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  1. I think I own everything content wise but I'd love to gift a copy of Bodenplatte to my brother. So I'll take a copy of BoP I think he'd dig the planeset. Thank you! I don't think he's registered or made an account yet on the IL2 website he doesn't own any version of the sim yet.
  2. Wow those props look nice.
  3. Looks like a cross between an F-22 and F-35 cool
  4. It's pretty crazy they can get away with releasing those as the monthly update. Like really? That's all you've done in 1 month? No screenshots, videos, nothing? And how much money have you raised and spent? Imagine if IL-2 and Jason and the gang had 5% of that budget what they could do. Sad.
  5. Was this really what was in the Squadron 42 monthly email that just came out? I think I just deleted it haha. There is never anything super exciting in them or anything. Our IL2 weekly Dev Blogs blow their monthly emails out of the water. SC is fascinating however, I love reading about it good and bad...haven't touched it in years since I bought the cheapest ship way back in 2013 for $30.
  6. My final answer is Afterburner. *This is correct. I loved the arcade cockpit of Afterburner in the late 80s and early 90s. So much fun.
  7. As long as my Rift S still works with IL2 I don't care. Maybe I'll look at upgrading next gen VR. Love mine still.
  8. - What was my favorite air combat arcade game in an actual coin-op arcade? Name the title. Afterburner?
  9. Wow this looks cool! The cutaway of the carrier looks great.
  10. Very cool seeing some real pilots chime in here and say this is a difference maker. I agree. I've done that same thing before Syphen...and I have to relaunch the game because it feels dead to me you're right.
  11. Are there any real pilot accounts of wake turbulence in any of the old books? I would imagine German fighters diving into formations of 100s of bombers there's be some turbulence diving on those formations.
  12. I'm looking to build something simple out of some wood to sit my Obutto Ozone cockpit on top of, so I can do exactly as you have pictured and mount my VKB stick with an extension I have to the "floor" of the wooden cockpit bottom. Then just like you said remove the stick and boom, it's time to go racing! Adding some "walls" to the sides would be nice as well to mount my throttles and button boxes better.
  13. It's very early on. My guess is early 2022.
  14. Anyone try IL-2 yet with a 3060 or 3060ti yet? Curious how those run in VR. When more are available I might get one or a 3070 and try overclocking my cpu for the first time.
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