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  1. Pretty pumped about this but they have always had limited quantities. But it's good to see VKB and Virpil duking it out, competition is good!
  2. Good to hear Jason awesome news. I've posted about the new stuff on the iRacing forums. A few of the devs are big fans of IL-2 in VR too! I recently saw Froogle did some videos too on Youtube more good exposure!
  3. Purchased BoN and the 3 collector planes. Now go and use my $125 on making the best flight sim better! Great plane set looking forward to flying all of these.
  4. Really liking the plane set wow! Map looks good too. Western Front is very popular so I'm glad they are sticking with it hopefully will get more attention and eyes on this great sim
  5. I like it. No update this week. 2 collector planes on sale next week Weds just in time for Black Friday...along with new theater update? Fingers crossed.
  6. Haha thought I was the only one. It's freezing in my basement and sitting still in my cockpit for a few hours makes your feet freeze. My wife got me really thick slipper socks last couple years for Christmas and they are amazing! Sometimes I'll even just wear a flight suit downstairs I got at the EAA flymart 10 years ago to keep extra warm down there too. It's almost like adult footie pajamas.
  7. I'm hoping every plane can get the spit treatment now in the sound dept. Sounds really good.
  8. New Spit sounds are tasty.
  9. What's the history behind the blue and pink paint jobs on the photo recon planes? I love that look, just don't know the reason behind it. Blend with the sky better? Separate them from fighters that were armed? The blue spit has to be the prettiest shade of blue I've seen. I want a car in that color
  10. I play both flying and racing sims and the sim racing market has all of these custom shops popping up the last few years by fans making their own high end equipment like pedals, shifters, button boxes, and direct drive wheels. It always amazes why no one comes up with a new ffb stick for flight sims in a similar fashion. Small batches, high end, high price tag I'm sure some of us would buy a modern ffb stick. Is the market just too small compared to racing sims?
  11. DDs are Fridays, Game Updates are usually Tues or Weds. Was really hoping for today maybe tomorrow but it's all good it will get here when it does.
  12. We've been getting the updates on Tuesdays for the last couple hoping that's the same today!
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