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Amahi Pletzky Gladz. Bordurian / Syldavian skins


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For quite some time the small, but often unrecognized conflict at the bordurian and syldavian border had no skins. 

This had to be changed. 


Part one. Will do more later. Each plane (DVIIF, DVA, SopCam, SE5) has four planes and one with only roundels.



Critics welcome

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16 hours ago, jollyjack said:

J2_Oelmann, Could you post the (adapted) templates maybe?


PS seen these?



The crest is on the tail of the Camel and the Se5.

The red /Black mustache would suit a ww2 plane more. Allready started a Stuka with it.

I would need to tidy the psd files. I am not the most organized gimp-user. 🙂

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