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Old Il2 movies

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Dunno, if there is already a threat but I thought it would be nice to post some old IL2 videos (precursor to this sim) here.


I'd like to start with the clip that brought me to IL2. Without it I would not be here and for this reason it holds a special place. It is a masterpiece and after watching it I was so excited as this show-cased sim was what I was looking for for such a long time. I bought the game right after it.


Here's the link to it:


IL2 Sturmovik - Come with me - video Dailymotion


Watching it after so many years I am still mouth open how genuinely well this game was made and modelled. Sure some aspects of graphics now look outdated but still: Look at the clouds or the water, the explosions, still looking very very good. 

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ohoho I smell a shameless plug opportunity so here it goes:




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On 5/15/2021 at 10:45 PM, sturmkraehe said:

IL2 Sturmovik - Come with me - video Dailymotion

Cor, that's a blast from the past! There were some amazing video creators in old Il2. 


This 662 Squadron recruitment video is a classic that still stands the test of time. It is a masterclass in editing, syncing with the music, and choosing genuinely awesome shots. There's a shot about 2 minutes in showing a 190 screaming round in the mirror of a Spitfire that is just perfect, still gives me chills. It's amazing how effective adding a bit of camera shake is at conveying the sense of barely contained speed and power. Just makes you want to strap on a Spit, right?




The other master I remember from back in the day was Maximum Bob. His videos were always properly well done, works of art. The first one is a documentary / tribute to the Spitfire (again, double points for using some perfect music - 'Five' by the inimitable Lamb):




And this one is a very dashing Mosquito raid on a battleship...




Cracking stuff. We are lucky we have folk like @Lemsipand others still creating quality machinema in Great Battles; I find these kinds of explorations about what the engine is capable of, and how it can use the fantastic models & scenery in the service of storytelling to be much more interesting than the average 'HeY gUyS i gOt SomE kiLLZ ONlInE and UpLoAded It tO Ma WebZoNe' style of video'*


*there are honourable exceptions to this ofc.

On 5/16/2021 at 6:45 AM, =FI=Genosse said:

Flying for the first time

WOW! DART! He made some outstanding videos explaining gunnery which totally helped me out a lot. bahaaaa.

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I've got most of these classic IL2 videos stored on one of my hard drives somewhere... at the time they were pretty groundbreaking!

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Beautifully made, all of them, the guy had a real talent with this stuff.:cool:


I particularly like the last, the atmosphere he creates with those ships seem almost supernatural.:drinks:


Wonder what he does nowadays, would be interesting to see what could be done with this new iteration.


Take care and be safe.


Wishing you all the very best, Pete.:biggrin:

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A lot of Jafa's work was great, most are gone but he still has some up on YouTube. He often used them to showcase his excellent sound mods.





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palker4 - your fail compilation brightened up my day


Many thanks

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This "Fail Compilation" is a classic, yep.


Here go my favourite:


Bellum (2004):




Bellum 2 (2005):




Come with Me (2005):




Turtle Island (2005):




Spitfire (2005):




B-17 Flying Fortress (2006):




Ambush (2006):




Faith Hope and Charity (2007):




Hyperlobby: the Online Experience (2010):











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