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  1. Uncheck Full Screen mode in the game’s graphics setting. Then Alt Tab.
  2. Or you could tape a piece of black paper on half of your screen. J/K.
  3. If my memory serves me right, there was only a single view during the early days of VR implementation. Then it became as what we see it now a few updates later.
  4. No telemetry. Only the sound mode works on TC.
  5. That sounds interesting. Could you post a link, please? Thank you.
  6. Finally got fed up with the halo’s lackluster built-in headphones. I bought a PS4 earbuds from Amazon that didn’t quite work out so I returned it. The Bionik Mantis looked really good but costs around $40 - $50, and I’m a cheap bast@rd. Reading about the Koss headphone mod gave me an idea on using one of the old headphones in the ‘stuff bin.’ I have an old Sony that’s not being used anymore. Modding it was pretty simple - just cut the cable to length and solder the leads. The baffles were held by two screws so opening the can was really easy. For the clips, I used the clips from the garage door remotes, snipped them to length and attached them on the headphone arms with heat-shrink tubings. I’d say the sound quality was pretty good. Without the headband, the cans were not pressed against the ears so some of the low frequencies escape. Still, it was leaps and bounds compared to the tinny stock phones. Side view:
  7. I’d like to see those 1/16 tanks, please. I have a Taigen Late Tiger 1 & a T34-85 that I’m slowly and lazily weathering.
  8. Yeah. Not only on replay but on gameplay as well. Online, I noticed that only my tracks were animated. All others were stationary.
  9. Thank you very much for the detailed and informative explanation. Kind regards.
  10. @SCG_motoadve : Do you have two separate Buttkicker amplifiers (one for each shaker), or one amp with two shakers?
  11. @Andre : So, even if I buy the software from you, it still will not work with Realteus?
  12. Bummer. Even if I buy Simshaker Wings from you, it will not work with Realteus? 😢 Yeah. That whole Realteus debacle really left a bad taste. So, is it the manufacturer who makes the Simshaker support possible?
  13. Will this eventually support Realteus Forcefeel pad?
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