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  1. He gave me my first TrackIR. It was a 1st generation. Must be 25 fps tops. Laggy as heck. Made me nauseous all the time. 😄 Bury was awesome! I miss the BlitzPigs heydays. Didn’t he fly a private charter jet?
  2. @Elliott543 Currently playing this campaign and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks.
  3. @Walshie : Keep us posted if you found a solution.
  4. Watching this thread as my MSFFB2 exhibits somewhat similar behavior.
  5. How much is the average cost for a new build nowadays? My rig is a 2015 dinosaur. 😄
  6. What do you use for steering the tank, JM?
  7. I found this short video on IG. It would be cool if the smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes when the gun is fired could be modeled in one of the future updates.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I, also, have a Rift S and can’t wait to give it a try.
  9. You guys remember MS Combat Flight Sim 2 where you hit a key, see your fly do a quick flyby, and spawn at the next waypoint? I thought that was a pretty cool option to have.
  10. One thing I miss about MS Combat Flight Sim 2 is the ability to skip to the next waypoint or event if one chooses to. Hit the key and you'll see your plane fly by then you spawn in the next waypoint. Very unrealistic, but so is flying with icons on.
  11. Aren’t there 3 columns per function where you could set commands in the in-game key mapping? You could just click on each and assign whatever controller function you want. But as long as the method you used work, rock on. 👍
  12. Thank you very much! I’ll tone it down and see how it goes. Funny thing was, I always run these settings (except maybe the 8X AA) and didn’t experience crashes until two or three updates ago. Thanks again.
  13. Thank you for your help and patience. Here are the screenshot of the graphics and dxdiag report. What did you crash into on takeoff? : Nothing. I just barely got off the ground after takeoff. Or in few occasions, still circling around the base, waiting for the AIs to take off. Seems like any mission that I play involving the Rhineland map crashes at one point of another. Sometimes a complete CTD, other times I have to perform hard reboot as the screen was frozen. MODs were uninstalled via JGSME and disabled ingame. DxDiag.txt
  14. Sorry for the late response. Haven't played in a long time. Mission (Single Player Mission) Rhineland Scenarios: BF109K4 - Protect The Ruhr I barely got off the ground from takeoff and it crashed. Location: Koln-Butzweilerhof base (Base pointed by the cursor) Pretty much any game mode played in the Rhineland map crashes.
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