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  1. No, no internet problems on that day. Something I noticed some more since then: Teleporting of tanks, at the moment when I blow them up. Rare in the vertical, but I remembered that I had seen horizontal teleporting on several occasions before, and since Friday, there were a few more instances when horizontal teleporting happened, at the moment when a (player controlled) tank blows up.
  2. Tried rebooting, that fixed it. Party like it's 1999. (reminds me of when I was a young hopper)
  3. From a Tank Crew point of view, the update 4.007b seems broken. Just now I was on Finnish, picked a T34, tried to spawn, and get a "#10003: This object is not available for your account (or its data file was modified)" message, and get kicked off the server. So I wonder is it the server.... I go onto Action Tanks and Dogfight, try the same thing, same message appears, I get kicked off the server. (I own TC)
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, I thought I had posted IN that thread 😄
  5. From a Tank Crew point of view, the update seems broken. Just now I was on Finnish, picked a T34, tried to spawn, and get a "#10003: This object is not available for your account (or its data file was modified)" message, and get kicked off the server. So I wonder is it the server.... I go onto Action Tanks and Dogfight, try the same thing, same message appears, I get kicked off the server. (I own TC)
  6. A few weird things just happened to me on Finnish, which may be related to the invisible plane topic. Or not. I don't want to spam the thread, so if it's deemed unrelated, I'll happily delete this post. I had been on a few tank missions in the Caucasus (Kuban map), where everything behaved in a normal way. Then I respawned (as a tank) in the northern, flat part of the map to attack blue troops. There were loads of AI tanks, trucks, etc. , and I was unable to hit them. First I thought my aim was bad, but eventually I got quite close and it was then very clear that my shots went right through the objects. Eventually the AIs started firing at me and blew me up, but it took quite long before they started shooting and I was unusually close by that time. Then I saw that our southern (mountain) base was under ground attack. I spawned there as a tank, and saw a (player controlled, obviously) Tiger. I began to shoot at it, tracked it, and somehow the tiger failed to notice me (no trees or anything like that in between). I drove quite close to the tiger to blow it up, while it continued not to react to my presence. As I got closer, I saw that the Tiger was levitating, about 1 tank height above the ground. Then I shot it again and it blew up. Exactly when it blew up, it 'fell' to the ground, or rather, teleported to a ground-based position. These weirdnesses, such as the Tiger not reacting to my presence, made me wonder whether I was the invisible tank in that situation. --- P.S.: on another mission on Finnish, a few days ago, I had also seen a levitating blue tank.
  7. Can something be done about the bridges? The distances on the maps are fairly large, from a tanker's point of view (while not for planes). Frequently, you have to cross a bridge to get to the enemy stuff (tank bases, troops, etc.) Clearly, there are some tank hating pilots out there who bomb those bridges, although the bridges which have to be crossed are different from the bridges which are mission goals. I just drove for a long while to Karpovka only to find the bridge destroyed. It's wasn't even clear whether it was friend or foe who had destroyed it. Then I sat in front of it for a long time, during which it didn't repair. It's basically a tank-hostile map design. What would help: The rebuild times could be quicker The bridges could be harder to destroy There could be alternative bridges nearby
  8. I explained it badly. The effect I'm describing is I believe not the real ping between client and server, but the ping perceived by the application (not sure whether client or game server). For instance, my actual ping to your server is usually not bad, not even close to 250. But when my tank has been hit, and there are flames inside, something happens in the application (to do with bad netcode) which causes the 'bad ping' message to be shown, and the player to be kicked. That's not just myself, we can observe that with many players, a tank has been hit, often with the '... destroyed' message, you see smoke or even flames, and after a few seconds later there's a message that the player has been kicked. With flames, it has been like that since many versions. I generally don't get too upset about that, because in such a case, the mission is over anyway. The difference is merely in the additional time it takes to get back onto the server. The new thing (maybe new bug) is that the same effect happend to me yesterday as a result of being strafed by small caliber (maybe 20mm) fighter plane ammo. The next time it happens I will try to have task manager running, to see whether anything gets maxxed out in this case. What's bad about this variant is that a fighter plane which usually wouldn't be able to hurt the tank, can 'kill' the tank by getting it kicked from the server.
  9. I have to admit I just use SP for checking settings and such. The 'AI's in TC, just like IL-2 Great Battles, I don't even know why we call them that, they are basically vehicles which drive on some preordained path, occasionally stop, and shoot at you very accurately. The AIs in Quake, 1995-ish were smarter than this. Consequently, an SP mission, if it's exciting and difficult, has to achieve that by using large amounts of them, or place them very well. I get nothing out of fighting enemies of this kind, but that's different for everyone.
