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  1. I use my button box dials on bomb and rocket salvo changes, gunsight settings.
  2. Nice work as usual! I really dug that Flying Circus video.
  3. I haven't used it in IL2 yet, only with iRacing but it was very easy. I plugged the little USB soundcard into a USB port on the back of my PC, and plugged in the Buttkicker into the green jack on back. My headphones are still plugged into my onboard sound on my motherboard. Then in iRacing in the sound settings I tell the game to look for the USB Soundcard for Shaker effects, and it works. Very simple. IL2 may be a little different cause you need to configure the Simshaker effects outside of the game.
  4. I got my Obutto Ozone in simracing mode right now, so no flight stuff is hooked up. But I just got the Buttkicker working in iRacing's new built in support and it works great! I used the $7 USB soundcard that was recommended on here to run the Buttkicker on and it's worked great so far. When I get sick of racing and ready to switch back to flying I'll hook it up with Andre's software and take it for a spin.
  5. Check to make sure you don't have anything else binded to that on your stick and throttle. There may be a controller conflict. If theres a little orange square next to the function that means it serves another controller binding. Also make sure your difficulty options are correct and complex engine management is on.
  6. Very exciting stuff! Thanks for yet another awesome update.
  7. I got myself that lil $7 USB soundcard a few others recommended on here. Going to use that as my secondary audio device to get my Buttkicker working with the Shaker software. Anyone use a DAC to boost their headphone volume? Any recommendations for one to use with some Sennheiser Game Zero headphones and mic?
  8. Watching a few of these videos maybe my scale is correct. The levers, balls, and knobs are smaller in real life than I assume they are. You can see in that Weeks video his hand if completely covering the Spit throttle. Way smaller than my Warthog one I use at home.
  9. Wow great stuff nice work! I want all this stuff but already have a couple button boxes, I don't want to run out of USB ports or too many game controllers IL2 can't detect all of them. I just checked my Aiologs sequential shifter works great as a gear up/down lever
  10. Looking forward to the C-47. Will pay whatever to get her flyable
  11. Is there any sort of reference in game so you know the cockpit looks the correct scale? Watching videos online, ww2 fighter cockpits are smaller than we think...but still I think my scale seems slightly too small maybe? The throttles and balls on the levers look a bit too small perhaps I'm not sure. Any good way to measure in game in VR?
  12. Yes get these added to the main game! I love the training missions in DCS, IL2 sorely needs them.
  13. Flying Circus is my go to for people when they come over to try out flying in VR. Easier planes, less controls. Very easy to get up and the air flying with friends and family showing them the awesomeness of VR.
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