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  1. You are using an Oculus Rift CV1 though, correct me if I am wrong. That's the equivalent of a 720p monitor? Of course you'll have issues. The Reverb (G1 or G2) could be an option for you. (I remember you had troubles with LH tracking).
  2. A very good new feature. I've tested it with LH systems (CE, Index) and WMR (Reverb). It reduces perceivable latency. For Pimax it should make the GPU Catalyst in PT261 useable. To increase GPU utilization back to 90-95%. I can only tell about the latter once I have gotten the 8KX.
  3. Ah damn, I thought they had fixed that as well. That is rather annoying. Did you have the black case? Well, best to immediately open a ticket then, or send it back to the seller if you can still return it. I realize I have been incredibly lucky with that 5K+ unit. Good lenses, no distortion, no pixel issues, no cracks, no issues.. I account that to luck by now. Pimax has only one chance with me with the 8KX. If they mess it up, I'll look elsewhere. Got an HP G2 on pre-order as a backup.
  4. The link to the Windows Update is in my sticky thread. So far, often people cannot get that Windows Update by using the inbuilt update function of Windows. You need to do the update manually.
  5. Guys, you need to re-read the post of GW. Fiddlinjim is talking about something else than GW. There is a new mode in v2004 that GW has used. You need to update your windows, pt to 261, and enable the new mode to get a similar result.
  6. You have no idea what you are talking about Trooper117. 😂 One thing you, against all odds, understood correctly is that there's no going back. Didn't sell TrackIR, I still got 2 different sets in a box. So your whole "not forward planning" has missed the point entirely. Your hate against emerging technology - without ever having tried it - sounds as silly as the comments of people that hate EVs, but have never tried one. Or those who hate motocyclists, but never rode a proper bike. 👉 You should not derail the thread trying to divide us into VR vs non-VR player. We are one community. Some are merely expressing their opinion freely, discussing truths about why or why not we'd purchase it. And where people of like-minded interest come together, they talk about it. Easy as that. The scenario looks great.
  7. Hey, certainly meant in good intentions. But as you yourself said, Vorpx is no alternative, please don't let it sound like it would be. Some people might just quote "use Vorpx" without knowing what they're talking about... 😅 Also, my calculation is indeed different. For me time is limited, not money. I got 4-12 hours per week in the evening, depending how the week is. I seek to max quality of my experience per hour. I have averaged slightly less than 6 hours per week in IL-2 since 2017 (taken from my Steam). I have purchased everything twice, some things thrice. So that said, the scenario they have now (North Africa) is really one I like. I will get it as soon as it has VR support. I was hoping for IL-2 GB to go to North Africa as well, it's quite unique and should be great fun too. I continue looking forward to Battle of Normandy, and keep so much hope for DX12 as well. The great content collection this title has come to is en par or more powerful than the modern-scenario competitor S!
  8. Really interesting time-frame, scenario, etc! Love the Desert War. I will definitely get it as soon as it supports virtual reality (don't even have a monitor in front of my cockpit-place anymore).. OpenXR? 😅
  9. Yeah true. Well some have been waiting for a long time so I do understand their feeling. However, moderating a Reddit against the company and keep pushing sh'tposts it's kind of getting old. Pimax had its birth problems. Most startups fail. They are delivering now, got professional manufacturing for the 8KX (and 8K+, Artisan too now) and we'll see how that turns out then. I'm very curious about it.
  10. Update: Just got confirmed that Pimax has automatized optical alignment for the production models of the 8KX before starting batch 1. That'll keep things in line as distortion due to misaligned panels, lenses, unfitting distortion profiles, basically what MRTV experienced with his pre-production model, but what was not there for him during CES2020. It also means he wasn't lying when he or his testers said there was distortion, after the fallout he had with Pimax - his pre-production/prototype-8KX was hand-assembled and didn't get its own distortion profile. It seems I'm within the first 200 upgraders (after 400 backers) that will receive the 8KX in July, so I can probably tell soon enough.
  11. I remember your review, but I disagreed with it. I suspect this is owed to the fact we had different serial numbers of the Pimax units. I might have had a later version too, I don't know what yours was, and I had a larger "sweet spot" (by your definition) in the Pimax 5K+ than in the Index. I A/B compared them. So the point is - we might have had different 5K+ units, so we're both speaking the truth from our experiences. Pimax was barely out of a start-up-phase company and production process changed a lot in a single year. I think I'll have to summarize a comparison of gen 1.5 as well, maybe in July when I got more time. Ironically, the Cosmos Elite with GearVR Lens-Mod turned out to have the sharpest picture, largest sweetspot, best edge-to-edge clarity of all. Lend an Index to A/B compare that again as well (still got it here). I couldn't use the HP Reverb Pro (v1, later v2) properly because of my 69mm IPD and the lack if IPD slider, so even that couldn't compete for my IPD case, and sent it back. Regarding the points made of the G2's shortcomings: The aux port of the G2: If he sits only, that'll be no problem and should not be an issue then. Just pull a second wire. The controllers: I did use Index Controllers with the HP Reverb Pro v2. Also coupled them with a Samsung Odyssey, just for the heck of it. Should be possible with the Reverb G2 as well. @Winger From what I have heard there will be no pre-orders by HP for Europe. US market will get served first, and HP Europe might follow later. There is a store in NL that sells the HP Reverb G2 as a pre-order.
