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  1. All good ideas, but we do not have enough room server resource wise to add anything new to the current mission sets. Other things would have to go for the new stuff.
  2. Yeah and Flugpark is the only server that offers you randomized targets, activating and deactivating AI and an active frontline as far as I know...
  3. So it seems to be a problem with this VR setup and not a general VR problem on Flugpark. My advice is to get a better GPU when running VR....
  4. VR is a different ball game. I don't have one so it is not possible for me to optimize the missions for that. Also there are only a handfull of people flying with VR right now. What kind of framerates do the other VR useres get on Flugpark?
  5. What are your system specs? What are bad framerates for you?
  6. It will. But you will only be able to fly the FC Volume I planes.
  7. Well we get the N28, the Spad 7 and the Sopwith Triplane. I think that changes much and gives you something to fly while you wait for the very limited Spad XIII... I don't think that is going to happen...
  8. I have other immersive sirens for you. Go figure them out...
  9. That could be done way more interesting when Volume II arrives....
  10. When you trun on your brain you can answer your questions by yourself...and I by all means don't hold him back to answer your stupid questions. Now closing my box...
  11. He is clearly giving examples of what can lead to the Devs not fixing a bug. He most likely means that you have to be very precise in your bug reports, otherwise you just send the developers on a wild goose chase. They need to know how to reproduce the bug to know what is wrong in the code. How should he know how the devs are working behind the scenes?
  12. I think Bender is on to something with it beeing a Level of Detail problem and a diffrent problem with the new visibility, than we had prior, where the D.VII would appear when it fired it's guns. The older problem was probably netcode related. For the invisibility problem we have curretnly it is not that the D.VII is invisible per se. It is just invisible at a certain zoom levels. So you can make the D.VII fully visible again if you change your zoom level.
  13. I find the S.E.5a is a real good plane. It is the fastest plane in game. It can turn into anything as long as it has speed and it has a nice roll rate. It climbs and dives good and it has a tiltable Lewis gun and you can trim it in flight. The only downside is it's sustained turn radius and the airframe. It is not that durable as you would think it is. About Central scouts and spin. It is basically the same as in RoF.... The DM is what it is. For singleplayer, there are a number of scripted campaigns and of course PWCG. There is also a mission generator by SYN_Vander.
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