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  1. What? Are you bored with you Dacha Comrade with your loving Soviet Women and Vodka??? Some people are hard to please. Wait until I report you to the local Political Officer. Now, Normandy, as much as I like flying the Pe2 and 110, gimmi the wheel of a Mosquito. The Tiffy (Typhoon) also will be great. Then we can go to Road to Berlin from the East via Southern Ukraine and Romania and Manchuria which will lead in to a batch Pacific releases whilst the core of the whole series improves like it ahs been over the last couple years. So much goodness - so much potential. Oh and Working up from the Mediterrane would be nice.
  2. Hoping everyone is having a lovely New Year Christmas and some time off. Just came from sauna and snow wash in Minus 12C - lovely sitting outside on the patio with a beer in hand between sauna sessions.👍 Have dinner and later on suit up and fly a mission or two 😁
  3. What impact on the game has the latest update had for you? Is it a performance issue or more a game play issue? As a VR user I have found the 4K cockpits to be very nice addition with minimal impact on performance. I think the ground roughness setting (I forget off the top of my head the setting term) might have an impact, I am testing using it set to Low instead of High, that combined with 100km view render distance but with Ultra preset and High Shadows and Clouds, medium mirrors. At 2684 x 2232 per eye SteamVR render target - I get very good result with no AA. I could try bumping the render target but then I would have to reduce graphics settings and my experiments so far I don't get the distant contact spotting capability with higher SS settings as I do with what I use now. Now also have 2 Moscow Careers in Iron Man play with a I-16 and Hurricane II on Difficult Campaign setting appropriate for the skill set per side (Germans High, VVS Low). It's a blast.
  4. 4K cockpits in VR are very nice. Also feels like with me, the world view and external aircraft are looking sharper as well. A beautiful update and a great end to the year which although difficult in many ways, has seen great improvements to the Il2 series. Thank you Devs and Happy New Year to all.
  5. Just take into account with any in cockpit video Where the camera is situated in relation to the Pilots head and The microphone of the recording device will not have a wind muff on it like say a outdoor interviewer mic, yet alone a soft helmet with cans of which was the norm in the day which would reduce some of the noise in the pilots ears. These points have been mentioned and at this point in time, the sound work is a work in progress and like the rest of this great franchise, to be improved over time. The Devs have given us a great starting point though for future reference and polishing and it lifts the level of realism higher. Keep the feedback coming. As a fellow sports motorcyclist who enjoys tracking - I also understand the relationship of wind noise at speed although with motorcycling, the powers that be regulated certain noise levels in helmet design as a means to discourage people from riding at excess speeds due to hearing discomfort and why all sports motorcyclists use ear plugs. Helmets of today are quite noisy as a course and the best helmet at speed I had used was a Shoe back in the early 90's The Hurricane is great in closed cockpit but the Tempest and Spit are lacking IMO. The VVS rides and German planes sound great in closed cockpit scenarios. Not tested all in open cockpit taxing situations but time will help there and Christmas is a busy time even with "The Virus" tm. affecting everything. The city fires are great but pay attention to Ground Attack Missions and give feedback and tracks on targets struck there and subsequent smoke / fire results. Would be greatly appreciated with the feedback as in the past, for me, ground targets destruction dissipated very quickly making it more difficult to identify the area of interest and available targets. Onward and upward and Happy New Year for the Devs - Then Happy Christmas. 😁👍
  6. Even amongst VR sites - Il2 get no mention although it is a premier VR title and a great showcase for what VR can be. Not to worry DCS ain't far behind. Blessed are the ignorant.
