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  1. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle

    I see. Thanks for the information guys πŸ‘
  2. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle

    Does this throttle come with a thumbstick? I remember it was said to have one, but can't find that in the reviews... I would like to have a stick like that, so that I can later use it in Star Citizen as well.
  3. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Ah, I misread that. Thank you lefunste πŸ™πŸ˜€
  4. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Please also continue to update this thread with your new versions. This mod is an essential fix for VR in MP that otherwise just comes with a low in-game 1.5 dizzy-zoom-in effect. Big disadvantage compared to 2d players on their screens.and you equalized it πŸ‘
  5. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Fw 190A8 cooling

    The game doesn't have the code to use ray tracing right now, what are you talking about?
  6. FYI, you might want to know that you will be able to ID people at 5km and more just like normal monitor players can, if you utilize lefuneste's 3dmigoto mod. In the Rift. Thanks for the reviews on the Pimaxes guys! It's really interesting. I'd be most interested in how much easier it becomes to look over your shoulder like this.
  7. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Bwahahah this deserves another quote πŸ˜‚
  8. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Roger the Dodger?
  9. I have noticed that the A8 needs more than just +25% on the A5. You forgot heat and dissipation. The thing doesn't cool off properly, which makes matters worse.
  10. The "update" is the newly updated d3dx.ini copy & paste to the new update of the 3dmigoto mod by lefuneste, version 9.1 that also fixes the cloudflicker antialiasing issue. πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  11. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Fw 190A8 cooling

    That is sad to hear. Who does the FMs? Maybe it would be proper to translate the bug report into Russian and send it/post it there? I could do that, but I'd need directions to the bug report itself.
  12. Someone made a bug report about it. But I cannot find it. Have the devs deleted it or how does it work? Currently there seem to be only two proper modi operandi of the A8 which are reliable without overheating cylinderheads: Cruise flight infinitely at 75% throttle, cowls fully open. This gives 1 minute extra time when going into combat. While in combat, for 10 minutes, 100% Throttle + Boost active + cowls half open/open enough to keep the indicated oil temperature under 90Β°C. Flying in combat without the boost means that the cylinderhead temp, which isn't indicated in the cockpit, gets too hot too quickly. The engine then only relies on you flying quick enough at any time - to provide a proper airflow. Hence classical Combat Power (80-86%) or not-boosted Emergency Power (87-99%) yield way less time than 10 minutes in practice. At least that is my experience by now. Flying that way let me avoid busting my engine by accident. I hope they fix the thing soon, it has become one of my favourite aircrafts.
  13. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    Fw 190A8 cooling

    Are there any news on this? Do they intend to fix it? Thanks for finding out and clarification on the A8's issue! πŸ‘
  14. SCG_Fenris_Wolf

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    You're lying about me @Otto_bann Here is why: You clearly refer to me, since I am contesting the polls' validity. However, last time I have partaken in this thread was 2 weeks ago. I never mentioned anything on a poll, neither positive nor negative. And regarding GPS I said exactly the same, that I say now. Go check the link. How poetic for an ad hominem. Seems salty. I called for the thread to get cleaned up from you and the other guy and your flaming off-topic discussion before. How about you partake in the discussion via proper reasoning, argumentation and example? I am sure the people here would appreciate an end to this toxicity. I certainly would.