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  1. Squadron name: =gRiJ= Number of active pilots: 15 Side: Allies Time zone: EU
  2. buena iniciativa geramos lastima que me pillas currando
  3. summarized in 7 minutes the sensation of flying SEOW
  4. HRCODWAR que eso alguien me puede explicar como va 😷😛 cuenta con migo`paquete. creo que usando el mismo sistena de campaña sepodia intentar, no se cuanto cambia el editor respecto al antiguo y que tal se comportan los vehículos en tierra ya de porsi habría que añadir aviones y vehículos nuevos etc..
  5. start of the new season of ladder challenges I encourage all pilots who play a challenge is a different experience
  6. thank you all so much it was exciting flying together
  8. 1. Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf.D "Panther" for Tank Crew;2. Better looking river and canal banks on Rheinland map;3. 13 new airfields on Rheinland map: Thanks for the the improvements, Dev team!
  9. gRiJ dedicado server for BoX, was great fun in 1946 we are working on this
  10. We wish you a merry ChristmasSee you in the air
  11. cuenta con el escuadrón =gRiJ= para lo que haga falta testear la mission etc
  12. I encourage all il2 players to try the 1 vs 1 tournament, it will be a different and enjoyable experience thanks to all
  13. volando en formación con el zun solo afecta a la cabina los contactos , no se ven mas grandes no guardan proporción , con el zun y es lo mas importante de este juego , que se vean los contactos , sino estamos dando palos de ciego para que sirve ver edificios desde el quinto pino si no veos a los aviones enemigos ni amigos es frustante por favor antes estaba bien
  14. Thanks for the update, but the aircraft vision problem is the most important thing, in a combat simulator, if you do not see the enemy, you will stop fighting online, and the simulator will be poorly optimized remember that there are no stop systems enemy, as in modern airplanes it is all ocular vision, we need to see, that is what differentiates some simulators d others please solutions that fast remember that it is much more important to see the enemy airplanes, to be able to fight, thanks anyway a greeting already keep working for us to continue buying your products
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