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  1. I have the feeling that doing a "Battle of the Pacific" Okinawa, or something in the Solomon Islands , or why not "Pearl Harbour" whatever is probably a too big investment. The number of ships and planes to develop is huge from Japanese and US side if we want something up to the level of quality we would like to have. Maps would be easier. Mainly made of sea the islands (except maybe for Hawaii) were simple not too high mountains and forests (vegetation is completely different ) and rivers, but there were no large complex cities like in Europe. Solomon Islands had sparse mere hut villages. But if this helps I would easily double the Early Access "fee" to have it. πŸ™‚ I would bet something more accessible like the battles in the desert between the Anglo Americans and German forces, maybe with the Island of Malta. It can be Operation Torch, or El-Alamein, the choices are large. You can reuse planes and tanks, and maps are easier to do. Some existing planes and some coming coming with Bodenplatte can be reused. Maps are of the Stalingrad Summer but more desertic type. Sea is already existing in Kuban. Wait and see.....
  2. I agree regarding the long ocean swell, that you can have even with no wind at all. Here the long ocean swells are not really modeled. So it becomes a matter of point of view or say camera perspective. I use cameras and in the Kuban theater we have the sea. So I use ships and ship convoy, beach landings etc. To better profit from these events you can use the cameras and there you have a vision which is not the one you would have from the plane cockpit. Cameras allow you to be near the action and then you see it all extremely well. In my case it is indeed a little strange because I have a sea convoy with the maximum rough seas due to the wind. The behavior of the cargo ships in these rough seas is very well rendered and it is there that you sea the waves with white tops (due to wind) slamming the ship in opposite direction of the chimney smoke. But yes these are small details that cameras do magnify. I know Jason wants to have the best possible game out there so ........... If we think of the future for a Pacific theater were water is almost the universe, then all these details may have to be considered for the best possible experience.
  3. I agree. Jason should set the following golden rule for the Devs: Golden RULE Nr. 1 (called also the time expansion rule) Preamble: The ME is a tool that allows to build a static world that when is "activated" becomes a dynamic simulated world in which the player is immersed. Consequence: Every object or functionality, that is released to the "public"for the dynamic simulated world must be mirrored the ME static world. viceversa Every object or functionality that is added in the ME static world should be mirrored in the dynamic simulated world. Constraint: Nothing can be released that does not obey this above mentioned rule. Golden RULE Nr. 2 . . . . Golden RULE Nr. 250 Unfortunately time is lacking to describe them all, and I forgot some of them πŸ˜„
  4. Ahh! Thanks LukeFF, you have upped my morale. Yes you are right how stupid from me to think they will not do that πŸ™‚. But wait a minute. I am not so sure. Are you? really? On the ships like destroyers and some others if I remember the guns still work manned by phantoms. They never completed that. Let's keep finger crossed, if the past is any lesson for the future. Hmm... Details, Details, small details, all is in the details, the devil and the devs hide in the small details ......
  5. Excellent indeed. More than 50'000 Willys Jeeps were sent to the Soviet Union through the lend-lease program. We can use them in BOK scenarios for sure. They are in the editor and they work well. But what a pity that they are not finished yet. There is nobody driving. I hope this is momentary and by the end we will have a willys with one driver and say two passengers. Maybe they add also a Jeep version with the textile open roof cover. But first please at least drivers.
  6. When we set the atmospheric conditions say a rough sea and wind, in the real life the waves move in the same direction of the wind. It is the wind that generates the waves (in general). Smoke from fires and smoke from ships do move in the same direction of the wind, but not the sea waves. We get the situation were wind and waves are completely opposite. This maybe is a bug and if not then tt would be more realistic to have the sea waves do as the smoke does and follow the direction of the wind.
  7. When we set the atmospheric conditions say a rough sea and wind, in the real life the waves move in the same direction of the wind. It is the wind that generates the waves (in general). Smoke from fires and smoke from ships do move in the same direction of the wind, but not the sea waves. We get the situation were wind and waves are completely opposite. It would be nice to have the sea waves do as the smoke does and follow the direction of the wind.
  8. All runs well. The ME file conversion of all the mission files has worked perfectly. It take some time but it did all the conversions automatically. They run now perfectly in the ME again. I see that the new planes are in the active Planes list of the ME. A pity that their static version has not been implemented, many planes still missing in static. I suppose priorities now are to fully finish Bodenplatte and there is still a lot to do. Let's hope we get an ME lifting once Bodenplatte is released. Anyway good job, well done. Thanks
  9. All done. Got it. Version 3.101 πŸ˜ƒ Seems to work fine.The Swallow is there. Very nice heat effect out of the jet engines. I have now to recompile all my missions as they are not directly compatible. Let's see how all this goes. Exciting !!!
  10. This is how I see things, but this is a personal point of view. Getting an early access means to contribute in two ways to the game development effort: - The first one is in terms of money, which helps financing the whole stuff and we hope securing the chances that the new campaign will be developed to the end and released. - The second one is to help debugging or improving the game during its development. It gives us the opportunity to try and comment. The devs and Jason may consider our comments, our requests for improvement and bug descriptions, or not, that is left to them but at least we can give our experience feed-back, which is surely globally useful. What is there for us then? Instead of waiting for one or two years until the new campaign is delivered, we can put our hands on the new campaign as it goes in small chunks here and there. A plane here a map there etc. I find this very exciting and keeps my interest high. At the same time the game improves its quality. What can we ask more? I would be very frustrated to have nothing for months or years not knowing if and what I will finally get in the end. Having early access is exactly the opposite for me, it is a frustration killer. Let's take the case of COD or CLOD. We waited for years (many years), and we got here and there more or less regularly news and comments from Oleg about how exceptional things would be. And I was really extremely frustrated, because the incredible things were piling up but no release. Every time things were delayed, but we were told new exceptional improvements. But no early access. So you could not test the game, and there was no way to know the reality of the things we were told. Finally the game was released and the rest is history I will not come back on that. The approach that Jason has taken with the early access is excellent, and it is the right way to go. There is not much competition at this level of game quality, and for this type of game. Let's be happy and not frustrated about all that Jason and his team have achieved up to now.
  11. Downloading 2.0 GB ! Speed is 2MB/sec. Should take 1000 sec that is 16 minutes. Guys don't overload the server. Thanks πŸ™‚
  12. Yep! I should have thought about that. Congratulation, very nice formation flying.
  13. We see here all the stukas in column flying formation. In the Mission Editor the Command formation allows only for the V Formation and Echelon right or left. No column unfortunately. It would be nice to tell us how did you make your planes fly in column.
  14. Han can you tell us if in these 70 or so changes there will be some updates to the Mission Editor. Thanks.
  15. FREE THE Y AXIS !! FREEDOM FOR Y AXIS !! SET Y AXIS FREE !!! FREE THE ENSLAVED OBJECTS !!! CUT THE Y AXIS CHAINS !!! FIGHTING FOR A FREE IL2 WORLD !!! Hope someone hears this cry of despair ... πŸ™‚ And why not at the same time free Rotation angles on the X and Z axis. Would be very useful for all objects that can be put in inclined orientations. They would be nicely put on sloped ground instead of partly disappearing in the ground as it is today.
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