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  1. So Open Composite and the OTT is the way to go with Rift S? No need for Oculus home or SteamVR then right?
  2. How do I get the Oculus firmware updates? Think I'm still on the older version of Rift Software. Do I need the latest W10 to get the Oculus firmware updates? I have been through all the menus I can't see where the manual update install is located. Or does it automatically update? I'm having some slower performance in IL2 as well...maybe it has to do with the SteamVR update. The first weekend I got my Rift S just flying around Kuban quick mission I was getting 60-80fps, only dipped to 40 on occasion. Then the last week or two doing the same missions I've been locked in the 40-60 range. I haven't made any changes in SteamVR or Oculus Home as far as I can remember.
  3. So doing the above made the ring go away...but then on next startup it is back again. Grrr. Just make it a checkbox Steam come on.
  4. Very good questions Banzai I am wondering the same thing as a new Rift S user. I really need to download the OTT the stock Oculus Home thing sucks if I just want to fire up IL2.
  5. Looks great team! Me-262, VR, motion sim, goin for the kill at Flightsim Expo I love it. Show them civil sim geeks how it's done!
  6. Ooo this worked. Blue ring gone. Now it's asking me to setup my playspace again...if I do that this isn't going to bring it back right?
  7. I've had a weekend to hop in a couple planes and do some quick missions in IL2. Still blown away by VR and the feeling of really being in the cockpit and feeling of flight. It's completely game changing and I can't wait to try it out in some other sims. Wish this came out 10 years ago Now I have way less time to play with a baby on the way due next month but hey I'll still try to fly when I can. Here's some comments on the Rift S and some stuff I still need help tweaking or figuring out how to do: 1) How do I turn off the controllers? I don't really need them in IL-2, so I don't want to waste their battery when flying...is there a way to turn them off or do they automatically or go in some sort of standby power saving mode when not used for a while? I tried taking the battery out but get a warning pop up mid game saying the headset can't be used without the controllers plugged in. 2) Graphic settings in SteamVR and the Oculus software. Where are these adjustments? I keep reading on this board about super sampling, pixel density, different resolutions, ASW 2.0...where are all these settings in both interfaces and how do I adjust them? Or are you guys adjusting stuff in the Nvidia graphics panel? I looked a few times and having a hard time finding them. 3) The stock built in halo head band sound isn't that good like everyone has said. I was able to dig out an old pair of Sennheiser over the ear headphones that fit over the halo band so I'll probably use these from now on. My only problem is it's yet another big cable attached to my head, how are you guys dealing with VR cable management? Do you Velcro zip tie some slack so you can freely move and check six easily? I don't want to put any stress on the wires how is everyone dealing with this? 4) Still can't get rid of that blue ring. What's the easiest way to turn this off in SteamVR? 5) My Nvidia 2060 has a USB-C port, I'd love to use this are there any adapters out yet for the Rift S that go Display Port / USB 3.0 to USB-C? I bought one off Amazon that said it was "Oculus Ready" but it has an HDMI...must of been for the old Rift I was so sad when I found that out. I have 3 monitors and I hate having to unplug one to use the Rift S, would much rather keep all 3 plugged in and put the Rift S on the USB-C port. 6) Might be my smaller sized head but the cushioned part of the forehead pad doesn't really touch my forehead when I have the headset on and tightened. So the plastic part rubs against my forehead and is uncomfortable over time. When I make sure the front and back pads are on my head properly, the headset display is too low and is out of focus for me to see clearly so I have to move it up again to get it in the sweet spot, but then it starts rubbing my head again. Am I just putting the thing on wrong or do I have a weird shaped head? I'll keep messing with it. Get VR it's a game changer wow. Totally worth it! I get goosebumps every time I take off, or close the canopy down and feel claustrophobic. It's sooo cool.
  8. Flew my first ever VR flight last night in a 109. I think I sat in the cockpit for about 15 minutes just looking around. Easily the best gaming experience I've ever had. It's crazy how different everything looks in 3d! Like the tube where the flares shoot out, I finally noticed that. How cool the gunsight looks. The feeling of claustrophobia when you put the canopy down...WOW. And I didn't even start the engine yet! Taxiing out was cool, leaning out around the prop, but wow once I took off and got in the air it was just an unreal experience. Lasted about 30 minutes of easy flying so I didn't get too sick. Just felt a little drunk kinda when I was done like I had a few beers haha. Everything ran pretty smooth in a quick flight on Balanced Graphics settings. I need to read through the VR guides to get tweaking and figure out how to get rid of the blue circle thing.
  9. Yeah what is that 3dmigoto mod? Is it required? What happens if I don't use it? Yeah I'm def going to ease into this to not get sick haha. I'll make sure to run through that thread tonight or over the weekend.
  10. Mine is arriving later today. It will be my first VR experience. I'll have my puke bucket standing by I don't have the Steam version of IL2...I still need SteamVR installed right? I do have Steam for other games, just not IL2. Talon nice video man! That's what I'm talking about, that looks unreal and very clear.
  11. I got the same setup as dburne. Warthog Throttle plus CH Throttle Quad mounted on the left side of my Obutto. Every axis is used on planes like the P-47. Throttle, Prop, Turbo, Mixture, Cowls, Oil Rads, Water Rads You can never have enough!
  12. Just bought one today. Should get here in a few days. I don't expect killer performance with a 2060...but should be fun to mess around with until I upgrade.
  13. Have fun! Wish I could go. VR sim rigs along with the motion platforms looks like insane fun. You guys will once again steal the show from all the civ sim folks I love it.
  14. I'd love to figure this one out too. It seems no matter how much you turn off the inertia, the camera still seems floaty compared to Warthunder or DCS external camera inertia.
  15. Excited to hear your guys reports on the S. I have $350 in Amazon gift cards waiting at home to spend on something
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