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  1. This is true for most WW1 and WW2 stories. Film studios keep doing fantasy things and ignore the awesome real life stories. I fear it might get worse in future, because time is passing leaving the events even more behind and people (people on this board excluded) don't care about history that much these days. Only special effects and CGI.
  2. Honestly not much I look forward to. The airplanes will probably be modelled nice and good looking, but after the dissapointing FC and Bodenplatte map I don't expect much from a scenario that should include the most biggest seaborn invasion in history in a game that will go to its knees if you have 100 moving AI object at the same time at the same place... It can only come out as a bad compromise.
  3. Its a women's plane. You have to tell it to turn right If you want to turn left and never get distracted when she Talks to you. 😉
  4. "Under the guns of the red baron" analyzes all kills from MvR. Most of them fall in category 1 and 2 but I might check again. Some combat reports in it did had wings falling off, but not much if I remember right.
  5. Not sure how much work is in the conversion from Rof to FC, but I would be fine with all the Rof -planes and terrain in low poly in FC. Maybe with a 4k skin.
  6. I am faithfull with the new DM, but it should have been tested and evaluated more. Is there a way to see an Overview of the hitboxes inside the 3d Models?
  7. Sure its more complicated. Realised that right after I made that answer. It was more geared toward the "find a Video-Clip with a Wing" Argument.
  8. Take a rifle to the range shoot at some wooden Boards. Measure how much weight is needed to break them with a few holes and without. Someone will have rifle 303 british or 7mm Mauser or whatever close to that should be widespread.
  9. Even the old low poly-count ROF models with 4k skins would do...... The same goes for the terrain.
  10. There was a british tv-show testing all sorts of WW2/BoB bombs against buildings. Can't find it unfortunatly. Found it. Blitz Street is the name.
  11. I doubt its hard to come by for data for japanese ships. Even exterieur models of every airplane is easily available. Scale modellers so them for decades to a high degree of detail. I also doubt there is a Lack of literature. Japan ist obsessed with their navy and everything connected to it. I doubt aswell that it is difficult to get somebody hired who speaks japanese. I would think it is as hard to get data ob any german plane. The reason must be somewhere else. Even If people say the engine can't handle carrier operations. Half asia was a warzone Back then. Make it battle of Birma or any other continental conflict zone.
  12. In. Registration process is a bit easier this time? Struggled a bit the last times.
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