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  1. True, your CPU is a little faster in cpubench but at a higher speed with more energy. If you have over clocked it, might you be increasing core voltage of the CPU for stable overclocking? How do you cool it? What I am getting at is you might be hitting CPU temps that then introduce throttling due to your setup. With notebooks and the New AMD GPU's, it has been found that undervolting them can lead to better performance as you don't suffer CPU throttling as much as running them normal. The Max-Q 1070 GPU is said to run about 10% less than the desktop version but with less energy and heat. Some pics taken just now of me online in Finnish Server, Virtual Pilots. First in the 110 E and then the Ju88. Both planes have pic on side of runway starting up and then in the air with fps counter in the top right corner. The server was flying smooth with no stutters until it crashed, right as I was releasing a 500kg on a factory railway platform and had lined up some buildings behind for the same love. I think this server has it out for me Now, with the Ju88, it in itself lowers normal frames by 10 to 20fps. It was smooth panning from side to side though and good once up in the air. Using Open Track with a side clip.
  2. Gigabyte Aero 15X, i7700HQ, Max-Q 1070 Nvidia GPU 8Gb, 16Gb 2400Mhz Ram, SD Drive, Win 10 x64 Pro CPU core is undervolted 0.130v Just had a look at Berlogna and fps was 120+ and Virtual Pilots Finnish Server where FPS 60+ but smooth without any stutters with messaging operating or people connecting and disconnecting. Might have a look later in the evening when more people are on it, solo Luftwaffe against their Tank Bases leads to me loosing wings on my aircraft, no matter how I fly. No one else was flying team blue ((
  3. Testing done. Nvidia Settings in Control Panel attached after hitting the Restore button and then modifying the highlighted options. With that done, then ingame the following settings net me 80+ fps at low alt and much more higher up, 1440p in Career Mode, regardless of map. Higher frames at 1080p but with a 1440p monitor it is a bit blurry for my taste. Using AA and Vsync in game gives smoother head turning from side to side (paranoid rear vision checks). I think the devs have done a great job and I will test online a little to see how that goes next. It does seem the HUD is a visual layer overlaying the normal graphics, I wonder if there is a way for them to just overlay the info not a whole screen. Also clouds on lower settings do have aircraft suffering from AA pixelation when aircraft are viewed between the player and a cloud. This is before said aircraft enters the cloud.
  4. Is Axis airframes too easy to bring down .

    Unless difficulty is set to low, I doubt AI act like target drones. I have had good scraps on both sides with fighters in a fighter. Then now as a Il2 pilot, I have to watch my back pretty much until I get home. Cloud hopping seems to help. No more lawn darting AI either from my experience, can't get them to take up residence in the ground if they are hard on my back and I dive with last minute pullout.
  5. Is Axis airframes too easy to bring down .

    The Spits wings can take a bit of damage unlike the Yak but the Merlin (engine) is a precious unit. The 109 I have taken engine damage where I'm burning oil and yet I have nursed it 50+ kms to get back to base and land. Just throttle back to 50 to 60% or under 7 / 8 ATA and open the rads manually to at least half way.
  6. Is Axis airframes too easy to bring down .

    Yes, 109 as a fragile aircraft as per design. Just like the Spit or dare I say it, even the Yak. Try flying the Yak after getting some small caliber holes appearing on any wing. She turns form lovely flyer to a real handful to keep in the air. Then there is the Pe 2, try flying the Peshka when 1 engine has been killed. Not the easiest thing to do, better to land or bail unlike the 110 or the Ju88. I have noticed the standard 20mm on the 109 does a great job or taking wings off Il2's and other attack aircraft. Just like the 20mm Hispanos do a lovely job on 110's
  7. +1 Kanttori. Will on occasion fly MP but not as much. On the Career, I am doing testing on my rig with Graphics Settings and found it is not map independent. An Il2 career on the Moscow Front has my frames same as Kuban Flying at 1k Alt. At 1440p with full settings I get around 50fps. I can double that by using Default settings (effects minimum or off) with High Quality and cutting terrain distance to 70kms. Next series of tests will be at 1080p. See how that performs and looks on a 1440p Monitor. In game Vsync and AA gives smooth head panning in cockpit and no edge shimmering which can be very annoying at low alt when it happens with AA set via Nvidia Control Panel. Career though is great, a much needed improvement for single player
  8. 3.001 is running super smooth!

    Well, my first time on Virtual Pilots Finnish Server was Butter Smooth and for most people with problems, Campaign on Kuban Map is a problem. QMB might be "Buttery Smooth" but QMB is not the sim. If people are wanting to troubleshoot and give the developers something to go by then they have to be thorough with what gear they have, what map they are flying, online or offline and so forth. In the Troubleshooting section Jason has given a good visual baseline guide to help people out and then for them to increase the visual goodies till they get something that is smooth on their systems with the best eye candy settings they can run. MP and Kuban Campaign seem to be the litmus test of this Sim and what people should be testing their settings on. If they can get things smooth on either or both then not such an issue. For me, playing with visual settings and testing in Kuban Campaign effected my online experience too. Testing still ongoing. From the developers part, optimisations are being done and further development is continuing as it was stated that not all features they wanted to ship with 3.001 made it out the door in time. This Sim is one of constant evolution and it is in a positive direction, a very positive direction. 2 years ago I would have been Il2 BoS - meh, not interested but in the last year I have been captured with the development and growth of this software and what is on offer within it. Kudos to the Developers and Jason for that.
  9. 3.001 is running super smooth!

