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Since we already know BoN is coming, any ideas for where the next DLC will be set?


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On 5/26/2021 at 8:07 PM, Redwo1f said:

Hmmmm, if they play it right (and looking at the Finnish side), could they not do a Winter War (as a full DLC), and allow for a Battle Of France  (using Normandy Map) as a smaller mini-expansion/add-on later? I think that could work aircraft wise (depending).


Anything for the conflicts Finland was involved in would surely provide a more varied plane set especially starting with the winter war, a more varied landscape also, as a further bonus many of the types could also be utilised by mission/campaign builders on the Normandy map if they were made such as the Blenheim, Gladiator, MS-406 and Fokker DXXI amongst others, to top things off you could use the Finnish types either bought from foreign suppliers or their German allies to make up the shortfall for any aircraft needed for the Blue side. besides that many of the types still absent from the Red side could also find their way in, SB2, IL-4 , I-153, early Lagg versions, a win from all angles as far as I am concerned and would allow some unique types a place in the sim as well instead of the steady stream of super planes and also fill those gaps for the maps we already have.:drinks:


Next up for me could be Italy, so far we only have one Italian aircraft so if some of their early aircraft made it into a Finland scenario then later versions could be added to the Italy D.L.C to give lovers of those types something to shout about.


Sorry to say a late war Europe has no interest for me personally, Bodenplatte and Normandy between them have added enough of the types for late in the war so it is just more of the same that we already have.


As for the Pacific, that I think will only come with a new game engine separate from what we have, a module dealing specifically with that theme, sad as that may be for many I feel it is the truth, another game to add to your hard drive.


Take care and be safe.


Wishing you all the very best, Pete.:biggrin:

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I don't care what the next DLC is I won't buy it until they fix the stuff they already have out.  Cranking out planes that don't work correctly does not appeal to me.

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Only thing that has my interest so far would be New Guinea or Phillipines. But like Nazgul, until they're fixing the mechanics that are in the current game, I more than likely will keep my wallet closed.

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