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  1. @c6_lefuneste:I’ve tried both sharpen oN and off. Even disabled the rest of the mods.
  2. Thanks, lefuneste. I’ve been hitting those keys but didn’t see the effect. Should it work right away or do I need To change something in the game setting?
  3. First of all, thank you very much lefuneste. Secondly, could somebody help me on how to enable the cockpit sharpen, please? Which do I need to change and/or enable? I really liked this feature in the old mod, but I couldn't make it work this time. Thanks in advance.
  4. Maybe they took the concept from IL-2 "Flying Tank."
  5. Thanks, guys. I have the Virpil T-50 grip and base and would like to extend the shaft. If you guys could use TM grips on Virpil bases then that means a TM extension will work. Thanks.
  6. Just to clarify, the Thrustmaster extension and Virpil T-50 share the same thread pattern so they can be used interchangeably between them, right? What about the connectors, will it work on the stick? Has anybody tried it? Thanks.
  7. I have an extensive neck/back problem so I check six with the help of a swivel chair.
  8. Reminds me of ‘Hotel California.’ “Up ahead in the distanceI saw a shimmering light”
  9. I don’t know, I’m getting better FPS at a slightly higher in-game graphics setting since the last update. Thank you, Devs. And zoom fix? Is there a new one since the last time I played on Wednesday?
  10. Well done! I also fixed mine earlier. I made a backup of the entire folder before the last major patch. I copied and edited the old startup.cfg and it worked.
  11. I, too, have the same anomally which I posted here: One gentlemen said that it seems to have something to do with the .cfg file.
  12. May the great Spirit grant you wisdom to remember which one solved it.🙏
  13. Haha! Damn AI. Yeah, I know. That was unfortunate. The problem doesn't exist in the game's native recorder. Only when on VR so I made a direct screen capture. I wonder whether there's a file that remained modified or uninstalled when I uninstalled it via JSGME. But like I said, I even did a complete reinstall. You don't have any of this problem?
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