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  1. I already have a Buttkicker. Right now that's all I have. I might try this out with just the Buttkicker and see how I like it first before diving in. So I would need to buy a $7 usb soundcard and download a license for the SimShaker Wings?
  2. Would it be overkill to have a Buttkicker and a seat? Thanks for all the info exactly what I needed. If anyone has links to more seats let’s see them!
  3. kestrel79

    What to buy?

    What do I all need to buy to utilize this new feature in IL-2? I'm kinda confused. Looks like I need to buy a license for Simshaker correct? What are my options for buying one of those force feedback chair pads in the US? Some links would be helpful and recommendations I know a bunch of you guys have some of these already by the looks of it I'm interested. I currently have a Buttkicker 2 mounted below my Obutto cockpit seat. What is needed to get that working in IL-2? Right now it's just going off the bass in the sound engine which is nice, but I'd really like to utilize this new software. It would be cool if someone could make a guide so all this info is easily available. If there's a thread already that has this info I apologize. Thanks for the help!
  4. Thanks for the update? Can anyone recommend some Sim Shakers that are compatible? I'd love to purchase one for my cockpit.
  5. Anyone know where I get a new cable for the Buttkicker 2 that connects to the headphones? The one that came with mine is pretty crackly I just discovered unless I rotate it to just the right position. I thought maybe it died last night when I fired it up for the first time in a few months, it's just the cable. Once I turned it a little bit it was fine but lots of crackling until I got it just right. Not sure if this thing is a pretty generic cable I can get online or something custom.
  6. Usually January is pretty sparse for updates. I want to say it's from Orthodox Christmas and another holiday over in Russia that's in January. I'm sure we'll get an update when the team comes back. A big update would be awesome. I really like how DCS did theirs. Kind showing what is all in the works for 2020 and beyond.
  7. I've noticed you reallly got to crank your torso around to check six in VR. Which is realistic...but man it's a workout. I might have to stretch before I sit in my Obutto.
  8. I tried playing with the in-game IPD adjustment and couldn't notice and difference as I slid it up and down. Is there a particular good situation I can setup that helps set this? Parked on the ground? In the air? Next to another plane?
  9. Nice! Would this work with the Obutto Ozone and a VKB stick?
  10. After many months off, I'm back. Wife and I had a baby. Finally getting some sim time back. Some What have I missed with VR in relation to the Rift S? Do I need the latest NVIDIA drivers? Is there a newer version of Open Composite? I downloaded the installer way back but never installed it. What's the latest version, any good videos on setting it up? I would love to rid myself of SteamVR. Do I still need to open the Oculus app to play IL2? Or is there a way to turn it off or bypass it? What about play without turning the controllers on? Don't really need them in IL2 that always annoyed me. Any other tips or in game settings that are new since June? Thanks for the help all! I know it's hard to believe but I haven't flown the P-51 or P-38 yet. That was a treat. My headphone volume seems much lower than before...is that the new sound engine or is it some setting in game? Seems way quieter. Before I had super loud engines and guns. Now they seemed more balanced with the rest of the game. Or I'm deaf.
  11. First time playing in a few months...wife and I had a baby. Slowing getting back into sim stuff. The sound seems quiet to me. This game used to be the louded game I owned, engines and guns were just roaring I loved it. Now they seem pretty quiet in game. New sound engine or one of my audio settings in Windows? Everything else seems normal volume. Forgot how awesome VR is. *UPDATE* Flew with no VR just to remap some controls...the sound seemed better. Must be some setting with my VR headset and headphones causing issues. Still with a little less bass that I remember. Anyone use the Windows 10 Spacial Sound setting? Windows Sonic?
  12. I’m excited for it. We’ll finally be able to fly over our smaller hometowns and have good scenery without payware or downloads. Looking forward to Wisconsin looking like Wisconsin in a flight sim and not rural Iowa.
  13. So they have the Normandy Map, and now a Channel Map? Don't those two cover the same ground in a few places? You'd think they'd spread it out a bit, or make a map for the planes they have in game. This seems odd to me...but it does look very nice.
  14. Congrats! I'll be looking for you on FlightTracker24 high above over Wisconsin.
  15. Not gonna complain about a free map. Looks good, and it's islands so should have good fps. Looks like fun I'm pumped! Lots of good stuff coming to DCS in 2020 I just got their email update.
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