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  1. Thank you Axurit for linking to my thread. Follow the points in my thread for the Pimax, leave nothing out - it may take you 30 minutes once - and you will be able to ID planes starting from 5km distance, like any monitor-player can. The first part is specifically for the 5K+. 😁
  2. I'm sorry man, these guys have been a real rip-off in the past already. Hey, can't you hand it back to the vendor you sold it from?
  3. The 8KX has 2* 3840*2160 = 16,588,800 pixels, with 3 subpixels each. The RTX2080ti, overclocked in the Mad Max universe, barely does that. Even good quality DP cables cannot transport the signal. You can't compress it either (latency). So, with the RTX3080Ti around the corner, there'll soon be a good card to feed this at speed 😁
  4. https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/best-quality-settings-for-steamvr-ive-found/22614
  5. It's okay, it takes a great man to admit such a thing. By the way, I do agree his messages are often very enthusiastic. Remaining sceptic is a good path and saves from the all-encompassing marketing hype nowadays. Nothing but respect for you
  6. blitze, I fear I must get you to stop this now. You are handing out advice by the sheer volume of posts you are giving left and right, which often contradicts itself. I am certain that your intentions are good, but you need to really start asking yourself if you are posting cohesively and structured as well. This is confusing people with false information, and the constant posting of different settings isn't helping anyone. This thread however is too much, and here is why: Guys, do not follow this advice. It can break SteamVR settings, the refreshrate isn't even adapted to your individual HMD, the code is also incomplete, you might be using another version of SteamVR, best case is SteamVR settings will just reset themselves, etc. Also, this is not blitze's idea, but had been posted by some guy on the Pimax forums. Beside not mentioning that, you also didn't mention these settings are specific for (some types of) Pimax' hmds. Also: allowSuperSampleFiltering is a very old setting, has always been there, and it's not responsible for the change. It is nothing new, it has been around for two years. The information that it was new is false. It's referring to Advanced Supersample Filtering in SteamVR's settings. I had tackled that more than a year ago and recommend to switch it off in the sticky thread. P.S. blitze, please don't take this personal, I know of your good intentions. But it's really not helping people, quite the opposite. They'll either have, if lucky, automatically defaulting SteamVR settings after this, or will get constant stuttering and ghosting of 72fps trying to feed their 90Hz panels.
  7. You can alternate the Refresh-rate on the Pimax to 72Hz. The system is more likely to deliver 72fps to the 72Hz refreshrate, than 90fps to 90Hz. The result is that he has no ghosting and a smooth picture while being able to push a higher resolution.
  8. They were that good, hah. Yeah, I just read that you had compiled a list already anyway. For the topic, my post is redundant. However, seeing the guy stating "Flying keeps young" after he jumped out of the 109 at age 96 is kind of heartwarming. The YT comments as well, they're all respectful. That's rare here.
  9. Yeah, I get these points. But I cannot find the comment he allegedly made a claim that the 8K+ had better resolution accuity. So where did he make that false claim? Of course the Reverb has the highest PPI right now, and it may retain that even with the 8KX. But the smaller than even gen-1 FOV is a sacrifice too high for me. That is why I could not keep it. I am certain quite a few people don't mind that though and are happy with it. It has a ton of advantages too, especially since its connector has been fixed.
  10. One of the few still living Aces is Erich Brunotte. Two weeks ago he still flew in a trainer Bf109 G12 at the age of 96. With 33 confirmed victories, and one time shot down himself, he is the longest living Ace of the German Luftwaffe who flew on the western front during '43 to '45. He flew Bf 109, Fw 190 A, then Ta 152 for a short time, and the last plane (his favourite) was the Fw 190 D-9. He received the German Cross in Gold medal for his duty. Maybe that is someone to honor by including him, and that he was awarded the medal? Video of him flying 109.
  11. It actually does give a different result, and it's an issue yet to be solved 😐 I'm afraid that's not something we can do ourselves. People will just keep fighting over it. Dub it the 1080p wars if you will. If you're supersampling "too high" on a VR headset with AV=off, you indeed cut the visibility range of fighters and get back to a bubble. Be it 12km, or 8km. It's a hard bubble not affected by light or weather or background. This is not related to individual spotting skills, or experience, or inability. There's a reason this discussion appeared with totally different points of view - because the view is different depending on device. On that 1080p you may see the aircraft, under good conditions, at 20km. On the 4K monitor it may be a tiny pixel a fourth of the size of the 1080p. On a VR headset that supersamples (VR's AA) over 1.6x it might not appear as a single (sub)pixel at all - the information is simply lost. This is why people will keep fighting, and won't understand each other. Because the difference seems to be in the smallest size of a fighter at range being a pixel of your rendered resolution. It should be 1 pixel for 1080p, and with a multiplier to 4 pixels on a 4K. Same angular size. Doesn't seem to work right now! And a VR headset rendering at 1600p should have it be 3 pixels. Just scale it up the higher the resolution. And stop bashing each other's heads in. Has no purpose, leads to nowhere. Can't convince someone, who has seen something different with his own eyes. There'll be hard fronts and it'll turn into a monkey carussel.
  12. Donald is the boss. Quite literally. 👏😂
  13. The comparison is a long stretch. 4K to 360p. You better compare it to a 4K with a 1440p signal. Even on my 65" 4K LG C8 OLED TV the difference is hardly visible there. The upscaler is so good on it. P.S. They said, no SDE on the 8K+. So do the reviewers who have tested it. The thing will release very soon. I may just go to check it out on VRDays or at MRTV's HQ as soon as he gets the updated version. Risa2000 is notorious for spouting bs. His testing hasn't been reproduced by anyone. I've been in the FOV test and what he says is simply false. He must have done something wrong on the readouts, he himself stated the GetProjectionRaw was bugged. It looks like it is missing canted degrees. I got 10° more both on vertical and on horizontal. Hence, I wouldn't quote the guy.
  14. The new upscaler is interesting. Visit VRDays in November to test the headsets. There's allegedly no visible SDE anymore, and the upscaler works similar to a diffusor, so you can get native anti-aliasing without performance cost. The PPI calculations are wrong Chili, as pixels are derived from the panel resolution, not the signal resolution. Wether the picture will look a bit blurry like an Odyssey+ with higher resolution and increased FOV, is another story. Also, the vertical FOV per eye is higher on the Pimax, it's not merely 103°. You didn't use false values in the past, and this is not a Console war of Nintendo vs Playstation, of Index vs Pimax, I must remind you.😉
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