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3000$ worth of il-2 copies giveaway


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Some real nice folks in this community. I think this is the third or fourth giveaway by different members within the community in as many weeks.


Very nice gesture The Doctor - I hope good luck comes your way in 2020.


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Got them all. I just feel a need to say:

This is very generous of you. 

All I can say is that people you gift to seems never to forget it, you will be remembered a long time in gratitude

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CSW_FMF_Tommy544 + BoN


Thanks a lot, very generous of you :)

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Niiranen-VR + BoN


I tip my hat in credit to your offer 👍

And I'll give you my hand in thanx for the present 🤝

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3 hours ago, The-Doctor said:

Hello guys


as a support for this great team i’ll start my giveaway “campaign” which will continue through 2020 till i achieve the number 3000$ 


i’ll start with 2 copies of BoN and 1 copy of BoBP



1- people already have the demanded copy shouldn’t participate to let the others have fun 

2- to request a certain copy please do it in this form 


[squadron tag] ID + the Game name [Bon or BoBP]

3- one copy per winner 


4- it will be a fare draw 



see ya in the skies 


this draw will last for 48 hours 

it will end Thursday 10 PM , Mecca , Moscow time 


wish you best of luck 


heltaskelter + Bon


Thank you kind sir! 

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19// Moach + BoBP



May The Force be with you :salute:

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