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  1. You can move your head around inside the boundaries of the cockpits quite good. Judging the distance is quite hard on a 2d screen though, but should be doable with some training. If it is that what you mean.
  2. You want to look at an angle through the gunsight and see the reticle?
  3. I would be happy with just a few choices for each plane. Like many/ few /no tracer and He/ap/mixed loudout if this Kind of rounds were used in this plane. I dont need to finde around with it like you can in clod.
  4. I like it and would love to keep it.
  5. Assetto Corsa in you have a sweet spot for cars. Online sim-racing is quite tough. The last Forza Horizon if you want it less hardcore. Sim City and Civilation is allways worth to play. Zaccaria Pinball is quite good as well and even has vr.
  6. Pacific. Either some kind of Burma or carrier-ops. Spanish civil war Invasion of France Italy For WW1 Bloody April Verdun Eastern front Italian front
  7. I have some bordurian plane skins. I could do a few syldavian as well and you have your 110% real authentic epic conflict 🙂
  8. Its not a matter of new theatres or nice graphics. The problem is the changed mindset these days. In War Thunder or World of Warplanes I can shoot something 2 minutes after the game started. The same goes for other genres. People these days play happily Apex and Volarant, but if you show the same perons Arma, Squad or Post Scriptum they'll ask you where the "action" is and complain that they can't see an enemy for about 10 minutes. Its not a game problem, its a society thing. Compare a movie from the 70s to a movie these days. I know a bunch of younger people who would turn of "once upon a time in the west" before Charles Bronson apears the first time. Everything needs to be fast paced and instand satisfaction these days. Games where you need to get a skill to be good are not among the most popular. Evey game these days rewards you with something even if you suck at it. If you really want to push it, maybe a two free planes for everybody and or a free weekend on steam "might" help. But I doubt the effect would be that great.
  9. The youth of today seems to like easy fast games. Not many seem to have the willpower to invest learning a game. Especially of you have to wait for 10 minutes unter the action starts. Too boring.
  10. Could live with that. The representation of both areas is quite disapointing.
  11. Could I extend the no-mans-land as well, or even and a generic greyish-texture to the ruhrarea this way?
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