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  1. I'm kinda waiting on the next gen GPUs to come out, whenever that will be. Maybe they will make big strides in VR performance.
  2. I'd be dead in about 30 minutes I think one of the coolest things when we play these sims is you have to take a moment to stop and realize "someone really did this" and give all these pilots our respect and gratitude.
  3. This looks amazing guys! Making flight sim dreams come true here well done. Buildings rendered further out should help the bombers out!
  4. Whenever I'm stressed out and want to escape I head down to my basement, fire up my PC, load up IL-2 in VR in my sim cockpit, turn on the Buttkicker, put on the headphones and just zone out free flying around. The feeling is unmatched in any game I've ever played.
  5. I'm in the same boat! Right now I have 3 x 27" monitors (from 2011) for mainly racing games, but for flight simming I really only use one due to 3 screens on my favorite sims eat too many fps. With VR becoming the norm going forward I'd love to get rid of the 3 screens and go with one really nice screen. I think if you have a beefy new video card gsync or freesync is a must to provide much smoother gaming...but I don't really know much about them either. Following this thread!
  6. It's crazy how all the forecasts and predictions change. I didn't think it was possible for a Hurricane to just stop moving like it has. Very interesting!
  7. What a great time to be a sim fan! So cool seeing all these great late war planes coming into this sim! iRacing's new build comes out next week too, VR is mind blowing, fun times indeed for all simmers everywhere. No sure how some of you folks can complain and nitpick. Points for someone to post a Spinal Tap meme for the boost not "going to 11"
  8. Looks promising, but I'm still going to be skeptical until we get more info.
  9. I hope they keep it ww2 as well! But I totally get the appeal of Korea and the possible crossing over into the jet market. Just like Flying Corps crossed into Rise of Flight and WW1 market and a Tank Crew crossed into the Tank Combat market.
  10. I think they'll go with whatever will bring in the most sales next. I'm thinking Korea too since it has the most crossover appeal potential in the flight sim community. Unless they have other marketing data to say otherwise. Mig-15 and F-86 will appeal to both US and Russian markets. Early jets along with high performance piston engine aircraft which will appeal to both the IL-2 Great Battles market (us) and the DCS market. True DCS has these planes already...but no actual historical map to fly them on and no other support craft from the era so if IL2 team goes here they will smoke them I hope they go Pacific...but will that really increase sales? I don't think Russians are that into the Pacific war, and no jets to appeal to DCS folks. Korea or some other early jet scenario seems like a cool idea that hasn't really been touched since Mig Alley?
  11. And here I thought my work was cool for putting Guitar Hero in the breakroom 10 years ago haha...
  12. Yes please update! These are so easy to just tape to my monitors for quick reference!
  13. Some big ticket items we're been wanting for years in this dev update awesome!
  14. awesome work! I'll play it when it's done keep at it!
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