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  1. For the 5K+, the Samsung Odyssey Velour Cover by VRCover is mandatory btw. Very soft, and close to the lenses, and clarity as if you pull the Index lenses all close. If you go with the standard cushion or a thick Vive cushion, "you didn't fiddle enough, be advised". The thinner the better.
  2. Yes it does matter. This thread is for best spotting. Not best graphical eye-candy. The procedure is all in the main post.... ....PiTool is only for doing settings once, only to change settings, or for playing Oculus games. PiTool is supposed to be turnt off. You start Steam -> SteamVR -> then start IL-2. You need to keep Steam on, or your game client won't be able to log in. ✌️
  3. That's a tough question. Nvidia's 3080ti with 5% more performance for 30% more money, or the Pimax8KX delayed from summer 2019 to winter 2019 to spring 2020. Goddamnit. How did I get myself into this... πŸ˜‚ Anyway, I'll be happy with the first Gen 2.0 VR headset. I hope so. I'm prepared to fiddle around with it for hours once it arrives, and neither drink nor eat until it works.
  4. That's great @Gomoto, you are running on 141.13%, with multisampling 1 (AA 2x). So you are precisely doing what others have mentioned as well. (That it is quoted as 200% in your SteamVR implies that you are not using the "Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR" App.)
  5. Are you certain? Did you cold-start the Computer afterwards, and replugged HP Reverb? I have read it should work now. This is really odd. Does the 60Hz mode on WMR work for anyone here? If yes, do you have a Reverb?
  6. ipd offset value is disabled in my versions (except for the WMR Odysseys). They are 0. I don't give support to the stock version, you need to ask Lefuneste about that. He has changed his nickname to @c6_lefuneste IPD offset, worldscale switch in-game, are all reasons why the convergence can be off. As soon as you change any of that, you need to find values again. Also, if you have extremely large (larger than 67) or extremely small IPD (smaller than 63) irl, you need to adjust a rest. These are for 65.
  7. Alonzo, testing is spotting at 15km distance, 01:00pm, against the sky (upwards), and against the ground (downwards), compare how 109 (small fighter) is rendered. Spotter knows in which direction 109 is. A/B/A/B. Results are dramatically different depending on game settings. Pimax has better colors, and can adjust color channels and brightness and backlight brightness individually. In Rift S, there is not enough contrast without HDR enabled and the picture is too dull, so much it affects spotting.
  8. Adjust IPD in-game. There is a function to adjust world size. πŸ‘
  9. That's interesting. Motoadve wanted to run the reverb on 60hz but had distortions. Can you tell us your Windows version (is it 1908?) And the version of your graphics drivers please ? What steamvr version do you use? You might be able to help @SCG_motoadve
  10. The type of person you play "Catch me if you can" with.
  11. Hey, the 5K XR is as "old" as the 5K+. It has OLED panels on a pentile matrix with 2 subpixels (instead of 3 like on the 5k+), hence higher SDE than 5k+. I haven't seen it claiming to eleminate SDE entirely, that's what the Samsung Odyssey+ does. If it does claim that anywhere, it's BS. Save your money and best look at 8K+ (release in 3 weeks, to Christian New Year) or 8KX (release March '20) instead. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  12. I can't tell either. It seems to be it has no effect.
  13. It had no effect on any previous driver. I will install the new Nvidia driver and test it now. Brb.
  14. Thank you for the mention, and this giveaway too! 😁 Mine is "Die Ersten und die Letzten" by Adolf Galland, English title "The First and the Last". It's a fantastic book about his experience in WW2 that gives good insight in what it was like to deal with both the Nazis stomping down on High Command of the Luftwaffe, as a fighter pilot trying to protect his own country, and the conflicts that ensued. It's probably one of the most immersive ones and I recommend it to everyone who has not read it yet. I already have all of the planes, but a friend of mine is from a nation that struggles economically, so his purchasing power parity is in the basement - hence I'd like to gift it to him if I win anything. I'd like to take the Lucky 7, for either Battle of Bodenplatte, Battle of Kuban, or the old but charming "auntie" Ju-52, like the Germans like to call her.
  15. If there'd be a minimum player method that checks if playercount >= 10 on both teams, then airfield can switch hands, that'd be great.
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