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3000$ worth of il-2 copies giveaway


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JD_LincsUK - BoN


thanks very much for the generous gesture!


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I have all the expansions, but I would like to help my dad get back into flying.


Brain_Freeze + BoB


Thank you for the amazing donation. It is such a good way of supporting the development and helping out the player base. Hats off to you good sir.S!


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2 hours ago, Reckoner_ said:

Reckoner_ + BoN


3000$ through all 2020?! That's crazy genearus of you! Thanks!

Gotta give back to the community 

met a lot of great people 

dev team and Jason so cooperative although they have a lot on their plate 

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MadKerbal + BoBP


Wow, seems every time I look at the forum there is another giveaway, I've never seen such a giving community.



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