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  1. Sounds very reassuring. Thank you very much. I apologize for my words if I took your intentions wrong.
  2. Just FYI: The request had already submitted here on the forum and in person to Mr. Williams during the Flight Sim Conference 2018 in Las-Vegas as well as the detailed description by e-mail soon afterwards. The UPD transmission is fine for us, no any continuous audio-frequency signal is required. I couldn't see any repeating posts in this thread, we discuss what really excites us regarding the game.
  3. As I mentioned Pitch and Roll Spin data provided is a trigger. It has very little in common with aircraft engine running. The effects are triggered when the aircraft spins around lateral and/or longitudinal axes.
  4. I think I will publish a version with ForceFeel support a bit later. The available effects currently are based on Pitch and Roll Spin data provided. I would say that's something similar to G-Feeling effect we provide for other flight sims. If one ticks "Invert effect" checkboxes it becomes a kind of motion-platform-wise effect: Nose up - you get motors under your thighs (and buttocks*) vibrating and feel some pressure, Nose down - you get motors in the backrest vibrating, Left wigh up - motors on the left side vibrating, Right wigh up - motors on the right side vibrating. * - depends on a particular vibrating pad model User can control overall effect gain, dead zone and direction (straight or inverted effect) for Pitch and Roll separately. If user sets dead zones to zero he mostly can feel runway bumps and touchdown pretty clearly.
  5. It's implemented in Wings, not in Wheels. Beta version 1.19 is already available. You can find the link in SimShaker - Wings User Guide.
  6. I think Mr.Williams will not like it, but I've managed to add a couple of effects for Gametrix JetSeats, based on the UDP telemetry data output recently added. As users say the game is becoming much more alive in VR with it. You guys didn't want to give us any tiny chance, but you actually did
  7. Any Gametrix JetSeat is supported, excluding just 2-motors Gametrix JetPad. At least, yet. I had to develop 2 new effects based on Pitch and Roll Spin data provided. Only those 2 effects are currently available for this game. I think it's better than nothing.
  8. May be the team has already stopped collecting the feedback.
  9. Gametrix.eu is Realteus now, you should probably try to contact Realteus.
  10. Hey guys, this seems to be a chance to be heard!
  11. I also think devs team mostly focused on graphics and adding new units but keeps the deficiency in other important area for years. Good sim game should be a balanced one.
  12. No, I haven't. If anybody is about to try that, go ahead, I will be supportive and provide any details if needed.
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