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  1. Map seemed fun. Just playercount was a bit too Low Yesterday. But I enjoyed my time. Maybe a few AI-flights to substitute this. Definatly thumps Up.
  2. The whole landscape should be torn up much more. The war allready raged some years in that area. The no man's land just stops and untouched countryside begins. https://youtu.be/SdFwEfoIM3E
  3. Plus I still cant look over the fact that a urban area that housed ~4.000.000 citizens is portrayed by three or four middle-seized towns.....
  4. I did. Its great. No doubt in that. It is a great tool for a singleplayer-experience in IL2. I Just prefer Woff for Singleplayer. I think the scenery is much richer in that game. The moving front alone is a great thing that I miss dearly in IL2. For FC and ROF the small brown stripe never manages to give a convincing picture of the Western front. But it has no ground in the graphics and fidelity of the simulation itself.
  5. The whole map is more alive then the rather antiseptic il2/RoF map. The scenery (in my eyes) Shows a more convoncing Battlefield. All weather is historic. You are more involved in the squadron. Having to claim each kill and get it rejected is a nice feature.The whole Game is made for the singleplayer-experience, rather then a Multiplayer with a (good) campaign in the top.
  6. Its more then that. It features historical weather, a richer scenery which feels like you are flying over a battlefield. The front looks much nicer then the brown stripe we have. If I remember correct, it even moves. And it has a nice feature to fill out a claim for wach kill. The absolute overkill would be both teams working together.
  7. As I stated in the RoF days before. Single player =WOFF. Multiplayer = this place. IL2 can't compete with the WOFF career and its immersionand WOFF can't compete with IL"s graphics and overall fidelity.
  8. Its not just about my personal village or town missing. I can live with that very good. But my concern is that the Ruhrgebiet was and is more then 400.000km² big urban and industrial area. It's like leaving out the Krim from the Kuban map (Which is only ~26.000km²). Plus it was the main target area of the Allies as it was the industrial heart of Germany. By '44 it mostly would mostly be all in ruins, so as others stated above I would be fine with a greyish version of the no-mans-land overlaid over the map. The larger cities should all be more ruins then intact houses. Collogne was almost completly destroyed be the end of the war: I am sure framerates can benefit if you use ruins instead of inteact houses. In no way this critic should be an offence against the programmers. But in a fighter simulation the ground is much more you can crash into. Its the base for every scenario. I am sure the map will improve alot until the full release.
  9. The Image I posted is from FSX/P3D. Thats quite old now. Dont ask for a specific street or landmark added. But its a major urban area of the map.
  10. I am sure. a true scale realistic Ruhrgebiet would kill most computers. Thats why I could live with a greyish version of the no-mans-land. Most of the time you would be high above anyways. But being such a huge, dense populated area its a real shame its not just there in any form. Better a bad representation then none at all. I know you can't compare other flightsim. Especially non-combat sims. P3D/FSX Dortmund looks like this for example:
  11. They maybe could "Cheat" a bit by doing large parts like the nomansland.
  12. 1330/7-7 The Gersteinwerk in the village of between Hamm in the East (Dattel-Hamm-Kanal is labeled) and Werne in the west. It was/is a big coal powerplant. https://goo.gl/maps/GP1r5cFT9ciBKbLA8 Hamm itsel again is on the eastern end of the Ruhrgebiet and should be quite loaded with targets as well. @Jollyjack. The new FLightsiumlator will work like this. Together with Bing
  13. Bottrop is missing, Gelsenkirchen is missing Buer up in the North, Castrop-Rauxel etc. There should be a Airfield in Gelsenkirchen-Buer: The Parkstadion for the Schalke 04 soccerclub was build on it later: https://goo.gl/maps/xVfb5nvfHrFeWceN9 The famous "Panzerbau 3 in the north of Essen is missing: https://goo.gl/maps/es2ksTCEHRaSP7Hv6 Zeche Zollverein. A really huge mining complex is missing in Essen: https://goo.gl/maps/Eh3TsWnS8UTLG6Mu9 Half Essen was target area: And the Nachtscheinanlage: https://goo.gl/maps/rZbM8Vy4zbgo2SRi8 And alot more. The whole Ruhrarea is probably too huge to put in BoX. I would be content with generic city and industrial tiles with only the biggest factories and mines represented. This would still be a lot more then Moscow on the moscow map. But being 1944 you could just make the most look like Stalingrad with full of ruin.
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