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  1. @II./JG77_motoadve: But only if the server permits mod?
  2. Can you use 3d Migoto mod on Multiplayer?
  3. BP_Lizard

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    It must have been some pretty "explosive" action. Just kidding. Welcome to VR.
  4. BP_Lizard

    Opentrack build

    Thanks. The weight is not too bad. The Vive headset is still a lot heavier. About the camera placement. I had it up on the top of the monitor, in line with my face, when I was using the TrackIR hat clip and it was tracking withtout a problem. Then when I switched to IR, I couldn’t get the view to center. Somebody here suggested to bring it down and place it on the table. It worked.
  5. BP_Lizard

    Opentrack build

    Looking good, Tes. I wish I’ve gone this route instead when I was in the market for a head tracking device. Would have saved me a lot of money. I was happy with the reflective hat clip but still curious about infrared tracking. I decided to build one. I put together a wireless one from materials that were laying around the garage as I didn't want an extra cable on an already wired headset. Materials were a leftover guitar pickguard for the arm, a company giveaway power bank, USB cable from an old mouse, some paint, zip ties, and tube heatshrink. Only the IR emitters were bought.
  6. BP_Lizard

    Show us your cockpit!

    That’s an awesome looking pit, Puff. Trully amazing work. Are all, or majority of, the switches/dials/knobs wired and functional?
  7. Yes, they do work on the first gen Vive. I have them on mine. Although the screendoor effect is still there, the difference in vibrance and clarity make it all a worthwhile modification.
  8. Thank you very much @czech693.
  9. Thanks again, @czech693.
  10. I followed this to install mine: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98607
  11. BP_Lizard

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Great update! Thanks for all the hard work. I’m really looking forward to Tank Crew’s development. That video was amazing!
  12. Thanks, @Sokol , @czech693. So how do I do this? Thanks.
  13. BP_Lizard

    Saitek x52 Throttle

    Yeah. Click that U-Turn looking arrow in your key mapping to invert the axis.
  14. Programing Gurus: The Virpil software is like rocket science to me. Kindly someone guide me step by step on how to specifically make E1 - E3 into rotaries that I could assign to open/close radiators, cowl flaps, trim pitches, and stuff, please. I tried following the one described on the manual and the one posted above by Gruber but still couldn’t get it to work. Thank you very much.
  15. First, go to Windows Games Controller ( Run > type joy.cpl). Double click on MongoosT-50 and see what Windows named the axis. Mine is Z Axis. Then go to the IL-2 folder and open data > input folder and look for the file "current.actions". Open that with Wordpad and look for the line: rpc_wheel_brakes, joy1_b18, (or whatever joy number your stick is) 0| It's somewhere in the middle of the text. Edit and save to: rpc_wheel_brakes, joy1_axis_z, 0|