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  1. Loving the terrain updates. Still depressed when flying 110E career in Stalingrad - Free Hunt first mission = dead 110E Thought I could nurse it home after engaging Migs but my flight leader pisses off and as I limp back over the border - bam 3 La5's blow me into a fiery explosion seconds after being alerted to them via my rear gunner. Looked gorgeous in the process though. There is so much the Dev's deliver every update. @[LAS]JanMcQuack - The 109's tail needs work for damage modelling. Will be a large undertaking as the models have to be upgraded - anyway, plenty of places to aim for to bring 109's down. - I didn't notice my 110E flying like an ultralight one 1 engine just before I died. Right engine going on combat power, left shut down closed up and feathered. She doesn't sink to the ground like the Pe2's do but she ain't a high powered aerobatics machine on 1 engine either. - Agreed on AI gunners comment though.
  2. This and can we dispense with the clipping of such a beautiful birds wings - please?? Yes, yes I know - there are some benefits but it ruins those gorgeous rounded lines.
  3. She's a Beast! XIV - gorgeous and well used in the PR role We will be spoiled rotten with the RAF types in the Normandy Expansion.
  4. Thanks for that. AI drops from 1500m Pretty intimidating with search lights but - might try a spotting fly pass and attack at 500m myself to ensure I get the target. Would be great at some stage down the track to have the flight map in a night mode as it is a bit hard to use in night flight (being so bright).
  5. So, no one flies night bombing missions?
  6. Anyone worked this one out? Flight takes off in staggered intervals and basically one navigates to target solo. Pilot calls out bomb release to wait for his command but I never get the command. Bomb release alt is 1500m at 450kp/h NSGr. 20 is the squad name. I'm happy to be able to sort of navigate to target and use radio compass back to the airfield. Landing at night a challenge too. Seems like a futile exercise though as our squads efforts are pathetic with a relatively high attrition for little effect.๐Ÿฅณ Any tips or experiences in being successful in this role?
  7. You got Smell-O-Vision??? Wow. D-9, although not a ride I have used extensively - is a pretty bird.
  8. Love the look of the cockpit in the P47 Razorback. Good redundancy and also sights lining up to eyes (when head is reposition centrally for VR use in game). Was quite taken with the earlier P47's in my childhood. Shall be fun to fly them and hopefully by the time of BoN - .50 Cal ammo has some load out variations for it (cough incendiary, cough). Pictures are beautiful as usual in Dev Diaries.๐Ÿ‘
  9. Yesterday I was flying No.4 in a bomber escort mission over the Kuban. The radio callouts helped but it was hard to vis them on the settings I was flying till the 109's were within 2km. I did though with the help of call outs down a few and save the backsides of a few fellow AI Yak drivers (see a fight going on and it was mostly a 109 on the tail of a Yak) as well as some A20's of which I had decided to check up on their return base even though my flight had been told job complete and go home. Luckily I did as the landing A20's were being harassed by a lone 109 so I went after this lone wolf AI pilot and downed him. That was the only 109 I actually saw to their complete destruction, the earlier ones I just got smoking or fluid leaking and left them alone. I did manage to regroup with my bomber flight with that mission after my early intercepts by heading back along the return waypoint heading but bombers are easier to spot and luckily I did as they were being harassed then too. It was a good mission.๐Ÿ‘
  10. That is a feature of this sim - to aid in threat awareness. Unfortunately they don't all use the Clock system for direction but instead compass bearings which in some planes - useless. Aside from that - I think it is a good system to help aid in awareness and threat spotting - given the nature of deficiencies in simulating the experience to real life - or we can just fly and if your head isn't on a swivel with eagle eyes - expect to be bounced often. ๐Ÿ˜
  11. Yes, unless you stick to your wingman like glue - it is nigh on impossible to workout where your flight is after a fight. A radio call from the flight leader to regroup at Way Point - X (which ever is the nearest next waypoint) would be really helpful. Failing that, maybe squad mates on the map marked within 20kms should do it, sort of like when patrolling ground targets and you have that indication circle showing air assets only without showing the enemy planes in this case. Prefer the radio call but something to help us regroup would be great.
  12. Time range/stamps from tracks are a good idea to publish along with the track.
  13. It gives VVS flyers a better chance knocking things down with their limited ammo. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also noticed that going from my regular SteamVR setting of 100% to 120% made a lovely visual improvement without any frame penalty. No AA on though. Saved the Reich from a B25 raid and then played cat and mouse with Tempests in the clouds with my 109G6
  14. Have you tried it without Landscape Filter and Sharpening? Which AA version are you using? Maybe also try turning down AA from 4x to 2x as AA can blur things at low resolutions. Use less AA and more VR SS instead.
  15. Not sure if it was the 4.007b update or my rolling back to SteamVR public release and not Beta but Il2 visually is much better both in colour pallet and seeing/tracking contacts. Not sure of issues with the P51 with maneuverability but in QMB with 300l fuel load, danced easily with 2 x 109K's All good and Dev's, Thanks.
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