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  1. I am also missing the fact that we cannot delete, spawn blocks even if we can create a linked entity with a block and acces the damage level of the block.
  2. Put your sounds inside the folder ...../data/Mission/..... That should work.
  3. My personal opinion here is that initially Moscow was intended to be part of the game. But when they realised the amount of the work needed to have something up to the standard we are used to, that is a reproduction with a good level of detail of the city and its environment (rivers, road, railways, stations, airfields and airports etc.) replicate palaces and historical buildings etc. they finally decided to stop and just make the region not flyable. It is always a matter of time and money. Maybe one day there will be an extension of BOM with the city of Moscow, but I would not count on that.
  4. The only checked (at least by me) reason for crash is two icons of the same type (block icons, effect icons) that are on top of one another nearly exactly. Clicking on such an icon pair will crash the system. The editor will not chose one of the two icons it will just crash. This has been absolutely tested and is repeatable. I am wondering if many of the crashes are not related to this fundamental fact. When we pan etc. the map with all the icons it could well may be that icons that are extremely nearly overlapping would cause a crash. Same when zooming. When you zoom out or in icon size does not change. So when you zoom out icons that are not too far apart will become nearer and nearer as their distance relative to the map will diminish and finally they will fully overlap. If it has not already crashed then next you pan and crash. There is something in how icons are manged to be clicked or detected, selected that is buggy in this editor.
  5. Its a little annoying as it will slow down the loop between editor and testing.
  6. Watch in hand game load time is 45 seconds. I mean firing up IL2 and getting to the main page here under. After the fine red line at the bottom of the page during loading goes all the way from left to right it is still another 15 seconds before this page below comes up. All the game is on fast NVMe SSD. Ram is 64Gigs very fast too and CPU is 9900K with Win10. Are my loading times normal?
  7. I have 42 GB net stock game on disk.
  8. Excellent. Keep the tempo. One small update every two weeks. I love it. 😄
  9. Thanks Sketch, but how do you do the inverse operation of your first example in your post. That is the thing I am looking for.
  10. If one wants to Target link say 20 vehicle to a leader vehicle it is easy to do. You select all the vehicles and then you can Shift T and target link all the selected vehicles to the leader in one shot. But how to do things the other way round. Say I want to Object link a Deactivate MCU to 20 different objects. Is there a way to do this in one shot?
  11. I have reduced a lot my crashing by working without the map whenever possible. That is working with a black background. Hit Left ALT F9 and you take away the map. This reduces a lot the crashes. I work in 4K too , and often crashes come when moving around the map and zooming in and out on the map. Editor crashing is a pain and a loss of time but we have to live with it so better accept it. This does not mean that the Dev team should not try to solve this once for all. But it is not in the priority list, so ... c'est la vie...
  12. Maybe I did not use the correct terms. It is not the AI setting. AI setting will mainly impact precision of fire, let's say lethality. By rate of fire I mean how aggressive the AAA units are. There are three levels with Force Complete: Low - faster reaction time engaging the target, and maximum fire. Technically it is not the rate of fire of the gun. When the gun is firing say a Flakvierling there is no change in the rate of fire. But it may shorten the time between firing sequences, or longer firing sequences. At least this is my impression at looking how the units behave. Medium - standard behavior, slower reaction and average fire. High - no reaction at all. All guns silent. Regarding the connection of Force complete to a leader, it does work. You can see that the selected parameter of Force Complete will indeed go to all units connected to a leader. The problem is if the leader gets destroyed and deleted, then units become isolated in case a new force complete order comes in. Bet I agree there are various possibilities.
  13. I did some tests with AAA defense systems which are made by many fixed AAA artillery positions, that are commanded by a leader that will receive a force complete command to define the rate of fire. Just remember that there is no rate of fire possibility with ground artillery, only with AAA units. With Spawn and Delete, unfortunately all the links between the artillery units are cut. Each spawned artillery unit acts independently. Same as the fact that you cannot spawn flights with a leader, only individual planes, as the links between the planes and the leader are not maintained, and thus no global rate of fire can be set. For solitary units Spawn and Delete. For interconnected systems then Deactivate, Activate is the best choice.
  14. My best wishes of recovery and good health to all those who have been contaminated and/or fell sick. To all the others you I wish you won't get it and stay in good health, and thank you for your continuous dedication to develop, update, upgrade this wonderful simulator. Jason and your team: thanks!
  15. Here you can find pictures of the bug: 1)Moscow map: Submarine and Torpedoboat on lake 2)Rheinland map: Submarine and Torpedoboat on sea 3)Kuban Map: Submarine and Torpedoboat on lake 4)Kuban Map: Submarine and Torpedoboat on sea You can clearly sea that on lakes there is no problem. But on the Kuban sea (sea state 0) the base level of the ships is approx -1mt. This is true for all model of ships. So when there are some waves the torpedoboats become submarines. You do not sea this error on the Rheinland sea because on Rheinland map the sea is in fact treated as a lake. It is not a real sea. On the Moscow map you have only lakes. I suppose the devs to shorten development and simplify things just because the sea share of the Rheinland map is small and action takes place on the mainland they have not bothered to properly model the sea, and used a lake model much simpler. The only map where the sea is modelled is the Kuban map and the sea is buggy. This is probably so since version 4.501 at least. This was not so before. This should be corrected.
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