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  1. The only sufficient reason I can think of is that your IPD is larger than 64mm. At close range, your eyes converge through the sweetspots. At long range, they'll wander out of the sweetspots to the outer side of the lens.
  2. As Brzi_Joe also said, same PiTool I recommended: 253. But I don't recommend you to upgrade the Firmware, as you need to be very experienced for that. No offence intended, just protection from bricking your own headset. Better just stick to the PiTools and use the auto-upgrade of the Firmware, if any. P.S. Well you can do it, but you need to follow the instructions very carefully. Everything is linked to in my spoiler. For Firmware upgrade you need all three things mentioned: The DFUupgrade software, the Firmware itself, and the video by SweViver that explains the process in detail, with the timestamp where it starts. If you brick your headset, you repeat the process from the start (but correctly the next time) and it'll get to life again. But you must be very precise, no mistakes, or need to repeat the process until it gets right. Edit: Removed some German bluntness and made it friendlier to the English recipient 😄
  3. You need to do the research on that yourself and go by your motherboard's manual / manufacturer specifically. It's not the same layout for every MB out there so we cannot help you there. Truth be told: It's mandatory to get done to achieve decent performance in IL-2, so you better not skip it and get to it. Good luck 👍
  4. Update to my previous post: The .258 FW I do not recommend, as I'm getting low gpu utilization using an RTX2080ti, as I cannot use the catalyst setting with it. I've heard GTX1080ti users were fine, you need to see for yourself. For RTX2080ti users I recommend .253, which has good performance: 254(a) has a memory leak, and .258 bad performance (15-20fps less).🤪 Just follow my sticky thread, the update process to the current latest stable and best performing combination is described in there, in the first spoiler - always:
  5. BRD, formerly from Sochi, did make the best pedals and now became a chief engineer at Virpil's. I got his pedals as well, the BRD-F3, they're the absolute best you can get world-wide. I assume the joystick base to be of similar quality. 👍
  6. Highlighted the most important aspect (everything is exactly right, but I want to stress this!). You need to disable the AVX offset or your 4.9GHz boost (or any overclock!) is actually running at ~4.4GHz (what is the standard offset, 5?) as soon as you start IL-2 in VR.
  7. I hope this will be sold solo - no Cosmos-Elite-style deals please. And have a more acceptable FOV (at least 130° like the Index, as I'm spoiled by 200°). Then this can be an Index-style headset that people can upgrade to for 4K - and keep running their SteamVR tracking gear and Controllers.
  8. Gratulation @JG4_Ammi für die herausragende Leistung, ich spreche hier für alle aus unserer Staffel! Wirklich sauber geflogen! 😁👍
  9. The developers are aware of it trust me. There was a change in SteamVR that caused this issue to appear first. They have their hands full at the moment with going HomeOffice, they continue to work in this crisis, please look at the recent devblog. It's very good that you have contacted SteamVR support too. You may want to check out the SteamVR feature "fade to grid" and enable it, then please tell again what the result is.
  10. Have you cleansed your 3 AppData subfolders of PiTool/Pimax folders and the folder found in program files(x86)/pimax/ before installation of the older PiTool version? Also don't ever put any inactivity for turning off HMD screens in SteamVR. It needs to remain entirely disabled. A fresh game installation has helped me in the past, but I doubt it is a game issue. This sounds like something else. Maybe you also have some App popping up (and then quickly hiding away again before you can notice it). Could be anything 😶
  11. I have read reports about input lag and issues with compression. Do you use the VRlink usb-c from your rtx2080ti?
  12. PiTool is half a dozen versions newer, and the Firmware as well. Latest PiTool is .258 https://community.openmr.ai/t/pitool-1-0-1-258-mar-14-2020/26390 and Firmware https://community.openmr.ai/t/5k-serial-203-204-beta-firmwareu/26430 for SN 203 and 204. If your serial number begins with 202 this is not for your 5k+.
  13. Don't know about your GPU, but the version .258 doesn't let me select anything higher than 0 on the Catalyst modifier. So I'm stuck with low FPS on .258, hence I reverted back to .255 and will check out .249 later, that gives a nice performance boost, but must adjust IPD software side as it's an older software when Pimax still had distortions. I agree on .258, graphically the best PiTool to date yet. No flicker on loading. No distortions whatsoever. 3-D overlap feeling incredibly well and real. Increased presence. But that it uses only 70% of my RTX2080ti is something that I cannot accept yet. It needs work in that regard. Let's see what the next PiTool brings. In .249 I was at >95% and +15 to +20FPS in comparison.
  14. If I read only uploadvr I'd actually believe Oculus had the absolute top of the line headsets. Just my recommendation would be to avoid that magazine alltogether, and look at independent magazines like roadtovr instead.
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