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  1. Same for me. Exposing the muzzle the right length and it will work. Too short and the bunker explodes. The Devs have improved the crane to ship collision model in the last update maybe they should improve this issue with the collision model for the bunkers susceptible to have guns positioned inside. 🙂
  2. It is a pity and a limitation that is not really understandable but the two cases below could be done: 1) You cannot Spawn a flight with a leader and wingmen, or a vehicle convoy. (but you can Spawn a train loco and have the railcars). 2) You cannot Spawn and Delete objects or group of objects, I mean static ones and not linked. (There are no links here so no brainer). Point 2 could be fantastic in terms of map loading times and Time Dilation effects. You only load part of the map where you have action. For a Lapino map it is not useful, but for Moscow, Kuban, Rhe
  3. Gambit is right, but to me as you describe it this seems weird. Just to be clear you mention 50 feet which is 15 meters. Now you would like to be nearer than that that is less than 50 feet. In Il2 you have meters if you use the ruler, so maybe it is 50 meters you are mentioning. In any case LOD issues happen at bigger distances in terms of kilometer not 50 meter or at least I never experience it. If you have all these object like railcars put on an airfield (use blocks) this means that the global useful area is of about 800 meters max 1000 meter of diameter. If you look from above you should n
  4. You have now reached the limits. With the trials and test that you and Sketch did we have a better understanding of how these counters and timers work and how to influence them. Precious work. Thanks.
  5. Unfortunately no improvement in the ME stability in 4K 😪. Still crashing as usual if one works freely as it should be. Let's hope we will get an improvement in a future update 🙃
  6. I applaud furiously to the decision to upgrade all the explosions effects which will greatly improve the visual immersion. I would say it was a long way and we asked it since a long time. But finally there are resources for it so here it is and the first new effects seem up to the expectation. Please continue the excellent job.
  7. Work is ongoing, and I have a question: Should I have with each mission a flightpath defined on the map but also that can be flown with autopilot. or would you prefer to have the written instructions some information on the map but no flightpath defined and no autopilot mission flying. Any input is welcome.
  8. Shame on me. I was looking at the Oxygen Tank and not the Fuel tank. Fuel tank works perfectly. I tested the Oxygen tank by flying at 21000 feet where you have to use oxygen. And just incredible the oxygen tank gauge works perfectly well too. Good job devs. All is fine.
  9. To the contrary you are a rarity, which means more valuable. Completely badgeless you must now stay. Difficult and hard is that road you have chosen to travel. Along that road strange creatures of temptation will try to corrupt you with promises of a wonderland where you can swim in a sea of badges. Resist, stay pure. We simple and weak mortals have succumbed and drowned in that golden badge sea.
  10. Yes sure the Check Zone will detect you that you have entered the place and start a radio dialog. But repairing, rearm and refuel a moving plane is no easy and dangerous task. So those operations must be active only when you have stopped the plane and switched off the engine. I now have basically a very well working Maintenance and Service area on my airfields. If the service area is operational and the service team is free to service your plane, then once the ammo truck and fuel truck have arrived you will be able to start the RRR process but only if you have stopped the plane and
  11. Be careful about the polling system at high frequency. This will impact the simulation with a time dilation effect that could become prohibitive. Just test this by comparing internal and external clocks.
  12. A comment here on the fact that the trains when they are activated (by the game at start or by an Activate or Spawn MCU) if they are long and the railtrack is slightly curved or not very straight then the train will always start perfectly straight and so he will appear as having partially derailed. The Loco and tender will be always on track and maybe one car or more depending on the curvature of the track and length of train. This will appear everywhere on the map. To avoid this you have to put your train at start in a perfectly straight piece of track a little longer than the train.
  13. I do not know how difficult it is to implement, and have no idea of the cost/benefit calculation but: If we could have the pilots eyeballs move (small motions) that would create an incredible sense of reality, of liveliness of the pilot character. It moves its head, so moving slightly the eyeballs would be perfection. Same goes for eye blinking which is not the same effect but can be easier after all. You vale closed eye version and open eye version and you switch. I don't know you but often I do like to see pilots and plane nearby, and doing videos etc. that would
  14. Lately I have also started more using the F button on the editor which allows a direct focus on an object. No need to Pan and Zoom. It is a direct jump to a given object. This will also diminish the number of crashes due to Pan and Zoom. I am in 4K which seems to be more sensitive to that type of crashes.
  15. Pre-Order means you support the whole adventure, that you trust the IL-2 team will deliver what they promise. Premium means an enthusiast support. Buying from the IL-2 store means that nothing goes to Steam but all goes to IL-2. All this wrapped together deserves gold and I think it is fair that way. This said, my two cents proposal here. I think that maybe, and it is only food for thought, we could imagine a special ribbon say "platinum" or something other but different, that will be for those that came later on and buy the game on the store, but would like to show
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