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  1. Agreed, especially for multiplayer. I noticed that combatbox appears to have more traffic with Bodenplatte missions that have objectives and airfields closer together, meaning more action and fun for everyone involved.
  2. I use 250-300 for P51 and P47, I would be using 400-500 if I could use ammo belt without tracers - it's all about the distance you prefer to open up at. Record some demos while flying in multiplayer, then replay it with markers turned on so you can see the exact distance to target when you start firing usually and you will know your best convergence.
  3. Could you please elaborate on this part? I wouldn't consider Il-2 an MMO, it's just a regular singleplayer / multiplayer game.
  4. Other food for thought: with so many DLCs released maybe it's time to release part of the Stalingrad planeset as F2P to get more people to try the game that would otherwise write it off.
  5. I think part of the problem might be that Bodenplatte in title is not as eye catching as say Stalingrad, Normandy or say Berlin or Britain.
  6. This is not 'elektroda' forum so you can take this attitude elsewhere. It was also mentioned previously that some airfields on the map will be better suited for 262s.
  7. I couldn't get gimp to work for some reason, use link below to convert from png to dds. https://www.aconvert.com/image/dds-to-png/
  8. Working as intended? What do you think? Also, should this go to FM discussion section?
  9. New video - this time about P47. Again light commentary aimed at beginners with multiplayer gameplay. Cheers!
  10. "I flew fiftyseven missions over Europe during WW II and I feel like I remember a little of what I was taught. I’ve learned a lot of things from reading Johan Kylander’s book “In Pursuit” that I wish I had known way back then. I would have been a much more successful fighter pilot." ~Russell S. Kyler Captain USAAF - taken from Introduction to "In Pursuit" if a single quote by a single pilot can be of any indication, I would say those of us who would actually manage to go through the selection and training could have a bit better understanding of the air combat as a whole then other recruits.
  11. If you are talking about low latency settings from Nvidia and AMD, Battlenonsense explains perfectly what it does
  12. Hi All, New channel starting with beginner-oriented multiplayer gameplay video with general tips in lighthearted tone. Cheers.
  13. @lefuneste https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L8FwJ5dHqprQgyZA5d5l7lRAbw01IV27/view?usp=sharing (Track exceeded file size for attachment) Didn't happen in open field when I tested, only on airfields - when looking from a bit further away it seems that the part that follows view is the hardened ground for taxing and runway.
  14. Ok, my bad - if it helps it happens on all airfields. I haven't tested thoroughly if it also happens for landing in the field but will do that tomorrow and will post relevant tracks.
  15. Clean instal appears to have fixed the smoke / contrails. Problem with ground following view looks like this (from 0:06):
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