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  1. That would be a dream if it were used as advertisment for IL-2!
  2. Yes in the final chapter it's clear he was sad to leave his trusted aircraft.
  3. Just want to give a quick thanks and credit to Raptor for creating a great skin. In my video it takes centre stage after 2:57.
  4. Took a lot of effort to bring everything together, so thanks guys!
  5. Yes, that's right. I think you can see for simplification I just used Le Gran Charles to identify Clostermann. Thanks for the info! Yes his claims have always been disputed, but his experiences were still extrordinary. This is what I have tried to create.
  6. Thankyou! Thanks mate that means a lot! Airborne invasion of the Netherlands 1940 is in the works atm. You're correct but the book itself leads the reader to believe that he died from the strafing run. Glad you liked it.
  7. This is a short cinematic based on the events of Pierre Clostermann's book 'The Big Show' or 'Le Gran Cirque'. The film covers events from July 1943 to August 1945, I have tried my best to fit in many of the most notable exploits of the book, and to remain as historically accurate as possible. Any feedback is welcome, enjoy!
  8. I have found that the German paras are not correctly jumping out the door the way they used to. They now jump into the plane and it looks very strange. Hope this will be fixed soon.
  9. I see thanks! I agree they are definitely needed as they played a significant role.
  10. I remember from the announcements there were British soldiers that had been modelled as part of Battle of Bodenplatte. I have scoured the mission editor but I cannot figure out how to access the British ground assets. Anyone know anything about this?
  11. Any chance you can provide a download for that pilot skin? Might use it for a new video.
  12. Fun video I made as a sequel to my original bailout vid.
  13. Hi guys, this is a short film about the amazing true story of Bob Hoover's great escape from captivity in WWII. I'm aware of any historical inconsistencies, but I did the best I could with the resources I had. Any feedback is welcome [youtube]
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