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  1. Have to chime in here - AI is more interesting to fly against in Career and Missions than in QMB. QMB is more like gunnery practice by comparison and as mentioned, there are a range of factors that contribute to the case. With spotting - I notice in VR that not all render target resolutions are equal. Some can make the game look smooth and less aliased but others will give you better object rendering definition. Learning to use SteamVR Recommended Render Target as a guide and move +/- 4% of that for spotting clarity.🀯 Back on topic, flying with AI offline in career can be a blast especially when you can spot and not have to rely on icons (I get the "feeling" icons change AI behaviour too).😁
  2. Got to get back in action with the A5. Did have a career going in Kuban with them but found myself more than not ground pounding rather than flying cover or CAP. Trying an A8 career in Rheinland but feel it would be nice to take those cannons out of the mid wing section and just have the guns closer in. More than enough to take out the opposition especially if you are used to flying VVS fighters and learn to be sparing with your ammo. Not had much joy against Spit IX's and Tempests but P47's, the A8 eats them.
  3. For me, in VR having SteamVR Video on Auto and App on 200% seems to help. At App100% the render res is not enough to make visibility of other aircraft reasonable. Setting SteamVR App on 200% doesn't seem to carry a fps penalty for me. Really helps on Rheinland with overcast weather. As for Id-ing aircraft, Luftwaffe planes leave a nice dark smoke trail behind them, Allied ones don't (at least on the Western Front) 😁
  4. @ Kataphrakt - I did some 2D testing on my 4K 28" samsung monitor. I must admit, things were on the small side and I was using mouse look with HOTAS to look around / fly but smallness aside, there wasn't an issue for me with loosing aircraft in short to med distance against sky/background. It was more just, having to zoom in and out FOV and dealing with flying one hand on stick and the other between mouse look and throttle. The 2D benefit at 4K - lovely sharp image, the minus - lack of depth and 1 to 1 scale compared with VR. With VR, with my setup, at 1km out planes become a bit of an aliased mess but still visible and if detected earlier (0.5km) then they can be tracked easily. Need to have them in at 0.5km to Id them at the furthest as beyond that - the image is too pixelated to discern detail at least on smaller planes. As for aliasing in VR - only cure for that is a better quality headset with the grunt to power it at SS res. If I use in game MSAA in VR then everything blurs out at distance and is harder to see. My test with 2D was without AA as well and I wonder if AA might be part of the issue with viewing against background issues people in 2D are experiencing.πŸ‘»
  5. Funny, for me at the same settings Il2 runs 1.25 times better LOL. DCS looks better in a few things (and that is the OpenBeta) but the clouds not there yet, they seem plastic like and pop and the terrain is no way as nicely modeled. DCS is a missile sim where by you are the target and the missiles enjoy shooting you down. πŸ‘ I am looking forward to Modern Air Combat (for the updated models and graphics) and the campaigns are ok but, Il2 - now that is a sim of love. Jets whilst rewarding (only use it for jets) are no way near as fun as the aerial dance of WW2 birds.πŸ’› I am looking forward though to what Deferred Shading brings to the table and the other improvements in Il2 are always a great march forward for this series. Beyond, bring on Vulcan - Live long and prosper (Non Kelvin time line) 😁
  6. At 1km away you should not be having those issues. Are you running Restored Nvidia Control Panel settings? What are your in game graphics settings? What is your monitor you are using and at what Resolution? Actually, all that are having this visibility issue should assemble these details so that info can be examined and the issue rectified.
  7. I think it depends on many things like VR headset and settings. One thing I have found that has helped me in VR with spotting is to reset my Nvidia Graphics Options back to default. I also did this for my headset resetting PiTool IPD and Vertical Offset settings back to default. I found it helped a lot and my thinking is that the Devs are designing their software to the common baseline settings and sometimes, some of us, myself included - faff about with many options on out systems and end up making issues worse. Then again, my headset has poor panel RGB matrix and also 1440p upscaling so I find it hard to discern aircraft at distance with it. I hear call outs for enemy fighters at such and such position at x kms and I am like WTF? Can't see it. I usually follow a friendly into the fight or look for tracers / flack instead. Bumping SS helps but one is limited by GPU hardware. As for spotting behind at close range, I find if flying solo RTB, curve flying and constant checking helps there. If there are bullets then forward the stick goes and then defensive to attack. Further work on the render engine will improve things down the track as well.
