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  1. blitze

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    Not just liking the eye candy to be had soon but also looking forward to seeing what under the hood has been worked. Myself in mid stage Kuban career have noticed with the intro of the G6 in my squadron, escort missions with H111's and also now seeing 110G's in the frey mixing it up with the VVS. It was a pleasant surprise to see. Keep up the great work guys and looking forward to the end of month update. Goto pack my IR track and joystick for my long work trip )) Would love to take my pedals too but they would be quite a bit to lug around weight wise LOL.
  2. Campaign mode is accessible to each module released in the BoX series be it Moscow, Stalingrad or the Kuban. The client is the same for all of those modules and future ones and as such, any update or new feature that is not a plan set or map's will be updated across all titles. i.e. when you purchase Battle of Moscow, or Stalingrad or Kuban, you get all of the modules but your purchase gives you a key to only unlock the one you have purchased. When you buy others, they are unlocked from what you already have on your computer with the initial purchase. This means all updates and new tech from upcoming modules effect previous modules so the product is constantly being improved and worked on. Even after release. A good system in my eyes.
  3. blitze

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    I usually set trim at 0 from nose down 1 on dial when entering a combat situation. If I decide it is safe to turn and knife fight my opponent I will then set flaps between 10 and 20 down and use the throttle to help govern the turn / lead on the opponent. The 109 is a very competent fighter but it took me a while to understand how to use it and till then, like you F3R0C1TY, I found myself stalling out in it a lot and getting frustrated. My career in the Kuban with the 109 has taught me a lot. Online, well unlike career mode, it more about picking your fights and not over committing as your opponents will be a little more capable than the AI. I find though online lacks the historical feel of flying as a pilot in an outfit with mission briefings and objectives compared to career. It is completely different flying against 12 or more aircraft with your flight in a battle than just a few planes on a server or 2 vs 2. Still, bounces are fun online, hit and runs. I fly with X52 stick with no dead zones or curves and pedals. BnZ, leave that to the 190's
  4. blitze

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Well, P51 was designed as a long range escort fighter whilst the late war 109's were short ranged interceptors. Then there is the Jug of which I have no idea it's role other than to provide the world with a huge single engined fighter which could take a beating and still fly home. ๐Ÿ˜Š Each will have trade off's in their respective roles and strengths the others don't have.
  5. blitze

    Best 190 & 109 Variants?

    Not sure but I got to fly in my career a G6 last night for the first time in a bomber intercept. 30mm was a lovely addition and although it felt a little heavier in flight, WEP is longer duration and she danced nicely in the sky bringing down 5 B20's and dancing with their P39 escorts well. If I had been more frugal with ammo on the B20's, some of the P39's I danced with would not have stayed airborne for long. I held them in my sights for quite a bit but was no ammo and trying to get my flight to engage them as the rest of the B20's had run on home. My flight has remedial shooting skills leaving me the brunt of the work when it comes to engagements and much sorrow when we meet a flight of Yaks. ) Oops, forgot to mention I really enjoyed the ground handling of the G6 too. Much easier to manage on landings and taxiing.
  6. Take off remember that Western aircraft pull to the opposite side to VVS as their props spin in opposite directions. Counter with rudder on take off. Take it easy on controls, throttle, rudder and stick. Be smooth and gradual and not panic when in combat. Pull the stick to hard in a panic and you will have the plane stalling out which for a novice can be lethal. Breath and have fun. Maybe try the Yak 1 and 190 A3 to start with as they are easier to handle on the ground than the 109 or spit which have narrow landing gear. Many aspects to flying, much to learn but it is fun and that's what keeps me coming back to this sim. Now I just have to wonder why my Stuka Escort in my 109 Kuban career just crashed after they dropped their eggs on the factory. ( First career crash.
  7. blitze

    IL-2 tested in Pimax 8K

    You were able to read the labels in cockpit at 1080p res, this is the res I am planing to use for now with my 1070q laptop. Maybe try 1440 when Pimax gets brainwarp running. Hopefully by that time they also are able to implement HMD res independent of monitor res. The FOV seems to be ideal for Il2 BoX.
  8. blitze

    Realism of zoom

    Full zoom on my 27" monitor would approximately be 100% scale of the cockpit. For us lesser people with smaller monitors, things like zoom and even for some, tags, help us enjoy the sim. Maybe when I get my Pimax8K with 200 degrees FOV and decent resolution with something that can drive it, I can then ditch zoom. Till then, you can try to pry it out of my cold dead hands but you will Never take my Zoom. ))
  9. blitze

    Does the ai know about clouds?

    Strange, you mightn't loose ai in a puff of cloud but that would be the same for a human opponent but, in heavy clouds with direction changes and alt changes, I have on numerous occasions lost my AI attackers in campaign. Next best thing is to use topography on the deck to loose them.Valleys and such or tree lined roads. My only goat in campaign is when AI decides to break off when pursuing you over your lines, they despawn within visual range. Bit of an immersion killer and if you have laid shots on them it would be nice to have them have to try and make it back to their field and land in one piece.
  10. blitze

    Il2 bos campaign - no opposing aircraft

    In general when engaging bandits I set trim from 1 to 0. More nose up and use it with limited use of flaps like 20% Standard 109 trim (on the trim wheel to the left of the pilot) is set to 1 for cruise speed of 450kp/h
  11. blitze

    Il2 bos campaign - no opposing aircraft

    Wierd as I just flew a river crossing cover mission for Luftwaffe in Kuban and we had 2 squadrons of Yak 7's and a squad of P39 L's mixing it up against 2 squads of 109's on our side. Plenty of action and it was air carnage for both sides. Sometimes you get nothing, other times you get the kitchen sink and yet others like a soft column strike I had recently, I led my flight past a flight of LaGG's in a shallow dive and they didn't bother with us but as the soft column was near a VVS field, we had incoming B20's and P39 escorts to play with after we dropped our ordinance on the trucks. Yak 7's are a bit of a challenge for us 109's, must remember to set trim properly when engaging. Not come up against La5FN's or 5's for that matter yet. Nor Pe2's. In Kuban that is. Not boring and leading a flight is fun.
  12. blitze

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

    Gimmi a pair of La7's or 9's instead. Be fun for them Berlin Airlift Face-offs. The farce is strong in this thread ๐Ÿ˜›
  13. blitze

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

    Enjoy the Summer Break guys - you deserve it. To hot to fly here in Finland, just swim. ๐Ÿ‘
  14. blitze

    Frustrated as hell with this game

    P40, isn't that a case of setting your rpm at a certain throttle setting and then adding more throttle as you go higher to maintain manifold pressure? Been a while since I last flew it but once you understand the way the engine works, it is pretty straight forward to fly. The flight notes cover it well. Then there are those 6 x .50 Cals - Nice.
  15. blitze

    New Pedals - BRD-F3!

    No, pear juice instead ๐Ÿ˜‰