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  1. @Raptorattacker woohoo, thanks for the skin Raptor! Much appreciated.
  2. @RaptorattackerOk thats sound fair enough if its YK-D. And are you saying V7826 should be used even if we dont have the actual number? If so I think thats fine aswell. Again thankyou for helping out here!
  3. So I did some decent digging and found out that the most likely answer is that Dahl used aircraft V7826, with standard temperate camouflage with sky colour underwing as per August 1940 orders, possibly with Vokes filter, and likely with markings of 80SQN 'YK-?'. If you were to make a skin of this description, with say SQN markings of simply 'YK- ', I would be more than satisfied. Just as an aside, any olive camos in Greece 1941 were probably only used by 33SQN, while any desert camos were left over from redeploying from North Africa, probably repainted to olive (33SQN) or temperate (33SQN and 80SQN). It is very likely there was a mix of olive and temperate paint schemes, but temperate seems to dominate 80SQN in this time period and is supported by photographs. From Roald Dahl Museum " We do have Roald Dahls logbook which covers his time in Greece in March and April 1941, but this doesnt give the number of the Hurricane. On his return to North Africa after 80 Squadron left Greece, the logbook lists the aircraft numbers Z4178, Z4194 of the Hurricanes which Dahl was flying.We do have photographs of the planes used in Greece, but these do not show the serial numbers. Ive attached a couple which I hope you will find of interest. The first (RD180261r) was taken in Haifa, Israel, and Roald Dahl labelled the reverse My Hurricane at Haifa, Syrian Campaign.' The second (RD180254r) was taken in Greece, and shows the plane at Megara camouflaged with branches to hide it from German planes. " https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234979205-hurricane-mki-v7288-questions/
  4. What theatre of war were these plane skins used in? From what I know the filter and this camouflage was only used in Greece?
  5. Any progress on this front Rap? I'm really excited to get my hands on this one!
  6. New video released! 'The Rhine' takes place the day of Operation Varsity Plunder. Enjoy! P.S. check out the new video thumbnails, looks much better now
  7. Thank you so much Marco, I appreciate the effort.
  8. I will wait patiently while you work then , your skins are great!
  9. I found this earlier in the mission editor. Must mean things have progressed?
  10. Hello again, is this skin available to download?
  11. I actually take inspiration from many of those great old il2, so its an honour to be compared to them. My favorites are Twilight of the gods by Doktorkop and North Africa and Pulse by Ph0b0s95.
  12. I think more sophisticated radio calls are sorely needed in BoX. I believe it is one of the last things this sim needs to make the world feel truly 'alive'.
  13. Hello Ive been making a video series with IL-2 on Clostermann's book, and Im so confused which paint schemes he had just in the time period just before your skins were used. In chapter 'A day like the others', he already seems to have been with 56 SQN in late February 1945. In chapter 'Rat catching', he also states in late February 1945 he was flying with 3 SQN and plane JF-E, but then in chapter 'The Rhine', he states on 24th March, 'stick JJ-B on the board', squadron markings from 274 SQN. He then states on 30th March he was OC of 'A' Flight 3 SQN. The only thing I can think of is that he used different aircraft from different squadrons as needed due to shortages of pilots? Can you help? Im going crazy!
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