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  1. Deepest condolence to all friends and family-members of chunko. Sad to hear about the loss.
  2. It seems that people tend to fly with less fuel as possible nto gain morte agility in the camel. Maybe less fuel means more flamable gasoline fumes in the tank. Don't know if this is simulated as well.
  3. Just different "shapes". Like one shape for late 1917, one for early 1918, one for middle of 1918 one for late 1918 and one without. The texture can stay the same. Just a possibility to have control in some way where the no-mans-land actually is.
  4. I would love it if you would introduce several no-mans-land layers for the FC1 map. The current no-mans-land is a texture slapped on top of the map anyways. Adding four or three variations more shouldn't be hard. If you could switch it complety off you would gain an additional plausbile map for the rest of the game as well. Of course the same for the upcoming FC2 map. Maybe even porting over the channel-map from ROF. Doesn't need to be as high-resoluted as the current maps. It looked lovely enough in ROF. I maybe limited in my insight on the internals of the game-engine, but I assu
  5. I dont like the Rheinland map. The repetitive texture and lack of landmarks, towns and village makes it hard to navigate. Another downpoint is the lack of the Ruhrgebiet Area. The Industrial heart of germany looks like a a gew middle sized small towns in a Green countryside. Not an area where you couldnt dry your sheets without turning grey after a half day.
  6. According to the night shift, I would make the missions longer, maybe 4 hours and put up a mission at european, US and Asian/Russian prime time. If the campaign runs long enough you can plan your flight time accordingly.
  7. Is it possible to do the opposite? Extension the nomansland? Fighting raged back and forth for four years over almost the complete map.
  8. The crest is on the tail of the Camel and the Se5. The red /Black mustache would suit a ww2 plane more. Allready started a Stuka with it. I would need to tidy the psd files. I am not the most organized gimp-user. 🙂
  9. Engine temperatutes dont effect to power output. A cold engine will give you the exact same power like a warm engine. Only difference might be that one might get damaged sooner or later while doing this.
  10. Uh, I am in the newspaper! Great!
  11. No idea if those are comparable due to the different engines, but the detail is great. Especially down low.
  12. If its Ugra Media I want a map as nice as the new DCS-Syria.
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