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  1. Lemsip


    Haha it gave me a shock when it happened as I was trailing the enemy!
  2. Lemsip


    Poor pilot, I wasn't expecting him to splat.
  3. The devs have stated that the DC-3/Li-2 may be developed by a partner studio, as the U-2 was. I agree that it would add a lot to the 1944-1945 scenario, and may tie in to Pacific expansions.
  4. Lemsip


    I've always hoped they would add that feature. It's just funny how the pilot abandons the crew to their deaths to get out first xD!
  5. Lemsip


    I must say the phisiology makes getting shot down a l lot more intense. Im really impressed with how bailouts are now affected by the physical state of the aircraft (inverted, too fast to get out, etc.)
  6. Lemsip


    Me too, it really adds something to the experience.
  7. This is an idea that came to me when I noticed the updated mechanics concerning the bailouts, physiology and physics. Any feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy!
  8. Yes the pilot physiology is ready from what the devs have told us. Its clearly visible on the Arras and 'pilot physiology' video. Not sure about AI, but Im sure they will have some changes with this update.
  9. Personally Im not interested in China, and Im am interested in heavy bombers.
  10. This is pretty much exactly my preference aswell with the exception of bombers and China. Great choice!
  11. You're right that currently there isn't an overlap with CloD and BoX in Italy. However, if TF has success with update 5.0 in Africa, Italy or the Mediterranean is considered for update 6.0. Hopefully they don't so BoX can do an expansion there.
  12. I am seriously surprised to see that so many people think they will go to Korea after Bodenplatte. I believe this theatre is inevitable, but even considering the jet physics groundwork done so far, Korea doesn't seem an obvious next choice to me. The Pacific is most likely next, and if not this, possibly Russia or maybe even Italy. Midway or the Coral Sea are two great scenarios to move forward with, the only thing that would stop the devs being lack of information or over-ambition in terms of resources. If we disregard the possible overlap with CloD, Italy is ideal as it incorporates naval warfare on a smaller scale than the Pacific. Russia is always a solid fallback option as they have many Russian customers and many untouched Soviet-German expansions, including some with naval warfare. PLUS, is this not a WWII simulator that still hasn't covered many theatres of WWII? To me this discredits the Korean War until WWII has been done sufficiently.
  13. All I can say is wow! This release is going to be unprecedented, and I thank all the devs for their hard work. Bodenplatte will surely be a masterpiece, and I look forward to the future projects of this team!
  14. Much appreciated Shamrock, keep up the articles!
  15. Hello I would like to put my name down for a code for the Yak1b if possible. Thanks
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