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  1. Neat. That’s really informative and helpful. Is it possible to hit a moving target?
  2. Thanks, Mastiff. I'll try the NVidia control panel settings and see how it goes.
  3. Excerpt from todays Developer Diary: “Another important improvement is for Tank Crew users that play in VR - now you won't have to rotate your head when looking through the gunsight and rotating it using the mouse. Like most improvements for the tanks, it will be also useful for aircraft - operating turrets in VR will be easier. We're also starting the work on two other important things for the tanks (they won't be ready for the next update though) - improving the gun aiming (fixing the problem when the rotation marker 'jumps' too far) and adding the binoculars for tank commanders.”
  4. Yup. And the Jagdpanzers, too.
  5. One thing that I noticed was that, I couldn’t disengage from autopilot once I enabled it. Unlike on the airplanes that one could switch it between on and off. Is that how it is for you guys, too?
  6. Not entirely true. I was able to engage Tigers in the Rhineland map.
  7. 😄 “Forumer-made” ”this is the best thing that ever happened sliced bread” It was late at night and my meds were kicking in. Leave me alone.
  8. After almost a year of playing nothing but the repetitive TC QMB and the sparsely forum-made missions, this is the best thing that ever happened to TC since sliced bread (or a Tiger-sliced T-34, whichever you prefer.)
  9. The commands for your AI squadron when you hit the Tab key? If that’s what you meant, then yes, it does work on VR. You use the F1, F2, etc keys to select the commands. I see that you have Flying Circus on in the screenshot. I’m not sure whether you could issue commands in FC as they didn’t have radio communications back then.
  10. I don’t know whether Joytokey remains open in the background in your case, but mine does. While in game, I simply Alt Tab to bring up J2K and I can select between the airplane and tank profiles. No need to exit out of the game.
  11. @namhee2: I haven't downloaded the update yet, so, how did you add those 3 AIs (are they AIs)? Is that in QMB or the Campaign.
  12. It’s called “The Man In The High Castle.” 😉
  13. That’s not Tank Crew. War Thunder, if I’m not mistaken.
  14. Thanks to @Thad and @Sokol1, I was able to gain joystick control. The only issue that I see with this method is that the gunsight moves very slowly compared with the mouse when on zoom.
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