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  1. FW 190 A8, fantastic! 😁 I can buy TC if the boundaries/rotation/angle stickiness in VR are fixed in the tanks, and also the boundaries in the planes (e.g. in Bf109 forward close to crosshair, Ju88 translational backwards, etc.) I just wish you'd look into further improving VR support via whatever performance adjustment you deem right as well. Even in 2D the AMD users and future Intel users could benefit so much from more optimizations for multicore/-threading. Nag nag nag, I know. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to see the Tiger and glorious KV-1 in action. But now, onwards, SturmjÀger ! ! ! ! 😍
  2. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Request to push for VR improvements

    I hope so
  3. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Vive pro ,toughts after some use.

    Muy bien y mucho suerte por las sesiones proximas 😁
  4. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Request to push for VR improvements

    Among 2D Monitor users it may be a minority, and it was less in '17. But we are a year ahead now. If you regard VR users though - and the tech is for VR - then it's the majority. Those with 7xx and 9xx you mentioned are a minority, and many are waiting for 11xx to get released to upgrade after a year of high prices on GPUs due to the mining boom. That together with the steam survey of '18 I quoted shows that it's not a "tiny minority" now among VR users - quite the opposite. You know just as I do that they're not going to rewrite their engine to support multicore on CPUs. And this tech still halves the calculations on geometry, you need one instance not two, thus also lowering CPU demand. Titles that have included these techs show that. It also allows users to push higher SS. So why spread outdated information? Please take a look at what recent data indicates and consider that before your next post on the issue... Best regards!
  5. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Samsung Odyssey

    Welcome back Kandiru, yes breeding season really occupies everything, doesn't it. Suddenly nothing else is *that* important anymore! πŸ˜‰ I recommend you the Samsung Odyssey (I compared it with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive). One of the biggest advantages - which is rarely mentioned - is the amazing ease of setup of the WMR devices. While I loved the Rift, it was the hardest to set up and keep faith. You can check out my sticky here for settings. By the way, for WMR devices you can turn ASW on or off or to auto here: ....\Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\resources\settings open default.vrsettings with text editor, check out these: // Motion reprojection doubles framerate through motion vector extrapolation // motionvector = force application to always run at half framerate with motion vector reprojection // "motionReprojectionMode" : "motionvector", // "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto", just remove the double-dash in front of "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto", to enable automatic. Removing double dash from "motionReprojectionMode" : "motionvector", forces ASW. While having both with the double dash means ASW is off. In the former cases (auto or motionvector) you may want to deactivate the reprojection methods in SteamVR, while in the latter one (asw off) you want to keep both reprojection methods in SteamVR active.
  6. Hi Beazil, the herementioned copy and paste settings for lefuneste's mod are for Rift or Odyssey users. There need to be different values for each headset, as they demand to be customized. Have you found some working for the Vive so far? I could add some for the Vive, but since I've given my Vive away a while ago, I would not be able to confirm their validity 100% on my own, and thus decided not to post them. πŸ™ I will check later if I find some in lefuneste's thread and include them here as well.
  7. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Request to push for VR improvements

