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  1. blitze

    Career AAA

    Flack can kill you especially if you try a Moderate career with 109 E as a ground attacker. Not much takes for your wing to be sheered off if you stick around ground targets for too long. On the other hand, flying the other night in a 41 Il2, we were tasked with taking out soft column near a town, well it seemed the column was more in the town and the town was right next to a German Airfield. We were set upon by 109 F2's of which I took out 2 keeping them off my flight leader and his second (3 ship flight). By the time that had cleared and it seemed safe to go ground target hunting, I didn't find the column but obviously my flight had. I circle back to the town where it is showing the target had been destroyed to see if there were any leftovers and lo and behold, disco lights near the air field. I made a pass but was at a bad angle for a shot so I went around and came back on the 109 as it had finished rolling after landing. I let loose with 2 132 rockets and it was bye bye to him. Then made a pass on the Control Tower and Officers Mess with remaining rockets and bombs. Finally letting the fuel dump have it too with the remaining cannon. In all of that, not a peep from AA at the German Field. I know in previous missions we had stomped AA in and around the town but there was nothing this mission. The previous mission I had taken a few light AA hits to my wings. So, it's horses for courses and when AA isn't lighting your flight up like a Christmas Tree, it is a nice change. AA over Med to Large towns in Campaign can be quite dense - aka a lot of guns firing away.
  2. Flight sims are quite complicated for the average punter. A demo might prove that the Il2 series is capable of running on a potential owners system but I think good ingame videos show casing the elements that make up Il2 might be better. Show the Campaign interface and then have some good vids of flying and dying in missions. Not like you can really fly the Il2 series with an X-Box Controller and mouse and keyboard are not much chop either. A little explanation on minimum control setup that would enable people to enjoy the sim would be good like a twist-grip stick with throttle slider or something. Also pointing prospective pilots to the forums sections for help also would be a good step if releasing a demo.
  3. Darn, my last downing in the Il2 (41) was due to engine hit. It got me to friendly lines though. In my Moscow Campaign I use a lot of side slipping and turning to avoid either ground AA or enemy fighters. I might return home with wings as Swiss Cheese but it seems to keep them from lining up my rear end. Last mission I was no 6 in 6 ship flight and I evaded an attacking 109 who proceeded to try their luck on my flight which was a little ahead of me. Oh those 23mm worked their magic on him as the plane disintegrated around the German Pilot. Great to watch and I got Drinking Bonus when I returned to base. 👍
  4. Well, just got out of test flying both on Kuban. Solo flights but shooting up a train. The Spit IX did a better job of stopping the train than the G14. Both were a pleasure to fly. At default centering in the Spit, I felt I was face planted against the new sight so I leaned in a little to recenter. The G14 was lovely to see well around the plane, a huge boost to the 109 visibility from the drivers seat. I must admit though, the G14 has many lumps and bumps (Warts). I know it was a struggle to fit the updates in but, man, did they destroy those nice lines the earlier 109's had. Luckily for me, they are not noticeable from inside the cockpit where most of my time would be spent visually. Love the Spit IX inflight engine sound, noice.
  5. Big Thanks to the Developers for this update. The series just goes from strength to strength. Just to think a year and a bit ago I was hesitant to touch it, now, hard to keep away. 👍
  6. blitze

    Should IL-2 Battle packs have more planes?

    Yeah, Battle collection brings: - New Aircraft - New Map/Maps - New Features and - Other updates which are also integrated into the prior Battle releases upgrading all. I think it is well worth it for the price charged if not more. Many hours of flying to be had in a variety of planes in different locals and scenarios. Nothing else gives us such as how the newer Il2 series does. I don't even think it is good to buy on sales or via Steam although I did buy BoS on Steam but rest has been via 1C/777
  7. blitze


    If it is the same as in photography, then the idea is that lighting will be more balanced between indoor scenes and outdoor scenes in the one shot. What this means is that if you are taking a shot inside a room with a window, no longer will it be either you get the lighting right for the inside of the room or, you get the lighting right for the scenery shown in the window. This means either the Window scenery is too bright and blown out with its lighting range or the room itself becomes too dark so as to allow for the higher light range of the outside light as shown in the window. Our eyes can deal with both cause we are special and have that ability but in Photography it usually means you have to take multiple instances of the one pic with different F-Stop (Aperture) settings and then build the image to represent what we see naturally. Modern digital cameras with their sensors and built in software can now do this automatically. If you look at the split screen image of HDR off and HDR on, you will not that with it off, the inside cockpit shadows drown out the detail of the cockpit. With HDR on, you will still see the area in shadow but, it will not drown out the detail under shadow whilst still being able to make out lighting detail outside of the cockpit. Notice more the difference under the panel where the rudder pedals are. There is more detail which can be seen in HDR that is too dark in the non HDR split. It is still under shadow but you see detail and form as you would in real life.
  8. blitze

    DD today?

    Hmm, so today then, bring Friday and all. Please, please, please
  9. Well a man's gotta eat and times were hell. As for copyright and IP, the modern system is very broke. In the Anglo West anyway, some protections are warranted for limited time periods but now, it is beyond ridiculous.
  10. blitze

    Victory Day!

    Brilliant photo. Happy Victory Day!
  11. blitze

    Mosquito in Bodenplatte?

    " This thin wing could not contain a comparable quantity of fuel to that housed by the Typhoon's wing so a large fuselage tank had to be adopted. This necessitated the introduction of an additional fuselage bay, increasing the overall length by twenty-one inches forward of the c.g. This added length found its inevitable compensation after initial prototype trials in a larger fin and tailplane. The wing area was also increased and an elliptical platform was adopted, presenting a chord sufficient to permit the four Hispano 20 mm cannon to be almost completely buried in the wing. " http://www.aviation-history.com/hawker/typhoon.html Carried less fuel in the Wing to Typhoon but more in the fuselage giving it an extra 200km range over the typhoon.
  12. blitze

    Mosquito in Bodenplatte?

    Engines can be tuned for different alt performance. Also performance of an aircraft is not solely based on just the engine. Flight surface designs count for a lot too as do many other things.
  13. blitze

    How do you shoot down airplanes?

    Find, get the plane to at least half fill the sight or more and moving across the sight an timing your squirt. Yeah, trying to line the plane up in the sight seems the least effective way for me. Seeing as most of the time you are in some sort of maneuver, timing the target as it crosses the sigh is easiest and more likely to get a good hit area. Only the Il2 with 23's does straight 6 shooting do anything ))
  14. blitze

    Mosquito in Bodenplatte?

    Thought the Tempest had it's wing redesigned and the design was similar to the Spitfire due to the guy who did it (did both). It was a much thinner wing as well to the Typhoon.
  15. blitze

    Mosquito in Bodenplatte?

    I thought the Typhoon and Tempest were different beasts. Typhoon being more suited to Mid to Low altitude and Ground Attack whereas the Tempest with modifications applied to the Typhoon design was more of a higher alt fighter. Something to do with the differences in the Wing among other things.