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[KEY = telemetrydevice] What are the Packet_ID outputs?


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There was a new UDP telemetry function added called telemetrydevice which is enabled via data/startup.cfg.  However, I'm unable to find ANY documentation to the functions much like what was provided with the IL2_MotionOutput.pdf for [KEY = motiondevice].

This is the function:

[KEY = motiondevice]
addr = ""
decimation = 2
enable = true
port = 29373

Does anyone have the information from 1C Company that can provide the key information of the UDP messages for telemetrydevice in the same format?  Specially the Packet_IDs?



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I'm also looking for this. So, could @Andre, dev or someone else from this forum provide us with the UDP packet format for the [KEY = telemetrydevice].


Thank you!

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Looking for the info also.
I posted on the complaints... not the best place. So reposting here my problem:


I'm the creator of FlyPTMover, a motion software (www.flyptmover.com).

I have data I get from motiondevice, and added recentlly the telemetrydevice.

Did not find any reference on how the data is organized, so made a detective job to find what is in there.

This might be the reason why i don't understand the values clearlly.


I think we have the suspension travel or load for each wheel, and I'm using it to detect if we are on  the ground or in the  air. This allows me to create different profiles for those two situations.

The problem is that some wheels in the air are not always zero.

On the same conditions, same location, same plane, some wheels keep a value different from zero while in the air.

For example here:



The rear wheel is on the air, and the value is still 0.176 (we can see at the right the captured data).


Now with landing gear retracted, still 0.176


Restarted the mission and now I get zero for the rear wheel:



I know this is not important, or might be intended or by design. But would be great to know if this can be solved (if it's even a bug) or we could get a variable saying if we are in the air or ground.

Also a reference to the data in telemetrydevice would be great.

This is of great help to have better effects.

Something like canopy open/closed would be great also. We could have a more real wind generated by a fan.


I honestlly understand this is not a priority.


Thanks for the attention.


Pedro Antunes

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