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  1. I doubt its hard to come by for data for japanese ships. Even exterieur models of every airplane is easily available. Scale modellers so them for decades to a high degree of detail. I also doubt there is a Lack of literature. Japan ist obsessed with their navy and everything connected to it. I doubt aswell that it is difficult to get somebody hired who speaks japanese. I would think it is as hard to get data ob any german plane. The reason must be somewhere else. Even If people say the engine can't handle carrier operations. Half asia was a warzone Back then. Make it battle of Birma or any other continental conflict zone.
  2. In. Registration process is a bit easier this time? Struggled a bit the last times.
  3. Great fun had been had. S! to everybody.
  4. The DR1 has the "french-car" approach. Steer left to fly right.
  5. A free weekend, would Work. Works for many games on steam.
  6. Judging the IL2 series allways has a battle in the Name, "IL2 Bloody April" with all appropiate planes and an expanded map should be next. Together different seasons textures, they could give us a choice of two or three frontlines. I muss the camera feature of ROF aswell....
  7. It would be fine If the Brown mudd Texture would applied to a bigger area. Maybe a second type of texture to destinguish the older battlegrounds from the new ones. The trenches could stay 2d, but it could be applied more refined. You would enhance the map alot without adding more 3d Models.
  8. Is there any chance we will get an updated Arras map? As nice as it looks, the actual front and no-mans-land is awefully generic. It is 1918. Frontline in that area changed back and fourth at that time. The same goes for the trenches. They just look too generic. Which is a shame If you consider that most britisch maps of that area are available for free. Bapaume for example sits in a perfectly intact landscape even of it the front rolled over it a few times.
  9. Map seemed fun. Just playercount was a bit too Low Yesterday. But I enjoyed my time. Maybe a few AI-flights to substitute this. Definatly thumps Up.
  10. The whole landscape should be torn up much more. The war allready raged some years in that area. The no man's land just stops and untouched countryside begins. https://youtu.be/SdFwEfoIM3E
  11. Plus I still cant look over the fact that a urban area that housed ~4.000.000 citizens is portrayed by three or four middle-seized towns.....
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