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  1. The last Frontbestand from August 1918 lists 828 Fokker D.VII in service. And the number doubled from June's 407. To get down to 500 they had to stop production completly after August. I don't know where you got the number from but that is maybe what the germans told the entente how many they had or how many the Entente got from the germans . Many D.VII were smuggled out of the country by Fokker himself for example and were hidden in barns or fields by german pilots returning home. You also can not blame centrals for the fact that they have chutes and you don't. If you had them you would
  2. I know and I did so...I am not reading french documents out of fun to my morning coffee
  3. I can get it beyond 1600 rpm close to 1700 before it breaks... Wiki also states that the Clerget 9B had 130hp @ 1,250 rpm this indicates that our Camel engine over performs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clerget_9B There is also this french document: http://www.hydroretro.net/etudegh/moteursdelegende_clerget130ch.pdf My french isn't that good but it also says: Which I translate to 130 hp @1200 rpm in normal mode and 150hp @1400 rpm only temporarily
  4. But they are not animated. Loved your RoF infantry though...
  5. Not in level flight obviously but when diving to sea level you can maintain 1700 rpm without the engine breaking... Other people mention the 1200 - 1250 max rpm for the Clerget 9B 130 Camel as well...
  6. At the vintage aviation site they say there Clerget Camel should not be run higher than 1200 rpm at sea level. Yet the Camel in FC has no problem with 1700 rpm at sea level. Why is no one talking about that discrepancy? https://vintageaviationecho.com/sopwith-camel/#:~:text=The aircraft is fitted with,readily achievable with part throttle. Why is no one talking about the fact that the FC Fokker Dr.I only reaches 160km/h in level flight @sea level when there are sources that state 170km/h or 180km/h?
  7. In the air the goal was to destroy enemy airplanes. Not primarily to kill their pilots. Otherwise they wouldn't have taken crashed pilots prisoners but would have shot them on the spot instead. If we shoot parachutes we might as well vulch airfields and kill the enemy while he is still on the ground. How much fun would that be? Yeah it's not that simple as always...
  8. You can still further you streak when a central pilot jumps into his chute, I don't see the point unless your goal isn't to further your streak but to end someone elses...
  9. Well I don't see the chute having a big impact in multiplayer. If you shoot down a central pilot you get the victory no matter if he dies crashing or dangles on his chute. If he is over enemy territory (where you actually need to be to win missions in multiplayer) he will be captured which is actually treated the same as beeing dead. If you shoot central pilots down over their own lines you will get the victory even if they use their chutes and you will most likely complete your mission unmolested because it takes time to take off again and fly to the action especially with centrals slow plane
  10. Yes you can add haze in the mission editor to decrease the visibility again by somewhat..
  11. Hi don't open the missions in the editor it will not work. Just open the editor itself and then click on tools/resave all missions in folder
  12. All AI gunners will be set to high as it was in Black September. German AA is very accurate as Entente AA was in Black September...
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