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  1. Love learning more about the desert theater of WW2 thanks! Playing IL2 got me into the Eastern Front 20 some years ago, wish there were more desert campaign games to do the same. Now we have one!
  2. Most of us on these boards, the hardcore flight simmers know these two sims both say IL2 in the title but are completely different games and engines. But I could see how it could be confusing for the common gamer lurking on Steam to think they are all one product when you see the IL2 title and logo. But hey it is what it is, both are fun to play and cover different parts of the war get em and play them both they compliment each other! Support our small niche genre.
  3. My favorite plane of all time, and now there's 2 of them in game thank you! Looking forward to the next update.
  4. Looking forward to what A2A is cooking up for FS2020, they have to be working on something. Those graphics with an updated Accusim should make it pretty fun. Anyone in the Alpha can they fly over Wisconsin for me? Is it generic tiles and textures or is it legit I can spot my house like in the screenshots of the bigger cities we have seen. Yeah yeah I know NDA maybe just a simple yes or no?
  5. Is the patch easy to install? I think I have XWA off steam years ago...would love to play it again.
  6. I know it won't happen but I'd like a return to X-Wing / TIE Fighter gameplay like the above posters crave. They tried to give that feeling in some of the Battlefront 2 single player space missions, but were still way more arcade than those games were.
  7. CloD always had the best looking damage model...still looks good nice work!
  8. I played Turn and Burn No Fly Zone quite a bit. Missions were a bit repetitive but good game. Also for SNES F-15E Strike Eagle, and the M1A1 Abrams game with similar gameplay.
  9. Would love to see a P-47 or Hurri
  10. Great work team, love you guys cranking out updates all the time!
  11. How many buttons will these have? Or are they just throttle axis? The more buttons the better!
  12. Very nice I'm very interested! I've been wanting throttles like this for a long time with the balls on the end like the real WW2 stuff. That P-47 one looks amazing! What's the size on these?
  13. I think I get my P-47 free from the Kickstarter as well. I think I got the 3 plane package and went with the 109, 190, and P-47. The Channel Map looks great wow.
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