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  1. Tomahawk MkII KJ-B 4 Sqn SAAF Johnny Van Nus June 1942, and Tomahawk MkII DB-D 2 Sqn SAAF F/O Aitken Libya end of 1941
  2. TFS 5.0 Alpha footage from the upcoming IL-2 Cliffs of Dover expansion, including the highly anticipated North African Theatre of operations.Extensive damage modelling, fire and smoke special effects.The damage modelling is currently being updated and further improved in the final release. Aircraft will be more durable than shown in these images.Video Credit: JorgeHFJ Cheers, Pattle
  3. Left field - Maybe try a VPN site? Most have free trial periods.
  4. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz TFS 5.0 upcoming expansion, including the highly anticipated North African theatre, and new flyable aircraft such as the D.520. Screenshots from Alpha testing. Cheers, Pattle
  5. I don't have a problem Reddog. Did you work it out on your side?
  6. Dawn Attack!! Alpha testing video, showcasing map improvements and the special effects. Video credit: Pienoir. Regards, TFS Team
  7. Screenshots from the making of one of our upcoming Alpha videos (coming out in the next week) showcasing new SFX during a London Night Bombing mission. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz, upcoming expansion, including the highly anticipated North African Theatre of operations. Lets us know what you think. Cheers, Pattle
  8. TFS 5.0 Alpha, featuring new smoke effects at night. Cheers, Pattle
  9. Team Fusion Simulations will be introducing two new AA options to the upcoming Battle of Britain flight simulator IL-2 Cliffs and Dover and the upcoming expansion into the North African theatre of war.They are:FXAA - Supporting 3 modes and quality settings (1 shader pass)FXAA(Fast Aproximate AA) is a post AA mode that use blur filters. First, it detects contrasts ("edges") in the frame and then blurs it along the gradient.This results in highly reduced visible "jaggies" that also covers alpha-textures, but it also blurs everything, including textures.SMAA - 2 modes and 4 quality presets (3 shader passes)SMAA is an AA mode based on the Post-AA blur filter of MLAA (and FXAA). The alisasing "detection" is upgraded and is closer to the detection used in MSAA then the detection used in MLAA and FXAA.The result is that SMAA smoothes alpha-textures and greatly reduces the visible "jaggies", but doesn't blur the image as much.Most experts say SMAA results in less blurring, cleaner edges and overall improved image. But it requires more processing power... so not for everyone.Here are 1080p comparison images...They make a definitive positive difference to the look of the sim.Let us know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv3yKLis8fE Cheers, Pattle
  10. Screenshots by Larry. https://ibb.co/album/cbPQov Cheers, Pattle
  11. Featuring Twin 40mm cannons, the Hurricane IID is going to wreak havoc amongst Axis ground and sea forces in Northern France and the upcoming IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz, North African expansion. Flight model for this aircraft is in Alpha. Skin is a placeholder Damage modelling for vehicles is still in progress. Desert skins to vehicles will be included in release. Video credit: Tibsun.
  12. Happy New Year to all from the Team at Team Fusion Simulations. Our first New Years gift to the community was our No Way Out video. Our second is a compilation of new Alpha screenshots. We hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy 2020. https://ibb.co/album/jcCgdv
  13. No Way Out!! TFS 5.0 North African expansion A Team Fusion Simulations WW2 Flight Simulation Alpha testing video. Bf- 110 attack on Allied shipping off the coast of North Africa. Featuring the new special effects coming to TFS 5.0 Cliffs of Dover Blitz and its North African expansion. The new release with its broader range of shipping choices will give players many new ship attack scenarios to build and fly in. All images WIP. Escort ships seen are German Minensuchboot in British camouflage. These will be replaced by real British types for TF 5.0 release. Credit: Alpha tester Pienoir
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