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So you went and bought too many peripherals...


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Il-2 supports up to 8 devices. It's possible to exceed that limit, either because you have multiple vjoy devices, have racing gear attached in addition to your flight hardware, or maybe you just went a little wild building your home cockpit. This is a short guide to fixing that problem.


If You Only Need to Hide Devices from Il-2:


Download devreorder. This is a wrapper around directinput that lets you control which devices are visible to a program, and in what order. Extract it and copy the 64 bit version of dinput8.dll to ...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game\ . Copy devreorder.ini to ...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\ .


Open devreorder.ini in your favorite text editor. We're going to tell this dll what devices to allow.


Run DeviceLister.exe and copy the entire contents to underneath the [visible] header in the ini file. Now:


* Delete any devices you don't want Il-2 to see. Racing gear, unused controllers, vjoy devices for other games.

* Edit each line to contain either the unquoted name of the device, or the UUID (if it does not have a unique name). For example, here is mine:


; Vjoy #1 and #2. These devices have the same name, so I identify them by UUID, and I comment them, so I can remember what they are later.
Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
; arduino bb
Logitech Dual Action
 VKB-Sim Gladiator K 
TWCS Throttle
LEFT VPC Throttle MT-50CM3

Now we're almost done, but we need to clean out the old devices.txt. I've had problems when I just deleted unwanted lines, so my current process is as follows:


* Make a backup of ...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input\ , then delete the original.


* Launch Il-2, then exit. This will re-create the entire input\ directory. Open devices.txt and verify that only the expected devices are present.


* Copy current.actions, current.responses, and current.map from your backup to the new input directory.


* Open both the old and the new devices.txt in your favorite text editor. In the new version, rearrange and renumber lines so that devices keep their old numbers. For example, if my throttle was previously number 5, I would move that line to the 6th position in the file, and adjust the device number accordingly.


* Make sure every nonempty line in the new file is terminated by |, except for the last line, which has no terminator.


* Don't forget when you buy a new device that you'll need to add it to devreorder.ini, too.


Now save and relaunch. If you've done everything right, Il-2 should see only the devices you specifically enumerated, and your existing devices should have retained their numbers, meaning that you won't even need to rebind everything.


If You Want to Use More Than Eight Devices With Il-2:


This is trickier. Basically, you want to use vjoy and joystick gremlin to pack multiple physical devices into one virtual devices. For example, if your throttle has four axes, and your rudder pedals have three, you can use Joystick Gremlin's remap functionality to map all seven of those axes to the axes of a single virtual device, and also map the buttons to this device. You can then follow the instructions above to hide both physical devices, letting Il-2 see only the vjoy device.


I haven't actually used this technique with Great Battles, but I've found it invaluable for 1946 and CloD, which have four and six device limits, respectively.



(@Brizzly, I believe this is relevant to you).

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