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Tips on setting up HOTAS for Tank Crew?


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I use CH Products Fighterstick, Pro Throttle, and Pro Pedals, combined, 3 modes. Many axis, many buttons, any tips on mapping?

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Throttle: Forward/reverse and acceleration (I put a 45% deadzone to work as a brake.

Pedals: Steering left/right

Stick: Up/down, left/right turret control

I assigned the throttle's 4-way button on Joy2Key to act as RShft, RCtrl, LShft, and LCtrl to quadruple the functions of available the buttons.

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Perhaps this piccy and description of my current setup would help - I say current because over the years I have found that any key assignment setup is liable to change and should be considered a work in progress.....


I have a Saitek setup that I use for flying and tanking. I use a Saitek X52Pro hotas, Saitek rudder pedals and 3 Saitek quadrants...although most come under the Logitech brand and use MadCatz drivers now I still use the original 64bit Saitek software and drivers. I use TrackIR for head movement.


I like the X52 because it has 3 modes so in effect I can have 3 times the key assignments by switching from one to another 'on the fly'. I use all three modes when flying but only one mode when tanking....this is because I don't have the time sometimes to flick from one mode to another, tanks don't have that many key assignments compared to flying and, as much as I have been able to do I have kept some similar action key assignments in mode 2, my tank mode, for both flying and tanking. Hand signals are on mode 3 but don't get much use. There are a few key assignments on one of the quadrants but again, at the moment most don't get used much, they are there for when I am more proficient in their use. The only other keys I find useful/essential are on the keyboard and they are for engine/start stop, exterior view and two macros that I have to take me from engine start through to the commander's head popping out of the hatch.


The 'Gun-Com Pos' and 'Com-Gun Pos' are macros set up using the Saitek profiling software and allow me to use one button for the actions to close the hatch and get hands on to the gunsight or vice versa in tanks like the T-34 where the commander is also the gunner.


I use the rudder pedals for steering, the throttle for forward/reverse, the stick twist action for turret rotation and the stick pitch action for main gun elevation/depression.





x52 tank controls.jpg

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