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  1. When I had the issue with the Pimax it took 2-3 days maximum to be always alright again. If you feel blurry in one eye go see a competent doctor asap. It may be something else.
  2. Guys, it might be that chopo misunderstood. You are talking about full wireless. Maybe he is using a cable?
  3. 1. Not distracting. The Rift S features more blurriness. I believe, what created the sh'tstorm was mostly the overhype by MRTV. Expectations did not match reality. Also, if you have a very clear central picture, and draw the difference to the side of the lenses, the falloff appears more present. Even if the outer lens blurriness is actually lower than on other headsets, it gets more prominent because you need a baseline to compare to. I have also seen this phenomen in the Pimax 8KX. After a few hours you don't notice at all anymore (I'm using mostly 70%SS). 2. IL-2 does not support Eye-Tr
  4. Then I must add to my statement, when turning HUD off it disappears on my system configuration. It's in my signature.
  5. Exactly. It's like War Thunder at Ultra Low Quality. At least in 2017, I haven't logged in there since then. You'd drop all details, and there'd be no bushes for tanks to hide in anymore...
  6. As someone who has trialed both, definitely times better. So much better that you cannot return to the Rift S, after you've tried the Reverb G2. The picture quality is just so different, and given you have acquired a 3080, it's the perfect match to have it lift the weight it can. Contacts visibility is similar as it's defined by the game engine, based on resolution output. We have tested again and again and there is a clear dependency. It's tied to how much you supersample above the native screen resolution. You'll have better contact visibility in the G2. Here is why:
  7. It is very important, as the Uncore Frequency (simple Google search to what it does) runs on half the clock of the RAM. So yours is running at merely 1600MHz now. It's responsible for Ideally, it should be running at 2000MHz, so you'd need 4000MHz RAM - or good 3600MHz RAM of Samsung B-DIE that you can push to 3800 or 4000. Hey mate, these are Single Rank modules, which means you'll lose between 5-10% performance which you could have, in most cases (9 out of 10 B550/X570 boards). Adé to science, horré to feelings! The new science, jk
  8. Yes and yes. But: Part of it is IL-2's engine. Turn off the HUD completely and see if there spikes get lower or disappear. It pings updates and creates those spikes even in my system as long as the HUD is active.
  9. Hey @kissTheSky, first of all congrats to the new headset, that'll be a good choice! However I have to be so blunt, but can you return the PC for a refund? I don't think the 2080super meets minimum requirements for the G2 to have a pleasant experience, I don't know if it can hold a 50% supersampling value of the G2 in IL-2. The CPU is okay, but not able to push 90Hz in ultra in IL-2. Maybe in balanced or high when heavily overclocked(!) with a watercooler, then I'm sure it does well. Other games may run well, but IL 2 and DCS will be problematic. Ultimately it depends on the p
  10. Yeah, I also believe you had a defective unit, because in retrospect I seemed to have had a "defective" Index as well (with unpolished lenses for incredible glare and loose headphones), shoddy built quality. I also had similar problems with the Pimax 8KX, and had to shift it around and had my eyes diverging as a result (fixed itself after I got rid of it). I don't believe you'd want to assume that big manufacturers have better built quality. HP has a history of strongly being a hit or miss company regarding their headsets' built quality. Valve has had a good design but shoddy built
  11. I'd strongly advice against the AMD GPU. I don't think it's a driver problem, but rather a slow RAM/pipeline issue. They would have it fixed by now, but "there's no need" for it. It's only affecting several VR games, but they concentrate on the pancake market. They show off with 16GB but it's not reaching Nvidia's 10GB GDDR6x speedwise if you need ultra short latencies like in VR. It feels as if there is s little misconception here, because you compare supersampling values to another, which you cannot. They are values relative to a headset's distortion setting, not to the s
  12. If you read my first post: The higher the SS, the shorter the spotting range. That is why I recommended a maximum of 1.3 to the physical display. 2160*1.3 = 2808. That's the maximum. For IL-2, best to use 50% to 70% SS for the Reverb G2. It is true that 50% spots further than 70%. It's part of the scaling of IL-2's engine. It's the way it is, unfortunately.
  13. It is achievable, but not at 100% SteamVR SuperSampling. The CPUs that can keep the game at 90fps during all situations in Ultra Preset are: AMD 5600X, 5800X, 5900X, 5950X. No Intel CPU exists currently (February 11th, 2021) that can do it. You need a decent mainboard, X570 or B550, and the correct RAM configuration (3800MHz or 4000MHz, Infinity Cache matched). For the graphicscards, I recommend a minimum of the RTX 3080. It allows you to set the SS to ~60% at Ultra Settings. The RTX 3090 allows you to set the SS to 74% at Ultra Settings.
  14. Very nice throttle @dburne I recommend vJoy with Joystick Gremlin. These allow you to map axis properly as well - you can use 1 detent, for each individual plane. Benefit? You set it up once and don't worry about where combat power is at, anymore. I can easily open the throttle or RPM limiter to the max combat power - without looking at the HUD, or if I don't have a HUD (like on TAW). This way, for example, I have put "Max Combat Power" of the Bf-109 F-4 to my last detent. On the other profiles, I always have put Max Combat Power to the same detent. So ho
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