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TrackIR and FFB working together cause terrible stuttering.


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On 1/7/2018 at 1:06 PM, 216th_Jordan said:

I found a setting for me to almost completely get rid of microstutters.


Please try these settings and report back, it could be that it might only work for me (I had always had headcaches and heavy eye strain which seems a lot less now).


#1 - Go to your task manager -> tab details - > right click TrackIR -> select priority -> high


#2 - Go to your Nvidia control panal -> manage 3D settings -> il-2 game profile -> set threaded optimization "off" (see picture)



@rega: Turn ingame Vsync of and turn Vsync on in your nvidia game profile (as in my picture)



I always thought this was a symptom of my 2500k/GTX 580 rig getting old.


Just put together a Ryzen 5 2600x/GTX 1070ti rig (which runs anything at 1920x1200 maxed out @ 60+fps) and that trakir studder was still there.


After doing this there's just a tiny hint of it, but this 98% fixed it for me.

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I have exactly the same problem demonstrated in the video. The game is silky smooth, but looking around is super jerky when FFB is enabled :( Nearly unplayable.

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Still having some issues with this.


I am not using FFB, but my Trakir still causes almost like frame tearing when I turn my head. 


The game seldom drops below 100fps and I'm at 1440p.


I have a TIR 5 running the latest software.


I've been using Trakir since the TIR3 and haven't had this problem in any other sim.


I have tried every thing that I could find here and elsewhere.


It's much better now than it was when I was trying to use the Joystick noise filter.


When I use my mouse to turn my head it does the same thing.


Could we please get a complete setting guide for Trakir?


I keep buying the parts to this series, play awhile until I can't take that jitter/tear anymore and quit until the patches come, play a little, quit...


It did the same thing on my old I5 2500k/GTX 970 so I know it isn't hardware.


FIX this!

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Any cure for this ? Thread seems dead now. I am not using FFB and TrackIR is jittery and stuttery. Using a Virpil setup, maybe some problem with the Virpil stuff or software ? Can't play, please IL2 team help !!!

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I'm another user with this problem. I've owned IL-2:BoS for a while but never did much with it. Performance wasn't great on my old GPU so I left it a while. Tried it again last night and was horrified at what I thought was poor performance - not a low frame rate per se, but almost 'jumpy' movement during a dogfight when looking around with TrackIR. It was like the game was 'lagging' a couple of times each second. It's not a problem I have ever faced with RoF in the past.


A quick search brought me to this thread, and I confess I haven't read it all or tried any fixes yet, but thought I'd add my +1 in any case.


I have an i5-2500K with a GTX 1060 6GB. The in-game FPS counter was always well over 100 (to my pleasant surprise) in a one-on-one quick mission dogfight. With TrackIR temporarily disabled (by hot key only) and the view fixed forwards, it was as smooth as could be while flying around. With TrackIR on and flying straight and level it seemed OK too, but using TrackIR + heavy manoeuvring seems to cause trouble. I also have a Sidewinder FFB2 stick but it seems FFB might not be related at all.


It seems to me that when BOTH the aircraft is rotating about its axis AND the view is rotating/translating at the same time by TrackIR, there is some kind of conflict going on. The camera is obviously 'attached' to the aircraft and turns as the aircraft turns, but turning your head with TrackIR is somehow 'fighting' with the inherited rotation from the aircraft. It's hard to describe, but it was terrible to fly with and I do not think I'll play this game if I can't solve this situation. A great shame.


I'll try a few of the earlier suggestions and report back later if anything improves the issue for me.

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After reviewing some other threads, I seem to have found a solution that works for me. That was to set the FFB "update_freq" in the startup.cfg file to 0.5:


[KEY = force_feedback]
      amplitude = 1.00000
      enabled = 1
      force = 1.00000
      update_freq = 0.500000


This is fine even with camera smoothing set to zero. I have a Sidewinder FFB2 with silver trigger, for the record.


Having said it's fixed... the first time I loaded the game, it crashed to desktop just before putting me in the cockpit. And after a flight, I attempted to change a key mapping and had another CTD as I clicked 'Apply', so I may have fixed one issue and created another with this setting.


The information for the configuration change came from page 3 of this thread:


A HUGE thanks to Kalthios for his thorough research and persistence on this matter! 👍

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The CTD with MSFFB2 is not related to your changes. I also have silver trigger MSFFB2 and had similar crashes all the time well before the update wich added the startup.cfg options for force feddback. I had random CTD during missions, but CTD was extremly frequent when changing keymapping or FFB settings but the most reliable way to CTD is Alt+TAB-ing. Just start pressing ALT+TAB and after a few tries you will definetly CTD. Also you may have noted that if you survived an ALT+TAB, you will most probably lose or mess up FFB effects after returning to the game. You can repair it most of the times by changing FFB settings (for example adjust the force slider a bit) but changing settings will youse CTD so the circle ends...


Turn off force feedback ingame and the porblems are gone (with the same MSFFB2) - so the porblem is not in the hardware.


I loved playing with force feedback but with all these CTD-s and camera stutter I had to ditch it and now I use a Ravcore Javelin for Il2. It was hard, like I lost one of my senses and would definetly go back to my MSFFB2 if devs would finally fix this, but sadly it does not seem likely.

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