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  1. kestrel79

    TrackIR Tuning

    Is there anything we have to do to fix this for TrackIR? Or is it automatically on in the latest patch?
  2. kestrel79

    P47 - Flight Instructions

    Very cool! Never seen these I'll check them out. I also saw on my Netflix there's a P-47 show with lots of old footage I'll have to check out.
  3. kestrel79

    Tank Controls Request

    Found this out the hard way. Don't delete your flight controls in the tank controls tab, as it will get rid of them when you are flying.
  4. kestrel79

    Project cars 2 in VR

    How does PC2 compare to iRacing in VR? Good to see a fellow flight simmer who also sim races
  5. P-47 is awesome! Thank you for making my favorite plane of all-time in such detail. I just sat on the ground at idle moving all 6 (yes I have them all mapped) of my CH Throttle Quad levers and seeing all the cool cowls and shutters open and close. No other sim had all of these working I love it! Feels alive to me. So much fun thanks!
  6. kestrel79

    Advice for making Youtube videos.

    Dumb question...how do I start recording a track? All I like to do is record me flying from the phone and post to social media little clips of fun stuff like takeoffs and landings, kills. Nothing fancy but in this game I can't turn the recorder on. What is the default key or what's it called in the keyboard bindings? I might have turned it off.
  7. kestrel79

    about the rain effect

    Hey it could be worse...we could have Warthunder's raindrop effect. Looks like you're about to hit lightspeed in the Falcon. I think it looks pretty good and in time I'm sure it will be tweaked and improved.
  8. kestrel79

    My ownership badges aren’t showing in forum

    Green like Tank colors? Army? Idk. Testing to see my badges
  9. kestrel79

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Glad some posted the Spinal Tap gif. All this talk about dials and gauges going to 1.98 or 11 haha love it!
  10. kestrel79

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Sweet fancy Moses what a great update. Little bit of everything. Looking forward to the new vehicle damage model and of course the P-47!
  11. kestrel79

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    Feedback given! Keep up the great work.
  12. kestrel79

    DD today?

    We get K4 skin screenshots this Friday, and the update comes next week after the sale ends. Boom. That's my guess.
  13. kestrel79

    A Thought on Pricing

    I've never once complained about the price of a flight sim compared to other "games". Guys we're such a small genre in gaming...even sims for that matter. The fact they are making such a high quality game for us with constant updates and improvements in a timely fashion and very close to schedule is nothing short of a miracle. It's so worth the price! I'll always support this dev team. Keep up the great work. Insert "shut up and take my money meme here"
  14. Still using the beastly Logitech z5500 surround speakers for movies. But I like good headphones for flying on PC.
  15. I have one of my hat switches on my joystick and throttle for snap views. They can come in handy even with TrackIR. Joystick hat up is zoom to gunsight, hat down is a quick check six. Throttle hat back is a check gauges snap I think it's "." by default on the numpad.