  12. Yeah, Dx11 is from 2009. Dx12 exists since 2014... that may be a problem. I don't know whether it'll work for IL-2 yet, but I'll get Eye-Tracker anyway. There are more titles than this, and the large mass of titles will support it. There are some Pimax backers that are very vocal and had mistaken what it means to kickstart a start-up company for buying a finished product - in 2018. I had a 5K+ Serial No 203 before built in March 2019, which I RMA'd - that was problem-ridden and hair-pulling indeed. The build-quality is much better nowadays, I had received a great 5K+ SN204 built in October 2019, that had no distortion, no cracks, proper alignment of lenses, good fitting. It also had better screens, which didn't waste pixels like the older versions. Hence, a sharper picture even. I had mounted Comfort Kit and Vive DAS to it, and the thing just worked very well, like you'd expect. I've just sold it, expecting the 8KX in July, but I already miss it. Fantastic unit, and the one that made me send back my first Index. It was the unit that convinced me to order 8KX. From what I can tell Pimax have built a proper assembly line now in their own factory on which the 8KX is getting produced, and proper quality control. Excourse: Same story like with Virpil in Belorussia. Their first bases and sticks were problem ridden, basically garage-assembled, the stock for Europe at the home of a guy at the border to Belorussia in Lithuania. I talked with him, I was a first hour customer (and spied on his address via google maps, hence I know lol, didn't trust this unknown company back then!). They have since moved into a proper factory building, a picture of how this thing ramped up can be seen here: https://virpil-controls.eu/news/post/2-years-in-review/ From what you'd call Garage assembly and some forwarder guy importing to the EU at the border and storing boxes in his living room to this. Amazing!
  13. @SCG_motoadve In the video he was using an Oculus Rift CV1 so I shot "you need to get a Pimax". But his (amazing) steering wheel throws reflections of LHs, which is why he can't run LH based headsets, spitfirejoe told me. Understandable, if you google his steering wheel, you'll understand why it's an absolute keeper. Indeed, did have among others the Rift S, 5K+, Index, Cosmos Elite, etc. The resolution bump in the HP Reverb is very noticable over all non-4K headsets. I just could not use the Reverb because my IPD is 69mm. That's too far from Reverb's 64mm - which meant I had distortion and could not position both eyes in the sweet spot. Just one eye at the time, or none. The same observation is true for the Reverb's 4K, which is true for the Pimax wide FOV - there's no going back once you have enjoyed it (4K or wide FOV). You'll never be pleased. That said, for Simmers that have 1) an IPD of 64mm +-1mm, and 2) Reverb G1 ; the Reverb G2 should not have an advantage remotely large enough to spend 700,- on it. The G2 expands the use-case to better roomscale tracking, lighter and longer cable, better controllers, as well as a larger audience due to the IPD slider. The only advantage for Simming should be less mura (if you have that and it disturbs you, if not, forget about it, don't google it if you have no idea what I am talking about) and improved lenses with wider ranging clarity than before. Since I haven't tested this one yet, I'm as smart as you guys are on the G2. No audiojack is an issue. One important thing to add: Please remember, that with MRTV especially, everything new is always "Wow" and "Awesome" or - as heard in these videos again - "Breathtaking". Including the ultra-low-res StarVR, which is almost unusable in most games (including IL-2 or DCS) due to lack of support. Whatever he says regarding the HP Reverb G2 - it will be always "absolutely amazing". If you watch his videos, keep that in mind, especially the Reverb G1 owners, and don't get carried away by the hyperboles.
  14. DX11 is from 2009... Edit to the Edit: Seems like VRS does support DX11 too https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks/graphics/variablerateshading According to Nvidia. Needs RTX 2xxx though. Need to read up on that. Not these weeks though, maybe second half of next month. I'm ordering the Eye-Tracker as well and will give my review of how it works in games then as well, comes the time. They start shipping in July.
  15. That's because FFR was their own makeshift solution, injection in OpenVR or App, don't know. The one we talk about now, for 7Invensun's Eye-Tracking in Pimax 8KX is on driver level and uses VRS provided by DX12 API. So basically all VR games feature it natively. The system is fully fleshed out and stable. The company 7Invensun developed and builds the ET as their core competency. All Nvidia RTX 2xxx cards support VRS (AMD does not, but maybe in the future, they have driver problems). I don't remember right now, is IL-2 on DX12? Should be, right? Has been released 2014.
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