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  1. Thanks, Luke. I’ll check that out.
  2. Sorry to digress from the topic, but how do I access the 360° periscope? What is/are the key command/s to enable it? Thanks.
  3. That's a very cool idea. But I'll stick with my wife and daughter's photo. It'll remind me of the chores and errands that they tasked me to do for that day.
  4. Thank you very much for those beautiful skins and hard work. Those look awesome!
  5. Those Warthog extensions will also work on Virpil sticks, right?
  6. I must have missed something. Can I move the gunsight using keys now? Which keys? Thanks.
  7. I see. I have been doing that all along. Still, VR and mouse views move independently from each other. I was hoping that it’ll be like when using TrackIR and mouse. Thanks.
  8. Hi. Could you help me out on this, please. What is the key command to be 'hooked' to the gunsight? I can't play TC on VR because, as it was since the beginning, my VR view doesn't turn with the gunsight. Thanks.
  9. I had an X52. If I remember correctly, I had a hard time getting the hardware be recognized and took several attempts to finally get it to work. There were instructions from online forums on how to do it, but the official one was useless. You can try the Joytokey program if you’re only concern is to have a shift key. I had that 4-way button on the throttle assigned to shift, ctrl, and alt. Pretty much tripled the existing functions when combined with other buttons.
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