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Measuring rig performance: Common Baseline (for IL-2 v3.010)


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On 10/6/2019 at 9:07 AM, adonys said:

do we have any benchmark results for eGPU? is it really worth it or not?


I've identified @blitze and @stupor-mundi until now as using eGPUs..


I've not tried to run benchmarks. Also I don't have a 'regular' rig which would enable me to do comparisons.

Guess I should mention, playing IL-2 wasn't an objective when I decided on buying the laptop/eGpu combo.


From reading the various threads, and considering the issues I've had / have , around microstutters/stutters and disappointing fps in multiplayer, I get the impression that beyond the general expected performance hit compared with a normally installed 1070, the graphics issues which have (weirdly, to me) to do with multiplayer data transfer (netcode), seem to be particularly bad with eGpus.


I've looked into whether the relatively weak mobile cpu might be the bottleneck but it appears not to be the case, at least according to task manager.


So, for running IL-2, I'd advise strongly against getting an eGpu.

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