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  1. Looking at the lineup of the German tanks against the lineup of the Soviet tanks, it appears to me that the Soviet side had zero chance to win a confrontation where number of tanks were similar. I imagine Kursk was won by the Soviet army probably because they hurled waves of tanks and sacrificed huge number of tanks and basically drowned the German forces under the quantities. I know this is a little primitive as an analysis (German tanks were slower, less maneuverable and had less autonomy) but I feel it gives the fundamental basics. You may be superior in quality and power but you will always loose against a large enough number of lower rated opponents ready to sacrifice themselves. This will just wear you out, simply because in the end you will have exhausted bullets, shells or whatever else you have, and the enemy keeps coming. There is an interesting video on this topic which give the feel of this kind of contrast between armies and the price that was paid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwKPFT-RioU
  2. As a pure user I can understand that. But when you create missions and scripted campaigns were you build from scratch entire scenarios you very quickly see all the "behavioral deficiencies" πŸ˜”
  3. That's all very nice. But please do improve also wind, sea waves and smoke into wind direction for all smokes that are available.
  4. It maybe a Rheineland map issue. I have no problem of this kind on the Kuban map, where I have trains spawned in all directions and moving in all directions.
  5. If I can just only dare a small comparison somewhat just a little exaggerated: As a small child you are given a color pencil (MB 1946) and you made on a piece of paper a raw drawing, simple, circles, outlines your ma and pa, in a very crude form maybe add the sun and a cloud, and a few lines on the bottom for the grass. As a grown up adult and experienced artist painter you are now in front of a large canvas and you paint a complex scene, with light reflections, shades, subtle color variations, highly detailed trees and leaves, flowers of various kinds, and animals like birds with their colored feathers, a wandering woman with an umbrella(sunshade) holding a dog that pulls on its leash, all this nearby the sea with its crashing waves and a sailing vessel that is strongly tilted due to the wind in its sails, etc. etc. It is not a static picture but it an extremely complex dynamic scene were a lot of physical details and phenomena are shown. MB of IL2 BOX is your tool that is a very large palette of paints and brushes to allow you to paint this scene above. But as I mentioned to become this experienced artist painter it took you 30 years of work. Nevertheless you are very lucky as with the MB of IL2 BOX, three months only of hard work are well enough to start sketching your scene........ πŸ˜„
  6. I give up. The list is much too long πŸ™‚
  7. There is the other alternative, like using the new Unreal 5 engine. Today using an old engine and trying to improve it may be cheaper but you will always lag behind those that are focused on doing graphic engines for living. IL2 dev team should focus developing the game the models etc. and not the engine. The problem here is that over so many years everything has been I suppose tweaked and stepwise improved to pull out of the old engine whatever they can still with graphic issue like cloud background, that changing graphic engine becomes a near impossibility or a very expensive exercise that is beyond the financial capability of the team. There is one open question for me and that is the adaptability of Unreal 5 to a game like IL2. Unreal 5 is perfect maybe for Tomb Rider, but is it for IL2. And by the way I wonder what is the graphic engine used for the new Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 ?
  8. I have always been intel and my CPU is a 9900KS at 5GHZ across all cores. Consumption and heat is high but still the best performance for this game. Nevertheless I agree that AMD has progressed so much that we may be at the point where even for this game AMD may become better than Intel. The jury is out but this fall things should be clear. If only we could find a technology that would allow for 7 or more GHZ without melting the CPU. A purely optical CPU could run a THZ speed with nearly no power consumption. But this isn't coming soon.
  9. The Grass parameters in the settings like Normal Ultra, define a distance where grass is rendered. In the Ultra mode grass distance is 300 meters. This distance is too short still and gives this moving circle as you move in a grass field. If you want this to disappear set in the setup.cfg file distance to 1000.0 meters. It is a little of an overkill. Doubling the circle radius makes the rendered surface quadruple. The sweet spot is probably around 600-700 meters. Anyway you do not see well the grass after a certain distance and LOD probably kicks also in. When you manually set a distance over 300 meters in the Game settings the Grass Quality parameter will become OFF. This completely solves the visual problem. But the system needs to render and animate a much larger surface of grass and this will impact the FPS. In my case it is not really an issue as I have basically the fastest CPU-GPU combination you can get with 64GB of very fast RAM. I play in full 4K and in extremely loaded scenarios I am still at a good 80-90 FPS. But for smaller less powerful machines it may be a frame killer and could impact playability.
  10. Looking at the gauges (and the runway) mainly speed until you are a few meters high fine but then forget the gauges and the landing is only plane attitude body feel (impossible to simulate), legs and hands. For sure the nose wheel planes are much easier to land than the tailwheel planes, but the last are so much more fun.
  11. I did a survey of the bridges on the Rheinland map and we have let's say standard road and rail bridges (all identical), and the particular bridges like the Remagen one which are specially designed. The problem with the standard bridges is that they have standard sizes in terms of length and as such are incorrectly positioned across rivers. Their size make it that the bridge arches are not placed correctly or the bridge just is partly in the river etc.. Sometimes the bridge length is ok and it can be repositioned (translated) correctly but then it loses connection with the rail or the road. Sometimes it should be longer to correctly be over the river. And I wonder if really all the bridges at that time were as identical to one another. But this last comment is not really an issue as they are pretty nice. But having them badly positioned or not with the right length is an issue. I have the feeling there was some hassle in terminating this big map.
  12. I perfectly understand your money issue. Maybe if the development team was in Brazil and all the costs would be in Brazil the price of the game would be different. I am living in Switzerland, and I was wondering what is the minimum wage of an intern at our nearby hospital. I have never been in Brazil so I had no idea of the wages of there. After checking and converting the value in Brazilian Reals wow the difference is just huge. An intern will earn a minimum monthly wage of 31'758.- Real, or a yearly 381'101.- Real. We live on different planets ! ..... but we share the same passion πŸ™‚ It's your lucky day. I am sending you a small surprise
  13. I totally agree. The team deserves a good rest, sleep, and time off to go into the sunlight, I mean the real one πŸ™‚
  14. May I ask what Nvidia GPU and what Driver version you use with these settings?
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