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  1. Interesting observations posted here and good discussion to improving AI. I have noticed AI improving in little bits over the last few updates. In campaign no longer do I suffer from squad wipe out when flying missions. They are also starting to target ground objectives better without lawn darting into the ground as a result. Some wingmen will break off and head home if damaged as well and this I also see on the enemy flight side too. Maybe AI could be implemented also in the new Graphics Card hardware which have dedicated AI learning and processing units. Goto be better than wasting it on poor DLSS implementations. For sneaking up on AI, low 6 seems to do the trick on fighters but with bombers - you just eat lead.😊
  2. blitze

    Pimax 8K render tip

    Maybe, it has been a process to get the 8K dialed. SteamVR and its % slider Render system doesn't help.πŸ˜–
  3. blitze

    Pimax 8K render tip

    I have tried RQ 1 SSV 100% and SSA 30% and I can assure you on the 8K it is not the same as RQ 1.75 SSV 20% and SSA 50% Neither in the render res output listed by SteamVR or ingame image quality in Il2 The former is a blurry and alaised pixelated mess that looks like vomit The later is a crisp well defined image My premise is it is better to run your HMD at native resolution or a factor of it by 2πŸ‘
  4. Try to aim for a vertical res of a factor of 1440 Maybe PiTool 1.75 or 2 SteamVR Video 20% App setting then as close to 2880 as possible which would be a SS factor of x2 from the 5K native Res. You could also just try the native resolution on the Vertical of 1440 in SteamVR App setting and see how that looks on the 5K. It doesn't look good on the 8K but 2160 does.
  5. blitze

    Pimax 8K render tip

    Got it, PiTool 1.75 SteamVR Video Render under Video 20% SteamVR App Render 50% This gives me a res of 2453 x 2160 on Normal FOV - Pimax 8K In game AA x4
  6. Quest, like Vive Pro - better res but still a narrow FOV. Pass.
  7. blitze

    Pimax 8K render tip

    Testing seems to lead me to think ingame AA is important. At near native resolution, 2160 there is shimmering on landscape at certain angles. Image is very clear and flying over Stalingrad is a blast but the shimmering sucks. On Winter maps it is more prominent, not sure if this is a Balance Visual setting issue, a mini DP to DP converter issue as they seem not to be DP 1.4 capable or something else. Staying at native resolution, using transparency AA either multisample or SS x2 + in Nvidia control panel clears up the shimmering but at cost of clarity of landscape. Tried upping SteamVR App Render settings to 2x SS render of native resoltuion and also the 8K pre upscaled resolution so 2880 and 4320 respectively but my system didn't cope well. The 2880 looked fairly good though but still some landscape shimmering. Just not as noticeable. Will have soon my eGPU with RTX 2080 to test things with. Hopefully I can up the render resolution and maintain a reasonable frame rate. For now it is PITool render at 2, SteamVR Video on Auto, SteamVR App Render on 2160 with ingame AA at x4 on Balanced with high shadows and clouds, terrain at 100km and detail at 4x, HRD, Sharpen and SSOA on.
  8. Chili - try testing PiTools render at 2 SteamVR Video Render at 20% and then SteamVR application setting render at Pimax 5K native resolution or a factor of x2 there of. Start with 1440 as the vertical render res and then 2880 followed by 5760 This is something I am testing at the moment on my 8K but I am not sure if I stick with a factor of 1440 base vertical res or try 2160. The 1440 would make sense as that is what is transmitted to the headset to the 8K scaler chip but I also try the 8K panels native res 2160 on the vertical as well ans see what comes of it. I think the 8K down the track with new cabling and removal of the scaler chip but with eye tracking and foveated rendering based on eye tracking or even fixed but with the center being at native 4K, that would be great. There is much potential with these headsets and the wide (150+) FOV is great for flying in.
  9. blitze

