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  1. You don't want to render the same amount of pixels of my headset's native resolution. You want to render what works with your headset or a factor of it. BTW, I work with approx 2K vertical res per eye - beyond that sucks either visually (if not a factor of native res or FPS wise as my GPU can't keep up). Drink a bottle of Vodka - then all is clear 🙃
  2. Maybe, the combination of high SuperSampling with MSAA x4 is causing you issues in VR. Personally I find MSAA in VR softens (blurs) the image and prefer either low VR SS with FXAA or no in game AA with higher VR SS. Going for both is a no no for me as the returns are poor image quality wise as well as FPS wise.
  3. Yeah - zoom works, just have to go pirate Pete by closing one eye. Not really an issue - I was thinking people were still having spotting issues with zoom. That being said - on Alternate view, zoom does make things a bit weird aka aircraft at distance look smaller in zoom than in the default FOV setting (No Zoom). I only use zoom to Id targets close in be it in the air or on the ground. Spotting though - flights and bombers, beyond 10km out in normal un zoomed view in VR. Individual fighters, against a variety of backgrounds - under 5km pending on conditions and how much I have drunk.
  4. What? 5 Levels of Zoom in VR and people still require Migoto Zoom to fly in VR? Please Explain? Spotting has been hugely improved in this release to a level not seen since 4.06c and maybe even better than that. Zoom in game for both 2D Monitor Flyers and VR Flyers has multiple levels that are configurable to controllers. If one tries the Alternate Visual System (or what ever it is named), one will find not only easier long distance spotting (which is pretty good now in Normal Settings i.e. a flight of fighters can be spotted beyond aircraft label's 10km limit) - but also a richer colour pallet for the Il2 world in general. The need for 3rd party filters to run on top of Il2 is quite irrelevant but, hey - it is a "Free" World so what ever rocks peoples boats.
  5. With the updated Normal spotting, you'll be surprised at what you come across now when flying. Had quite a surprise on the Stalingrad Scripted missions where by when just about to start flying patrol over the battle ravaged city, I look up and lo and behold, a flight of German fighters. I keep my eye on them, they are heading in the opposite direction to my flight and they didn't see us, so I continued with my flight to the Patrol Point and become engaged in a massive furball near the deck on the Southern part of Stalingrad. This is a great update for spotting and much welcomed. 👍 Best sim keeps on getting better.
  6. Zoom without PP is ok - just get used to using one eye when you hit the zoom button. Think of yourself as a Pirate. Arrrrgh ☠️ Spotting has been pretty bad in Il2 since just after they did the deferred rendering update in around 4.06 I'm sure they are working to resolve the problem though.
  7. @Brzi_Joe What headset are you using at the moment? With the recent discoveries in setting up the 8K-X, image quality over distance is as defined as my 1440p monitor, considering I am using 4K native but taking into account the magnification as the screens are on my face. I tested my 8K with the new steamvr.vrsettings modifications and it makes a big improvement as well. Not as defined as the 8K-X but a huge improvement on previously. Spotting is as good as a decent monitor with the 8K-X
  8. Finding the main setting that brings the 8K-X to desktop clarity for me is "gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale" : 2.0m, from the steamvr.vrsettings file - the whole file as given below in my instance. Try 1.5 or 2.0m for the gpuSpeedRenderTarget Scale. The other modifications as written about on the OpenMR forum don't seem to have that much going for them. Not from my observations anyway. { "DesktopUI" : { "pairing" : "1533,838,800,600,0", "settings_desktop" : "1611,947,800,600,1" }, "GpuSpeed" : { "gpuSpeed0" : 1020, "gpuSpeed1" : 1025, "gpuSpeed2" : 1025, "gpuSpeed3" : 1022, "gpuSpeed4" : 1023, "gpuSpeed5" : 1023, "gpuSpeed6" : 1022, "gpuSpeed7" : 1022, "gpuSpeed8" : 1023, "gpuSpeed9" : 1026, "gpuSpeedCount" : 10, "gpuSpeedDriver" : "", "gpuSpeedHorsepower" : 1023, "gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale" : 2.0m, "gpuSpeedVendor" : "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080", "gpuSpeedVersion" : 2 }, "LastKnown" : { "HMDManufacturer" : "Pimax VR, Inc.", "HMDModel" : "Pimax Vision 8K X" }, "collisionBounds" : { "CollisionBoundsStyle" : 1 }, "steamvr" : { "background" : "#FF000000", "enableHomeApp" : false, "installID" : "4387763737521307439", "lastVersionNotice" : "1.9.10", "lastVersionNoticeDate" : "1576121020", "supersampleScale" : 1 "maxRecommendedResolution": 8192, }, "userinterface" : { "StatusAlwaysOnTop" : false } }
