aed2f6200c14-vs.txt in ShaderFixes ?
  10. you can replace the key by thé ones you want. See customization section of first post. Theorically yes, that's an option "hold" to replace by "toggle" in [key] section, but I'm not sure it wont brake something. And you won't be able to go directly from one zoom to another. That's surely easier to handle with things line thrustmaster TARGET, joy2key,...
  11. I'm using only 45° with the "snap view", and did not have so much recenter problem. But I used it mostly in FC planes, maybe there are less head restriction...
  12. The "recenter" trick made me sick, bit not using driver4VR and OV advanced settings with 45°. The key is to use it only when you have turn your head at max. and can not look back more.
  13. 3dmigoto keys are not defined in game interface but in mod user text files. If you did not modify them, they are those described in first post.
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