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  1. do you have a website ? and to me the desktop stand is vital . i hope you also provide chair stands
  2. not you , and don't worry even people that missed i'll try to contact them
  3. editing the post is enough my friend no worries
  4. 😂 nah i’m a doctor excuse my english it’s not my mother tongue
  5. Thanks . You don’t have to re enter your name
  6. winners announced see the main post congrats to the winners, hard luck to anyone who didn't win this draw ,, we will be back for February draw , 27th February ... forgot to mention all the copies will be premium "collector planes included"
  7. Gotta give back to the community met a lot of great people dev team and Jason so cooperative although they have a lot on their plate
  8. Hello guys as a support for this great team i’ll start my giveaway “campaign” which will continue through 2020 till i achieve the number 3000$ i’ll start with 2 copies of BoN and 1 copy of BoBP rules : 1- people already have the demanded copy shouldn’t participate to let the others have fun 2- to request a certain copy please do it in this form [squadron tag] ID + the Package name [Bon or BoBP] 3- one copy per winner 4- it will be a fare draw . 5- no need to comment again for other months all the names in the comments has been listed for upcoming draws except for the winners some copies will be premium "collector planes included" wish you best of luck. #January winners 1- kendo - BoN Premium 2- =RS=Revell - BoN Premium 3- digma - BoBP Premium #February winners 1- 6FG_Moonbeam + Bon 2- Voidhunger + BON 3- Kataphrakt + BoBP #March Winners 1- Riksen + BoN 2- Jazz33 + BoN 3- 6./JG52_Krupinski-W + BoBp #April Winners : "sorry for the delay , working situations , 1- BadBud - BoN 2- fiddlinjim + BON 3- seeadler1 #May winners : 1- 6FG_Trondomer 2- G_Schwarz + BoN 3- Avimimus + BoBP #June winners 1- MissSimplicity + BoN 2- =ABr=BR_Pacco + BoN 3- austinx25123 + BoBP #July winners "Shout out to our friend zerogoose for contributing with discount coupons" 1- Lombra + BoN 2- Reggie_Mental + BoN 3- MLSK + BoBP #August Giveaway delayed to next month very important note : some of you lost their chance just in this month "may" draw due to incorrect name or squadron tag , i tried my best finding a way around it by adding or deleting sq tag , but the names were incorrect , please make sure that it's your exact info as a doctor and fellow human being : Stay safe , maintain social distancing as much as you can and wash you hands ,
  9. Thanks man i’ll give it a shot really appreciate your time replying
  10. if you mean god rays , no the god rays i'm familiar with it it's a VR problem but i'm taking about a light bluish haze in the map e.g in DCS World i didn't notice the haze unlike il-2 it's clear
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