  9. Thanks for that - I requested the replacement hinge as I feel the back should sit lower on the head. Feels at the moment more like you perch it there and not as solid a placement. Yes, PP sucks and for me, when I use zooming - it is cyclops style using corresponding eye to side of plane I am looking out from. For consistent 75fps - and looking great - hmmm RTX 3080 for us current 2x gen RTX users, maybe PiTool 1.25 with SteamVR 50% in both Video and App with 2x FXAA?? I find MSAA at 4x to soften the world too much. I hope they give us backlight control in a PiTool update. Also think they need to pair down the per eye render target info sent to SteamVR like they did a few revisions back for the 8K Still getting used to the headset and working it out.🧐 Just after answering this, I find "BNP🇩🇰 π8k(X) Backer I have a program over here that will sets the steamvr.vrsettings in the correct file automatically maxRecommendedResolution = 16384; GPUSpeed’s = 2000; gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale = 1.5m; allowSupersampleFiltering = false; supersampleScale = 1; direct link: https://github.com/craftyinsomniac/WFOVFix/releases/download/v0.1/WFOVFix.exe 15 GitHub 9 Releases · craftyinsomniac/WFOVFix 9 Finds and updates the steamVr.Vrsettings configuration lifting restrictions for users of wide field of view headsets - craftyinsomniac/WFOVFix" from https://community.openmr.ai/t/how-to-make-your-pimax-image-picture-screen-clear-crisp-increase-clarity/29688/79 I tried all recommended settings except for allowSupersampleFiltering=false; (I left taht out of my steamvr.vrsettings file. Fired up Il2 with PiTool 1.25, SteamVR 50% Vid 50% App and had a much better view over distance. 👍🥳
  10. Well, it arrived. A few days back but with performances and testing - I had not much time. This sim is so pretty with it. Much clearer compared to my 8K Runs well enough with similar SS resolutions to the 8K but clarity is much improved. Took a bit to sort it out for myself - running Vertical Offset at -1 both eyes made a huge improvement for me as well as getting used to the new strap. Place HMD to eyes and then drop the rear which is weighted and sits higher than one would have thought. Don't crank too much tension on the strap and all good. Would like to see Back Light control in PiTool but I run it in 75Hz Native mode. Really brings the skins and details out. Been having a ball with dogfights where I am dropping my jaw on my desk at how lovely the skins are of the planes lined up in my sights. I'm still running off internal HMD gyros for tracking as my Base Stations haven't dropped yet but unlike my *k, there is no discernible drift. I might reposition my center view but only if it was cause I was careless on initial setting. Also, no casing cracks yet LOL. No, the casing seems much improved on the 8K. VR has gone 4K native per eye and it is lovely to behold.!👍🥳
  11. Ramping on the Runway - realise you are last in order and wait for the other planes to form up on the runway first then follow - then you should avoid any crashing. Not clear in mission briefs where you are in the flight and you spawn in the front when parked but you just have to wait. 🙂
  12. Yeah - my bad, I didn't notice the extra . in there. 1 - 6km would be easier and yes, well it is an issue but will confirm with updated headset in just over a week.
  13. 1.6km is not the issue for myself, it is more beyond that to the 5 to 7km range. I can spot them at far distance but then there is a no mans land between spotting dots in the the distance and fighting them up close. Will report updated findings next week when new VR headset arrives.
  14. People need to learn to feel the stick instead of jerking it. Makes a big difference to G-outs
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