    blackram, no offense but you are very wrong here. Hardware this sim is being played on varies greatly and system specs help as to understand what people might be trying setting wise with respect to their system capabilities. Not everyone here has a i8700K with a 1080Ti and 32Gb ram with Raid Flash Drives. Some people are also playing it on AMD hardware and others on systems 5+ years old with 2Gb Vram. For me on a Notebook Max Q 1070 system with i7700HQ and 16Gb ram, Setting view distance to 100km with ingame AA, Ultra settings and distance renderer to 4x, I get smooth head tracking at 70 to 110 fps on a Kuban Campaign. V-Sync is Nvidia controlled as I find the ingame Vsync limits me to 60fps but I need to check if that is both in Full Screen or just Windowed Mode. I run at 1440p res.
  10. Problems with my Careers

    Strange but I haven't tested Campaign on either Moscow or Stalingrad yet. I chose Kuban as it was a good test bed for getting Graphic Settings right. If you get it smooth in Kuban whilst flying a Campaign, then you will have no issues with the rest of the sim So far, so good and with P39 Career, Spitfire Mk.V Career (both short lived), and now 109 G2+, the results have been fairly consistent. Much to do, even if I loose my flight when escorting, oops LOL. I continued along the flight path and waited at the front and the bombers came back and I escorted them home fending off a few attackers in the process. You mentioned the Lagg 3, I assume this is a Stalingrad Campaign you are flying? I must check it out. People with issues, tell us the Campaign you are playing, the time period, the plane type you are flying or even better the squad and your settings. Then what is not happening for you with which mission types. This might help the Dev's quicker hunt down the issues. I also wonder if Visual Range options might have something to do with the Campaign system....
  11. Problems with my Careers

    Don't air start and choose a forward base to have your career from. Also listen to Radio especially when you take off as it gives you your call sign and then, you get radio messages that give a nudge in the right direction. Mine is Eagle and if I am number 3 in flight then Eagle 3 and Eagle 3 when flying near enemy will call enemy position. Like 9 O'clock 3km fighters and that tells you, where to go and attack It's rather a neat way of doing things especially if you play on Full Real Settings and have no icons enabled to help you find stuff. Aids in situational awareness. Also if on intercept missions, your map might update info given ground observer sightings of enemy attack flights.
  12. So, what do you think of the G-6?

    You know what, I haven't flown her yet. Seem to be doing fine with the G2 and G4 in my Early Kuban Campaign knocking A20's and Il2's out of the sky. The A20's are a lot more daunting as they fly faster and have many broom sticks pointing out of it shooting things at me. Learning to be very economising with the 20mm canon and MG on the 109. Also not bothering to finish off a plane if I have engine black smoking as I know it has limited life anyway so why waste the ammo. I will have to take the G6 up but would prefer it in campaign as that is where real strengths can be checked. QMB is just not the same but for pleasure flight, maybe a good idea when I see the squad getting them later on in life. Weird thing in Campaign is my plane gets listed as G2 but I have the G4 Emergency Power. Initially I didn't but now I do, would they have field modded the G2's to G4 spec?
  13. Campaign Difficulty

    Loving the campaign. Wolfgang, my pilot, downed 4 Il2's yesterday but had to land at a forward operating airfield as his engine got shot by ground fire I think and there was no way he would have made it back to base. The 109 G2 was doing nicely against the Il2's though to my surprise. Difficulty on Hard and Medium Density settings. I'm still working out the best settings for smooth fighting in Kuban. The other maps seem to be easier on my system so I have pulled distance from 150kms to 130 which helped but I might settle for 100kms. That and 3 for visual distance rendering. AA at 4 ingame, V-Sync in Nvidia Pannel, SSOA, HDR, Full Screen all on. 1440p resolution on a 1070 Max-Q powered note book connected to a 27" 144Hz monitor.
  14. Reaper, which map are you trying the career in? Kuban is a bit of a resource intensive map, have you tried Moscow or Stalingrad? What are you in game graphic settings? I noticed that ingame AA runs smoother and without horizon shimmering at low alt compared to Nvidia Control Panel AA. Also I have noticed that Nvidia V-Sync seems to run better than ingame. Setting render distance to 40 or 70kms might help as with shadows low, clouds med and a few other things you can experiment with. I run Full Screen as Windowed caps my fps at 60 where as Full Screen allows for above 60 on my monitor that can handle 144fps Also what resolution are you running? AMD processors are not great in this and other single thread coded games, they are improving with the newer CPU's and they run great in DX12 / Vulcan coded games but we are not there yet with the BoS series. Sometimes, one has to turn graphics down to get smoothness required but at least it means that a future hardware upgrade will bring lovely benefits for the sim down the track.
  15. Thoughts on the P39...

    My experience with the P39 is that it's not a bad mid to low fighter. At least in regards to career in Kuban. She handles relatively well and can keep pace with the 109's and 190's encountered. Keep her water rad open at 50% or you burn through the engine in combat. Also dial her in for combat with elevator trim and use flaps to 10% if needed but sparingly. What I don't like, the .30 Cals (I find them distracting with not much hitting power, pity we can't ditch them and carry extra .50 cal ammo). I also don't like the cockpit frame. It is quite different to other cockpits and although rear view is good, forward can be annoying to track the fight in when playing Full Real. The Cannon up front is a great addition for both air and ground work. Make every shell count though as you don't get many. She flys well and spins are not an issue if you get on top of them early.