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  1. That's cool! I'm using the standard strap, it works fine. I'm putting on G630 headphones - they fixate the headstrap nicely. No balance problems as soon as the headset is on. On the plus side, it has directional sound and violent bass. No VR speaker I have experienced came close, not even bass boosted AKG/ Samsung Odyssey OGs
  2. Yes regarding the settings, as said above, CPU is very important. Alonzo's recommendation will help too Regarding mod: Currently, I'm afraid no - regarding the mod zoom. This zoom convergence is for Rift S. But it is possible, I must put in the Rift's convergences. I may get time to set up a version for the Rift CV1 during the weekend.
  3. Vive is not 110° horizontally though. Similar to the Oculus Rift CV1, it should be around 100° horizontally. Maybe 110° diagonally, I did not measure diagonals.. I've had both. I still got access to a Rift. I will check it on the weekend. Reverb is 114° diagonally btw. Pimax5K+ is 200° diagonally. My point is, that we can't cherry pick FOV declarations, and take the worst result horizontally of one device and compare it to another device's diagonal. Remember please, these values are off. There are quite a few Pimax guys who put 16mm or 20mm Vive cushions on the Pimax and then will have reduced FOV and a harder time getting through the sweet spot. These people will also not appreciate the giant eye box behind that sweet spot. Each to his own I guess, but we cannot take their measurements. Same with people who wear glasses. It's not nice to say, but it warps VR too.
  4. That overview chili. I have 170° horizontally in the Pimax5K+. Why do you write 160°. Do you use a thicker face padding? And why put the diagonal 130° of index there? Then you might as well stick to the 200° diagonal of the Pimax. P.S. I went with the Pimax5K+. I didn't need my engineering degree yet though. I installed PiTool, plugged it in, plugged base station in, and it worked. 😁 IL-2 just needs to fiddle with settings for every headset out there. You can play with shitty settings on Pimax, Reverb or Rift S as well. I would not recommend the Rift S as that would be like driving a Mustang in Frankfurt City. Such a waste of system power. Better go in straight right from the beginning and match it. The Index *headset* is below Pimax5K+ and the Reverb both in specs and price too. The controllers seem to be great but the headset itself seems lackluster tbh.
  5. No need for a full reinstall if you fish out the files and folders from \bin\game. Look at my post above
  6. Yep. You did not delete the older mod before installing the new version. You had been warned (in my post and in lefuneste's) 😉 Now it'll be more difficult, you'll need to walk through your directory and delete the old files manually. Look at the old mod zipfile you had before, and the new one. Delete both accordingly in your game dir. Then reinstall the new version
  7. Yeah it seems they got their stuff ready (Controllers, Headstrap, face cushions) to ship in the second package together with Lighthouses. They seem to be waiting for enough stock of the Lighthouses which are supplied by Valve... who'll only serve them after the release of the Index. Going with the Lighthouses turnt into a PR catastrophe for Pimax in the beginning of the year, because they couldn't deliver them. Valve made their own plans (Index) and broke with HTC who are going inside-out-tracking now. Valve are manufacturing Lighthouses by themselves . No license manufacture of them, you got to go through Valve now - a direct competitor. People might get impatient and buy Index Controllers + LHs directly at Valve, who might look like this now: P.S. This is no silly conspiracy theory, the Valve bottleneck had been mentioned months ago by Pimax members. Wether the decision to go with Valve's Lighthouse system was a good one, at the time nobody knew about the Index, or not at all, is highly debatable. WMR, Oculus, HTC went with their own solution. I'll judge for myself by August.
  8. From original post: // - turn crosshair off/on using Alt-K As historical, there's no other option but this. Also, the crosshair is being shown in both eyes, as historically as well. The only stray from history is that you got binoculars now. I'd rather take away zoom from both VR and 2D-monitor players though, with only shakey binoculars at 2x being available to anyone.
  9. https://www.3dhubs.com/3d-printing/location/seattle-wa/ https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=seattle+3d+printing+service
  10. Oculus wants to saturate the low-end consumer market, which is fine. For the pricepoint, they're selling fantastic products. Just look at the Quest - as long as you can sideload Apps into that, that'll be fantastic. You can stream games from your PC, wireless with a little sideloaded App, as well. For 499,- ? Who else can do that right now?! 😅
  11. Better put the money aside and wait for end of summer. Maybe Pimax will surprise us with the 8KX in autumn, who knows! 🤯 Cosmos comes as well, even though I doubt they'll go higher than 110° and 1440*1600p lcd. If they come with this, it will be a no-brainer to say "nay".
  12. Could be anything. Freezing up, without msg, I'd suspect inadequate cooling
  13. Do you have both? I thought it hadn't released in Poland yet?
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