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  1. blitze

    WOW what a sim

    Headphones and glasses not an issue for most VR headsets. Eventually, decent FOV headsets making their way to the market but they require computing GPU horse power to drive. Pimax 5k/8k headsets seem the ticket in the near future. Also, with respect to glasses, if your vision is long sighted, you might not require to wear them as the headset lenses are different to view through compared to looking at a computer monitor.
  2. blitze

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    Well there's the issue right there. We all know that during WW2 Italian pilots would only do aerobatic displays and then fly away. This AI attacking thing for the Mc202's is totally out of place. ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Liking the updates. The sim progresses greatly in its development and I am awestruck after each update as to the new levels of detail being represented. The new DM is a huge improvement but will take a little for people to adjust to in their combat endeavors. Now if only I can work out lead in the P40 when dancing with 109 F2 and 4's. Found it easier to do in the I16 and Mig 3
  4. blitze

    AI person update?

    Go to hate that๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€ AI gets such a bad rap around here.
  5. Could it possibly be that some of those P47 damage photos were showing damage not from attacking aircraft but AA? One needs to take into account trajectory of rounds doing the damage to ascertain the effect of the damage against critical stressed components as to whether the P47 will make it home or not. Concentrated fire from the rear has more likelihood of compromising a wing spar than concentrated fire from the ground. Just a thought. ๐Ÿค—
  6. blitze

    Cockpit too dark?

    Have you enabled HDR in the graphics settings? This makes a big difference to lighting in the cockpit. Lifts the shadows so they are not so dark compared to the outside world. Also, try calibrating your monitor.
  7. Played with P47 and K4 - both fun in their different ways. P47 feels large and solid but easy to put around in. Anyway, back to the action, I jumped back into my VVS Moscow fighter Career. Is it me or are the visuals much improved especially with lighting effects? I16, Il2, Mig 3, 109 E7 and F's are looking very nice. Of course I was flying my trusty I16, Nice to have the Il2's slow down the 109 F's for us so we can get a shot at them ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ Anyway, after getting separated from main flight, proceed to flight plan where Il2 base is to find a lone 109 F playing with landing il2's. I am bingo ammo but play with him for a bit then decide to rtb, he tags along and tries to chew me up on landing. I balls up an emergancy landing as it takes for ever to wind down my landing gear but I didn't wreak the plane so success. Nice to have that added to the mission report system.
  8. blitze

    Kurfรผrst fans?

    So for BP the G14 will be the more tactical fighter to use? Find that puppy climbs like a scalded cat so can't wait to try the K4 but for general tactical air war scenarios, I think sticking with the G14 would probably be the way to go unless online and taking out people who like to hover at 10km pretending their angels. One must remember that the K4 was designed as a high alt interceptor. By the time it came into service though, the Allies were pursuing tactical bombing operations on the continent as well as strategic. She is a beautiful machine. As for Yaks - I will be more than happy to purchase a Yak Pack and I'm not Russian. ))
  9. Not sure but, there is discoloration in the view from the pit. Open the canopy for normal colours. There was a practice of VVS flyers flying with their canopies open for spotting reasons.
  10. Why use reshade? Calibrate your monitor and be good to go. If you wonder about the colours from inside VVS cockpits - well the game models poorer glass quality in the early VVS fighters.
  11. blitze

    LaGG-3 napalm

    Oh dear, it's a Virtual Sim. I am sure the screen pixels will not mind you killing them. If I had to do any of what I do in this sim in real life - I would be horrified. Here though, it is harmless fun with maybe a few bruised ego's if one flies MP. Can't handle it - wipe Il2 from your hard drive and any other violent game and go to your "Safe Space". ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. blitze

    Developer Diary 211 - Discussion

    Roll on the next release. Looking forward to it as with any work you guys bring to the table. ๐Ÿ‘
  13. Fair enough. Your boards and I will respect that as long as you respect that there needs to be serious discussion and critique to the official narratives that are presented as history and don't ignore the Facts. Maybe look up the Versailles Treaty itself and also follow the money. I also am not apologizing for the actions of any party involved in any conflict. War is a massive failure of our species to get along and accept each other and I am saddened greatly by it including what we see today. I do however like the aircraft, even if they were designed only for killing each other, and the advances in tech that resulted. Just like I like target shooting, I like the same in these aircraft modeled in a VR environment as it provides challenges.
  14. Yeah, once the Eighth Air Force started operating out of England, the Luftwaffe ramped up aerial defense in the West to counter it. As for how the world would look if the tide went the other way in WW2, who can tell. For millions of people in Asia, Africa, Middle East and now parts of Europe, it has not been a very pleasant time since WW2. The Living room the Germans sought in the East was primarily due to 2 things, 1 to stamp out Bolshevism and 2 food security. Look into the famine in Austria at the hands of the British Blockade post WW1 and who the N.S.D.A.P fought against during the German Wiemar Republic era and their sponsors in the East. Ignore the propaganda and follow the facts and money.