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  1. I won't leave, clearly I'm too addicted to tanking. But I will decide more opportunistically whether to join or not.
  2. I feel like quitting tanking on IL-2 in multiplayer, until the server admins address the issue or at least recognize the issue. I would describe the current situation as follows: Typically either red or blue have a numerical advantage regarding planes. There is a subset of missions (or maps) which are heavily forested where the tankers are not very affected by the planes. But on the majority of maps, the tankers in the team with the smaller number of planes usually get massively pissed of, until most of them quit. Then the ratio becomes even more uneven and the other side wins. Before the attack plane pilots "discovered" the tank servers, this wasn't the case. Most players will embrace the challenge of fighting against heavy odds, even against more powerful tanks. Why? because those are challenges which can be met, by trying to be a better tanker, or a trickier tanker, and so on. But trying to become good enough at shooting down those planes is just unrealistic, especially since the attack by the plane, the small explosions from the MGs, and so on , kill the tanker's fps and make it even harder to get an aimed shot off. Simply put, the tankers are just prey for the attack planes, there is no mutuality. Does fighter cover help? Ultimately no. One side prevails, and that side's attack planes are free to find the tanks, where they KNOW they will be, due to the well known spawn points, and well known routes the tanks must take, and the scale of all that simply being much smaller than it would be in reality. It has been proposed that (very sturdy) AA at the spawns might address the problem, but it will do so only for the defensively minded tankers, not for those keen to go on the offensive. So, right now, the situation is, that you have to hope for your team to have a numerical advantage (in planes), otherwise having a bad time is guaranteed. Those players who tank on both sides therefore have a strong incentive to join the already stronger side. The opposite of what would be desirable. Thus, I will do what I myself dislike, I will look at the numbers, and join when it's favourable for my side, and abstain from tanking when the plane numbers are unfavourable. Which of course leads to bad numeric ratios. But whatever.
  3. the dialogue is always right. it said it's my internet connection. wait, i'm on a forum reading messages. it's so confusing.
  4. same here. had to restart due to sound bug, and now this
  5. Wasn't familiar with the term x-touch editor, googled it... Found editor for windows from musictribe, which you can DL. is that what you're referring to? I've not used that at all. The x-touch, being a a MIDI device, initially gives you that. FreePIE, acting almost as a switchboard between the different protocols and drivers, with a suitable script, can give you vjoy output. I found that SOME of those things are getting bound to applications. For instance, I used MIDI OX initially for diagnosis, but while I had that on, it was basically hogging that midi output. So I had to turn it off when using FreePIE. To see whether the MIDI is incoming, FreePIE itself is suitable, it has a 'Watch' tab at the bottom. To see whether FreePIE is outputting the vjoy, "Monitor Vjoy" (which is part of the vjoy DL i think) is useful. IIRC , "Monitor Vjoy" doesn't get in the way, i.e. you can keep it running. (I could remember this wrong) Vjoy also needs to be set up appropriately, with "Configure Vjoy". In my current FreePIE script, I use vJoy[0], vJoy[1], vJoy[2], i.e. 3 vjoy devices, which means I had to set up (at least) 3. Equally, when you use the various axis' and buttons in the FreePIE script, you have to set up those vjoy devices with enough of those. Meaning, it has to fit. I think when I first ran vjoy, per default it probably had 1 device and only a few buttons. To debug these things, it's important to figure out, diagnostically, where the breakage is happening. i.e. are you not getting MIDI INTO FreePIE, or is that working, but somehow the output isn't getting to vjoy. An important thing to keep in mind, about the naming of those things, when there are multiples of something. Depending on the order in which a thing is loaded, those array indexes are being asigned. I vaguelly remember a situation where I had played around with devices and suddenly my script didn't fit that situation anymore. For example: you might have other MIDI devices connected, etc. I.e. FreePIE doesn't know which device is which, it just sees x of them, and calls them 0,1,2,...
  6. Simple: you're referring to a different mission. I was referring to a mission in a city with a bridge. The city itself is quite wooded. Also, the distances aren't very large. I agree with your other points.
