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  1. I'm thinking of an upgrade this year too. Looking forward to what you choose...with a little less budget than you Curious how the new round of GPUs and CPUs will perform with IL2 and DCS compared to this gen.
  2. kestrel79

    DCS news

    Any good recommended graphics setting guides since the merged DCS version came out? I must have something set too high.
  3. kestrel79

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Thanks for the info! It will have to be another time gotta be on the road by then sorry!
  4. kestrel79

    Great interview by Frooglesim

    Great interview! Anything to get the word out about this great sim. Seriously any time I fly anything else it doesn't feel right to me. They just nailed the feeling of flying in this sim love it keep up the great work.
  5. kestrel79

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    How long will this mission take? I'm off of work tomorrow and might be able to swing it before my band plays. Haven't flown online in ages might be fun to take up a bomber.
  6. 1 from Jason's post. It's not necessary to check the full screen box if you are running at the native resolution. I'll do whatever you guys think is best.
  7. kestrel79

    DCS news

    Fired up DCS for the first time in a long time yesterday now that I got my flight config back up on my Obutto. Took the F-86 for a spin...coming from IL2 wow holy touchy controls and jaggy graphics/chugging fps. I know I have an old system but was expecting a little bit smoother on the stock map. Any tips to get some decent fps and joystick curves? DCS always looks so pretty in videos and screenshots but not on my system.
  8. I tried turning Full Screen mode off to help. The launcher says it offers an increase in fps but this post says not to. Interesting.
  9. kestrel79

    Flying a warbird? Checked off my list!

    Very cool! I'd love to do this...but I think I would get sick. I would love to just fly in one, don't need to do any crazy stuff. Just want to fly.
  10. kestrel79

    EA digs the battlefield V grave just a little deeper

    I've been playing the beta and it has some things I really like compared to the last couple Battlefield games: Time to kill is better. Sure it's not Squad or Post Scriptum one shot and you're dead, but I was able to wipe a 3 person squad with one clip and take them down in 3-5 shot bursts last night when I flanked them and I am by no means a good shot on ps4. I was never able to do that in Battlefield 1 I'd die reloading. Ammo/Health is more scarce. I like that you start with way less ammo. It forces you to scrounge a bit or hit up a supply station or a squad mate or collect from a dead body before going into the next cap zone. I like the building function too. I was in a squad last night where we built up our cap zone and were able to defend it against people attacking it was pretty fun. I will agree the costumes are really out there. It doesn't feel like ww2 to me. I really hope the final version of the game allows for complete customization so we can all make our characters look more realistic. Hopefully others go the same route and we will have less people running around with German Support class camo masks on their faces...face paint...prosthetic limbs...too many female soldiers... I'm hoping all that kind of stuff is pretty rare in the released game and it's easy to make your solider look a bit more normal. Or will they give us random looking people? I guess we'll find out. I do think it's kind of cool they are going to cities and battles that are less known. I think I read one of the expansions will take place in Greece. This was one of the main reasons I loved the original IL2 so much was that being from the US we didn't really cover the Eastern Front in History class in much detail. So I was obsessed with this whole new part of the war I knew nothing about and still am
  11. kestrel79

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    Thanks for the X-Plane tips. So Ultra Weather is the best add on for weather in X-Plane? I know there are a few other ones like Skymaxx and xEnviro right? Which do you recommend? I would love to just get the OrthoXP stuff just for Wisconsin if possible. Love flying over my home state and it looks pretty boring in stock X-Plane. Is that possible?
  12. kestrel79

    What was the coolest German aircraft concept...

    I've seen a few photos of chopped off fuselage/bubble top 109s that look sweet. Wonder if those were ever made or prototyped or are they just fantasy?
  13. kestrel79

    MultiMonitor and GUI issue

    I'm a triple screen gamer as well, looking forward to these features but I think VR became the priority over this over a year ago. Hopefully it sees some changes coming up but I'm not sure either if this has been implemented yet.
  14. kestrel79

    What size monitor do you run?

    27" x 3 monitors. I only go triple screens for iRacing though, my PC isn't fast enough to run all the sims and games I like to play on 3 screens at a high enough fps at the moment. I think once I go VR down the road, I'll sell off my 3 screens and get 1 larger gaming centric screen for games and web browsing, then use VR for sims.
  15. kestrel79

    2080 TI ?

    I'll wait to see how they perform with the games and sims we all like to play. IL2, X-Plane, DCS, Post Scriptum. If it's not worth the price think I'll splurge for a 1080TI at hopefully a reduced cost as to what they are now. Or wait for AMD's next gen to come out, I've always had AMD cards and am kind of scared of switching brands because I'm so comfortable with all the settings compared to learning something completely new. But it might be time to switch because Nvidia seems to be the standard these days and great for sims for years now.