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6th Fighter Group - Join Us Now !


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Hello everyone !

Welcome to the 6th Fighter Group !


Our community is growing up and we are still recruiting pilots !


Take a look at the information if you want to learn about the squadron :


- Who can join the squadron ?
  Everyone can, from the rookies to the confirmed pilots. This is an international squadron.  We just want "mature" pilots.


- What kind of squadron is it ?
  The 6FG is a serious squadron. We try to be coordinated during flights, bombing, escorting and ground attacking missions. And, to be

  coordinated during these missions, you will learn our tactics, to handle different types of planes and learn their characteristics and more...


- What is the squadron time zone ?

  Majority of squad members are in EU time zone.


- In which side do you regularly fly ? And which pack(s) do you play ?
  We Allied side as well as Axis side. We play to all packs. From Moscow to Bodenplatte (Except Flying Circus and Tank Crew).


- Will I be enforced to buy an extension pack ?
  Absolutely not ! We never will never enforce you to buy any extension packs. However, if on servers your planes are not available,

  you will not be able to join us.


- If I am a beginner on IL-2 GB or more generally on a flight sim, would I be accepted ?
  Yes ! However, you will need an instructor to teach you the basical manoeuevers of planes, and how to fly correctly.


- What is the official language of the squadron ?
  English is the official language. It will be better to communicate between us.


- How can I join the squadron ?
  Here is a link of our Discord channel : https://discord.gg/RXJaReSxgQ
  You just have to join it, and send a message in the section "letter-of-application" explain your motivation to join our squadron,

  then, we will proceed to your "evaluation" and next, your training.


- What kind of missions do you carry out on servers ?
  Escorting, bombing, ground attack, reconnaissance (hunting) are our main missions we carry out.


- If I am a black sheep who don't care about my wingmen and want to shoot down every ennemies I see in the sky, what will happen ?
  So, at this point, we are not interested by good pilots at shooting ! If this is you, we are not interested. We don't evaluate pilots by shooting! We want pilots who care about their

  wingmen. We win a missions together, NOT alone!


- Do you provide a skin ?
  Yes we do !


If you're interested in joining this squadron. Fell free to stop by out discord for a chat and maybe a "test flight".


We are waiting for you !


Moonbeam, executive secretary of the 6th FG.


Here you can see our squadron Teaser :


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Adding new trailer of the 6th Fighter Group
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19 hours ago, Keko_ said:

Welcome to the virtual skies 6th FG   :good:


On 7/28/2019 at 5:00 PM, SCG_Riksen said:

Nice! Congrats with the group and looking forward to seeing you guys in the skies!


Thank you guys !

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love the intro movie! I see you're in France, do you have friendly hours for your pilots on the other side of the Pond?

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1 hour ago, Benti said:

Hey Guys, are you flying on TAW as well? :)

Hi Benti, Yes we fly on TAW !  However, most of the people who joined us are used to fly with GPS on the map, so I will make a training session next week-end I guess...

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This is the first IL2 squad I've joined since I was more tempted as it's a young squad and so far I haven't been disappointed. 

We do fighter patrol missions and ground attack/escort mixed up with dueling sessions and training sessions. @6FG_Kordd is a top instructor and the squad is willing to help anyone in any field which they want to improve in be it Dogfighting, formation flying, Navigating without GPS.

In one word, these guys are awsome !

My screenshots flying with the 6Th FG ;)








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I'm glad I found you! The sorties are a lot of joy and it is for me the right mix between fun and seriousness.
And even if you have problems you can just ask and get help. I'm really looking forward for more. I have also a few pictures from one of our last flights. This time in a Heinkel 😄





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334th S  6FG !


334th is looking for Co op squadrons/Groups   to organize events and squadron matches  in future.



334th CO

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A few shots from our last flights :) I hope you enjoy!


Shark power!!!!


Not to forget this beauty...



But we also had fun with this brawny comrade.















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Some pictures from our last flight yesterday on combat box. Our mission was to destroy the enemy supply convoy For this we flew Fw 190 A5 equipped with a 500 kg bomb.



The convoy was already at the shore line and the aa guns started to fire at us


We dived and Boooom... the first explosion...


...quickly followed by the second!




Return to home after finished work 😄


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Since there were sadly some incidents were our old squadskin was mistaken with one of the defaults we decided to make a new skin.

I hope you like brandnew P-51 skin as we do :)This is our new flight leader skin 😄




And here comes the wingman!





There is also a mission report that might interest you 😄 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/3892-post-your-screenshots-vids-here/?do=findComment&comment=929474


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