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  1. Goto remember - many flying in WW2 were lucky to have driven a car before getting into flying and then, with flying around mid war stage - there would be many noobs. Just a general war attrition thing where you will have a smaller group of experten on either side and then the rest are fodder. I gave up on my 110 career in Moscow due to lack of support on ground attack missions. That was on Normal Setting. Wouldn't mind decent AI too and the ability to also dial in some ground pounder escort support but I might have to try Easy and see how that goes - even if it is a cake walk with AA and enemy flight AI. There is PWCG is needed.
  2. I just don't know but this talk of taking ones time reminds me of The ICE MAN
  3. There is the P39 with the engine mounted behind you. In 2D the view sucks but in VR the side frames and mirror don't get in the way. You also have a great view out back when your ass is getting shot off. P40 view isn't bad either. Good sight although a bit high in the nose for pulling lead in turn fights but good view rearwards. I do like my La 5 though, big assed radial in front, huge plate behind you can't see behind but I have so much fun over Stalingrad with her.
  4. Worthwhile? As a former il2 flyer from the Hyperlobby days - Hell yes! Initially I was not interested in the new version of Il2 BoX series but over the last couple of years they have really come into their own and Jason's Stewardship has been a very positive element for the 1C/777 team. The single player Career is very good with much more meat and improvements incoming and online is getting better and better. Maybe down the track invest in VR of which this sim supports very well and enjoy. It is leaps and bounds over the old Il2 but that is just the march or progress. Is it perfect - no but it gives very good single and multiplayer experiences with fidelity that is unprecedented. They have sales you can grab stuff on but for me - full price and through the Il2 shop to support the Devs. I did initially purchase Battle of Stalingrad via Steam but everything else has been direct and at full price.
  5. Hope you guys had a very successful show and a lot of converts from the civi sim side.
  6. Used to shoot with 400m convergence and was crap at it. Now use 150m on all including ground attack and make sure I am close before opening up on my target. I seem to be much more successful with this approach. C'est la vie. Word of warning though - up close on VVS planes - be prepared to dodge debris that can render your prop kaput as you hammer them with cannons.👍
  7. Gee thanks Fenris with your character assassination. I didn't know monitor players could Id aircraft at 5km out - never happened for me but hey - they must be playing on 50" 4K TV's or something. I do use VR with a laptop and an eGPU - it works is portable. What ever. Thanks again for your kind words S! See you in the skies. Conversation over.
  8. You don't understand Field of View do you. I brake it down for you 16:9 flat screen = 35 degrees FOV 1st Gen VR Headsets = 100 to 110 degrees FOV 2nd Gen VR headsets = 130 to 170 degrees FOV (yes the Chinese ones Pimax offer 170 horizontal FOV) The default setting on a flat screen is Zoom pulled back so to give the user a greater FOV but at the cost of scale compared to 1 to 1 that VR gets. It isn't zoom per say on a monitor but going out from native FOV to greater at the cost of image size to give a monitor flyer a better awareness of what is going on around them. Now try flying at native FOV on a 24 or 27Inch 16:9 screen and tell me that is fun. Does not the image get very small when you pull the view back?? Yet this is the modern gaming monitor size as advertised by monitor hardware makers. Sure your Vive or 1st Gen Oculus might have crap pixel density over their respective FOV but you still have better scale at you 100/110 degree FOV than an monitor player. Now go and check out a More recent VR headset and tell us about image clarity/ pixel density over their respective FOV. I'd wager they are much better no? Anyway - I've flown on 27" 2D monitor and now 170 degree capable VR HMD (I run it though at 150 for now) and I'm not going back to 2D anytime soon. Yes I don't get the eye candy but the immersion and 3D imaging is well worth it and lets be honest - in real life - how many pilots could Id accurately a fighter at 2km or more out? Being able to spot something at 2 to 8km out is different to Id-ing it. Crap - read up on the friendly fire incidents all sides had. A lot of the Id-ing was based more on similar to what we do - which direction planes are traveling, location relative to lines, and then lining them up and if friendly, then not pulling the trigger on them. Radio comms would have helped as well of which we don't have great access to. With people winging here about target radio chatter - the devs seemed to have silenced a lot of it now and you don't get to know what is going on as well as before in offline career anyway. I liked knowing my escorted bombers had hit targets, I liked enemy contact call outs - it made it a bit easier to know what was going on and where. In MP it's different.
