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  1. Thanks mate ! <Salute>
  2. https://www.mediafire.com/view/tdmu1i1vpjqpp9z/BF109F-4_BMW.dds/file
  3. Major Ben Preston http://www.mediafire.com/file/b1enrdppo0rcnnz/P40E1_Major_Ben_Preston.dds/file Feedback Welcome
  4. Does anyone know how to actually work with an alpha channel in photoshop ? I cant figure out how to get the alpha channel working. When I go to channels and click on the alpha, it just changes the whole template to red
  5. Defensive maneuvering in the Mig-3, ACM, and trying to keep the 6o'clock bandit out of plane. How a few mm can save you by trying to think ahead and with the right split second decision moves. Not to mention that some luck was probably involved
  6. Hi. Does anyone please know which font is best to use for replicating the russian fonts for numbers ?
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