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  1. PC Pilot magazine have just published their review of IL-2 Sturmovik Desert Wings Tobruk! https://www.key.aero/article/team-fusion-simulations-desert-wings-tobruk?fbclid=IwAR2XR_JvathmRmksp8TK_WeYVPvpsdb6vFpyS2wNVxDJwAmNWYYH_PEssU4 We are delighted to have received an very high score of 85! Derek Davis from PC Pilot stated that Desert Wings Tobruk is 'highly recommended'. To get such a high score, from the most well known and respected flight simulation magazine in the world, is massive for our team, and our community. The review will be included in PC Pilot's upcoming issue, which will be out this Thursday. Check it out! Regards, TFS Team
  2. Hi All,This weekend's event see's a return to the Desert Wings Tobruk map!!This is our first event showcasing and encouraging players to take part in ground attack sorties.TFS's 69th Spiritus's recent addition to the Team Fusion Server 3 missions, the outstanding Operation Mirror, will be the setting for this weekends event.This mission has a large amount of ground attack targets and plenty of anti aircraft defence units doing everything they can to stop you hitting your target.Many players no doubt will be going in search of two well known opposing Generals, last seen somewhere in the map. Full mission briefings for both Blue and Red teams, can be found in the link below. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34250 TFS's Pattle will be livestreaming the event on our YouTube channel, featuring ground attack sorties from both sides.Our event regularly regularly reach full player capacity, so encourage everyone to jump in as soon as the map is up.Hope to see you all there.TFS Team
  3. Here is a pic I posted last year for those that haven't seen it. The quality is outstanding, and this pic taken not long after we started investigating it's viability. Hopefully the community, who haven't seen this, will understand why we have prioritised TrueSky as our first major update to the game engine and why we are not rushing it's release. It will be worth the wait :).
  4. Hi All, The team continue to be very busy continuously improving the game and game experience for our great community. Here is this week's changelog. *** D.520: Adjusted Propellor, Airframe and engine to correct speeds and climb. *** Fix: Toggle Bomb bay doors in Bombardier position not functional. *** Reduced aircraft shaking when gears and flaps are deployed, and under high AOA condition. *** Feature: Easier handling of ingame Info Windows. Right click on the screen to open the pop up menu and follow the tree to the desired Info Window and choose one of the three options: Activate, Customize, Delete. There is an option to restore Info Windows to Default settings. The old way of handling Info Windows is also still active. *** Fix: Black bubbles and/or CTDs fixed for a number of ground vehicles/armor when choosing non-default skin. *** Fix: Wellington Ia/Trop windshield issue. *** Fix: Kittyhawk velocity gauge now shows more accurate values. *** Feature: Dashpic (photo frame) added to all Tobruk planes. *** Minimum altitude for NORMFLY lowered to 10m. *** Fix: BR20 Trop propellers centre transparency issue. *** Fix: Walrus now takes off & lands with landing gear up on water (Seaplane Bases). *** Gladiator diffuse textures update. *** Martlet trop user skins. *** Winter Terrain Modified *** Autumn Terrain Modified Regards, TFS Team
  5. Hi Kintaro, Maybe that was you guys at 1:23:00 in my livestream?
  6. Nice jump of my poor Hurri earlier Hellrider ๐Ÿ‘
  7. Will make an official statement when we have more information worthy of an official statement in relation to VR. A question was asked. I answered it. ๐Ÿ‘ VR was never coming about before TrueSky. TrueSky is still in development. It is a complicated program that we need to implement correctly from the get go. Once we have bedded in TrueSky, VR becomes a priority.
  8. Hi All, For those who missed the action last weekend, or for those that want to get back in the cockpit of the great D.520, here is you chance!Last weekend's event saw plenty of dogfighting action. This weekend will be no different!TFS will be Livestreaming the event, this week from the viewpoint of the Luftwaffe. Join TFS's Pattle, along with Karaya and Flare as we do battle this time against the D.520, starting in the Bf-109 E-1 as shown in the picture. As this is a mission including Desert Wings Tobruk aircraft, such as the D.520, you will need to own DWT to take part.Hope to see you there.Cheers,Pattle
  9. Hi All, Here are the improvement coming to this weeks patch. *** Added printable version of DR-2 disk from March'41 (Extras => Manuals => Miscellaneous) *** Channel Map for flashcards updated (Extras => Manuals => aircraft => Maps for flashcards) *** Cylinder Head Temperature fix: Was happening around 30 C, affecting Martlets (game freeze) and Gladiators (gauge needle disappears). *** Martlet fixes: fuel tank GUI bug, fuel tank instrument in pit & ambient temperature gauge fixed. *** Italian soldiers added to Italian AT guns. *** Fixed: Unable to change views after taking control of a ground unit. *** Italian planes Dashboard ([CTRL][F1] view) updated for larger speeds. Whilst we are not able to give much information, we are working on a couple of what we believe, will be very popular improvements, one in particular being around improved settings configuration. Currently in Beta testing stage, once implemented, this easy to use program will make configuring joysticks, and other highly used settings much simpler, reducing the set up time markedly. Regards, TFS Team.
