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  1. I have rebooted, and installed the latest Nvidia drivers on my 2080ti. Frame rate has not changed and is excellent. Unfortunately now I have some stuttering, something I never had before. Static Trains are completely messed up. Indeed the frame chassis of the tanker wagons are now solid and visually correct but the ground positioning of all the these train elements is completely wrong and messed up. This is on the Kuban Summer Map that I am using for my scripted campaign. Here below some pictures to illustrate the issues: In this one the static tender floats above the rails. Next In this one you can see the wheels inside the ground. I tried to position the car as precisely as possible on the rails but it is like there were no rails. I used also the editor button to settle the object on the ground but it makes no difference. Next Here you see the tender floating very high and the wagons behind deeply in the ground. Next Here the enlarged detail Next Here we have an opposite effect, where the wagons this time instead of being in the ground are floating in the air. Here the ground positioning of the static train elements is completely wrong and bizarre. I tried to position better but no change, and they do not detect rails. Should I add that I never had those issues in all previous versions. The active Trains have no problem, are perfectly positioned on the rails. Can this be a reason why I have nearly all my missions crashing. Objects conflict in the ground? Anyway this has to be corrected very quickly I hope as I have these static trains in all my missions.
  2. I have a VERY VERY BIG PROBLEM!!! All my missions except one crash directly on the desktop. I mean 7 out of 8 are dead. I have resaved all mission and all groups to be on the safe side. I can open them in the editor no problem. But when I start them they load until I get the Map. On the map all icons and text are correct no problem. When I hit START crash bang directly to the Windows desktop. Never had that with version 4.004. Devs what happens ?
  3. Thanks for your very quick answer. I should have searched first before posting.
  4. I did not know there was a skin viewer. Where should it be? Yes I found it is there in the bin directory of the game install. I Have version 4.005 installed and it is there. Excellent and works very well. Perfect tool to test skins. Happy I am. 😀
  5. Is it possible to skin vehicles and ships? This would allow us to change the flag on certain ships. Can Jason put the reference templates in a post like he did for the planes. Mission builders would appreciate.
  6. Thanks for all these goodies. I have also noted that in the editor we have now all the thumbnail pictures showing. Nice cherry for mission builders. I would have loved to have also the willys jeep in red army colors as thousands have been delivered to the USSR.
  7. Correct with large formations and I did up to sixty bombers, no way you have to be high. The only way is to have the protection fighters in sufficient numbers to disrupt the attacks from the enemy fighters. You will loose a few but so did also bomber command. For example if you look to my slide show on bombing a city In this case the bombers where in multiple groups that just after bombing split in various directions so as to create more distance between them and then they were on medium. In this way they became even less predictive for the FLAK inferno.
  8. No clean solution. Stay Medium priority. Other possibility is to shorten as much as possible the distance between a Medium or Low waypoint prior to the one with high priority, and playing also with the radius of the waypoint detection. I have managed to have the period of time where bombers do not fight back to be short enough to be acceptable.
  9. I had the same frustrating experience with Xsolla straight at the beginning, but for other reasons related at how the banks register the data related to credit cards from creditors. And so finally after loosing hours and a few days with their "support" I got an "sorry" from Xsolla recognizing that their way of proceeding did not work. I finally solved it also through Paypal. The problem with many US companies like XSolla is that they think because it works in the US it should work in the rest of the world. Unfortunately so it is not, and every country has particularities in its banking system and the way it handles credit cards. Laws are different too and this has implications on the banking and financial system. But why bother, the world outside the US is too complicated. After all the main target business market remains the US, and this happens to be often true.
  10. The idea was to deactivate still objects so as to lower CPU load, but still have them visually if graphic load is not an issue. In my world I do not deactivate or delete only if it does make sense in the world scenario. In my campaign everything is there as you are free to fly anywhere, and look anywhere through various cameras on the map. Terrible for CPU resources but so it is. Now you can imagine to have things appear in an area only when the plane is approaching that area, but it is not possible to deactivate groups (as far as I know) so everything has to stay.
  11. But does this make the deactivated object disappear or does it remain still visible.
  12. I have not found any other way than using the O key where you can do everything, but you do not see the cockpit anymore.
  13. Thanks for the Info I will give it a try. You were both right. It has solved my problem. The directory is B25DRAF (Why have it simple if you can have it complicated) 🙂 My default format was completely different, and when switched to a format DXT5 compatible it worked. Thanks again.
  14. The B25D is an AI only plane that I use in my Kuban campaign. I would like it to be with Soviet Read Army skin and not with either RAF or USAF skins which are the only ones available. I started with the B25D Photoshop file that is in Jason's post where all the public files are. I modified it to my liking and saved it as a DDS file. I used the Nvidia DDS Texture Plug-In facility for Photoshop. I am using Photoshop Elements 2019 on Win10. Then I stored the DDS file in the data/graphics/skins/B25D directory. All the Plane directories are there but I saw no B25D directory. So I created one named B25D and stored the DDS file in it. Then I launched IL2 and went to quick mission where I choose the B25D and unfortunately under Custom there was nothing. It does work with other plane custom skins though. But those are skins downloaded from the forum and surely made by professionals compared with the newbie that I am in this field. So here three questions: 1) can custom skins be used for AI only planes? 2) When saving the file as DDS I have a dialog box from the Nvidia Texture DDS plug-in with various parameters to set. Are there some parameters that have to be set so that the DDS file is recognized. I just saved with the default values that were set by the application but maybe these are not correct. 3) I have not used the ALPHA Channel file. I do not want to modify it as the visual result of the default version is ok for me. In that case do I have anyway to store also the ALPHA Channel file in the B25D directory. My gratitude to anyone that can help me solve this issue.
  15. Excellent question. I am also very much interested to know if this is possible.
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