  8. Ah, let em enjoy their time off already. Geez guys, like they have given us nothing recently LOL Sure next week will be chocked full of fun info.
  9. Well the Soviets did differentiate between Summer Germans and Winter Germans so maybe the Winter Germans were the ones on holidays soaking up the glorious Winter Sun. As a side note, in neighboring Finland, mid Winter and late, you get some glorious sunny days with little cloud. I would assume it would be similar East of the border. Doesn't mean that it isn't cold and clear Winter nights can be really cold but, when you have daylight - it is gorgeous. I think for the Germans the issues were more pertaining to gear and vehicle preparation for the Russian Winter which left them cold and stuck as their vehicles froze up. Crap weather - usually, you'd be grounded as ops would have been in effective and loss of aircraft high. Sort of like now days with the F35 which can only fly in fair weather πŸ˜‰
  10. Funny, the German screams and then I find the British and American voice acting the opposite / sedated. Somewhere in the middle would be good although for pilots in battle getting wounded or kills - excited voices would be good. Got to think of the tense situations these guys are flying under. Anyway a fix for the voices was radio volume which you could turn the volume down or up pending on preferences.πŸ‘
  11. Well if you are flying Full Real in Career, radio coms should be helpful. At this point they are only semi helpful. The com menu for a flight is limited Escorting aircraft, it is hard to gauge what is going on with the escorted aircraft over their targeted area and if you get dragged away via engagements with enemy fighters - it is nigh on impossible to pickup the flight you are to be escorting again. What would be nice is the ability to call in flight leaders and get a map grid reference from them so if one gets split up from their flight, there is a chance of forming back up again. Flight leader from an escort flight should be able to contact the flight leader of the flight being escorted and again get some form of map or waypoint reference so as to be able to form up and continue their mission. Also, it would be nice to as a flight leader - split the flight into pairs and command maneuvers via menu. Split High/Low/Left/Right Attack bombers/fighters/cover Some tactical stuff and also direct wounded flight members to head for base individually not as a flight all together. I don't mind the radio enemy direction pointers especially at the beginning of an engagement. Playing without icons and map aids does require some reasonable radio coms but it is a hoot in VR regardless and I find I fly more to the situation not getting as complacent with my situational awareness and not flying like a target drone.😁 One can dream.
  12. I know a while ago many complained about excessive radio chatter in Il2. The Devs responded and shut most of it up. Now we also have radio volume control so we can dial down the level of our in game radio messages. Problem I have found when flying full real in VR is that it is very easy to get detached from my flight and there is hardly any way to know what is going on with them any more or where they are. It would be nice to have flight leaders radio in way point fly throughs, or returning to base and or even, if coms ever get a rework, allow for you to contact the flight leader of flights your mission has to deal with and get a map based grid reference. It would make it a little easier to track down ones flight and pair back up with it if one gets lost whilst in a dog fight. Also, on escort missions, most of the time there is no call out from the bombers when they have completed their objectives and forming up to return to base. Again, after engaging enemy fighters to help them, without resorting to icons, it is quite difficult to reform with them and escort them back out. Again, it would be nice to be able to contact the bomber flight leader or my flight leader, which ever is relevant and get some idea where they are so I can form up again. That issues aside (and wanting DCS like coms), I have been having a hoot in full real VR.
  13. Ah, stop loading that p47 down with fuel you won't use. She can dance if set up for it or she can fly very long sorties with a lot of things bolted on to her. Can't do both at the same time though. The P40 and P39 Alison Engine limits might be precious but both planes can be flown exceptionally well in their respective theaters against their adversarial peers. Love many of the planes in this sim - different yet with their own characteristics that bring smiles to ones faces. With the right settings in VR - this sim is magic. I can't wait for more GPU horsepower and development of the sim to take advantage of multicore CPU's - bring more magic to the table and surround me in flying - hmm how to describe - heaven and hell at the same time as I go gaga at the visuals and panic at the bullets and planes flying around me.
  14. Take the wheels of that lovely chair if you are a Rudder Pedal user so you don't boot scoot out of the way every time you want to use your rudders. πŸ‘ Personally, I prefer my VR chair with lower back for head turning clearance.
  15. My limited time with the current update, I would agree to the friendly AI going backwards. The previous version they were able to not get butchered and even make it back to base without me having to always rescue their sorry behinds. Unfortunately - it seems those days are over. Back to the way it was earlier with most of ones flight getting wiped out each mission there is contact with the enemy.
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