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Persistent Dogfight Competition Ladders

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Hello aviators,


We are providing persistent PvP ladders of the most iconic flight sims like IL2 via our website: SA-SIM.COM.


When you join a ladder, you can start challenging people above you and whenever you win a fight, you climb up the ladder. People below you can also challenge you, too.

Once a match has been accepted, both players or both teams can agree on a day and time to play their match. One done, they submit and validate the score via the website, the ladder processes it automatically. Ladders can run non-stop and what we do at SA-SIM is granting ranking points on a monthly basis, which allows us to run a ranking system for each sim.

We have been doing this for years for DCS and started recently with BMS. We hope to do the same for IL2 too!


A ladder is a good way to compete at your own pace. You can also put your account on leave when you are on holiday or away, then reactivate once you are back and ready to rock and roll again.
This flexibility is not possible in regular community events. The ladder format allows it.
Our support team is available on a daily basis and will help you set up your account be it personal or for your team if you are representing a virtual squadron.
We can create any type of ladder, 1v1, 2v2 , TvT... you name it.

Our ranking system keeps track of all results and converts them into ranking points on a monthly basis.
We have an "All-Time Hall of Fame" for each sim to give kudos to the very best players and teams.


Our website: https://sa-sim.com/

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/Rz77eFj

Our IL2 1v1 Ladder: https://sa-sim.com/tournament/il2-1v1-unrestricted/


We are open to discussion with IL2 veterans, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know here.

To register to the website, you can either get in touch with me on Discord (see link above) or PM me your email address so I can create and activate an account for you.



The SA Team











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On 7/17/2019 at 7:41 PM, =gRiJ=ToReRo said:


I think it's an excellent initiative to activate the tournaments


Hello ToReRo, thank you for the positive feedback.

I had received your application to register and sent you your login details via both email and Discord. Not sure you got them since I haven't seen on the IL2 ladder yet.
I can send them to you again if needed so you can access your account.
Happy flying.


Just a quick heads up guys: the IL2 1v1 Battle of Stalingrad ladder is underway and we have had already a few interesting fights. 
We have also added a few rules to clarify the scope of the ladder and how the 1v1 fights go, here it is:


Players can choose any of the fighters available out of the box:
- LaGG-3 Series 29
- Bf 109 F-4
- Yak-1 Series 69
- Bf 109 G-2

- Fuel for all 1v1 matches in il2 will be 30%.
- Matches are best of 5 fights, meaning that to win the match, a player must score 3 kills first.
- Players must fly the same aircraft each round. They can agree on one aircraft. If there is no agreement, they can alternate each round until we have a winner. (example: one player wants the bf-109 and the other the Yak-1: they both fly the bf109 in round 1, then they both fly the Yak-1 in round so on and so forth until one player score 3 kills)
- If both players are alternating between planes and reach 2-2, then they must keep on alternating until one player is 2 kills ahead, like 4-2, 5-3, 6-4..etc (this only applies in case there is no agreement on which plane to use - if there is an agreement, then first one to score 3 kills wins even if there is only 1 kill difference, like 3-2).

You just need to click on "Join this ladder" on top left of the screen.  You need to be logged in. 
If you don't have an account, click on "Request an Invite" on the main menu.

You can check this ladder out here: https://sa-sim.com/tournament/il2-1v1-unrestricted/

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sorry for taking a while to respond but I am away from home on holiday period thank you very much for your prompt reply

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thank you very much for all your effort, in this competition I encourage and all the IL2 drivers at least try it ever to be in this very interesting competition

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An IL2 enthusiast has gracefully made these medals out his pocket to support the IL2 competition on SA-SIM.COM and to reward the winners of the 1v1 ladder back in July. These medals will be shipped to all 3 winners. 

This initiative is greatly appreciated. We hope that this supportive gesture will help draw more propeller junkies into the IL2 1v1 ladder.


il2 medals.jpg

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I encourage all il2 players to try the 1 vs 1 tournament, it will be a different and enjoyable experience thanks to all

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Looks like fun. I will sign up for this next week mid-week when I get back from holidays. 

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