    Pimax 8K render tip

    Hi, At the moment I am still testing settings. Previously with my render settings I had PiTools at 1, Steam Video Render at 100% and and Il2 App render setting at between 40 to 60% With these settings I found ingame AA at x4 with Nvidia enhance AA setting at x8 to give a reasonable outcome, until I started to try PiTool Render setting at 2 and Steam VR trying to match vertical resolution of the 8K testing either native resolution of vertical 2160 or the upscaler resolution input of 1440 Now I am testing SS with it being a multiple of those 2 resolutions so 2880 or 4320 but I have been busy as of late. Upping SS as a factor of x2 of the initial resolutions, should I hope bring clarity to the image without artifacts. I find on Winter Maps with SteamVR render set to 2160 that there is quite a bit of aliased noise on the scenery. I am not sure what's behind it. Hense the testing. On non winter maps, that setting is quite a bit nicer than previously which seemed blurred. Also, now trying SteamVR Video Render at over ride of 20%, to keep it constant and not have Steam trying to make the render a moving target in game in the pursuit of higher frame rates. I will test different (lower) AA levels as I go higher on x2 factors of SS
  10. Getting great clarity with the Pimax 8K by doing the following. Pitools quality / render set to 2 SteamVR Video Application Resolution set SteamVR managed (not manual over ride). SteamVR Applications - Application Resolution Adjustment - Setting the slider to as close to 2160 as possible (being the vertical resolution pixel count as the horizontal will change pending on the FOV setting you choose in PiTools with Large giving 4K resolution on the horizontal if the vertical is set to 2160). This setting was given in the Pimax Forum and it seems to deliver a very clear crisp image for the 8K. Not sure how it works on the 5K. Setting the Vertical res to 2160 and not above in SteamVR will have the GPU not over taxed with SS and I am finding decent frame rates the same as I had before but with much better image. In game AA is set to x4 Enjoy. πŸ‘
  11. The 109 F low speed stall is there but easy to ride. The Mig 3 - she is so lovely to fly (guilty pleasure). VR landscape with buildings etc = lovelier than ever. Must go to bed - must .......😴
  12. No but the 190 and the Spitfire do Finding the new Stall modeling quite a handful on those planes, not tested others
  13. blitze

    Some thoughts on 3.010 and career

    My flight of La5's was flying escort for Pe2's yesterday over Stalingrad. I was shocked to see the La's forming up and flying a Ladder Formation over the bombers. I was in VR but thinking how the heck do I hold this? Imagery, and world detail as well as aircraft are much better in VR even at my relatively low settings. Can't wait till I can bump them up with beefier hardware. The fights I have had in career recently have been very exhausting but satisfying and on a couple occasions where I was tasked with ground attack and our flight was intercepted by the enemy, I would press on with the mission leaving my flight to deal with the attackers only to just make it home by the skin of my teeth with my aircraft looking like Swiss Cheese. Dogging multiple hostiles trying to flee back to safe lines is no easy feat. 😁
  14. In return to base mode, AI are like target drones. Best as flight leader to tell AI when a mission is completed to "Do Like Me" from the commands list. Then after you have returned to base and established it is clear, give the RTB order. High speed stalling is noticeable. In 190 and Spit, sure others but those were my tests so far. Engines die very easy from a ping by MG's be it from behind or in front or AA MG. Got to be very careful. VR is a mix, initially I thought slower but now not so sure, maybe faster but there seems more definition at the same settings than before. All I know is that I love flying it. The Menus in game are quite large, easier to read but spaced all over the shop, I wonder if that is monitor resolution dependent like in Assetto Corsa.... At least at the render res I run, map bearings are readable - to be more so when I get my eGPU case. Got the card to throw into it.. Anyway, just have a career as a flight leader or not worry about RTB state of your flight and enjoy the rest of the career aspect. It is so much fun. Thanks for the update gang .πŸ‘
  15. But I like my clouds 😁 I love flying and fighting in and around clouds. On the update, downloading it now and looking forward to seeing how it is in game. Now that I have a little time to enjoy getting shot down again. Thank you guys. πŸ‘