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  1. scuad =gRiJ= We express our sincere condolences.
  2. a pocos de los a qui presentes no cogen los 25 jajajajja
  3. presente con mi avión rojo en el =gRij=Dedicado server como el berloga pero con mas categoría sin vistas esternas
  4. good gentlemen I think that the TAW server is being small for the initial purpose of campaign for squadrons rare is the time that in strong schedules we can enter more than four members of the same squadron which demoralizes the whole they are limited to fly 3, 5 that is good because I would like to say that the squads have been encouraged to participate and grow but the morale is falling because they can not carry out the planned and trained attack for days to thank the TAW developers
  5. as an organizer of several campaigns of the seow type HRCODWAR I would never approve that one of my pilots landed in the enemy's field to kill newly generated aircraft , in the air is where you have to face them that is the nature of this server everyone is free of thinking
  6. Good luck and thank you very much for your dedication.
  7. que alegría que estáis por a qui nos vemos en el aire y si se monta una cop contad con nosotros también a rellenar eslot
  8. bienvenidos un placer tenerlos por a qui sangre fresca siempre viene bien
  9. take a deep breath before reading my post
  10. hello LG guys for me there are never wars back and forth is won or lost and the time of inactive war is to prepare for the next and improve skills and attitudes so this campaign is making the squads grow more and more another question would be possible to increase a pilot parameter rescue in enemy zone to a companion as for example a companion in enemy zone is forced to land for engine failure etc looks for an inactive aerodrome or a road the companion lands for the engine and rescues to the companion parameter could be seer this meter range rescue pilot
  11. night maps and the variety of schedules another incentive more of this campaign again thanks to all who work for others to have fun
  12. what Cpt_Siddy said! Thanks TAW admin and everyone that helped making this sim not just a simple game for us to enjoy! Much love and appreciation. 1+
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