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  1. Well, I'm just speculating after all, so he could've got it from somewhere else.
  2. I'm pretty sure 1CGS provides music for their trailers, like for the Rise of Flight trailer music from a while ago.
  3. Wow, thankyou @Geronimo553! I'm so glad you appreciate my videos, it means a lot. I must admit its been hard to get greater exposure, but I do have a small loyal following who I am very grateful of. I am currently doing a bigger and better version of Crete. It will take time to do it justice but it will be done . Also I plan on doing Operation Bodenplatte when we get droptanks, Operation Oyster when we get the Mosquito and many more. The Big Show will continue aswell, so stay tuned! Again, thanks Geronimo. Lemsip.
  4. Yes, I'm sure you would know with your series! Love the dialogue in your episodes, I hope to do that too someday.
  5. New video added, 'The Munsterland Business'. It's a marked upgrade in the quality of these videos. Expect the same in future episodes.
  6. Hsha if only that actually happened. Hmm I wonder if the allies ever used C-47s and paratroops in the war... (For anyone 'confused', obviously the allies did, its a joke. I make videos, Im hinting at future projects.)
  7. Im excited about all of that too. Im looking forward to the map the most I think, as it covers such a long period. Paris, Cliffs of Dover, Normandy, so many scenarios to make!
  8. New trailer at top of original post! 'The Musterland Buisness' is next to come.
  9. This ^ Yes please chack the dev diary 248 theyve said its being worked on. As for the German plane sets, well just have to wait and see.
  10. Hello, thankyou! Yes the gliders were filmed in IL-2 1946 and just added to the video. I tried to avoid this but its the best I can do without excluding the gliders.
  11. Hey DN308, would I be able to get those British A-20 skins aswell? I also need RAF A-20's.
  12. Operation Hannibal was a German airborne attack to secure the Isthmus of Corinth and trap the retreating British and Commonwealth forces. This battle acted as a prelude to the Fallschirmjager's largest operation, Crete. (It occurred on 26th April not the 25th as stated in the video, I got confused from some accounts of the event!) Lemsip
  13. This is not an very significant thing, but there is an annoying bug that has been present for months on the Ju-52 when the paras jump out of the plane. They used to jump perpendicularly to the aircraft, but now they jump 'through' the plane which looks strange and is incorrect. I don't know how simple or hard this is to fix, but hopefully one of the devs can see this.
  14. Thankyou for this! Ive made a mission of this operation too, but Im sure yours will be much better. I hope you will update this when the Mosquito is released as I fully intend to make a cinematic out of this.
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