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  1. Your last line always cracks me up Missionbug
  2. Some notes: This is Work in Progress... Not all the flak emplacements are present in this model... so yes it will be a challenge to attack. Anyone who thinks they can fly a single aircraft, at low level, straight at a large warship such as this, will have a nasty surprise. Trying to skip bomb a large warship is not a good way to extend one's lifetime. Taking out a major warship such as this takes teamwork and multiple aircraft. For example, there were approx. 15 Swordfish involved in each of the two attacks which crippled the Bismarck. The attacks were coordinated with aircraft approaching from all directions. Most of the Swordfish let their torpedoes go at the recommended distance of 1000 yards, (914 meters) a couple at twice that distance. There was heavy overcast, and the Swordfish, (which had radar) were able to drop out of the overcast, make their attacks and then climb back into it to avoid the AAA. (yes we hope to have full overcast cloud systems for TF 5.0) This was in an environment of either complete dark, (for the first attack) or deep twilight. (for the second attack) The Swordfish were launched and landed in either near or complete darkness... something no other carrier borne aircraft would attempt or be normally capable of... the Swordfish had an incredibly low stall speed and easy handling which allowed this. When the Prince of Wales and Repulse were sunk by the Japanese, they were attacked by an estimated 88 aircraft, 34 torpedo aircraft and 51 level bombers in a number of waves and using 'hammer and anvil' multi directional attacks. The Japanese aircraft were Bettys and Nells, medium bombers, of which half were modified to carry torpedoes. (similar to the modified He-111H-6 and modified Wellington IC's which will carry torpedoes for TF 5.0) The Japanese attacks were spread out over 2 1/4 hours. The effective damage was mostly done by torpedoes in coordinated attacks launched at around 1000 meters. After the Prince of Wales was crippled and slowed, it was hit by some level bombs. Approx. 49 torpedoes were launched, an estimated 6-8 hits. The Japanese crews on these aircraft were among the most highly trained of any airforce in the world in these types of attacks. And yes, as mentioned, we hope to have the warships as mannable by players to allow them to control movement and the weapons.
  3. Saturday, July 27, 2100 GMT on ATAG ATAG Members will be launching a Luftwaffe assault on our main server, along with many other squadrons. If you haven't participated in an event organised by ATAG DRock before, now is your chance! Anyone is welcome to join, either with us or against us. ATAG will be flying heavy bombers this time around, with some serious escorts. No sign ups needed. No passwords. Unfortunately, skins will be disabled until we figure out the issues we had last time that crashed the server. Good luck, and have fun. Pattle
  4. They will be the same as you currently see in Cliffs. Cheers, Pattle
  5. One of our TFS team has put together a WIP Tank battle scenario, showing landscape undulations. This is an oasis environment... not full desert. Paint schemes of playable PzKpfw III and Cruiser MK IVA tanks. Damage model textures Featuring Flak37 and QF 3-inch 20 CWT artillery pieces. Undulating landscape The North Africa map is still in Alpha. It does not include the new cloud systems and weather, or other details such as rock formations or rocky abuttments, distance views, etc. etc. which will be seen in the final version. Some are holdovers from CoD and will almost certainly be different in TF 5.0 such as grass/dust etc. For TF 5.0 there will be some small changes to the vehicles... we plan to add another position the player can use to drive the vehicle... option to go from the driver's perspective to the commanders perspective. This is more realistic... the commander controlled the movement of the vehicle... and this will give the player a better view of the battlefield. There will be the potential for multiple main gun positions in a tank and, the use of more historical gunsights, with zoom for the gunsights being changed to more accurate reflect the actual vehicles. We may also add opening hatches and views for button down. There will be no interior 3D work... when inside the tank and buttoned up the player sees a main gun/MG gunsight view or potentially a cupola or hatch slit view but no details of the interior. All of the various bugs with certain vehicles will be fixed, so all the vehicles are usable and the view positions are correct. Obviously we plan to add new vehicles for the North Africa environment, which should include: - 1941-42 model Pz Mk III/IV including long 50mm model Mk IIIJ. - 1941-42 model British Cruiser tanks - US M3 Stuart - US M3 Grant Tank - Italian M-13/40 - Italian M-11/39 - Italian Semovente Self Propelled Gun Various other vehicles and artillery pieces from both sides. We would like to add a human model for the commander when hatch open/unbuttoned... and this model would be subject to being hit and killed by fire with the result this position can no longer be selected. We would also like to introduce multiple vehicle spawns in Multiplayer so that a player can spawn in as a commander of a platoon of 4 tanks... with the option for the player to control the movement and fire of the tanks in his platoon in the same way a flight leader controls his flight. Would also like to introduce the remote control of artillery batteries... so they fire indirectly on the command of a player in a vehicle when he goes through a spotting procedure. We hope to have all Anti-Tank and Artillery pieces as mannable with gunsights.
