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  1. Hi Columbar, Price has not been set as yet.
  2. Alpha testing commenced today! Here is our first screenshot from the team. Bf 110C-4/N Cheers, Pattle
  3. TFS 5.0 Bf 109F4/Z GM-1 Nitrous Injection System Green cockpit general colours may change to grey in final version. WIP Cheers, Pattle
  4. Hi All, We are pleased to announced that we have quite a number of testers who will also be producing videos and screenshots throughout Alpha testing. TFS look forward to bringing you all the action. 👍 Cheers, Pattle
  5. TFS is giving 5 community members the opportunity to be a part of the Alpha Testing Group! This is a great opportunity for selected community members to play their part in the success of TFS 5.0. To be eligible for consideration, here’s what we need. Experienced/knowledgeable Cliffs of Dover Blitz flight simmers. You are able to commit to a set number of hours per week. Provide constructive/objective information to the team to work with. Provide us with your on line ‘nickname’ on the the 1C and ATAG forums if successful You will need to be registered on the ATAG forum. If successful, you will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and provide proof of identification. Interested? You can apply for consideration in two ways. TFS Facebook – message Team Fusion Simulations (not in post, to ensure confidentiality) ATAG Forum – message ATAG_Pattle (Pete) Please message us by 10pm (GMT) 13th December, 2019. We will select 5 applicants based on the strength of their application. Successful applicants will be notified on the 15th December. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, TFS team.
  6. The light is very bright in North Africa, Trooper 👍
  7. https://youtu.be/McpyzPVIMOI Exciting times 😀 Pattle
  8. https://ibb.co/album/ifXzfa This is the early short wing version based on the Ju-88A-1 which flew in the BoB mostly as a night intruder over British bomber fields in England. It is armed with 1 MG/FFM 20mm and four 7.92mm forward firing, and two rear defensive MG's. We are building four total Ju-88C's. The other versions are; Ju-88C-2 'long wing' version based on Ju-88A-5, Ju-88C-4, which was based on the Ju-88A-5-Late and had the up-rated Jumo 211F engine, and Ju-88C-4-Late, which additionally had two extra forward firing MG/FFM 20mm in the under nose gondola. Cheers, TFS Team
  9. Work in progress of the new ground dust and smoke effects for TFS 5.0. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz upcoming North African expansion All components shown are WIP. The current foliage is a placeholder, there will be multiple bush types, with different colours. The Trench lines and fortifications are also Alpha, and will be altered to provide a more natural look. Desert tank skins to be added in future updates. https://youtu.be/MPKFvWOO6cg Cheers, Pattle
  10. Currently working on a short video coinciding with our latest update showing weather/cloud development for the upcoming TFS 5.0. Noting many comments saying how real the screenshot looked, I have tried to emulate the appearance of a photo from the time period. One that you would see in a news clipping or book. Unable to choose between these three, so sharing them all. High Res versions: https://ibb.co/album/hBQzwF Cheers, Pattle
  11. TF 5.0's Highly anticipated weather/cloud changes in development. Like and or Comment. Looking forward to the communities reaction to this first look picture! Cheers, Pattle
  12. Hi All, Darryl, one of our community members, recently asked if our recent pictures are based on historical locations. We have attempt to recreate towns, airfields and emplacements, roads, etc as accurately as possible. It has been a massive task to find aerial photographs and maps to assist in this process. Not everything is easily available on the web! In many ways, books still give us the best sources of information. Our mapping team are working very hard to further enhance the look of the North African theatre, with major improvements seen by the TFS in each new internal update, which will continue up to release. Big Week, launched mid year, and proved very popular amongst the WW2 flight sim community, showcasing a number of new aircraft and game components each day, for a week. We are aiming for Big Week v2 in late November/early December, with December now our aim for Beta Testing commencement. A number of new and updated elements were recently released to the broader TFS team. Looking forward to announcing those very soon, hopefully as part of Big Week. Back to the map question! A comparison of one location is Bardia, which is one of the team's newest areas of work (and still a WIP). Cheers, Pattle
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