    Thanks for the quality feedback guys, that you gave reasons for whatever you decide is appreciated. By the way, I didn't ask to not buy the next installment - I was hoping you guys would support an ongoing push for implementing APIs which improve the game's quality by posting only 😁. I am sorry if I summoned any other implication than that. May I also add that modelling aircraft and implementing new VR APIs are done by different developers, so we can have both. I am sad to see that not many have decided to post there in favor of such improvements yet, but appreciate those who did. The way of discourse in the thread - ad hominems from random people instead of discussing the topics themselves - I'd rather not comment. The franchise could really use continuous development of its technologies, so it can stand the test of time better, and compete with other Sims. I guess I went there with the wrong expectations... I'll continue watching how the discourse develops, as well as the game. Anyway, thanks for the responses so far! 😎
  8. Hey guys, the current implementation of VR in IL-2 suprised us in early 2017, and the hardware demands were incredibly high. Most pilots here refound their love for IL-2 in VR and cannot imagine playing the game without it anymore. Some people had to upgrade their systems for it, invested into new hardware, some had to change their hardware to adapt to IL-2's terrifingly high CPU requirements. Times move on, and here we are now with technologies available, technologies that could improve performance considerably and let you play on High or Ultra settings at 90 FPS. Among these are Lens Matched Shading, which has recently been integrated into even Oculus' SDK, and Single Pass Stereo. And Single Pass Stereo would solve the undeniable issues IL-2 has in VR on how the engine handles the CPU load. If you have an NVidia card like 74% of the Steam Users playing in VR, or plan to get one, this could almost half the requirement on single core clocks and bring it into line with the monitor version of IL-2. It could make VR playable to Ryzen users as well, those who don't possess a CPU going faster than 4.6GHz, and improve performance considerably for anyone else - so that you can enjoy IL-2 in its real beauty. We could move with time, by asking the developers to check and implement, and at least comment on these technologies. They just announced the third parallel product in development in a devblog. Personally, I'll hold off with any WW1 purchases until VR gets improved. There's lots of room for that. πŸ‘ Once they promise they'll put such APIs, I'll buy their stuff - even if I was not interested in the timeframe. Here is the link to my post Maybe you can help pushing for a better VR implementation. If I was doing that alone, some of the more toxic 2D crowds may bury this quite quickly. Have a heart for progress, for VR, and post. Best regards! Fenris 😁 Sources Hardware Surveys SteamVR Single Pass Stereo Lens Matched Shading
  9. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Good for WW1 jocks, personally, I'm not that much interested in it. They put BoBP into the timeline first, so I expect all ressources to get put towards completing it, as well as improving the current VR implementation - there is terrific headroom for improvement - VRWorks' Lens Matched Shading is part of Oculus' SDK now and could improve performance. And Single Pass Stereo would solve the undeniable issues IL-2 has in VR on how the engine handles the CPU load. It could almost half the requirement on single core clocks and bring it into line with the monitor version of IL-2. Then it could be predicated "fantastic". It could make VR playable to Ryzen users as well, those who don't possess a CPU going faster than 4.6GHz, and improve performance considerably for anyone else. I'd hold off with any WW1 purchases until VR gets improved. There's lots of room for that. πŸ‘
  10. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Oculus new SDK documents LMS tech

    Hmm very interesting indeed. Now if we'd get single pass stereo....
  11. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Tactical Air War

    Have witnessed the bug as well, a squadmate landed on a friendly airfield, and stopped regularly (no damage during sortie) - he got a crashed. Another one was in wrong position he went to finish the mission on our own runway next to me - ditched.
  12. Oculus introduces Nvidia's Lens Matched Shading into their SDK and documents(!) it thoroughly for developers to use. https://www.roadtovr.com/oculus-pc-sdk-adds-nvidia-lens-matched-shading-boost-rendering-performance/ ... If only we could get this for IL-2!
  13. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Tactical Air War

    That was indeed a great sortie. SCG flew 5 of the Ju-52s, one redundant to make sure we capture Ryabinki in one go, albeit one had to return early due to an engine failure. So it was all right. Shame that no individual points are given for such missions
  14. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Tactical Air War

    3/1 ratio? When I was on Sunday afternoon and evening it was 45vs35, and later 40vs40. Thats hardly 3/1. Will get a pic next time. When did you play, European morning? Even right now it's 14vs14.
  15. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    For this it is essential to have the AI being properly able to control the tanks, with no logical mistakes (not that I am aware of any right now). You could have AI tanks riding along / creating immersion on the battlefield, with the players being the hero tanks. That way, by introducing much less German AI tanks to a battle, you can achieve what you wish for - a historical representation of numbers on the battlefield. It would also allow for the Soviet tank lineup to increase their chances during battle. They may get 1 or 2 shots in, or cover more distance, before the Germans can identify the Soviet player group. P.S. Some small customization is a big thing for many people (me included). A module system is already in place. Can we put numbers on tanks (and then aircraft) please?