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  1. had to buy the base , apparently th T-50CM doesn't work with the warthog base
  2. hello guys i just got my brand new mongoos T-50 cm2 from virpil i used on a thrustmaster warthog base , but it didn't word as every other hotas i used "plug and play" in windows device manager i have the following error / The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) There are no compatible drivers for this device. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.\ tried to update it but no driver was found any help would be appreciated
  3. Here you are thanks for replying Missions.rar
  4. hello guys I have a problem with PWCG missions , the loading when the loading bar is full the game crashes , tried to change the campaign and planes but it didn't solve the problem pc specs: i7 8700k 4.6 Ghz 1080 ti 32 Gb RAM
  5. I use valve index VR with very high end equipment, after the update i’ve been looking for a fix for the FPS hit , it’s not the sharpness only my FPS reached 34-35 FPS not more than that in MP servers totally unplayable
  6. Anybody using valve had a massive FPS hit after the last update specially in MP servers ? my FPS reached 35 !!!
  7. Sadly the hit my FPS took was serious specially in BoBP map + clouds Moscow map - cloud = 54 FPS used to be 80-90 Moscow map + clouds = 45 FPS Used to be 70-80 fps BOBP + clouds = 35-44 FPS BOBP map - clouds = 45 FPS BoBP map : playing induces sweating around the eyes which is indicator of eyes straining so clearly there is something wrong in VR optimization in this update Specifications : VR: Valve index intel core i7-8700k Overclocked 4.6Ghz nvidia 1080ti 11GB ram: DDR4 32Gb 3200Mhz Overclocked steam VR settings VR refresh rate : 144mhz application resolution in VR = 130% video = 100% Nvidia panel settinga Set to apply High performance
  8. Yes sir Ultra sharpen ticked HDR unticked 4K ticked The only thing i noticed in the update is the light bluish haze only when it’s cloudy
  9. Sure - Water-cooled core i7 8700k overclocked to 4.6Ghz - nvidia Msi GTX 1080 ti - 32GB DDR4 , 3200 Mhz in an empty or not very busy servers i get 70 FPS in wings of liberty or combat box 45-50 FPS with 144Mhz refresh rate i used to get from 80-90 FPS before the last update + there was no blue haze
  10. Any preset for valve index VR ? i’m having trouble with the blue haze In horizon + the 3migito zoom convergence
  11. It’s easier than you think , personally i fly MP solo and i pick up any other solo plane in my line of sight and form up on it it usually end him saving me or the opposite
  12. i agree totally/post scriptum/squad like comms are successful 100%
  13. Let us not forget blue nosed bastards of bodney planes skin it looks awesome
  14. the problem i have is the strengthened gun site appears to be on the left eye only , how can i fix this ?
  15. Is the gunsight problem related to 3dMigito mod so i can uninstall it temporarily? Or is is it a bug
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