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  1. Well i can try to do it again, but i recently did one while i was trying all those negative maneoeuvers
  2. After seeing many people doing crazy negative gs manoeuver i've been looking at Tacview to be sure if it was just me or there was a real problem, and i saw that i was easily able to reach -6g without any issues or even a bit of redout. That shouldnt be possible when you know that a typical human can barely hold -2 to -3 g. And you can see on this Tacview from the G graph that i've been doing it multiple times in a row for roughly one minutes.And many people use this kind of issue at their advantages (i think even everyone without realizing that's impossible).
  3. Hi i'm currently flying with some friends on WoL but we are looking for an EU Squadron to fly with more mates and to learn so can someone recommand us a squadron? Thx
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