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  1. You say you don't want to continue, yet post a comparison... For the third and last time, I was talking about the entire package. In VR, not in IL-2 exclusively, 50-60% SS with VRSS 4x, against 100% SS without VRSS, with what the companies bring to most new VR titles: That's 3090 with VRSS vs 6900XT without VRSS, or 3080 with VRSS vs 6800XT without VRSS, both in VR as the Radeons are losing ground inexplicably in VR. There's an up to 30-40% performance difference considering the full stack that I have experienced. Had several GPUs of the new gen too, 5
  2. Well, go ahead try VRSS, and put this into the equation. I also quoted 3090, it's roughly 10 % quicker than the 3080, which you said to be 10% quicker. So adding these things up.... Well, just go ahead and try VRSS. You'll probably be amazed, suddenly running 100% at 90Hz becomes possible. We were talking about two different use cases. I don't talk about IL-2. If you don't mind, please re-read my post. It's clear IL-2 does not support this feature set. I wish it did, then it could benefit massively as well. VRSS works incredibly well on the G2, you can hardly tell. It
  3. I'm not massively exaggerating... Please consider there is a reason: VRSS working in several titles that I play (Pavlov, Boneworks, Half-Life Alyx, etc among the FPS titles) already gives a 20-30% boost and 60% SS looks like 100% SS on the G2. Then the new hotdog is DLSS2.1, Nvidia had the way quicker memory, and my 3090 being 15-20% quicker than 6900xt benches in VR as the baseline to go from. So if we multiply this up to 35-40%, we get massively different performance results in my book And please recognise I'm have 0 brand loyalty. Zero. I go with wh
  4. FYI DCS = compression is only to keep the bandwidth minimal on the cable to stay within DP1.2 specs, doesn't give any performance benefits or smoother picture from what I read. It's loss-less, which is a requirement of the cert for it. The variable rate shading with the wrapper for eye tracking (VRS) requires a forward shade rendering engine. So, no eye tracking according to Nvidia developer section. But VRSS and DLSS 2.1 could be something for IL-2. Either one of these could dramatically improve performance for VR players. P.s. especially since the new Rad
  5. Wow that's a story. I also bought through PayPal (VP2) within 10mins after the link went live on Bestware as I was looking for the 50€ pre-order code, and it also charged instantly. I have received just one E-Mail so far from Bestware. Hoping all went well.
  6. I'd never go back to 2D. The VR experience is just so much better. It's of utmost importance to select the correct VR headset for your start, to avoid frustrations. There are several duds out there which you want to avoid, especially as a beginner. If you decide that you want VR, the best way is to 1) open a new thread here 2) post your computer specifications 3) post the budget for your VR headset 4) the use cases (just IL-2? FPS too? VRChat? Let us know) We're happy to assist / discuss / recommend
  7. It's true. Some weirdos asked for that in 2017, the Devs changed it to be splitscreen, and I've asked a few times to change it to right eye only. However, one time a reason was given "we changed it upon community request to two eyes so that's that now". No idea what to do, repeating it to them won't help much I guess.
  8. For Engelskmaendene svaerd er en sport. De har ikke saebe, som vi har! *Spytterrrr That's all I had i vente!! Slesvig er vores!! Oh and stick to the Reverb G1, the upgrade isn't worth it. Wait for the next weeks when the Vive Pro 2 releases, maybe that'll be an upgrade to go to (albeit with a heavy price tag)
  9. I wouldn't mind getting rid of that terrible software stack either. Just be bolted into SteamVR, all I need by now. Getting tired of being depended on Windows holographic driver updates I didn't ask for, tracking issues, or audio not working as it should in 4/5 cases after starting. I'm also looking forward to the large FOV of the VP2. There's no headset out there but the Pimaxes that can battle the VP2 on that factor... and the Pimaxes lack stereo overlap, have strongly canted displays so you might not even hope to feel presence, and a shibuzelload of other
  10. Indeed. Right now I'm also running 90Hz @45fps with forced MS. I'll attempt to get to 120hz @60fps in the VP2. I checked that already and it's something my GPU can manage. The only issue is having to keep clouds at medium - they are very problematic to VR performance right now. I hope for a cloud update similar to DCS, and a port to Vulkan as well. These things are incredibly important to keep up tech-wise for IL-2, it's one of their main quality of life services in our eyes. We've just had talks about this yesterday in our squadron
  11. Wish we'd get the D-5. 1500HP, larger wings and better armor. No dive breaks (these are for cowards)
  12. Virpil builds extremely fine throttles. They also have extremely fine customer support, honor warranties very forthcomingly, and you support a European business.
  13. Correct, but not just this, it means one also wouldn't look through the sweetspot anymore and have reduced clarity. So that would not make much sense. Personally I'm hoping for a mix between the 8KX and G2. Focusing on the issues (you can find problems with ANY VR headset atm) : The former had atrociously bad colors, no geometrical stability at all, no presence feeling at all, and the latter a very inefficient distortion profile, confined FOV, and both have software stacks straight out of hell. If the VP2 has the G2's colors and blacks, geometrical stability, feeling of presence li
  14. Yes, across both eyes. But as they are not canted, hence each eye has to have 120° as well. This is because physically they don't add more FOV across two viewports unless you tilt them. For example, if we consider the right lens, and they are parallel, we'd just get a higher FOV if we drew the point of reference to measure the angle from to the left of the right viewport, towards center of the nose so to speak, which we can't. Mathematically sound at first sight, but not physically. Were basically describing the trick the Index and Pimax headsets used, which this doesn'
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