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Arras Map updates for mission builders

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Lost places – furnishing No-Man’s-Land (and adding churches to the Arras map)


Hello all,

I recently acquired Flying Circus and first aerial reconnaissance brought evidence: like the Rhineland map, the Arras landscape looks great but is appallingly empty. I.m.o. this becomes even more evident when flying the slow-moving biplanes of 1918.


The extent of devastation caused during the Great War can be sensed better if you see that many towns including even larger cities like Albert or Armentières were absorbed in the moonscape of No-Man’s-Land.

There’s nothing as typical of the countryside in France profonde as the sight of steeples in a distance. And there’s NO French village without one (I found one singular exception on the map though).


Please find attached two downloadable template files to remedy the situation a little. Firstly, towns and villages that vanished inside No-Man’s-Land. The selection is made along the maps and descriptions of Osprey Campaign books covering the WWI Western Front. And secondly, churches provided to all available towns and villages on the map. In a few cases I added Chateaux and extended the villages too for better matching the prototype.







Armentières                                                                                  Somme Front looking South


Aire                                                                                                Bailleul in the distance

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36 minutes ago, Oliver88 said:

Nice. Just took a look at Theipval and Saint Leger and their location looks pretty much bang on.


Yes, all the maps are - almost - to scale. Using Google maps as a reference you'll be able to locate any spot with good accuracy.

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6 hours ago, Hamaha15 said:


Yes, all the maps are - almost - to scale. Using Google maps as a reference you'll be able to locate any spot with good accuracy.


Oh yes I know been doing a bit of this recently. Using these instead of google though;


British First World War Trench Maps, 1915-1918 - National Library of Scotland (nls.uk)

WWI Trench Maps & Aerial Photographs | McMaster University Library

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Thanks for the link to your reference. I'm lacking contemporary WWI (and WWII) aerial photographs indeed. The French portal is scarce with them, they don't cover the whole country. A complete aerial survey is available from the 1950s on only.


The reference maps I use are the French ordnance survey maps of 1866. Although there's no more recent issue available they can be considered as a useful approximation. Except for the major cities there's not much difference between the maps of 1866 and the photographs of the 1950s! The railway system, however, has grown considerably in the meantime...




I use Google maps for calibrating the places of interest relative to prominent landmarks found on the simulation's maps. Since these maps are quite accurate it is possible to recreate a true model of the prototype - within the limits dictated by the objects library though...



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