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A little Panther mission

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Hello TC-friends,

my first little panther mission - this is an armed reconnaissance to protect a supply camp, which can only be cleared later after an orderly withdrawal. Generalfeldmarschall von Manstein showed in 1944 that an orderly retreat made sense and had to be organized well, by ordering the retreat of the 1st Panzer Army and thus preventing its destruction - contrary to the command of the "Gröfaz" (greatest general of all time),


Schutz Versorgungslager.zip


Good luck


Guenther :good:

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a little second mission with the new Panther tank - against the boredom and the crappy television program - although I, as an enthusiastic rc-tank model maker (1/16 scale) , may not be bored - only too little time and too many construction sites!


Lapino Herbst Erkundung.zip


Good Luck !


Guenther :good:

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Hello BP_Lizard,


here are some pics











This above is a Trumpeter static model, which I made for radio-control running with powerfull robot-motors and Impact metal tracks ! Here you can see the original Colour of "dunkelgelb nach Muster" - later RAL 7028 !







This is an IMAI Elefant built as a "Ferdinand" - I hope the next great german tank in the theater ! Here it is in actin at my exercise field



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first, thank you for your job (and sorry for my english). i'm dissapointted, because in mission, enemy tank looks shoot me only with HE, i'm never be damaged, even i'm at close range. i've  downloaded the mission, but it's the same problem again and again... that's only me ? or i doing something wrong?


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Hello "moustache",


You have to change the "Realism" setting at the bottom right of the game when loading the mission! - or load the game in the editor and remove the tick from your tank (right mouse button - attachment) at "Invulnerable". I take this attitude, because unfortunately the fighting ability of the Russian opponents cannot be reduced - they shoot me too quickly and too accurately. this does not correspond to historical reality.


Good luck and keep healthy !


Guenther :cool:

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I don't use the invulnerable mode, the problem only happens for the tanks that I meet at the first village and at the crossroads, after that, the other tanks can kill me ... I just wanted to know if it would only happen me, if it was an installation problem ... and congratulations on the second mission, it is really incredible, the atmosphere by night is great and give us a really good liberty of movement.

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