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Flugpark Community Monthly Activity Reporting

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Below is a general overview of the Flugpark server community using basic key performance indicators.   I imagine this is what the developer is looking at as well as actual copies sold.  I will endeavor to update this periodically.




February - 50% off sale. Significant increase in player accounts and flight hours.  Dramatic influx of new players; implementation of Flugpark Awards system.

January 2020 - 25% off sale. Stable month with solid increase in number of pilots flying.

December - server technical issues result in loss of 1 week of server use.  Factoring in 25% for this results in a stable month despite holiday distractions globally.

November - growth trend.

October - growth trend.

September 2019 - Black September Campaign - "The beginning".

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1 hour ago, J2_Trupobaw said:


Can you also post the number of unique accounts that flew a sortie on FP each month?


Its there... the gray bar.

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