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Change to allow control of parachute deployment

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Based on a discussion here started by user @IckyATLAS:


Short description:
The suggestion is to modify the bailout sequence such that the pilot will free-fall until the bailout command is issued a second time, which would then have the result of deploying the parachute.  


Detailed description:
Use the same command for bailout but separate the existing combined bailout/chute deployment sequence as a two-step process to keep it simple and intuitive.  The first time the bailout command is issued, the bailout sequence executes and the canopy is opened or jettisoned and the pilot bails out.  Once the pilot has cleared the cockpit, the command would be required to be issued again to trigger the deployment of the parachute*.  To prevent premature chute opening while the pilot is exiting the aircraft and to mimic human physical limitations, the application should ignore any additional bailout commands that are issued from the time the cockpit exit sequence has begun, to the time that the pilot is clear of the cockpit.  


*Optional behavior:  
Apply some rudimentary pilot physiology to the sequence, to prevent parachute openings at very high speeds and/or lengthy free-fall from high altitudes, where a real pilot may be incapacitated and unable to actually pull the chute.  


1. Greater realism and immersion, requiring no additional key bindings
2. Intuitive even for users who do not read release documentation, since the only thing that's needed to make it work on the user's part is pressing the button a second time, which they are highly likely to do anyway in this scenario
3. Allowing control of time spent in "free fall" provides a solution for users who desire some amount of control to help evade the multiplayer "chute killers" who shoot pilots shortly after bailout.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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Also would love the pilot to actually take cover like in 1946 instead of just sitting there after landing.

Jumping out of the planes when on the ground.

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