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  1. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Sorry to hear that. Yeah it may be a head shape thing. I wear it like a crown. The weight of the headset isn't on my forehead, but evenly distributed. I use a velour cushion I got from VRCover, I already forgot about the delivered one (which was bad, very true). The Odyssey Plus' is different afaik.
  2. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Where do we stand on Multi-core and DX

    No, I did never say that. Read more carefully.
  3. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Someone asked about the ergonomics of Rift vs Odyssey. Rift's controllers are much better ergonomically than the Odyssey's, but worse in regards to tracking unless you build a full room camera setup with 3 cams mounted to the walls. Above both, I'd prefer gloves! The Odyssey's head-ergonomics are better, because there is not as much pressure on the frontal face - You won't have the scuba diver marks around your face and look like an idiot for almost an hour after a gaming session. The weight doesn't interest me nor do I feel it, but then again I do a lot of sports and have a pretty decent neck. I can be in VR infinitely, I think the max time was 4h so far and I didn't feel a thing. If anyone is more of a couch potato, this may be a more important point though. The little space at the nose to spy through in the Rift can be advantegous to spy for the keyboard - or immersion breaking. Up to you. In the Odyssey you can remove the nose flaps / tuck them back, so you got the choice here according to your own preference.
  4. If you mean the VR thread: FYI that was due to a clean system and better cpu as far as I remember. The game bottlenecks by the cpu first with the benchmark settings we used in that thread - the Gpu being largely irrelevant until you ramp up super sampling.
  5. LukeFF is a tester and has confirmed it has been reported, thank God. Now it's up to the devs to look into the code's variables and fix it. I can't wait to have a more competitive radial Fw190 for '44. Currently, the G14 has so much more oomph under the hood, its engine screams at you if you push the throttle fully forward and no cowls slow you down excessively.
  6. Thank you for the response. Yes, both planes are still early access, hopefully they get fixed. Let's hope for the best (or spam good old Jason! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ )
  7. @LukeFF, does Han know about the difficult thermals of the A8? Do you consider the thermal model too hot, and have the testers reported it to Han? I don't think he is able to read the hundreds of PMs he's getting by the players. ๐Ÿ˜•
  8. Thank you for your work lefuneste and thank you for the heads up. I will adjust the post accordingly - and my own d3dx.ini as well! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘
  9. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Where do we stand on Multi-core and DX

    Mitthrawnruondo: Bullets was talking of adaptive-sync, not g-sync. Both are different methods. He changed his wording after my response. Bullets: I was giving advice in regards to adaptive-sync, based on observation. It's not feasible to give advice based on assumption, we're not Microsoft's support, are we. I hope you can get rid of the micro-stutters as well. I managed to. One more advice: Be more precise in differentiation of the sync methods, so that such misunderstandings don't happen again. I am certain you can figure the rest out all by yourself. Good luck! ๐Ÿ‘
  10. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Tactical Air War

    That's an incredible idea. Signed man!
  11. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Tactical Air War

    You can express your opinion but that doesn't mean that people would agree to it. There may be individuals, that try to "cheat" using transparent wings. But the skill ceiling in IL2 is so high, that such people still remain crappy pilots. An effect like this is so utterly negligible, that it would be ridiculous to sacrifice the immersion squadrons with custom skin sets enjoy - over one or two skill-less foul apples. Hence your direction of opinion "hรผrr dรผrr - block all fun toys!" is false to us. You already did that on your server and that's why we don't play it, and you can enjoy your no skins environment on a gazillion of other servers. Your own server for example, it had good missions iirc.
  12. Do you think it can provide the sensors with enough power? I doubt it. Even good Mainboards' USB slots were overwhelmed, and people had to get separate controllers, me too. Maybe the idea is to feed the next gen with this. It'll be interesting to get to know your results though. On another note: Do you use that monster of a gpu with your Rift or is there a higher resolution headset you got atm? Waiting for the Pimax as well I guess Are you selling the good old 1080ti?
  13. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Where do we stand on Multi-core and DX

    Your "this might not be true" uses a false argument. Here is why: Adaptive sync simply disables gpu-screen synchronization instead of cutting it into half. Which is exactly what I wouldn't want, since it'll lead to artifacts, the stutter of aircrafts that cross perpendicular, and horizon stutter - together with tearing as well - which often means loss of eyes on target over forests and more. All in all, a bad thing.
  14. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Identifying in VR

    The zoom keys remain on a keyboard button. Hence you must use a software to bind a device button to that keyboard button.
  15. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    PIMAX 5K+ Pre-Orders being accepted

    I'll be waiting for the reports by the backers and guys in here. Anybody who ever got into touch with marketing knows how things work, hence I would never trust the influencers on YouTube. Can't wait to hear from you guys however. Please share your experiences once you got the thing working, and be critical in both pros and cons.๐Ÿ‘