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  1. Yeah bombers, start from the outlying ones at the back. Slash / side slip them into your gun fire and then peel away. Rinse / Repeat. For more WW2 feel, set AI to reg / novice. If you are feeling suicidal then go up against a flight of Pe2's on Ace.👍
  2. Modern CPU's shouldn't be the issue though - just the code which needs to utilise the larger core counts and scale things up accordingly allowing as much AI and physics as one can throw CPU cores at. Leave a core for dynamic weather modelling was well. 🤐 A coding challenge?
  3. I dunno, last night I decided to give SteamVR Beta another try and was impressed. Problem is we have a moving target with 4 to 5 piecess of software to work with (5 if you are a Pimax owner), PiTool, Windows 10, SteamVR, Nvidia and then there is Il2 itself. The load screen flickering is still there with SteamVR Beta but with PiTool 1.25, Large FOV, SteamVR Vid 50%, App 100% - Kuban Map looked really nice as did the FW 190D I was flying over it in various outside views. VR is a constantly moving target as it is still infant days as a tech. I will be upgrading to the Pimax 8K-X when available as I believe native res 4K per eye will be very nice to use in Il2 but that is me. I hope everyone having issues pertaining to their headsets be able to work them out. The previous information was a suggestion from Pimax forums from Gared.
  4. Wow, it is an example of a Pimax Setting - if people can't adapt settings to their own headset oh well. Fenris - you are right - there is no helping to be had from this point on. I know what works and others don't time to enjoy this great sim. Cya. Mods - Please thread lock this.
  5. @56RAF_Talisman You run PiTool Render at 2 and SteamVR 100% - Wow. Though, I'm on the 8K and running Il2 High Settings but with Medium Clouds - other settings are similar. Running Large FOV, PiTool 1.25 and SteamVR 50% / 100% Seems to run quite well.
  6. To further discussion, these are my altered settings in the personal streamvr settings file located in newly discovered folder for you guys: "steamvr" : { "allowSupersampleFiltering" : false, "background" : "#FF000000", "enableDistortion" : false, "enableHomeApp" : false, "installID" : "2329656033398071845", "lastVersionNotice" : "1.7.15", "lastVersionNoticeDate" : "1568937933", "maxRecommendedResolution" : 8192, "preferredRefreshRate" : 72, "supersampleScale" : 0.5 I have spotting back at range not under 2km like it was and I have clear ground targets, ground detail etc. For Pimax users I am using PiTool Render 1.25, Large FOV and SteamVR Vid 50%. No AA and High in Il2 Graphics Settings.
  7. Well I got detailed landscape back and spotting beyond 2km like it was prior patch so for me it is fixed. I can also again see crisp ground vehicles and targets. My settings in steamvr user settings file "steamvr" : { "allowSupersampleFiltering" : false, "background" : "#FF000000", "enableDistortion" : false, "enableHomeApp" : false, "installID" : "2329656033398071845", "lastVersionNotice" : "1.7.15", "lastVersionNoticeDate" : "1568937933", "maxRecommendedResolution" : 8192, "preferredRefreshRate" : 72, "supersampleScale" : 0.5
  8. Easy as they share similar engines. RPM 2650 / 2800 / 3000 - cruise / combat / balls to the wall MP just look for the colours on the respective dials and know Green is good and Red is entering The Danger Zone and beyond red is only for short squirts.
  9. Jason, you're not wrong with VR and issues that pertain to it. Spent the second half of this week testing and rectifying VR on my new rig. In a word though, when running right - VR is Gorgeous!!! 👍 At the moment I have settled on Medium Clouds but would be happy to return to High with the new tweaks. When you fly a early morning or late afternoon mission and you have multi layered clouds with low sun - breath taking it is. Now, with VR, if Valve would let us know when they introduce new filters with SteamVR - that would be a nice help. Pity Il2 doesn't run its own Open Composite embedded so we can not rely on SteamVR as a part of the equation. Oh well, learn to live with it but it has caused a furor recently with many VR users due to blurriness which for me has been traced to "allowSupersampleFiltering"
  10. The old appdata folder - it's there and it has lots of yummy stuff in it including openvr stuff. Windows 10 and prior versions. You can also modify that file but if you get a SteamVR update, it might reset your altered settings. I just decided to pay attention to what Valve was saying at the beginning of the file and use the User version instead.
  11. Some people might be using the Open Composite alternative to SteamVR if they are using Oculus headsets. The path C:\Users\"Username"\AppData\Local\openvr\ Whereby "Username" is your Windows Login name. The config file is steamvr and the line to add under steamvr section is "allowSupersampleFiltering" : false, Sorry for the mistype earlier, between work and testing VR my brain went to mush.💥
  12. Yeah, there was some advance SS Filter in the Dev section of SteamVR but I think this is just a new filter to reduce Aliasing. Might be ok for The LAB but it sucks for us.
  13. Have a look if you are using SteamVR in the VR forum section for a possible fix. Had me going from no spotting visibility till under 2km back to 9km out pending on the aircraft selected in QMB under realistic spotting. Terrain is back to lovely self too. That on a Pimax 8K. Before it was a blurry vomit even with sharpen filter selected. Hope it helps.😁 As for Devs - sorry for the earlier vents, seems to be a poor coincidence on the part of SteamVR updates and Hot Fixes combining to cause headaches.😬
  14. Yeah - sorry, no help for Oculus folks - this is a SteamVR thing but it has returned with realistic spotting (not the alternate spotting in Realism Options selected) for me seeing targets at around 10km out. Not easy but better than the sub 2km I was experiencing recently.
  15. What I have read, turning it off reverts SteamVR to the older SS Filter version. Anyway, not sure if it does or if it turns of the filter but in practice, it sharpens the image up at the expense of aliasing. Something I don't mind at reasonable render targets if the world detail is sharper. I have noticed that I can now VR spot again incoming head to head QMB opponents at 9+kms out. This without the alternate spotting option in Realism Options.
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