  9. There is VR equipment now that gives much more than a few pixels to work with for ID and Spotting and as for spotting - 8Km distance can be had on VR equipment of this year. I do agree with you about TrackIR and head movement but that is a monitor thing. With your goggle view - well it was your choice of headset and you as the purchaser are to blame. You do realise there are headsets offering 150 and 170 degrees of horizontal view right? Headset and GPU that gives reasonable viewing experience does not cost 3000€ and if you are running a decent graphics card 1070 or above - you are good to go. If you want to wine about competition in MP flying as though Il2 is a Twitch FPS Shooter, then get with the competition and use a monitor. I'm fine and I fly VR online and off, and without VR zoom even in the base config. No way I am going back to 2D flying but then I waited a bit for my HMD and although not perfect - it gives me a decent experience and spotting and to some extent Id-ing is not too much of an issue. Id-ing in a furball is not the easiest anyway and I doubt it was in real life. Could image clarity for me be better - yes so what - should we have 4x to 8x zoom over 1 to 1 scaling to make it easier for people - no. If I can fly 2K above my bombers and make them out in VR - I'm happy with that. These devs have done a great job with their VR implementation and maybe you just need to fly VR with labels to deal with your visual issues and hardware limitations. So goes for the blind VR fan club 😎
  10. Ì doubt Id-ing a fighter from 2kms out would have been easy in real life. A bomber yes. Spotting - yes but from certain angles and lighting conditions - enemy fighters unless the P47 - no. Get over it. Also my reference was that with the new headsets coming onto market now and in the near future, it will be easier for users visually and multiple zoom over 1 to 1 scale will give those users a distinct visual advantage over 2D monitor based players. Already in a Pimax 8K 2Km visuals are more than enough to discern aircraft shapes at no zoom. Wait until the 8K-X hits or other HMD's with similar pixel density over their FOV. Much easier.
  11. Yeap - taxi back, hold the brakes, spool up the engines to 6.5K min start then release and add throttle. Be sure to set trim and flaps before spooling up engines. Landing not a prob on smaller fields, set landing point early and she'll pull up easily. Just don't come in hot.💥
  12. And as headsets and GPU's driving them become more capable? Stick with current zoom as as high visual fidelity VR headsets come online - it is an unfair advantage to non VR players. Remember 2D zoom is there to mitigate small monitors and have enough FOV on the screen (zoom out) to be able to fly in 2D. To have super zoom in VR which already gives 1 to 1 world scale is not necessary and as mentioned with 2nd gen VR headsets - quite an unrealistic and unfair advantage. Did pilots carry binoculars to Id targets in cockpits???
  13. Just a bump for devs to look into the 190 A8 Tinted Front Glass when flying on Low Graphics Preset, 4K skins and VR (don't know if it effects 2D flyers). The A5 is fine but the A8, hard to see out of looking forward.
  14. Being a VR flyer the new startup procedure is really no issue. For props and manual engine configs - controls are mapped to HOTAS anyway. For the 262, where I have hat mapping for Supercharger stage changes and for boost - I map 1st engine ignition and 2nd engine ignition. For the throttle - well just use your number 1 and 2 keys to select engines when required. Easy to find on the keyboard and no different to using other multi engined aircraft. Keys that are easily findable with HMD in the way just like comms keys are. With manual engine management aircraft, cold starting - I always took it for granted that I would have to set prop pitch and fuel mixture for startup. Also good to check radiators as well.
  15. Ok, did a pull the plug on the X52 and re-plug it back in and move sliders through ranges - not throttle is showing full movement with full off at the low end. I try 262 start procedure again. After dealing with cockpit position.
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