  10. It's great that the latest update, it seems, solved the AI targeting issue and EFront has been able to put the newer tanks back into the missions. On the bad news side of things, I've started a thread "Ping over limit from aircraft strafing", which it seems is a problem which hasn't been prevalent recently (I remember it from many versions ago). Today on a mission Keben was asking about ping and Xobot said there's no ping limit (on the game server). So I guess this must be a problem with the new game version. The problem is that players are exploiting the new issue. When a fighter pilot realized that he can get other players kicked just by strafing, this gives the player superpowers so to speak. It's like having a fighter plane that's also a Jabo, but without the weight penalty of actually having to carry rockets or bombs or cannon pods. Today, I was sure that a player was exploiting this bug in the netcode systematically, I won't name any names, and then I quit the mission. I can only appeal to a sense of fairness in the players. If this happens again I will just quit. There's no point being on the server if people exploit netcode issues.
  11. My 2 cents: The fact that the recent AI targeting 'feature' can now be disabled by the server admins basically repairs TC for online. EFront have put the 'new' tanks back into the missions, which is great, and other tank servers are now playable again. There seems to have been some subtle change with regards to HUDs, so now we can see on Finnish what ammo we have loaded, which to me now makes Finnish playable in a tank, yay! Lots of issues remain, but this was a big step. I just started a thread "Ping over limit from aircraft strafing" which is an old issue from many versions back which has now apparently come back, bad news. An issue which has been status quo for a long time is getting kicked with bad ping when there are flames in the tank. I think the devs should look at how this plays online, when not in the internet location where they are, and how they are, i.e. I think they are on a very fast connection. Maybe they could use VPNs and such to experience and simulate the issues which people actually have, instead of viewing the online playing situation from some ivory tower. But top of the list for me are: * The invisible trees * Excessive (engine and crew) damage when bumping into stuff * Trees, collision wise, not being exactly where they are visually (which can cause you to bump into them, and be damaged) * Balance problems with the available tanks. It's difficult for the server admins to create something balanced without savagely limiting Tigers. * Excessive power of aircraft vs tanks, a) when compared with historical data, and b) with regards to: why tankers would want to play this, even if it was historically correct * APCR is I believe still broken, I've tried it out the last couple of days... * AI seeing and shooting through forest Apart from these real issues, I have to say that, while the repair system helps with the invisible trees and the glass engine issue, I think it's silly with regards to what IL-2 wants to be. In a "sim" , having tracks repaired within a minute, or an engine repaired within a few minutes, just has no place. Even though it makes for exiting game play...
  12. I'm really losing plot with aircraft exploiting weaknesses in the netcode. I was just on EFront, defending a base against larger numbers of blue tanks. I respawn, opening the hatch, commander is wounded, no problem I think, I'll respawn without opening the hatch. But I get kicked due to bad ping which normally only happens when the tank is in flames, which here it wasn't. I lose precious defense time by having to log back in. Spawn, leaving the hatch closed. Get strafed again, no damage, but apparently the strafing as such, the transmitting of the data, gives me bad ping again and I get kicked again. So here you have aircraft which wouldn't be able to hurt a tank (this was just a fighter, not a cannon stuka or something like that), exploiting a game weakness to effectively 'kill' you by netcode overload. Needs to be fixed. 😬
  13. It's difficult for me to understand how the second one is a more proper fix, since with the first one, and the grass 'off', if was really off, which is what you would expect from such a setting. A patch of grass of a few meters diameter around the tank (or maybe airplane), I don't see how that is 'off'. Admittedly, within this patch-of-grass, at least the flickering shadows that existed before the hotfixes, aren't there, but the new visual artifacts, while not as disturbing as the flickering, certainly aren't an 'actual fix' by any description. How weird! No, I hadn't! Since the artifacts were constrained to within the small patch of grass, I hadn't thought to turn grass back on. I just did, turned it to 'normal', and now, no artifacts! No idea how that makes sense, but that's the outcome...
  14. RX 5700 XT user here. I dont get what's going on with the hotfixes. After the hotfix, maybe 2 days ago or so, where I was supposed to turn grass off, the situation was basically ok-ish for a temp solution. No flicker, grass off, the only downside being that the ground with grass off is kinda ugly, but fine. Then yesterday, another hotfix for no discernible reason, which resulted in a very small patch of grass, immediately around my tank, kindof like a patch of pubic hair. And very weird double vision effects inside that area, and when looking down onto the tank. I went back into the settings to see if grass was still off, or if it had been reset, but is still off. So, situation worsened considerably, please fix.
  15. Is there a setting on the DED normal server ("EU Official ...") which means the fuel doesn't get used up? I was just on a mission in a Me262 where I set fuel to 100% , flew around for the whole mission, and at the end it looked like the fuel tanks were still full.
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