  6. Hi All, Here is TFS's new G50 skin for 5.0. Have a great weekend. Pattle
  7. Hi All, Here is a selection of new D 520 skins. Have a great weekend. Pattle
  8. Also showcasing new sounds and the new theater, North Africa. A more in depth look at the Bf 109 F4 Trop will be released in the near future. The North Africa map is still in Alpha. It does not include the new cloud systems and weather, or other details such as rock formations or rocky abutments, distance views, etc. etc. which will be seen in the final version.
  9. The Team Fusion Simulations map team have selected five areas of interest as they work through what is a massive task populating the North Africa map. The map is in Alpha stage, and many more additions and improvement are being added to the map. It does not include the new cloud systems and weather, or other details such as rock formations or rocky abuttments, distance views, etc. etc. which will be seen in the final version. We are attempting to be as accurate to 1941 information as possible. Researching accounts of the troops fighting, books, lots of Australian war pictures, and of course Zoom Earth, as surprisingly, a lot is still visible, or at least the earth disturbances, so we can piece pictures of structures to actual map and areas. The screenshots shown are from the following: Derna area - Red clay and high plains with hamlets placed correctly as per military maps produced in 1941. Derna city is currently a work in progress, with textures and building placement to be added. Sidi Barrani - Egyptian town on east of map. Fort/barracks and town areas. There are small towns dotted along the coast and inland under Sidi Barrani. Work is currently underway completing the town and surrounding forts. Bardia - Libya. Across border from Egypt. Work in progress. Screenshot shows the fort and harbour area accurate to pictures of the day. Ft. Capuzzo - Based from pictures of the day. The area is still visible from Zoom Earth. Italian, on border with frontier wire placed. Tobruk - Near completion. As per military maps at the time. Redoubts in surrounding areas also near completion, along with surrounding forts.
  10. Thanks mate, Joost's composition is my opinion is outstanding, and deserves the positive comments we are seeing since it's release. Pattle
  11. Composer Joost Schlebaum describes the inspiration for his score; 'I tried to imagine all the different feelings a pilot could have while being far away from home in the endless desert. It starts with a dream like atmosphere of the widespread endless desert. The timpani and snare drum giving that feeling of impending fighting, its coming but you don't know when. The first movement tells something about the everyday life of the pilot. Preparing for battle, waiting for the moment when you get the signal to go into the fight. Seeing other flights return with fewer pilots than that did take off. The second movement is the main theme. The french horns and trombones playing a heroic theme in harmony transforming slowly into the battle preparation. The third movement is where the missions starts. The pace goes up, driven by the snare drums, timpani and full brass and strings repeating the same heroic theme in a cat-and-mouse kind of game, like a dogfight. The conclusion of the score is one of loss, doubt and consideration: is it all worth it? Will I ever see my family again? Joost's previous works include compositions for Cliffs of Dover Blitz and Arma 3 WWII mod Faces of War. Pattle TFS PR
  12. Hi All, With a number of updates still to come over the next week, showcasing other works in development, including the finale, which will be the first look at the Bf 109F Trop! Today, we will be releasing the theme score for 5.0. The video includes a sneak peak of the map team work, which will be showcased in an update this weekend. Composer Joost Schlebaum. Joost composed the music we are all familiar with in 4.5, and has also composed for Arma III Faces of War, the WWII mod. Pattle
  13. Hi Hoots, still a work in progress. AI is an element we will be improving. Hi Mastiff, No date set for beta testing, however we are getting closer to that point. 👍
  14. I will be posting a number of hi res screenshots of the Macchi in the next day or two. Many a computer wallpaper will change to a Macchi I believe 👍
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