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  1. Hi all, We have just released a small hotfix addressing a small technical issue that has appeared after the release of version 5.015. As always, we'd like to thank all of our loyal fans who share their feedback. Cheers, TFS Team
  2. Dont believe there are any Aussie squads, but plenty of us flying here. Jump over the ATAG forum on the link J-Hat provided and you will be able to chat with guys from different squads there, that you may like to join. Great to see you back in the scene mate.
  3. Firstly, thankyou for those in the community who bought DWT since it's release in August. It is great to see so many people enjoying the game, as much as we enjoyed making it. 😀 2020 for many was an incredibly challenging year. Fortunately there were also many highlights. The release of Desert Wings Tobruk, added the Desert Air War to the fast growing flight sim world. 2020 was arguably one of the best years for flight sims ever. We saw a number of outstanding new releases and upgrades in other sims as well as Cliffs/Tobruk. We are proud to be a part of the best gaming community in the world, and thank you all for your valued place within it. 👍 We all hope 2021 will see yourselves and families stay safe and healthy. See you in the skies! 😃 Regards, TFS Team
  4. Operation Christmas Drop - Livestream 2030GMT 25th December Join TFS's Pattle for Operation Christmas Drop! Flying 5 Desert Wings Tobruk Aircraft: Bf-108 He-111 BR.20 Blenheim and Wellington Mission: Navigate and land on 70+ Aifields, 'delivering' Christmas cheer to all. Challenges faced: 1. Can he actually find all the known airfields on the Desert Wings Tobruk map in 3hrs? 2. Can he do it without crashing??? 3. Can he avoid being shot down?? So few questions - so many answers!! 😉 If you can join in, we are more than happy to have a Christmas convoy. We know Christmas day may be hard for many in the community due to COVID and life circumstances, so we hope to bring community spirit and a good old laugh to this event! In no way is this a 'serious' livestream. 🙂 Comms will be on ATAG's Teamspeak channel: Password: calais Axis Forces Flight #3 Server - TFS #3 See you there!
  5. Christmas Postcard from the Desert Wings Tobruk front. TFS wishes all the flight simming community a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday. Whilst the year itself has been a dogs breakfast, on a positive note, for flight simmers, it has arguably been one of the best, content new release and updates/improvements wise since the heydays! Thanks to our community, and all the content creators out there that are putting flight simulation out into the forefront of PC gaming. Have a great day and most importantly, stay safe. Cheers, TFS Team.
  6. Join us as during a 'Learn to Fly' Livestream tutorial of the IL-2 Sturmovik Desert Wings Tobruk, Vickers Wellington Mk.1 and variants. Saturday 19th December, 2000 GMT.TFS #3 ServerWe will be running players through TFS Vickers Wellington Mk.1 8-page Flashcard document, including with the game.Giving players a tutorial of the Pilotage, navigation, gunnery and bombing/torpedo bombing techniques necessary to complete your mission successfully.The Desert Wings Tobruk Wellington features one of the most visually stunning cockpits in WW2 flight simulation currently available to players.TFS's Pattle will be joined be fellow Aussie ATAG Ezzie during the Livestream.We hope to see many players jump in a Wellington and follow us as we teach even the most ardent fighter and bomber pilots, the sheer joy that is the Wimpey!
  7. Hi all, Hope everyone is staying safe. Patch 014 is out now! This update brings in a brand new Singleplayer mission called "August Attrition" along with some aircraft adjustments and server fixes.As always, we'd like to thank all of our loyal fans who share their feedback in our Steam Forums. We value it very much!You can read the full changelog down below: General Changes / Updates New Single Player mission: "August Attrition" Macchi C.202 Governor and Prop regulation corrected to prevent overspeeding in dives.(all models) Macchi C.202 default elevator trim corrected. (all models) Macchi C.202 standard engine model overheat schedule adjusted. Bf-109E-7 Trop engine overheat schedule adjusted. Fixes Triggers on groups with "Tobruk:" in their (internal, .mis) name now work as expected Dedicated Server: Mission fails to load because the temporary DLL cannot be created Dedicated/Headless Server: No more "OK" Dialogbox on "lost connection with" / "logged out of" STEAM. Server just exits (with explanatory log entries) Cheers, TFS Team
