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  1. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Oculus tray Tool woes..

    Np. By the way, pressing CTRL+Numpad(1) when in the cockpit after first loadup is what disables ASW (the jittery gunsight picture you experienced). It's an Oculus feature and has its advantages in other scenarios. Yeah I'm also curious about the Pimax5k+ or the 8k. Hoping they can resolve the latter's issues - the bottleneck in signal transmission is the big bummer. If they get this solved and get input:output 1:1, then this headset has the potential to kick the current gens and future one into the n**s 😁
  2. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Oculus - Get rid of SteamVR for good!

    Actual around 20 testruns vs "feelings of myself and others". Can book the latter under confirmation bias. Sure go ahead, try to get it running, for no documented effect at all. Quite the contrary. The minimum fps/ max frametime was always parts of the results - which are the hickups. No difference. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Well, you're free to do as you want. I just wonder, why did I even compare them properly. Wouldn't do that again. πŸ˜‚
  3. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Unable to Enter Full 6DOF, Odyssey

    Aah yea that was it. I sometimes forget about this as well. Must first start WMR, get in, turn around so it recognizes the environment, and 6DOF are activated. And only then start wmr for steamvr + IL 2. Yep. Good you found it by yourself!
  4. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Rift Virtual Desktop

    It had been around since 2016. I have it, don't buy it, saves you money. No purpose on the Oculus Rift. It does not let you access the keyboard ingame through a window. I think it holds some value for Oculus Go users, as it allows them to stream a 2D screen in a virtual theatre to their Go! device, but that's it. P.S. With the native Oculus Home software, you can position screens into your cockpit. You do not need a third party for this.
  5. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Unable to Enter Full 6DOF, Odyssey

    Good advice, hope it helped. If it was another issue: Are you using the application in Steam called "Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR" ? You are not supposed to use "SteamVR", it creates issues with dashboards jumping and loss of tracking. You must use this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/719950/Windows_Mixed_Reality_for_SteamVR/
  6. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    FYI, the higher the Super-Sampling setting, the lower the contrast will appear. Here is why: Object borders will merge with their background, as well as different colours next to each other, even on the same texture - into a more mixed, less contrasted mess, while getting downscaled back to the lower physical display size. Information gets lost this way - expressed in a lower contrast of the picture. Since this is methodically true for any high SS situation, even 3dmigoto mod can hardly mitigate the issue. It can provide much better contrasts for resolutions closer to the native capability of the headset though.
  7. From the package, that CPU does not give you better performance than the old one, because VR IL-2 calls AVX instructions. The i7 9700K has a blocker called "AVX offset" in place. You get better performance if you go into your Motherboard's BIOS. There you must go to the Overclocking section. Make sure to keep the clock at 4.9GHz (native non-AVX boost of this CPU), no need to go higher. Then find the setting called "AVX offset" and put it to 0. Also, find LLC (Load Line calibration), and put it to 2. You do not want to cook your VRM in with spikes in the current. And please do not touch anything else unless you know what you're doing πŸ‘» There's no other option for you to get the performance you bought. Good luck, enjoy it (once done) πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  8. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Oculus - Get rid of SteamVR for good!

    Sorry mate, but this is false. The Oculus environment / Steam environment do not affect performance, they are not layered in the background. I did extensive testing on the performance in regard to this case in ceteris paribus, and proved this. They just stop getting rendered alltogether, they do not exist while you are in a sub-application. There is always only one environment getting rendered at a time. You do not lose a single frame in IL-2, if you keep them running. Evidence you can find in chiliwili69's performancethread in the VR section of the fora, just use the search function on my name in there and dig a bit. The good thing is - you can rest assured, that you can keep the Software as it is without losing performance. πŸ™πŸ˜
  9. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Oculus tray Tool woes..

    As I said in the past, recommend not to use the OTT. It has features like "Set CPU priority high" that make IL-2 run worse, with frametime spikes. Sometimes it borks up the audio switches. It uses PD instead of SS. You complained about performance (frametime spikes) and other issues in the past, yet continue to use OTT. Well.. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ P.S. You are using a SuperSampling equivalent of of 256%, not 160%. Just thought I should let you know, as you said in the past that you had used my settings from the sticky thread. PDΒ² = SS.
  10. You can send this to lefuneste via PM
  11. Oculus has best comfort if you use VRcover's leather-masks, but had to have been the worst HMD from an engineering POV of its generation. The amount of RMAs they allegedly had to go through posed some real questions on what they were doing, and how it affected and still affects their future strategy, and why they replaced some of their engineer leads. Personally, I've had 2 RMAs since its purchase in 2017. I then sold it, and a week after selling it that one went out as well - of course I helped the guy - so 3 complete RMAs since July 2017. And none of them mishandled - 2 times an internal sensor simply gave up, and third time one screen just went out. Only German consumer laws protected me from writing these off already. While the OG Odyssey is like a Russian tank - it just works and works and works. I am personally very curious about the Pimax 5K+. I am waiting for chiliwili's indepth longlasting review on it, he just received his iirc and is a competent VR veteran. If that thing fits well, it may be my next purchase. It's just very difficult to get hands on it to try it out in Europe, there are no vendors I know of.
  12. Thank you for the information chiliwili, appreciated very much!
  13. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Samsung HMD & HMD+?

    FYI, that's not the global slider. You find it under VIDEO, then selecting "manual override". And for the love of all things holy, leave the NvidiaSettings on default. The only value that should deviate from default there is "Power Management Mode". Don't listen to what is repeated by others, even if a dozen folks say the same, it's just an echo chamber. You'd get jumps in tracking, frametime peaks, and other nasty issues, depending on your system. I actually tested this under ceteris paribus. πŸ™πŸ˜‚
  14. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    New HTC Vive Pro Eye

    Hmm. Yeah, I agree. The device is hit or miss in regards to ergonomics, no doubt on that. It's not very adaptable to different head forms.
  15. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    New HTC Vive Pro Eye

    Disagree. Here is why: Odyssey+ has, for the single downside of not fitting every head right away: a) better screens (same resolution, way less SDE) b) better lenses (VivePro has a terribly small sweetspot) c) lower cost (look at the price difference between them) d) lower setup costs (they now copied the WMR setup for the Vive Cosmos HMD) e) better controllers with sticks (they come with the same touch plates and Oculus-style sticks) f) way better, AKG-brand headphones (even with a patched firmware on VivePro) than your overpriced VivePro, objectively speaking. Let's keep the fanboyism out of the consideration on these things. We all aim to get the best bang for our buck. Own decisions of the past should not interfere. I also bought multiple HMDs (Germany has some pretty nice consumer protection, you can test any product for a period of 30-days). I mispurchased as well, in the sense of "I could have gotten a better product for a bit less", like my 4K monitor for €700,-, right before getting VR - it now collects dust. But let's remain totally objective here. That's what these forums are for, so people can find good advice. If you want to defend the VivePro, only go with arguments and examples please. P.S. I see why HTC began copying the Odyssey/WMR-Setup for their new Cosmos HMD. Both points are very true. I want to add, that in order to use any peripheral vision in any HMD, we require good lenses that do not blur the corners - a full-lense sweetspot, so to speak.