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  1. 190A5 vs Tempests? 109G6 vs P51's? Nothing like a challenge. The Late Mid War VVS rides can hold their own, that's the current set we have, I've had them up against Spit IX's, G14's, P51's etc. Yak 1b, Yak 7 and La5 fn. Against AI, just some patience and lure the planes into your planes strengths whilst watching engine temps. Just took 190A5 against some Tempests in QMB - again it was trying to get them on your tail, overshoot and then snap shooting them to land hits. A bit of work but they went down. Pity we don't have sort of an A5/A8 in hybrid - boost of the A8 but weight and armament of the A5. Late war VVS rides would be sweet though. What you mentioned and the Il10. 👍 Na Berlin/To Berlin The work the Devs are doing is great and hearing of the render improvements for Spring - yes. Hopefully this will bring some stability with Modern Rendering Tech like DLSS 2 or Variable Rate Shading or Foreated Rendering.
  2. Yes, run her with outer cowl closed, oil open, mix 100% and cruise on lower throttle settings (850-950) and prop pitch (like 2200rpm), keep an eye on your gauge and she should cruise cool. When fighting, use boost and 100% throttle but after a kill, take a little time out to cool down whilst you select your next target with boost off and throttle pulled back from full. Fly her clean on the rudder with trim pitch up and sparing use of flaps when needed and she'll dance with those 109's👍
  3. Would also be nice for a radio "Help" call. Maybe in the way that this over rides the flight's current goal and gets them paying attention to what is happening to you, the player. When not a flight leader, trying to get your flight to stick on track with their mission or to break off landing and defend themselves is impossible. Nothing like being the last of a flight in an escort and to have the rest of the flight engage other enemies leaving the planes being escorted open to attack. As flight leader you can command them to get back on mission but as a flight wingman, you are helpless.
  4. One thing I enjoyed about playing tanks in Red Orchestra was the combined arms aspect of it. You had tanks and you had mechanised infantry and to do well teams had to deploy both. Maybe in time TC will come to do something similar or at least have AI infantry to support the tankers.
  5. Gone back and yes, although a PITA to revert, goto hunt Pimax and PiTool folders in Users/Apps/ and Program Data, it is definitely better with 253 than 255 when flying. Clarity at a given SteamVR setting and also smoothness. Better fps as well.
  6. @Brzi_Joe I think you are onto something here. Noticed juddering especially when looking at the landscape whilst flying. Will revert back to 253 and compare.
  7. Hello Pimax users. Just a heads up that the latest PiTool now seems to have solved the dreaded Epilepsy inducing load screen flicker. It is a huge milestone for us Il2 flyers using Pimax VR headsets and it is now cured. The gem can be found here https://community.openmr.ai/t/pitool-1-0-1-255-feb-26-2020/26214 Enjoy. Still no joy with FFR and Il2 but I think with new rendering that will be implemented this year sometime, Il2 will be FFR happy. Works with DCS so I don'tr see why not when it is implemented here.
  8. Beautiful work guys on the Mig and G4. It is wonderful that the older planes get attention down the line to bring them in line with the new release planes. I also can't wait for the new renderer to be implemented as I am hoping it will allow for stable Fixed Foreated Rendering in Il2 like it did with in DCS. Thank you for the updates and continued development of a gem of a simulation.
  9. Yeah, it's been a while since I was online and flying a bomber. I usually head to the clouds and do cloud hopping to ingres to target. 👍
  10. It's ok, they only turn to the Right, NASCAR turns to the Left 😁 No, they are a lot more capable now. Before I lost control input and had to hard exit Il2 😥 - I was having a great time in the 190A8 playing with Tempests. Luckily we had some Dora's to keep them on their toes. Unfortunately, when I found my flight after the fight, Il2 stopped responding to any input, HOTAS, Mouse, Keyboard so I had to Alt F4 out of it. My plane had lawn darted in the meantime. In Bodenplat fights are easy to Id who is who as the German kites leave nice dark trails behind them and the US/Brits don't. Ribbon - get out of QMB fights and run a career full real and if you want a challenge then Iron Man. Then come back to us and talk AI. QMB AI fighting is not the same as the lack of directives AI have for their flying. There are more detailed posts in forum on how this works.
  11. Talisman, if running low Vid SS then you can jack up App SS but I found (as I run a stand alone Il2 and a separate Steam Il2) that my settings for what I was using (stand alone client) was not applying in the App SS settings. When I woke up to this fact and then remedied the situation - either Video or App SS when high will do the same and reduce frame rate. I really wish FFR worked in Il2 as I notice it helps a bit in DCS with Large FOV. One day but by then I will probably have a RTX 3080ti or 5900XT or what ever AMD's high end part will be. Time will tell and hopefully either part will not cost the kidney a 2080ti did as that pricing was fn ridiculous.
  12. Well, maybe AI hunting you through clouds has been toned down with recent updates. A couple versions ago it was quite - hmm how to say - determined like a Terminator.
  13. Fighters - especially Brit ones are a bit of a handful. I time my bomber runs so that the covering flight get drawn into fights with my flight and I slip in at full speed onto the asses of the bombers using side slipping to avoid being hit by the B25's gunners. Hit the outer bomber and fly high into the clouds, check my tail then seek out my next B25 victim. Dive down full power rinse / repeat. I have yet to bother dog fighting in the A8 and need to develop my tactics for that. Would love to take mid wing cannons away for fighter sweeps but, c'est la vie - the A8 was setup for bomber pulverising. After taking out a few bombers and stopping the raid - I head for the clouds and check to see I am clear before heading home (which includes regular checks behind to make sure no enemy fighters tail me for revenge attacks. I also fly in and around the clouds to ensure I am covered. For some reason, flying with labels disabled seems to also reduce AI ability to track (I wonder if labels on gives the opposition similar visibility as you get...). I could though be imagining it.😎
  14. Something good to use as you are approaching your ground target. I am not sure on timer limits if you have it on and just ride the throttle in and out of boost. I have been using it effectively on the A8 this way, that and the 30mm's which makes me feel sorry for the B25's I go up against. Anyway, enjoy - although it is fun to take the A5 up against VVS in a pure fighter role.
  15. Not sure if anyone has had VRSS running on Il2 but the concept seems similar in principle to Pimax's Fixed Foreated Rendering. This with the current state of Il2 is about 50% stable. When enabled it will allow, especially in Large FOV, for you to push SS right up and the effect is a very nice center view with it softening on the edges. Some have complained that when FFR was used the edges were pixelated and blocky and that is true - if you run your normal SS settings in VR. If you ran 1.5x SS what your normal settings would be, then the effect is quite nice. Either way, VRSS and FFR are I think good steps towards high fidelity VR in large FOV VR environments. Another thing I have noticed with SteamVR is that I can push App SS up really high and get decent performance, now running 300% on Il2 but I have Video SS at 44% (PiTool 1.25, Normal FOV). If I push Video SS up and bring App SS down, even at the same final render target resolution - the performance in VR nose dives considerably. This all whilst running Il2 on Ultra Graphics Settings with shadows and clouds on high and mirrors on medium. I don't understand the relationship between Video SS and App SS in SteamVR but it seems setting Video to near SteamVR recommended (Auto) and driving App up is the way to go.
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