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Game version 3.003 discussion: Battle of Bodenplatte Early Access

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Just now, Han said:

Hello everybody,

One month after the last update we present you another one. The new update 3.003 starts the Bodenplatte Early Access program - if you pre-purchased it, you can fly the first aircraft from its plane set right now.

At this early stage, only two planes are available -  Bf 109 G-14 and Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXe (with old pilot models since new, late war ones, aren't ready yet).



News on 3.003 update, full text

You can ask new questions in this thread

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Such detailed logic of Spitfire's gyro gunsight Mk.II is just great.

And that Polish emblem.👍


cheers and have a great day (you will have it anyway i guess)

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is there an extra keycommand for MW 50?


The more advanced DB-605AM engine is equipped with the automatic water-methanol mixture injector system that engages at maximum throttle, allowing for increased intake pressure and engine power as the result. The running time at maximum throttle has been increased to 10 minutes with less engine overheat and required radiators opening.

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Thank you for the update. The detail and historical accuracy (modelling) of the gunsight looks amazing and I'm looking forward to testing it out.


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I was really expecting to be all up inside that G14 but I find myself tied up in that Spit IX. Really awesome cockpits. No bugs or issues as far as I can tell. The view from the G14 cockpit is really nice. Love the new canopy and headrest. Really well done guys! Now I am back into it to test out all these weapons and modifications :)

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