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i installed today the missions in the missions folder but the missions wont start , is it this update problem ? if so what must i do .tks

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On 2/7/2020 at 3:11 PM, dog1 said:

if so what must i do

Try opening your STEditor (Game Folder>bin?editor), got to TOOLS>CONVERT MISSIONS TO BINARY IN FOLDER. Find your Mission and just do that. It takes a little while (5 minutes or so) and it should bring the Mission in-line with the current game version. I can't guarantee it but it generally works for older Campaigns/Missions.


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Any chance that 'III/JG3 over Chir Front' and '5/KG27 over the Don' mission packs can be updated to work with 4.501?  Veteran's scripted campaign 'Chir Front' is really excellent and it seems a shame not to be able to enjoy these 2 missions packs.


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Tried to convert them for 4.501, NOGO. Anyone succeeded?

Tried converting them with 4.008, also NADA.


Has anyone made mission files, in the packs there are only msnbin files, and they wont load at all ...?


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Chir Front: they do ! I'll have a look later.

I already got some JG51 stuff from someone, busy with the first 3, as some stuff like effects and planes needed to be set to ground


Added: posted this elsewhere too:


Hi all, here's the old Veteran66 'Chir Front' campaign working for game version 4.501.


It was a combined effort, thanks to Spuks, Kosman72, and Veteran66 himself sending me the old files he still had stored on an old PC

Latter gave me permission to publish it. Credits go especially to those involved, especially Veteran66 who made it in the first place.


Worthwhile watching: he made a great intro for the first mission at least; I was quite impressed what one can do with the ME.

I left the campaign files as much as they were except a few found errors, probably due recent map updates.


I have only tested the first mission through, and it might be that some effects like landing fires are not 'set to ground' yet, and are about 2m in the air.

So who ever feels like correcting it ... please do.


Unzip the files into your data/Campaigns in a folder called Chir Front, and the media files should work.

If i find time i might check latter campaign missions.


Have Fun: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s2yk3kbw9sn5mrh/Chir_Front_Working_as_Campaign_4.501.zip/file




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