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  1. TFS 5.0 new land based weapon coming to the highly anticipated expansion to WW2 Battle of Britain flight simulation, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover. eaturing the new North African Theatre covering the period December 1940 to Jun 1942. Mission builders will love the added realism this new option will give in defending against land vehicle attacks on defended positions or simply patrolling outside of friendly zone. No new desert ground assets were destroyed in the making of this video! All effects seen, including dust are WIP. Desert skins on land based vehicles will be in the released product. Cheers, Pattle
  2. Team Fusion Simulations is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming Oz Flight Sim Expo at the Shellharbour Airport (near Wollongong - south of Sydney) on Saturday 2nd May and Sunday 3rd May, 2020. The expo is running in conjunction with Wings over Illawarra, the Sydney Airshow. A crowd of 30,000 is expected at the airshow, in what going to be a massive event for all involved. This will be our first official exhibition of IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz. Here's THE BIG NEWS! In a world exclusive, TFS is very excited to announce that we will be showcasing, and giving expo attendees the first opportunity to fly in the upcoming North African Theatre expansion!! This is a major opportunity for TFS as we move towards the upcoming release of 5.0. TFS's Pattle (marketing) and The Vino (special effects) will be on hand over the two days to talk about TFS 5.0, and meet as many of our loyal community as possible. Regards; TFS Team
  3. Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB Trop of No. 274 Squadron RAF. As familiarisation of the North African map will be crucial to not becoming 'geographically embarrassed' aka lost, which town is in the background of the first screenshot? Hawker Hurricane MkIID of No. 6 Squadron RAF. 'The Flying Can Openers' in action. For more pics of both aircraft, check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/teamfusionmod Cheers, Pattle
  4. Brilliant screenshot by TFS's Spiritus featuring all desert skins. πŸ‘ Enjoy. Pattle
  5. Not in this video. Expect to have that in a not to far away update though πŸ‘
  6. Latest Alpha testing release features new and constantly improving special effects and features, including dust, explosions and improved AI. The explosions look great, and we are very happy with the look and progression of the dust effects. All designed to further increase realism to the simulation. All components showcased are still a WIP, and will be further improved on release. They are all coming along extremely well. Ground assets will have desert paint schemes on release. Hope you also enjoy the post production 'Newreel' effects at the start and end of the video. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz is a realistic WW2 flight simulation based on the Battle of Britain. The forthcoming expansion will introduce the North African front and will take place in the period December 1940 to June 1942 in North Africa, and will extend the Channel Map order of battle from October 1940 to August 1941. Cheers, Pattle
  7. Wellington will have a torpedo variant in game. Yes and thanks πŸ‘
  8. TFS 5.0 - Torpedo Run - Derna Screenshots by Larry. https://ibb.co/album/e7HqMF Cheers, Pattle
  9. Torpedo will be available for the player with the Wellington and He 111 specific variants.
  10. TFS 5.0 Wellington Mk.Ic, "Little Joe" 458 Sqn RAAF, N. Africa 1942 The Wellington is one of most, and for some, the absolute most, eagerly awaited new flyable aircraft to the upcoming expansion to IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz. Screenshots by Larry. https://ibb.co/album/h5i2Jv Cheers, Pattle
  11. https://ibb.co/album/bXDKgF Hope everyone has a great weekend. cheers, Pattle
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