  10. Battle of France - Fall Rot Event this weekend Hi All, We are just putting the finishing touches on the revised Fall Rot mission, to ensure that the new aircraft included will not do anything 'odd' to the mission. So, to cover off on everyone who is keen to participate, this weekend we will be running on Sunday Oct 4, 1930 GMT. We will also run the same event on Saturday Oct 10 at 1930GMT. Team Fusion's Pattle will be Livestreaming both days. As mentioned earlier in the week, we will also be including Bf 109E-4 (out of St Omer) to allow blue flyers, not accustomed to the manual prop pitch E-1 and E-3 to join. For those super keen to fly the D.520, maybe for the first time, we recommend checking out the flashcard included in the manual folder, and familiarise yourself with this very fun to fly aircraft. Hope to see you there. Cheers, TFS Team
  11. Hi All, Hope everyone is having a great week. Here is this weeks changelog, which includes a number of much requested improvements. *** Tobruk Map: Added inner desert salt flat areas. *** Tobruk Map: Added southern desert emergency landing grounds. *** Tobruk Map: Added Speedtree rocks. *** Tomahawk pit: Increased the size of 6DoF box & added gun shake when firing *** Tomahawk overlay texture update *** Beaufighters: Fixed Open Side Windows Exception *** Ju-88s Twin Gun Turret Fix *** Channel Map: France texture modifications *** Updated aircraft ground impact effects *** Fixed overbright glass reflections inside cockpit Regards, TFS Team
  12. Plan is for the Gladiator to be available as well. ๐Ÿ‘
  13. Hi All, TFS Server 3 2030GMT Sunday October 4th, 2020 A re imagining of one of the toughest and intensive ATAG Cliffs of Dover server missions. Featuring a number of new RAF early war aircraft available with the Tobruk DLC, and for the blue's, the E-4 will be available for the first time. Can you guess the mission? Please note: To take part, you will need to own Desert Wings Tobruk. See you there!
  14. IL-2 Sturmovik Desert Wings Tobruk LivestreamDuring the first 30 minutes of the livestream we will show you how to set up controls. Ammunition, bomb selections and info windows. Plus answer community member questions.We will then head to the TFS Tobruk Server 3 where Pattle will wing up with Karaya and YotheguyWe will show you the advantages of flying with a wingman, the work rate involved in being a wingman and the absolute importance of communications. We look forward to seeing you there.
  15. Hi All, Here is the latest Changelog list of game improvements, for this week's patch. *** Sounds Updates FMOD to latest stable release. Fixes most occlusion issues. Increases volume level of engine damage effects. Adjusts DB601 engine load effects. General optimizations and bugfixes. *** Spitfire externals: Fixed damage textures. *** Mission Scripting API: Logging convenience functions Two and one parameter methods added to gpLogServer. *** Mission Scripting API: AMission, new property 'string PathMyself' Contains the (relative) path/filename to the mission script itself. class Mission : AMission {...SomeFunc(){ GamePlay.gpLogServer(null, this.PathMyself, new object[] { }); /// output: "missions\server\MyMission\MyMission.cs"}...} *** Mission Scripting API: ABattle, new method "AMission GetBaseMission()" Returns the base mission. That allows any sub-mission to get a 'pointer' to the base mission. Limitation: As all missions are of type public Mission : AMission, only the AMission methods and properties are accessible (those the mission builder added are not). See "OnIntraMissionsMessage" below. *** Mission Scripting API: AMission, new method "public virtual object[] OnIntraMissionsMessage(string sMsg, object[] args = null)" This allows the base mission and sub-missions to communicate with each other by sending messages to each other via this method. /// SUB-MISSION public override void Inited(){ base.Inited(); AMission BaseMission = Battle.GetBaseMission(); BaseMission.OnIntraMissionsMessage("sub-mission xyz to base mission: here I am", new object[] { this });} /// BASE MISSION public override object[] OnIntraMissionsMessage(string sMsg, object[] args = null){ if(sMsg.Equals("sub-mission xyz to base mission: here I am") {m_SubMissions.Add("xyz", (args[0] as AMission));}return null;}
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