  7. Pimax Experience works with mouse when you are navigating the menus. The other thing is that Pimax Experience allows for tweaking of SteamVR settings like "maxRecommendedResolution": 8192 and GPU Speed settings which with SteamVR determines distance render clarity if I remember right. The default GPU Speed settings are rather anemic from my experience and setting them correctly makes a big difference to distance clarity. The 8K-X now also has Backlight Control which again is accessible via PE as well as the individual eye IPD adjustments on the Vertical and Horizontal axis and RGB tuning per eye with calibration charts. See how you go. Some are reporting the domain is throwing up errors on the downloads but I had no issue grabbing them. https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-experience-0-74/33647/9 One can also launch VR titles from within PE although I am not sure about the stand alone launcher of Il2 but you can always lauinch into SteamVR - Desktop and run it from there. Funny how sensitive to eye placement this headset is, get it wrong and it is a blurry smear but get it right and clarity is very nice and sharp. Direct links to the required files here https://artarmin.com/downloads/pimax/PiToolSetup_1.0.2.087_v2.exe https://artarmin.com/downloads/pimax/PVRHome-Installer_x86_64_v0.74.0.0.exe Reference page for original links https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-vr-experience-version-0-74-0-0-beta-available-now/33579
  8. Be funny to see Multiplay Servers initially after the ground terrain effects on aircraft modeled. Looking good with the updates as always 😁
  9. @sunnyB Have a look into Pimax Experience 0.74 Beta https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-vr-experience-version-0-74-0-0-beta-available-now/33579 Also, try using PiTool Render (which can be done in PE) of 1.25 or higher but then using SteamVR Video Setting of 50% I find myself, that PiTool Render setting 1 seems quite fps heavy especially at 100% SteamVR Video setting on Large FOV (5032 x 3160 render resolution per eye) With PE 0.74 b under "Quick Settings" there is a little icon to the Right of "Common Settings" the top line - that dumps you into the colour config section of PE where you can calibrate the left and right screens brightness, contrast and RGB values using colour charts and sliders from within the headset. Really helps. At the end of the day, most high end GPU's (RTX 2080 and up) should be able to run the 8K-X at near native screen res SS or higher if you have the GPU grunt. Remember - taking into account vertical res is less than 2160 at native res (allowing for image vertical placement in relation to the screens). Hinges on the 8K-X were a bit weird and why they shipped like that who knows. Some dremel them, others replace with Pimax Plastic replacements (me) and then I have seen a post where one guy claimed to just swap the sides of the metal hinges and flip them accordingly. I mighty look at that. I also am finding that I might require a layer of velcro to pad out the foam on the headset as if I dial it to tight, the image blurs out and a little distance for me leads to a better (sharper) image. A layer of velcro between the existing velcro and the foam should do it for me. Also removed the nose curtain as it was like a sauna for my eyes with it in place. Actually PiTool 1 with 50% SteamVR isn't bad on the RTX 2080 (3556 x 2232 render target res)
  10. Just a heads up for Pimax users that the newly released Pimax Experience Software 0.74 Beta includes Colour Charts which allow for you to dial in RGB, Brightness and Contrast per eye. Aiming for dark at the LH end of the chart scale and vivid at the RH end one can get very good results. I just dialed in my 8K-X and took a MC-202 up on an escort mission and it was quite different and the suns effects on the Macchi's cammo was quite interesting to see as was the general Il2 world including the Ju88's we were escorting. My RH Eye was different pre calibration to the LH Eye with the general colour tending to be a little Green heavy. Anyway - good developments for Pimax Users and I can't wait for headset IPD calibration via Pimax Experience as well in the future.
  11. Take also into consideration that Il2 with DX11 is al;ready offloading the render to the GPU now with deferred rendering. More important for VR (at least for Wide FOV VR) would be Foreated Rendering be it Fixed or Eye Tracked as opposed to DLSS. Also - Ray Tracing I doubt will be introduced into Il2 for quite some time and as for AMD's implementation of it - I think we will have to see how their drivers mature and the techniques they employ. They have cornered both the PS5 and new X-Box and RT will be implemented on those so AMD must be working on something but Nvidia does have a good leg up in the field of RT at this point in time. Not relevant to us though - yet. In raw rasterization, they are close but I think the AMD cards have more headroom but that could be negated by a Nvidia 30xx refresh on a smaller process node. Time will tell and at this point in time - stock is limited on both sides.
  12. Interesting topic. Due to availability and pricing I am holding out on an update but will observe how the 6800XT matures with drivers over the coming couple months as stock becomes more available - if it doesn't improve much - I might opt for a 3080 refresh. That is if there is any stock and prices aren't stratospheric
  13. Found AI was not too poor in Air to Ground attacking but Friendly AI could make me weep in Air to Air engagements. Quite poor results in engaging the enemy and there was an issue of AI firing from too far away. Not sure how it pertains to AI levels in relation to Career and scripted missions. QMB, well AI has always been at a loss but I think it performs better outside of QMB then in it. I always see QMB more as a means for target practice and getting to know an airplane than anything else.
  14. The Hurri is a beautiful to fly platform. I've been flying it against 109F4's quit successfully - close up the Rad and run her hard to get on top of those 109's but then immediately back off and open up when dancing on their tails. She takes a beating well too and the sound of the Merlin on flybys - gorgeous. The new more advanced Pilot Fatigue is great too with the breathing, blurred vision and blackouts. Recovery and so forth. For those with visibility issues, check your settings. I know in VR some SS values do not play well with the Panel Resolution on my HMD making it hard to spot if I don't dial in the right SS values. With it right, I can spot well and see far across the maps terrain features that make navigation much easier. To the Dev's - Thank you again.
  15. It is a magnificent game and more. Welcome. Even being experienced with prior WW2 flight sims - it took me a bit to get the feel for basics in Il2 BoX Birds. Admittedly - the physics have gone through a lot of changes since then but so has my approach especially on the controls - easy does it, even in combat as your breathing and vision will tell you. Have a look at the WW1 birds as well, boring to get anywhere in them but a blast when you end up in dogfights. Some great reference material for learning and a great community.
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