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  1. I found out IL-2 runs faster without Precision Boost Overdrive than with it enabled. Performance in the Benchmark Thread.
  2. Edit: Regarding GPU test: Il-2 crashes when using DSR from 1080p towards 4K and full screen. For wide-screen it doesn't fit a resolution at all. When not selecting fullscreen it casts the game window way beyond the monitor so you cannot recover the game without editing startup.cfg , nor select any menu anymore. The GPU testing method doesn't work unless you have a real 4K screen available. IL-2 even locks up Windows with using DSR to 4k+fullscreen. Best delete this asap.
  3. @chiliwili69 I have seen 4 to 5 different versions and wrote it off. Please let me know which is the right one, I can't wade through all the threads right now. I'll benchmark it. Do you use Precision Boost Overdrive? Do you use "Game Mode"? Could you post a screenshot from your "Ryzen Master" display please, similar to this one?
  4. Have you differentiated where your bottleneck comes from? I somehow doubt it is the (monster)card, I suspect your frametime drops are CPU induced. That card is like a strongman carrying a basket of milkbags and bagles.
  5. Yeah for the 1fps and probably less stable frametimes, or corrupted data if it goes to far, may not be worth it. My clock now seems stable but I'll start a stress test in the morning and check in the afternoon tomorrow.
  6. Nice, did you OC the base clock on the 5900x? It boosts 100mhz higher on all-core. My single core boost goes up to 4950MHz. What is that in Intel terms, 6GHz? This rig is out of this world
  7. Yeah, I'll get the 6900XT in 2 weeks. I play only VR, and there's no Raytracing in this realm. For Cyberpunk2077 brute force will have to suffice. I got my FCLK to 1900 (anything higher isn't stable) and memory clocks in at 3800-16-16-16-16-32 trfc even at 370. 1.4V DRAM (effectively bounces to 1.422V) is even enough, didn't know these Samsung B-Die kits were so good. I did test them at 4000MHz, work great, but the FCLK doesn't go there. If you use an X570 make sure to note most boards' DIMMs are daisy chained. You'll want 2x16GB, not 4x8GB or you'll nerf your latency.
  8. It could power the reverb G2 if I had it. Europeans don't have it yet:
  9. 5800X, X570 Tomahawk, 2x16GB 3600 CL16 (make sure Dual Rank - or you'll lose up to 10%).
  10. Yeah I've heard of that. I'm glad for you guys down-under that this staff has been broken and you can finally enjoy proper headsets!
  11. It does not matter much, there is enough room for each nose to not be required to be in the center of the headset. Just shift headset to match both eyes and you'll be fine, your nose doesn't need to be fully centered I have a 66-68mm IPD and tried the Reverb G1 with its 64mm. To me, that was usable for 60 minutes - then it increased eye-strain. World scale is off, you will be squinting, and be nauseated when you exit the headset. That is solely because of the mismatch of IPD being too large. You need something in your IPD range, and at 71mm, that could only be the Index. You can max out the IPD slider and bring it up as close as possible to your eyes with the eye-relief function, which will further increase the possible IPD range. I would not mess with image stability and proper alignment. I do not recommend the Pimax headsets anymore since I have received the 8KX. I've had the 8KX since September but just couldn't keep using it. It messes up your vision's stability, it's a real health hazard. They did change the lenses or lens distance to screen from the 5K+, if you read something else, that's simply a lie or wishful thinking of users. As a result, it seems the lenses do not break light to fit the view properly anymore as they'd be supposed to be. I went to the doctor to get measured, I had one eye rotating off to the side after using it for a few hours. He confirmed it by measuring my IPD multiple times and it would fluctuate. I also had the sensation of mismatched eye-rotation when waking up in the morning after playing 2-3 hours in the evening. Repeatedly. Basically, my left eye rotated left, my right eye to the right, and when opening the eyes it would take a while to re-focus. Pimax headsets, especially the latest generation, are hack-jobs. The original 5K+ had its lenses designed just for it - by people not working at Pimax - but Pimax didn't redesign them for the 8KX's different screen sizes, distances, etc. Probably because redesign + retooling is easily north of xxxk, given the size of these lenses. Plus the same high cost range to get an automatic distortion-profile programming per unit after assembly, which they still do not have. I know, I do not assume; they update global distortion profiles via patches, which make it better for some users and worse for others due to assembly tolerances. Now, each HTC, Oculus or Index (and thus also Reverb G2 due to the cooperation) come with individual distortion profiles per individual headset written into their Firmware. Not based on SKU, not based on batch or revision. Individually. So Pimax is a hack-job to me now. They also do not refund, so be aware. I wanted to write the Reviews on G2 vs 8KX by now, but as you guys know, the G2 hasn't even been shipped to Europe yet at all. So it may just become an 8KX review. Addendum, when re-reading this: I know some guys were lucky with theirs. It seems to have been a similar thing in the past - my 5K+ (sn204) was really really good. Other 5K+ owners reported terrible experiences. So there may be some 8KX that are circulating that may be good. The fact that the quality is not assured at all is enough for me to recommend to friends to not getting a Pimax headset.
  12. I've completed my X570 / 5900X setup and I can run IL-2 on ultra / max settings in VR at 90fps 24/7. The bottleneck has been removed. Here's my setup https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/35564379 My 5900X performs at 108% because I tightened the CL timings on my RAM. My RAM is SKU F4-3600C16D-32GTZN and runs on 3600MHz, 14-15-15-15-30 on 1.45V (they are Samsung B-Die). They are Dual Rank (2x16GB), which is important. Infinity Fabric is at 1800MHz (this is important for the CPU to communicate between its Dies. Cancelled unexpectedly by supplier: Today I will receive 4000MHzCL19 SKU F4-4000C19D-32GTZKK and see how it performs with the Infinity Fabric at 2000MHz, and if my 5900X can actually do that, and then with tightened timings.
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