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  1. You are right of course. @SeaW0lf he has a ping of 600ms is what Husar is saying...
  2. Yes AI is there to help to seed the server. 1PL are certainly very good in flying World War 1 planes. Probably due to their decades of experience in it. Don't get frustrated there are people here that fly those planes for more than 20 years...
  3. I collected links to some in my eyes interesting WW1 aviation documentaries, I would like to share with you. 4 Years of Thunder The Great War In The Air: Aces Of The Western Front Soldaten der Lüfte The Red Baron: Master Of The Air World War One Aces Falling Albert Ball Fighting the Red Baron Blood in the Air Cavalary of the Clouds
  4. You have to select it in your loadout. It is under modifications. Right after you select your plane you find it in the hangar.
  5. Even the AI knows that you can't win a flower pot flying the Albatros D.Va into combat...
  6. Congratulations to the Entente for their hard earned victory during yesterdays event. It seems the trench attacks can be completed successfully. There were no fixes as of yet in place for that mission. Central only managed to clear 1 out of 3 frontline sectors. The Entente did probably organize themselves better. It took them only 2:11 hours. That is truly amazing. Even if the recons were completed in a fishy way. This is no bug, this is a script limitation. There is nothing to do about it as far as I know besides upping the respawn timer of the recon planes. Anyway cheers to entente two seater pilots. You showed central how its done. I had one lag collision and one disconnect probably because there were 70 players online. Which is great to see but then I couldn't get back on the server right away. After that I apperantly flamed a Spad with seized engine diving towards our lines. Sorry for that, but If you want to emergency land then how about trying that on your side of the lines? Had some good fights against lots of Camels and Bristol Fighters. Took the old lady (Albatros D.Va) out for a spin again. Couldn't catch anything with it. The map roll timing was pretty bad, as there was big furball action over Bapaume. All in all good fun and pretty stable for 70 players online and a packed mission.
  7. Thanks Sahaj, sadly I couldn't find the culprit. I will change the trench attacks, so that you have to destroy 4 out of the 5 targets to get a successful message in the next version. Sometimes I have the feeling the server is swallowing some timers, when there is some action on the map simoultanously. I looked into it and found that the southern trench attack icon wasn't showing up at all after the successful recon in sector C Found that recon icon in sector C on the alied side wasn't deactivated properly thank you!
  8. Did turn off your engine and are you close enough to the truck? Technochat will tell you when you are in the service area... I suggest to go back to the default key bindings and try it again.
  9. Sometimes it is all a misunderstanding... Ahhh the british humor, it will be missed in the EU for sure.
  10. Thank you Vander just discovered your nifty little tool to help speed up one of the most daunting tasks in creating a believable scenery...
  11. Check your keybindings. For refuel rcrtl+F and for rearm rctrl+A is default. It has to be rctrl, lctr doesn't work.
  12. It kind of is implemented in that way already...
  13. Thanks for your zip strip tip Both cables come from diffrent directions with my setup because my TIR is plugged in my screen, they always tangle together, and sometimes i like to hear a podcast or watch a video, when i decide it is time for a smoke outside my room. I would like to be able to carry the sound with me then.
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