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  1. I just like to add the following things to Baeumers excellent post: Maps, Weather, Seasons etc. This will take time until the mission design is properly tested and working as intended. We are also planing a 1917 version of the mission. Without the Fokker D.VII and limited Spads AA Now spawns dynamically when there is an enemy plane around. There might be occasions where no AA is there or it despawns right infront of your face. Not ideal but absoloutly neccessary with a heavy mission like this. Ground fire AA MGs are firing for effect, when spawned to give the impression of a war going on on the ground. They will still target you if you fly too close to them. But they are all on the lowest AI skill level. Ground Targets and Recons A successful recon also counts towards the destroyed targets. So to be precise you only have to destroy 8 targets and do 2 successful recons to win the map. Recon rewards are still being spawned in the hangar closest to the windsocks. Recons can also land on any friendly active airfield. Ground targets are all randomized with every mission start and with every recon to spice things up a little...only balloons are a fix. Balloons Still control the AI level of the flak in the vicinity. Dog Fight Area Type of plane and AI level is randomized. AI level is random between Normal and High. No ACE AI as for now. There is no AI Fokker D.VII in the mix, because it tends to go invisible unlike the human cotrolled Fokker D.VII. There is also no Spad XIII in the AI mix. They tend to run and gun, which leads to a less satisfying dogfight experience. Targets in the Dogfight area are not counting towards mission success. They are marked with DF. The whole Dogfight area can be deactivated and reactivated manually through server commands already. There is also another server command set in place to deactivate and reactivate the AI that spawns to protect the mission targets. Subtitles Not a big fan of them so they are only used when needed. Otherwise you have to read the mission description for more information of wind direction and speed, mission duration cloud level and so on...You also have to use your flight map to follow the mission progress. Stats At the moment active pilots are not being shown on the J5 stats page. God knows why. Use https://il2.flying-barans.ru instead. Repair Rearm Heal Is active on all airfields besides the airstart ones. They are not really designed to land on them. There is still a bug where it says repairing Cockpit and or Landing Gear. The message will not go away but you are able to take off again. If you don't trust the mechanics you can still finish the mission as you plane will get back into the inventory of the airfield. Thank you all for you feedback. Keep it coming...
  2. The game engine reverts back to default skins when the load on the server or client (not sure anymore) is high, or when the planes are out of range.
  3. You are spot on. From what I gathered control surfaces could get stuck in one position. But when the control wires are shut up they will be more likely unresponsive and flutter in the wind on the ww1 planes. Also the Fokker D.VII had two seperate elevator controls one for the left side and one for the right side, like the S.E.5a. When the Fokker D.VII takes damage in that area, both control wires will fail synchronically. But when you let you Fokker D.VII repair you can see that both elevator controls get repaired seperatly. There seems to be something wrong with the elevator damage on the Fokker D.VII or I am just very unlucky. More on the Fokker D.VII control wires: http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/showthread.php?t=71515 The Fokker Dr.I was similar to the Fokker D.VII On a further note I had both ailerons fail in an upward position on my Albatros D.Va once. The Albatros D.Va also had control wires like the Albatros D.III. More on that here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235006563-albatros-diii-cockpit-control-wires-layout/ The Pfalz D.IIIa also had control wires. As source there is the Rise of Flight store page https://riseofflight.com/store/aircraft/pfalz-diiia/ I know ironically 🙂 The Halberstadt CL.II had control rods if I remember that correctly.
  4. Look how many bullets it can swallow...😲
  5. A yes must have missed it it is a little short. Really great stuff. I would love to have events like this more often. It just is way more fun when both sides are organized somehow.
  6. Some really great fights. I think I was part of it for a bit but got wounded early on and had to back aways from the party.
  7. Friday nights and Sunday evenings are well attended.
  8. Very nice stuff do you plan to cover extensions for other ww1 planes as well? Hoping for something Albatros or Fokker D.VII related...
  9. How does he gets his hands on those rare weapons. They must cost a little fortune... @hq_Jorri come fly some Flying Circus with us again
  10. I figured when the first waypoint of the train is set too close to the train, then it will switch orientation and drive off in the wrong direction.
  11. Looks like Super Mario Cart without turtles 😃
  12. Thanks for the fun guys! I really like the race track and those challenges 😃Keep up te good work Muller!
  13. We are not broken you just don't like us... Yes we might be hard to please but we are a very loyal bunch of players. And we are passionate and not toxic. I doubt they are even looking at active player numbers why should they? They have their money already. The only numbers they look at are the ones of their bank accounts and sales. Well I can as the store lets me and I did buy FC more than one time already. So that argument isn't valid.
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