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  1. Last time I checked, which is longish ago, yes. They will still be there unless some map data cleansing has been undertaken in the meantime. To find invisible trees, if looking for them: they won't be found in the lines of trees along the roads. They are most prevalent at the edges of the forest, clearings in the forest. But sometimes you bump into one even deep in the forest. Some can be found in those pleasant leafy towns. Often, many can be found along a river, where it meets forest/clumps of trees. Interestingly, on the kuban map, at Seversk, there are many on one side of
  2. I'm happy that Tank Crew has now been officially released. After a long time of abstinence, just for kicks, I went on an online mission, on Finnish, the Velikiye Luki map, to see if, maybe, just maybe, the invisible trees would be gone. But no. I went on a little trek towards the enemy artillery, half of which through forest, and before I even got near there, I had crashed into three invisible trees, with serious crew injuries, and much engine repair time, and gave up. After having had countless threads about the invisible trees in these forums, is there, now that this ha
  3. When I want to have a visually pleasing tanking experience, I turn the grass visible at a large distance. At the same time I'm aware that this puts me at a big disadvantage. A goal oriented tanker will minimize the grass visibility. Obviously, two tanks approaching each other over a convex surface (a mild hill), where both players occupy the same position, lets say, commander, looking out of the open hatch, the one who has the grass turned off will see the other one first. I dislike what the grass looks like, on the setting where it's only shown close-by, since the abrupt change
  4. Thanks Jordan, poked around a bit with that key binding, I now get how it works. For a moment I was worried that it would be necessary to lock the turret when the hatch is closed, i.e. locking the turret proper. However, how it seems to work, is that you press that key, while looking out of the hatch, locking some nonexistent thing, maybe a nonexistant top mounted machinegun, and then indeed the binos and the flare guns work. Not a problem once you know what you have to do, but it also seems quite pointless on the T34. While I see that on the Sherman it might make some sense.
  5. to clear this up: I was using the T34, so no interference with using a machinegun. Just looking out of the top, hatch open, not being able to bring up the binos
  6. 😄 LOL, let me rephrase that. Binoculars, as used by the tank's commander, when the hatch is open. They don't seem to work reliably anymore. Not just the binos, but the flare guns and the hand gun also. The keys bound to bring those items up, they just don't. Not 100%, I did get the binos on a mission yesterday, for a short time, and then not. Intermittent, but mostly, no binos.
  7. That approach only takes you so far. A simplified reality with objects of the correct mass and so on, will still be cartoonish in the context of tanks, if they behave like pool billiard balls, bouncing off each other, with infinite energy retention, no losses due to friction, etc. It's this modeling of the tanks as stiff unyielding boxes which is a part of the problem.
  8. Recently I've seen the need to record tracks when tanking, on occasion. But I'm by no means an experienced Tacview user. I've set up a recording button on my joystick, I record some tracks. Most of the time, it works out fine and I get a *.trk and a *.acmi file in the /data/Tracks directory. But sometimes, annoyingly, I'm left with only a .trk file and no .acmi file. What am I doing wrong there?
  9. The objects in IL-2 landscapes are infinitely stiff and strong (won't deform). With the exception of the newfangled frangible objects in the Prokhorovka map, and the pushable trees. And the tanks themselves, while they can be damaged by being shot at, and being damaged by overturning, are, when it comes to driving around, initially also infinitely stiff and strong. Thus, the infinitely stiff 50ish ton tank slides sideways into a small obstacle, which is also infinitely stiff. Of course, in reality the obstacle would be deformed, and if the obstacle was extremely strong,
  10. You can map drive forward/backward to an axis. That is definitely a good idea, since stealth is important and you'll often want the best compromise between being fast and trying not to be too loud. In many situations you'll want to drive slowly. You can also map turning to an axis, which personally I haven't found very useful, but certainly it's an option.
  11. This happened to me today as I was tanking (in a T34) on Finnish: a number of times, in the most unlikely locations, my tank was suddenly blown up. In the most complete way, no partial damage first or anything, you find yourself suddenly staring at the blackened, charred, smoldering version of you tank. In most cases, due to spatial considerations, an ambush by a blue tank was very unlikely, unless one posits that the intelligence of the blue tankers had magically multiplied overnight. Due to the charred smoldering version of the destruction, I suspected howitzer, but at those locati
  12. Yup, this is the kind of thing I was referring to. The one in the video is a variant without very much spinning, the overturning starts almost straight away. But you also get variants, as happened to me today, where there is more spinning initially and you almost think it might be ok, and then the toppling happens.
  13. This is a point worth addressing. The behavior visible in such tank drifting videos is, in detail, the kind of behavior it would be desirable to see, in situations where the conditions are suitably extreme, i.e. a combination of a low friction surface and an initial extreme steering input. That however is completely different from the situation I have described, and which people who have driven the T34 for a longer period of time, all have experienced numerous times and will confirm. What is the point of newbies replying to every thread along the lines of "y
  14. A long time bug bear of tanking in IL-2 has to be addressed eventually, I would hope. Driving the (new) T34, spinning tanks have been a long standing issue, and the tank spinning I had the impression was now better controlled than a few versions ago. Today on the Stalingrad map, on lengthy road trips, this happened to me twice: driving along a road, top speed, 50ish km/h, steering to follow the (almost straight) road, I slightly oversteer, the tank not only spins but then, spinning, gets caught on something, overturns, and blows up. Cartoonish, I'd say. I us
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