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  1. I think this is going to be cool thanks! Playing the AA tanks and trucks is my favorite thing to do in Warthunder I'm excited to get a more realistic and in depth version of this.
  2. Very cool it's about time this sim gets some mainstream gaming press love. I'm sure over the next couple years we'll see some trickle down from MSFS2020 folks looking for something a bit more hardcore and that can blow stuff up.
  3. You hit it Hoots that's all we want. Those old games we grew up playing with better graphics and more people playing online together. Loved the mission structure in those games. Yeah I know they make X Wing Upgrade and mods now but I want a game that's easy to install and play that's modern that has all that old school feel. Not sure I'm gonna get that with this new game but worth a shot in VR on sale for me.
  4. My guess the lower price is for a very short single play campaign...I'm not expecting much. Battlefront 2 had a very short campaign too. Do we know how many "maps" will ship with the game for multiplayer? I'm guessing there aren't too many. I'll hold out till this game is on sale.
  5. Will this program every be fully integrated into the game? Or will it always be a separate download? I've been waiting for it to be fully built into the game before I try. I thought I remember Jason saying something about that an update or two ago when it was first released.
  6. Thanks for your hard work on this Team. I'm going to hold judgement until I can see it in person, on my own screen for myself and not on some video. I trust that it's better like you and the testers have said. Excited for the next update! It really is crazy how fast you guys crank out these updates to stuff.
  7. Maybe they are just dots to reserve that space in the thread for a later post. Teaser look at Air Marshall? It has to be something different from normal dev updates. I'm excited. The cryptic marketing is working.
  8. Gimme gimme gimme I need, I need.
  9. iRacing does have AI now, but honestly I don't think it's worth the price and subscription for just playing offline right now. It's only worth it if you like playing online against other real people. I'd get one of the other Steam racers for $30-$60 and have at it. I think the Dirt Rally games are good in VR too check out Dirt Rally 2.
  10. I've been on iRacing since the beginning, great sim and my favorite. If you like Nascar this is the one to get. Your rig is pretty beefy you could probably run it in VR good. If you want something a little more casual check out Project Cars 2 or 3 or Accetto Corisca,
  11. Someone needs to make a mod of that Honeycomb throttle with WW2 style balls on the top of the throttles then that thing would look good!
  12. I've come from a Saitek X-45> Saitek X-52> Saitek X-52 Pro> VKB Fat Black Mamba III and each stick has gotten better than the last.
  13. I have about 350GB left on a 1TB SDD on my PC build from last Spring. Loaded up with all the latest sims. I'm sure I'll have MSFS2020 on there, plus years and years of add ons so I want to install MSFS2020 on a new SDD I ordered which should be arriving later this week. Anything special I have to do to prepare the 2nd SSD? I've always been a 1 hard drive kinda guy on my computers, just to keep things simple. I just point MSFS2020 to install to the SSD and away I go? I plan on getting the Steam version.
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