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  1. I think they are. Maybe not all of them. Anyway this is just for the people who are only interested in multiplayer squadron skins...
  2. You can alter the air pressure in the atmosphere in the Mission Editor. I don't think that is the difference to RoF.
  3. I will keep an eye out for that one. At the moment there is nothing I can do.
  4. Yes tonight the update wasn't live. Now the new version is up. Turbulence and wind is more moderate....
  5. That is possible, but you can't change the weather in an ongoing mission...
  6. Sadly it is not possible to randomize weather...
  7. Yeah it was to a point where it was no longer fun flying. I like that idea...
  8. I rechecked the location of entente Recon A but it sits right over the city of Etaing where it is supposed to be.
  9. A little hotfix is ready for Doullens Cambrai: Tweaked: Lowered Trubulence level from 3 to 2 Tweaked: Different Cloud heights and wind setting for each mission Tweaked: Flak is less leathal in general. Overall AI Flak skill is lowered by 1 Fixed: A bug that caused the entente recon planes to do 5 instead of 4 runs over the recon areas Fixed: Recon tooltips for entente have the height information in feet now instead of meters
  10. Thank you Drookasi. It is already corrected for the next version...
  11. Turbulence and winds are tweaked in next update to make the flight smoother...Also Flak is tuned down...
  12. I just checked it works for me. Maybe your download got corrupted. Just download it again and try again.
  13. Mission update Doullens/Cambrai: I am glad to announce that the more or less final mission update of Doullens/Cambrai is ready and currently in review. I clocked 200h+ on that mission in the Mission Editor. At the end that thing got quite complex and complicated and bigger than I originally planned it to be. Starting my work on that mission in October 2019 my goal was to make it as close to what a day in the airwar of 1918 could have looked like and to show what is possible with the mighty Mission Editor. I learned a lot of about what works and what doesn't while working on that mission. I had fun doing this, especially when things worked out as planned but I also had my fair share of frustrating moments. Now I am exhausted but I also have some ideas for another mission project. Today I can proudly say it is ready, besides some bug fixes (if there are any) and I am very pleased and with the final result. I hope you guys enjoy the mission and it's countless features for the days to come. Salute and blue skies! Change List: Added: Radomization of some targets in every sector. Edit: Updated mission descriptions (added description for balloons and recon points) and tooltips (height information for entente is now in feet) Spawn: Trains and ships only spawn in after successfull recon tasks now to save server resources Weather: Increased turbulence from 1 to 3 for every mission Moved: Entente Airfield from Soncamp to Filescamp Roadmap for Doullens /Cambrai: WIP: Seperate Recons/Change Recon script/reward planes/Add more airfields WIP: Recon can land at any active airfield WIP: Cities and towns status WIP: Historical squad and plane distribution WIP: Recon rewards WIP: Randomizing targets in every sector WIP: Bug fixes Feature List Doullens Cambrai: - The mission is available in three different day times (dawn/noon/dusk) - Historical planeset for a summer 1918 mission - Historical Squadrons / Jastas located at their airfields (where I could research the information on) - Discriminating frontline AAA - AA MGs positioned along the trenchlines - AI two seater flights patrolling the frontlines - Winchable and historically heavily defended balloons that control the effectivness of all the AAA and AA MGs in the sector - Recon tasks that mark random targets on the map and can be finished at any active friendly airfields. - Scoring rewards for recon tasks in form of spawning a pre damaged searchlight in the hangar closest to the windsocks - Better plane rewards for accomplished recon tasks to put an emphasis on team play - Scripted artillery spotting tasks where you can actually see the shells impacting near the target until it is destroyed - War torn cities and towns with smoke coloums rising to reflect the state of France in 1918 - Randomized targets that the mission feels different everytime we play it Thanks to J5 for the cooperation and for hosting the missions!
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