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  1. Reddog, If you post this announcement on your SOW FB site, I will share it on the TFS FB page to help promote this to the masses for you. πŸ‘ Pattle
  2. Collection of images taken during the editing process of our next update video. Featuring latest map work, smoke, fire and damage effects. Let us know what you think of the screenshots. πŸ‘ Hope everyone and your loved ones are staying healthy. TFS Team.
  3. Hi All, Unfortunately, and understandably, the airshow and expo have been postponed due to the current coronavirus epidemic and government directions on event sizes etc. Hoping the event will move to a late 2020 date. Cheers, Pattle
  4. Alpha screenshots from the upcoming North African Expansion to IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz. Mission builders are going to love the array of combined arms desert scenarios that 5.0 will provide the opportunity for. Historical and or fictional. Cheers, Pattle
  5. Whilst working on our upcoming video, and thinking more of the community is at home this weekend trying their best not to catch Corona-virus, and if you are like me, in Australia, have given up on your search for what must be gold plated, diamond studded toilet paper, given it's lack of availability... thought I 'd get some more content out through the weekend, to give our community something positive to look at. Whilst making the recent Tomahawk/Bf 109 F-2 trop video, it was awesome to watch the fire and smoke effects. The dissipation of the smoke was awesome IMHO. This is one of my favourite screenshots taken during the edit. I made a few different versions. Hope you all enjoy and continue to stay healthy. Pattle
  6. From the TFS team, please play it safe and take all necessary actions to keep yourselves and your family healthy. Cheers, Pattle
  7. Hi Smink, sure can. πŸ‘ Slow down is great for cinematic effect when recording battles πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Hi Blitzen, the Med is most certainly different
  9. Dogfight!! Tomahawk MkII v Bf 109 F-2 trop. Alpha footage from the upcoming IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz , North African expansion. Featuring new aircraft, the Tomahawk MkII and Bf 109 F-2 trop. Also featuring the latest map build, new smoke effects, and improved pilot AI. Location NW of Tobruk Would be great to hear what you think. Please hit the like button on the video and comment away! It helps spread the word.πŸ‘ Cheers, Pattle
  10. No 3 Squadron RAAF CV-V Squadron Leader Bobby Gibbes. Screenshots by Larry. Cheers, Pattle
  11. ATAG_Pattle

    Future for VR

    The Welly, whilst not complete is outstanding πŸ˜ƒ Appreciate all the positive comments here too guys. Thanks.
  12. Hi Blitzen, No heralding sorry. No date for release or Beta commencement set as yet.
  13. The Ju 88 C-4 and C-4 Late are two of the new aircraft coming to expansion of IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz, TFS 5.0, including the highly anticipated North African theatre of war. Ju-88C-4 - long wingspan model with uprated Jumo 211F, (rated at max 1340 PS) with three 7.92mm MGs and one 20mm MG/FFM. Also includes single upper rear gun positions. This was used as a night fighter, night intruder and also a heavy day fighter in Maritime patrols over the Bay of Biscay, English Channel and Mediterranean. Ju-88C-4-Late - long wingspan model with uprated Jumo 211F with three 7.92mm MG's, one nose 20mm MG/FFM and two 20mm MG/FFM's mounted in gondola pod. Also includes dual upper rear gun positions, but the lower rear facing gun in gondola is removed. This was used as a night fighter, night intruder and also a heavy day fighter in Maritime patrols over the Bay of Biscay, English Channel and Mediterranean. Featuring latest map work. All components, including damage modelling, dust, flight models and North African map are a WIP and may change in release version. Cheers, Pattle
  14. Hi all, great discussion here πŸ‘ I am at the editing stage of our new video, showcasing the Ju 88 C-4 and the C-4 Late. Here's a what I think is a brilliant screenshot of the C-4 Late from the upcoming video. πŸ˜ƒ Cheers, Pattle
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