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  1. Yes and no. I suspect that being killed or being damaged is basically the same internal process and it seems to be a problem for larger sructures like ships and trains where you have multiple components that build up the object. You may get multiple killed triggers if you have multiple components that build up the object and each component is indeed killed. Imagine a ship where each gun turret is a subcomponent that when hit is killed. The ship is partly damaged but the turret is killed. Same for engine etc. I have no idea how it is indeed how these damages are managed but clearly there is an
  2. The damage percentage trigger is also faulty in trains at least. You can have the whole train destroyed with just the locomotive remaining running and there will be no damage percentage triggered. For ships I have not tested yet.
  3. It seems that there is a Windows 10 issue with some of the latest KB updates updates that impacts FPS with Nvidia/AMD cards. Same with the Windows latest build 21H1. It can create important loss of frame rate, stuttering and various graphic issues. Nvidia has released a statement saying that it is better to come back to an earlier version. It impacts also some AMD cards. It is not clear what type of hardware configuration is impacted. It has a larger impact than only for gamers. Its not clear when these issues will be resolved.
  4. I have noted that after climbing a certain altitude around 4'500 meters german pilots in BF109 will wear the oxygen mask, and when coming down at lower altitudes they take it away. This is excellent. Is this behavior also the same for all pilots, russian, american etc. and in all planes ?
  5. Check the pathanme of your mp3 file. I am not sure but the file must be in the data directory of IL2. Check the sound level in the media. Check also that your timer has a time duration that is about the mp3 file duration. Add two second to the file duration and it is ok. I use the media with sound and video and it works fine. If your media still doesn't work then try first to do a stop media. I do at the beginning of a mission a stop media just in case and to be sure I start clean. You can also have an issue when there are too many game sounds simultaneously like, plane, vehic
  6. You do have the Opel Blitz Fuel Truck as an active vehicle. It is called Opel Tankwagen (which means fuel truck in german). But there is an error or miss in the skin of this truck. It lacks the German Wehrmacht logo on the truck doors like the static block version. It has a very nice and legible license plate. Nevertheless I would prefer the logo.
  7. I have three HE111 flying in formation to do some carpet bombing with only the leader firing a bingo bombs event, and it works. The bingo bombs triggers only when the leader has expended its bombs. These can also be unloaded if the leader is attacked and does let go the bomb payload in emergency to evade the attacks. As long as the leader is not killed or destroyed it stays the leader. Normally in this case the other planes not having been attacked do not unload their payload and continue following the leader. So here having the leader only trigger force complete would not work well as the att
  8. Another was is to use the Deactivate and Activate MCU which applies also to MCU's. If you red link a Deactivate MCU to say a Force complete, or a Timer or an Attack or a Check Zone etc. MCU then that one will not trigger until you reactivate it. This allows for very compact and complex logics.
  9. I would say that I still miss the fact that the city_fire is not depending on wind. If you have wind then you can manually orient the plume by rotating the effect and that's a plan B and ok for now. But if you have no wind all the other smoke effects that depend on wind will rise vertical and the the city fire smoke effect will go at an angle as if it was windy. Visually it is completely weird to see these effects in the same picture, one raises straight and the other not. And if wind is strong then the other have a much steeper angle and city-fire has always the same, so this discrepancy is a
  10. Kuban Map and train behavior in tunnels. Please see tracks attached New Train Tunnels.2021-05-03_01-03-41_00.trk.zip New Train Tunnels.2021-05-03_01-03-41_01.trk.zip New Train Tunnels.2021-05-03_01-03-41_02.trk.zip
  11. In the past the trains entering one of the two tunnels in the kuban map would hit a wall about 100 meters inside the tunnel and would explode and be destroyed. I checked just in case and there is a lot of progress. They do not hit the wall and are not destroyed. However to reach the other side they just take a nice trip atop the tunnels in the mountain through the forests until they arrive at the opposite entry. So your train can reach the other side but I would prefer that it goes through. Check the tracks here attached New Train Tunnels.2021-05-03_01-03-41_00.trk.zip New
  12. Is there a size limit for playing an MP3 sound file, or maybe a play time limit. It seems that after something like 90 seconds of play it gets cut. I need to play about 105 seconds. I can have two tracks playing one after the other as a plan B solution it makes all more difficult to manage the cut between the two because of the type of action that is linked to that sound. I could not find anything about that in Jim's manual.
  13. Thanks for the tip. Almost means sometimes still. Using my strategy that I mentioned in a post I have very little crashes to no crashes for many days. It is an acceptable level for me. I do not like much to go and do tweaks in the registry, so I hope you understand me, but I will not try that one. My machine is also used for business and work so I prefer to take no risks on that.
  14. A fundamental principle in building my rigs, is top performance (without weird unstable overclocking extreme setups) in personal work, business and gaming use. This means to use the best components (according to me) as I can do at a given moment. I admit that I can spend a lot for this "hobby" but still the limit is lower than the sky 🙂 and there is a price/performance/quality/reliability elements that comes in. All this remains subjective. The fundamental pillar of my rigs has always been Asus (Motherboard- Graphics card) / Nvidia (GPU) and Intel (CPU) with Microsoft Windows (64bit Pro). I
  15. Because 🙂 But let me add a comment. With MSFS2020 I crashed my machine with 64GB of RAM because I tried to have a fast response by loading a lot in ram. That pissed me off but I may come back to MSFSS2020 and I may do better with 128 GB. Time will tell. I got it at a factor of 1.7 Nvidia official retail price. And this is because I signed the order at a fixed price first week of January and got it luckily end of March as delivery time was unknown. Now at the same retailer the price for this same board is over a factor of 2.1, and you will have to wait again for an unknown a
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