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I was really expecting a game update yesterday but I think this wolololo (sp?) stuff forced that to be canceled. Thanks a helleva lot guys. 😉

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Wololo naturally.
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Okay, it's really a little late now. At least the last few were posted in the morning till noon....but maybe we will be surprised after all.
And if not, maybe it could be a little update next week (with 2 sweet tanks) ?



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We are so close to DD o'clock. In recent weeks they've timed it to somewhere between finishing work time and starting pub time. A rather narrow 15 minute window which they have managed to hit with surprising accuracy.

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25 minutes ago, JonRedcorn said:

I think Bodenplatte is going to be a smashing success.


Yep pretty sure about that. If they would release a Normandy package that as well would draw in the US market. Let`s see what they are up to in the next months.


Pony update next please!

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