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Compass detail

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Sometimes the smallest detail can have the biggest WOW effect. Just incredible level of detail. 1f642.png:)


Which aircraft, featuring in our upcoming expansion to IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz, is this compass from?


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Posted (edited)

Since we can see the 'Askania' logo and the incomplete german words on the right... 

I have a search on Askania aero compass. 




Oh yeah, so it's a pre-war light-weight aero compass called Lke 6/7 and was mainly used on gliders and tourism aircraft.

I guess this compass comes from the Messerschmit Bf108 and I'm pretty sure that it will be a bingo. 😆




Nice work TF! It's really impressive to see an exquisite structure inside a little compass!

By the way is it possible to have a respond from my question thread in the general discussion section? Thank you for your attention~ 😄 @ATAG_Pattle


And... Will the Bf108 have dual control that you can hand the control over to the other player on your aircraft?


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Nice one Chuishan 👍.


Have answered your bomb sight question too.





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