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  1. Thank you for the feedback. I take it you mean the engine beat effect for a certain plane? What is the plane? Engine vibration is monotonous by its nature. What particularly you liked more in DCS implementation except less or more "monotonous"?
  2. I think we discussed it above. You need to use IL-2 launcher (if it's not Steam version) to start the game OR press "Manual Start" button in SimShaker Wings launcher before you start IL-2.
  3. That depends on what Test button you press. May I see a good quality screenshot of your SimShaker Wings audio settings?
  4. Thank you for the update. I think there is no need to regret about the Stall FX AoA adjustment in IL-2 case. On my opinion that's one of the best FXs, right out of the box, if comparing with other games.
  5. 1) Thank you for the feedback. 2) It doesn't work in IL-2. "not connected" is literally not connected. Will it move or not, it has no any effect. "Randomize Bumps" is not actual for IL-2. If it's not disabled, I will disable it. 3) Not actual (or not implemented) for the current game settings controls are greyed out / not usable.
  6. SimShaker update itself in general never requires reactivation. Activation lost is mostly due to Windows activity which can remove or change some data SimShaker relies upon. Game sounds may be lost due to a conflict if SimShaker is set to use the same sound card as the game. Please check what sound card is selected in SimShaker settings, if it's selected at all. I think that could be done if you ask SimShaker for Aviators developer for that. >>I still get terribly weak effects, especially for the gun. Almost nothing, or sometimes weak and cuts out even with the gun still firing, or even a second or so after it stops firing. Very odd. Yes, sounds strange. To avoid misalignment please disable verbose log level. >> I guess I'll have to figure out how to modify or create new wav files that work for my bass shaker. It worth trying. Make them 32-bit float, 48 kHz sample rate format. Software variables change their default values to those the software got from the game telemetry. That may cause several effect to trigger at once at full strength. I always thought of this like a kind of an initial system test signal, telling you that the tactile subsystem is up and running. If that's a problem, I think I could add in SimShaker Wings some initial delay of turning the game data into the tactile feedback to prevent such an effect.
  7. That depends on where you put your custom sound file. Have you tried to read SimShaker Wings User Guide (https://simshaker.com/guides/) about that?
  8. FYI, in SimShaker JetPads I use better motors than it was in KW-908. If you'd like to upgrade the motors, please contact me via PM.
  9. One of my favourite citation from SimShaker software User Guide is as below:
  10. Hi T_oll, if I recall correctly you were that guy who rebuild his KW-908 Jetseat an published the pics on DCS forums? I think I also saw your comment regarding the stall buffet at mudspike website. I think it should not worked like you depicted it. In general it worked as you wanted it to work, according to your pictures again. But I don't know what was wrong in your particular case. May be you have mistaken some other effect for a stall. Regarding the electrical whining noise. I think that's a common case for electric DC brush motors when they are running at low power. Well, there may be some more or less whining, depending on the motors and the electronics which controls them. Could you please provide some audio recording of that noise so I could be able to judge more accurately?
  11. Yes, something about that amount. Actually you will pay me in rubles. Here are the links: https://andres.shop/software/28-simshaker-wings.html https://andres.shop/software/48-simshaker-wings-option-realteus-forcefeel-support.html I would recommend to download SimShaker Wings form the simshaker.com website and try it in demo mode along with your Forcefeel pad before you pay me.
  12. Rob, I've never sold "REALTEUS ForceFeel" haptic gaming pad. There is some misjudgment here. Regarding your questions. 1. Yes, I develop and sell SimShaker Wings software. 2. Yes, you can get it along with the "REALTEUS ForceFeel" support option in my e-shop as mentioned above.
  13. My point of view stays the same. Please pay attention to that post
  14. Well, try to keep it disabled. That's mostly for debug purposes but may affect the performance..
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