  7. Sure, you could do that. It's more about what people realistically WILL do. Clicking back and forth before choosing a side is probably already beyond what most people do.
  8. I've just run into the first invisible obstacle ("invisible tree") on the Prokhorovka map. It was in a typical location, at the edge of a forest. I won't waste any breath explaining what those are, everyone who drives tank knows about them. I refuse to believe the devs don't know about them. One of more widely believed guesses of the cause of those invisible trees had been that they were artifacts of the low res, not-made-for-tanking maps we were using so far. This is out of the window now. It's time to recognize this as a bug and give it some attention.
  9. To illustrate that point, I was just on a map that was red:blue 8:9 It turned out blue were basically all tanks (tigers), whereas 4 of us 8 were planes. To me, it felt like trying to defend the base alone. The planes were 100% useless in this situation, just as they are in most situations. It was completely pointless and I quit. However, the only people able to see these ratios would be those who just joined the server, hadn't committed to a side yet, and clicked back and forth between red and blue to determine the tanks/planes ratio on each side. I.e. anyone already IN the game can only see the tanks/planes ratio on their own side, since a recent update has taken away the ability of seeing the player count on the opposing side's bases. I understand the thinking behind this, but now something important is missing, in player's ability to assess the situation and choose a side based on that. I realize this only applies to the small portion of players who actually would switch sides, or choose not to join if the numbers were too absurd, but hey. Also it irks me that the blue players in this situation would have come away with the impression that they were winning against an even matched opposition, whereas really they were outnumbering us 2:1
  10. Having done some more tanking experiments on the Prokhorovka map. It appears to me that the higher resolution building models are not just higher resolution visually. The collision seems to also have been higher res'd, so that, when you shoot diagonally around a building with a roof overhang, just at the corner, the round actually travels through that 'air', instead of unduly exploding, as in the past. So, good on that! With regards to the collision model of trees, it appears to be unchanged, in the sense that: * AIs just shoot through the trees with no problem at all. * For individual trees, the collision model isn't exactly where the tree is, and thin, leafy parts of the tree are unrealistic obstacles. * Groups of trees are getting bunched together into larger, simplified collision models, i.e. you attempt to shoot through a large gap between two trees and the round hits this invisible object. These things are pretty big problems when tanking. The thing I was most curious about, I haven't yet been able to find out because I haven't driven around on the map enough: are the invisible trees finally gone? ==== Edit: in the meantime, I did crash into an invisible tree :-(
  11. That could be! Time will tell. There are many opportunities for trying this out. They are just of very short duration each, for obvious reasons, in multiplayer. I've not familiarized myself with the mission designer, so I'll have to rely on multiplayer to get to the bottom of it. My interpretation of what you said would be this: Not, that the player is somehow protected, when leaning "out of body", but that the actual, injur-able body is not exactly where it appears to be visually, i.e. the attacker would aim at the wrong location, and this would explain that the rounds visually go through...
  12. Absolutely, but the game (or sim) has to have functionality to make this possible. Currently, on the server, there are only few players who tank on either side happily. Most players have a strong preference, or will absolutely tank on one side only. And when powerful tanks are available, there are only a noble few (or none, let's face it) who would pick an inferior tank for reasons of historical accuracy.
  13. Regarding limiting heavy tanks, I think the server admins are unfairly getting flak here. The weakness of the Pz3 relative to the T34 is a problem of the game. Since the DM fix the Tiger has become pretty powerful, maybe not as IRL, I don't know, am no expert, but clearly if players were aiming for even numbers, and the blues being nearly all Tigers, something had to be done. Where the problem really lies, considering that IL-2 is trying to be a sim, and not trying to supply power-matched vehicles, is that it's missing an adequate mechanism to control the vehicle numbers in a fine-grained kind of way. With number limits on heavy tanks per base, what unfortunately happens is that the map is skewed in favor of blue until the tigers run out, and then it becomes skewed in favor of red. Really can't blame the server for that.
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