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  1. A great appreciation thread in books and software. Too broaden the formats - if anyone is interested in Soviet TV Series - Amazon Prime has a few series from Russia in its library including The Attackers.πŸ‘ They also have some of the more recent WW2 Films from Russia/Ukraine like Battle for Sevastopol. On the subject of Books: "Spitfire into Battle" by Group Captain Duncan Smith warrants a mention.
  2. Always helps to try and find squadrons based closer to the front line. For example - ground pounding in a P47 will have you based closer to the front than in a p38 which are based quite far back. Problem with air starts is that spawns of enemy flights seem to occur right on top of you and you are thrown into some pretty nasty situations compared to starting on the runway. You are more likely to have enemy flights converge on your flight path at the same time as you are traversing and although great for action in fighters - it's a PITA for ground pounding where you most likely will not have fighter cover to escort you and keep enemy fighters off your back.
  3. VR with >150 degrees FOV checking 6 isn't too bad. I could imagine those with narrow FOV headsets - you would be seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. Over Friendly Territory, every 30 or so seconds. Front Lines or Enemy Territory - 10 seconds or 20 seconds to do visual sweeps from one side rear to other. It will become better in VR when 170 DOV at high res and refresh rates are doable. At the moment we can only achieve 2 out of the 3.
  4. AI improvements are interesting. In Bodenplatte career AI seems relatively easy compared to Stalingrad and Kuban career AI which is quite fierce. I have had on those two careers, recently, some very fierce fights on both sides against AI. Experience on BP has been on both sides be it 109 career and P47 and Spit IX careers. My last flight in a Spit V in Kuban I had a bunch of pissed off 109G4's running me down back to base cause I took some of their 190A5's out. 😁 Nearly made it back to base but lost a wing with 5 109's hounding me. Managed to chut back to terra firma. I am finding though that it is not seemingly possible to loose AI pursuers in cloud cover. AI know where you are regardless of large levels of cloud cover to hide in and alter course in. Earlier it was possible to loose pursuers in cloud cover.
  5. My goodness, what just happened there??? Before I knew it I had bought and paid for another 1C/777 title. 😁 All good, interesting map and some great additions to the aircraft stable on the Western Front side. At the same time, I hope for continued development of details and AI and some under the hood love with Vulcan and newer render technologies without being tied to any specific companies obsolete GPU tech (cough PhysX, cough RTX cores). Hopefully scalable as well pending on what CPU/GPU tech one has available, given that we are now entering the chiplet age for both CPU's and not too far down the track, GPU's. Now where was I, hmmm Razorbacks Griffon Spit, Mozzie, Tiffy, and more.... πŸ‘
  6. Are you a Steam Il2 flyer or using the Program Launcher from 1C/777? If Steam - try verifying your game files. Also check drive trim/defrag I doubt it would be a network issue as you are here ok. πŸ‘
  7. Back off the throttle before initiating your maneuver then re apply as you fly though it. Take it a bit easier on the stick. The Tempest is a beast of an airplane and requires respect. Also remember that Pilots in war scenarios will be subjected to more fatigue and stress than modern day civ pilots. Their fitness levels can also be reduced due to trauma and sleeplessness. I would assume they would be flying more often as well. Less opportunity for physical recovery between flights. Joy of War I suppose /S😬 Say no to G-Man Meters.
  8. Use the clouds for cover when fighting them. Also adjust your trim +1 nose up Stay with close range of your flight, don't get isolated in a fight. Call out for your wing man to cover you. It's intense but as is trying to take out a flight of Pe's before they hit your airfield. My 109 ended up Swiss cheese but I managed not to get my engine hit. Six Days is a lot of fun and it is also great for bench marking. A big thanks to BlackSix who also continues to improve it.πŸ‘
  9. Use the 109's 13mm mg's on a P51 They look pretty when falling from the sky in flames. 😁
  10. Pimax if you want decent FOV and if you hold off a bit then there will be the next Gen headsets in the New Year with much improved Ergos and features. If not, then there is a stable of existing headsets with narrow FOV the pic being probably Valve Index or HP Reverb. Wouldn't advocate anything from Facebook aka Oculus just because, well - Facebook.🀐
  11. I know how they feel with regards to the controllers and base stations - still waiting myself but like you said - once you go wide - there's no going back. Also Valve didn't help with their hoarding of base stations for their launch of the Index. I'm looking forward to the increased clarity of the 8K-X over my original 8K and I should be able to get it whilst driving a lower render target. With the 8K for distance clarity, you really need to jack up the Render Resolution to blow through the scaler and poorer panels. Still - even with its hardware limits - the 8K VR experience has improved considerably over the year.
  12. Seems to be disk access / loading overhead whereby VR display is frozen when maps and in game assets load up for a mission. Seen also in DCS and probably related to DirectX-11 based titles whereby most of the work is multicore limited. It isn't as bad (flickering) as it has been and there is a load box image that pops up that is quite stable and I just focus on that now. Things will improve over time - I hope. As for Valve - yes they have been a bit dodgy recently with working with their so called partners. Not good if they want to be the head of an open VR community. HL3 - look at Valve Bone Works..... They're cooking something up with that. 😎
  13. Sometimes AI will get excited when enemies are around and loose focus on the mission at hand. Enemy AI can be within 5km of your flight but if you don't pose a threat to them (especially if they are escorting), then you will most likely be left alone. With excited AI, pull them back into line with either the "Do like me" command and or "Return to Mission" command. Nice to know the later will also enable a lost you to follow the AI back to the mission flight plan.πŸ‘
  14. An interesting "stream" from Martin at VR Days showing the Pimax booth. Skip to 41.10 minute mark for some interesting commentary on the 8K-X Enjoy.
  15. P47 airfields in career are closer to the Front than the P38's. This also might have an influence on AI behavior. Also numbers are a mixed bag - in my 109 Career near the Front we were tasked with a Ground Attack Intercept - well 4 x P47's great but our flight of 4 109's also had to deal with 16 or so Spit IX's as escort. It was a dance to bring down the P47's and only I made it back to base but when the P47's were shot down, the Spit's didn't seem hugely interested in pursuing me. I wasn't taking much of a chance though and was using Cloud Cover and direction changes within to be sure. For all the complaining, at least AI uses the same flight model as we do and also Pilot Physiology which is nice. Get some more comm options there for flight and wingman directions (2 ship / 4 ship commands) and some more tweaking and AI would be quite good. My last Bomber Escort in the Kuban we escorted Stukas to a industrial bombing target, the Stukas dropped their bombs all on the one pass and got out of there. A nice change to the usual fly around in circles trying to get chewed up by AA or awaiting enemy fighters like in days past. My flight leader though was tempted on the way in by a lone flight of 3 Il2's near the Front. He could have waited till on return but alas no, and his impatience cost him his life. Silly AI flight leader - setting a bad example for the squad.😁
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