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  1. Are your sure that's from today's IL-2 update? That was implemented and announced in the previous update.
  2. Hi vonrickenbecker, Thank you for the feedback. That's the way telemetry output currently works in IL-2. That's out of my control.
  3. Your package has been shipped. Please check your spam folder if you haven't seen the notification containing the tracking ID yet. You can also find the tracking ID in your order details on my website.
  4. Andre

    Slip feedback

    They already are.
  5. Andre

    Slip feedback

    He said that neither slip (nor G-force) specific feeling couldn't be reproduced by vibration pad and it didn't make any sense for him. He advised to focus on the events that could be reproduced fine by the vibration: gun fire, touchdown, take off (vibration stops), landing gear up/down, etc. Although we added some G-force based effects later
  6. Andre

    Slip feedback

    Some flight sim games (but not IL-2 GB) expose slip ball position in the telemetry, so that's possible to add and try it out. But for me that's still arguable question. Please read a former real life combat pilot opinion regarding slip https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2012917&postcount=130 I hope Google translator will help you if you don't speak Russian.
  7. Thank you for the feedback. Sounds strange though, since the app itself wasn't changed. Version 1.38 is still available by this link http://simshaker.azurewebsites.net/downloads/SimShaker-Wings_release_clickonce_setup.zip
  8. That doesn't include Cliffs of Dover support.
  9. Currently it doesn't. Once the unit is shipped I provide the customer with tracking ID. The application and the effects stay the same. The installer has been changed.
  10. SimShaker - Wings beta v.2.0 available for download Hi guys,this version features a more convenient installer instead of Microsoft ClickOnce deployment technology, which finally I've decided to stop using. You can download the new version following by this link.You may want to uninstall beta version 1.38 to avoid a confusion between two instances of beta SimShaker - Wings, since the previous version will not be replaced automatically this time. You can uninstall it manually before (or after) installation of the new version.Happy flying!
  11. Tip: if you edit a stereo tarack with Audacity it may be handy to split it to 2 mono tracks.
  12. That's easy. Every channel corresponds to a bass-shaker.
  13. Hi ACG_crane, yes, auto updater also updates the sound effect files, except files in the "Customized" folder if you put there any files.
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