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  1. +100 Since my foray into Il2 GB series in 2016, it has come a long way with wonderful improvements. It is truly an underrated piece of software especially with VR of which, the experience is absolutely mind blowing. Thanks Jason and the development team for this. p.s. reading of all the guesses as to the early sim Jason refers to brings back many memories and that of those with my dad on his computer flying early sims.
  2. Totally awesome. Hugs to the Devs and their continued devotion to this sim. Always content, from all titles being worked on and benefitting from new tech developments. Big thanks.
  3. I know which is a pity as AA only requires MG's to deal with them. Knocking out AA early on does make sense but not with ordinance that is required for harder targets.
  4. I found my P47 career pretty tough when confronted by Luftwaffe. That on Moderate Difficulty and Dense Frontline. I might try Low Difficulty and see how that goes but I haven't spent much time on the P47 tp learn how to utilise it best against flying opposition. Ground attack missions as stated see tanks being straifed and and bombs being waisted. Same with River Crossing attacks in general when it comes to AI and bombing. Maybe a work in progress for AI.
  5. Just another lovely Friday surprise from our dear Devs. Good looking damage but I still like seeing my P51's going down in flames. The tanks - look like it is more of a case of "meh, is that all you got?"
  6. Seconded and I have enjoyed immensely my time wandering around the cathedrals in Rouen, I will this time round, get to see them from the air in VR in a lovely XIV.
  7. I find, AI loose me if I use clouds to run into. I am though also making sure to change course weaving through the clouds on an approximate direction to base and checking 6 constantly. As they say, never fly in a straight line.
  8. Flying Moscow 109 E7 career and three things I noticed. 1. Turning down settings to Balanced and bumping SteamVR SS 10% gave me good performance, great visuals and more detail. At the same SS on Ultra, my system bogs down. 2. The 4K skin on the 109 E7 is gorgeous (enjoyed looking out my canopy and admiring the wings or flying nice and close to my fellow flight 109's). 3. With a run on a Train Station - the explosion from my 250kg bomb (on the Locomotive) and subsequent splash damage was a site to behold and a big improvement with regards to immersion. Subs
  9. Give you an up vote on the first 2 points. As for the third, well, some countries have a sore point on that symbol even though it was used by others and had been in existence for a millennia or more. You can behave like a git and be supported but show a picture/symbol and - Bad Boy Bubby.
  10. What? Are you bored with you Dacha Comrade with your loving Soviet Women and Vodka??? Some people are hard to please. Wait until I report you to the local Political Officer. Now, Normandy, as much as I like flying the Pe2 and 110, gimmi the wheel of a Mosquito. The Tiffy (Typhoon) also will be great. Then we can go to Road to Berlin from the East via Southern Ukraine and Romania and Manchuria which will lead in to a batch Pacific releases whilst the core of the whole series improves like it ahs been over the last couple years. So much goodness - so much
  11. Hoping everyone is having a lovely New Year Christmas and some time off. Just came from sauna and snow wash in Minus 12C - lovely sitting outside on the patio with a beer in hand between sauna sessions.👍 Have dinner and later on suit up and fly a mission or two 😁
  12. What impact on the game has the latest update had for you? Is it a performance issue or more a game play issue? As a VR user I have found the 4K cockpits to be very nice addition with minimal impact on performance. I think the ground roughness setting (I forget off the top of my head the setting term) might have an impact, I am testing using it set to Low instead of High, that combined with 100km view render distance but with Ultra preset and High Shadows and Clouds, medium mirrors. At 2684 x 2232 per eye SteamVR render target - I get very good result with no AA.
  13. 4K cockpits in VR are very nice. Also feels like with me, the world view and external aircraft are looking sharper as well. A beautiful update and a great end to the year which although difficult in many ways, has seen great improvements to the Il2 series. Thank you Devs and Happy New Year to all.
  14. Just take into account with any in cockpit video Where the camera is situated in relation to the Pilots head and The microphone of the recording device will not have a wind muff on it like say a outdoor interviewer mic, yet alone a soft helmet with cans of which was the norm in the day which would reduce some of the noise in the pilots ears. These points have been mentioned and at this point in time, the sound work is a work in progress and like the rest of this great franchise, to be improved over time. The Devs have given us a great starting point though
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