  8. Thanks for all your work on this guys. Outstanding!
  9. Livestream - TWC 1941 Channel Campaign 2000 GMT Saturday 5th December. This week, we are going to check out The Wrecking Crew's (TWC) 1941 Channel campaign. For more information on what is an incredibly detailed campaign, go to: https://twcpilots.com/campaign_server.html Check out their comprehensive Pilot Statistics and campaign Server Radar pages. With a server capability of 125 player, the opportunity for massive engagements is endless! Hope to see you there. Please note: With the opportunity to fly aircraft featured in Desert Wings Tobruk, you will need to own DWT to take part.
  10. For those unable to make the event, check out our livestream!
  11. Hi all, Hope everyone if well and staying safe. Here's in the Changelog for the upcoming Patch 013! === CHANGELOG === *** Fix: Wellington (all) engine radiator flaps animated. *** Fix: Beaufighter (all) engine radiator flaps animated. *** Fix: Martlet, trim controls incorrect. *** Fix: Ju88C corrected nose guns from MG15 to MG17. *** Fix: G.50 & C.202 gunsights are off when airspawning. *** Fix: Gladiator guns not aligned with gunsight. *** Fix: Secondary cockpit illumination not working on Bf109Fs. *** Fix: Missing RU localization in Order menu. *** Feature: Macchi rpm lever behaves correctly... as a Rocker. *** Corrected speeds for all 109F models *** Corrected default Rudder trim and default elevator trim for 109F-4 models *** Corrected auto prop pitch on 109F-4 models to better match boost/rpm *** Corrected overheat schedules for 109F-4 models *** Corrected auto pitch maximum rpms for De-rated versions of 109F-4. These versions are now limited to a maximum of 1.30 ata and 2500 rpm in auto pitch mode. 2700 rpm can only be accessed in manual/variable pitch mode. ----> As previously mentioned, we recommend deleting the cache folder in "Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover" folder after all updates and patches. <--- Regards, TFS Team
  12. hanks to everyone who took part in today's event. We topped out at a massive 90 players!! Our livestream also hit a record number of viewers as well. Thanks to those who were able to watch. Huge numbers . The brand new mission by ATAG Ezzie handled the player numbers well, and the server also ran seamlessly, once we started. If you flew during the event, let us know what you thought of it. Next week's event will be announced very soon. If you don't own Cliffs of Dover, or our new Desert Wings Tobruk DLC, grab a copy on Steam or the IL-2 webstore, and join in the fun! Thanks again. TFS Team
  13. Join us for a massive 80+ play dogfight event over the hot desert sands of IL-2 Sturmovik Desert Wings Tobruk!Cover your mate, and check your 6 for what will be full on adrenaline pumping action over the course of 2 hours.Look forward to seeing you there!TFS Team.
  14. Hi All, Our latest patch will be available in the next 24hrs. Here is the changelog: *** Spitfire V's: Corrected high altitude speeds *** Hurricane II's: Corrected high altitude speeds *** Fix: Beaufighter 1C won't drop bombs when player is in Observer position. *** Translation RU: Some fixes in the GUI. ***Aircraft Engines Static Objects *** Sound Fix: Remaining issues with looping stress sounds should be resolved *** Sound Fix: Low volume 109 cannons *** Sound Fix: Revised internal and external Allison sounds *** Sound Fix: Revised Jumo series RPM tracking *** Sound Fix: General Optimizations and bugfixes Regards, TFS Team
  15. We hope you enjoy our tutorial of the new release Joystick Wizard for IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz and Desert Wings Tobruk. Team Fusion Simulations have released this program as part of Patch 011, release on 31st October, 2020. We are committed to the continued improvement of the communities playing experience, whether that be in-game or in the set up phase. We are confident that players will appreciate the simplicity of this program and the time saved in mapping the key areas included. Lets us know what you think! Regards, TFS Team
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