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  1. Thank you for the feedback. I will check it at my end.
  2. I'm afraid I have understood very little of what you have written to help you. Please excuse me.
  3. I see, thank you. No need to mirror headset audio to anywhere. I can see on the screenshot that you get just "motion device" type of packets. In such a case only 2 effects from the SimShaker Wings 2nd tab can be triggered. Please check that the startup.cfg file in the IL-2 folder contains also the "telemetry device" section, or email the file to me and I will check it.
  4. I'm not sure I can really help you since I don't have Reverb g2 to play around with. I will just try to clarify some points. In general SimShaker doesn't take the data from the sound card, but it pushes the data (low frequency sound signals) into the sound card to feed your buttkicker. If your buttkicker buzzes when you press the Test button in the SimShaker Wings window having Reverb g2 enabled, that's great. If you get the packets from the IL-2, it should just work. Please pay attention to grey circles in the right top corners of the effects group boxes. If the effec
  5. Hello Madov, I would recommend you to try reloading the firmware a few times more and to wiggle the connectors. Please check also the power supply unit with a voltmeter. If still no luck, here is the link https://andres.shop/jetpad-jetseat/19-spare-jetseat-control-unit.html
  6. It's disabled until the Bass-shakers checkbox is not marked in the Output section. It's an obsolete information. I will update it. Thank you for the feedback.
  7. Guys, I've played around with the acceleration values as intended. There was Indeed a kind of a "kick" when the engine was boosted. Unfortunately, such abrupt increase in acceleration occured in many other cases, like when you put the nose down or turn, for example. I couldn't find a way to filter out other than the engine boost events. Hence, I don't think it can be useful for us now. I'm sorry.
  8. If that's really a kick, I think it should be exposed in the game telemetry as an abrupt acceleration increase, which I could try to catch. I think I will try to find some time to explore that next week.
  9. I think that depends not only on RPM but MF Pressure value as well.
  10. Talking about the acceleration. There is acceleration\deceleration FXs in SimShaker Wheels. I think you could try it out with some racing game using SimShaker Wheels demo mode. I could add something like that to SimShaker Wings as well. Talking about the engine vibration. I couldn't see any essential engine vibration increase in the IL-2 telemetry while the engine is boosted. I will try to see more carefully.
  11. The vibration strength is changing in the function of RPM. But in IL-2 implementation it also depends on the engine shake, which is more intense at low RPM values. So, the minimum usually is somewhere at the mid range RPM.
  12. Hi RavN_Gora, I'm not sure that in RL pilot can feel clearly that WEP enabled. At least I haven't found any obvious general sign of that in the game telemetry. So, it stays grayed out in case of IL-2.
  13. Hi SvAF/F16_lassekongo, the motors are in sturdy plastic shells, so just sitting on it all day long shouldn't harm them. Anyway, if you somehow manage to harm them, I will be able to provide you with the replacement motors. So, no need to buy another seat.
  14. I see. Have you tried to reload the JetSeat firmware?
  15. That may be a known issue, if you are in the US, Canada or Japan. A power supply unit in some cases may be not powerful enough while working with 100 Volts in the AC network. (I test the pads with the European 230 Volts in the AC network) Regarding the power supply unit replacement please contact me by email or PM. Until the issue is solved, you can reduce JetSeat strength (gain) for the gun effects by its slider in the SimShaker Wings settings. From my experience, a USB extension cord, if you use it, may cause such an issue.
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