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Samsung Odyssey +

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29 minutes ago, the_dudeWG said:

Thanks, Gordon and Redcloud. I'm glad I'm at fault, believe me! I only have one follow up ... how do I enter 2D mode? Even if the Odyssey+ is sitting on the table, "off" (even though I never unplug it ... which I guess is another question I'm ignorant on ... to unplug or not to unplug) WMR wakes up my headset when I start IL2 and my screen splits in two and I seem "forced" into using VR. Should I just simply turn off "Enable VR" in the launcher when I need to set up my head positions, and to spectate skins I'm working on? Cheers! S!

In the game Graphics settings uncheck the Display in VR box on the right above HDR, OSSA etc.

That will return it to your monitor after a restart.

My headset wakes up when I start my computer also. Simply close the app when not in use. When not in use the headset will show a small green led slowly flashing. That is a sensor that will start the headset when it detects a close object, presumably your face. Does no harm to leave it on and uses no resources while idle.

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