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  1. Check here, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/57097-waypoints-and-force-complete-no-bug/ and here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=26072 page 242.
  2. I use the summer Kuban Map and have an SP mission that is a very loaded and complex mission. Hundreds of objects, dynamic objects, ships, vehicles, trains, static and dynamic blocks, basically everything that can be done is in here. I have three groups of fire and smoke effects. Thess fire and smoke effects, consist of a mix of types of Static Fire, City Fire Small, City Fire. One group is located on the Town of Nijnebakanskaya, one is in the open field on the road and railway between Nijnebakanskaya and Vehrnebakansky, and the third and last one is on the Gelendzhik-2 airfield. These fire and smoke effects are on ground and are at different altitudes as these three locations on the map have different altitudes. One group is at about 2mt another at 64mt and one at about 150mt. Once in a while they find themselves all at about 350mt for the Y coordinate. They float in mid-air. It can be 355, another time 352 etc. But when this happens they have all exactly the same Y value. There is a corruption that happens on the Y value and I do not understand why. Here are some pictures: If I reposition on the ground the effects then it may work but not always. If I cancel the groups and then import again the groups it does work. But when I rework again the mission (never touch the effects as they are done in place and there is nor change) with the ME my effects jump again in the sky, and always around 350mt and all at the same altitude. The altitude will vary each time around 350mt by less than +/- 10 mt and never more. This does not appear always immediately but after two or three mission change they start flying again. And this problem is only with the fire and smoke effects. All other effects do not have this problem. And fires or smoke that appear during the game they have no issue neither. Just makes me mad as I see absolutely no reason. And these three groups are completely independent as they connect to nothing in the game. They are self standing.
  3. Unfortunately documentation is something that nobody wants to do. It costs take time and does not bring money. Very little number of users will really read it in detail. Devs count on the players to do the job. A magnificent job Jim did, and we were lucky for that. His manual has been my bible for sometime before mastering well enough the whole ME. And this is many months, and still a lot of trial and error to do because there are so many combinations that behave in different ways, tricks, issues etc. No manual can have it all. I am afraid you have to do your own homework, and ask questions on the forum, hoping someone has a solution or a hint, and slowly master this tool. The ME even if it has bugs, issues and we would like many additional features, it is still an awesome tool.
  4. In terms of possible/not possible I was meaning with the stock atmosphere choices and parameters that we have in the ME. You did pretty awesome mods LizLemon, so for sure you know much better than me if the whole atmospheric system could be modded to do thunderstorm clouds. This is completely outside my capabilities.
  5. With default clouds two layers is possible. If you want three four or more then no it is not possible. You can play with the cloud thickness or height up to a point, and so play with the spacing between the two layers. What is typically not possible is thunderstorm clouds or large cumulonimbus type where the cloud base is very low and it has a vertical development say from 3000 to 30000 feet. To have that kind of cloud would be awesome.
  6. The train Waypoints Priority settings is for trains only. If set to Low the train artillery carriages will shoot the maximum they can to any enemy: plane, vehicle etc.. If you want them to shoot a lot but not be too deadly then set the AI parameter of the train to Low.
  7. The waypoints and the Translator Icons to depict them are two distinct things. If you want the flightpath and your waypoints to be seen during the mission then you have to create in parallel to your waypoints the same trajectory with the icons connected the same way, each icon where the waypoint is and that means the same spatial coordinates. If your waypoint altitude the Y coordinate is at 400 mt then the icon is also at 400mt. Check that all your waypoints are at the right altitude. If you want your planes to strictly follow the waypoints then you must set the Priority in the Waypoint advanced parameters to High. If you put to medium or low then the planes can deviate and react either to enemies etc.
  8. It is true that Force Command can be used to end a command that is actually been used. For example if you have planes attacking an area you can by using a Force Command MCU have them stop the attack and do something else. Force Command has a double usage depending on what it is applied.
  9. Is this valid also for vehicles ships trains etc...
  10. 6 cores at 5.2 that's excellent. You have RAM at 3600 CAS 15 that's superb again in terms of IL2. I hope you have at least 16 GB of RAM and better 32. The GPU is also excellent, so I have nothing to say. What you have is a top system to play IL2. Fine tuning like playing with voltages for the memory and all that stuff, believe me I went through all of that, and in terms of effective performance gain it is not worth the effort, but as a personal pleasure it is very rewarding. What you need is IL2 missions made to load such a system. You may get one in a short while 🙂
  11. I prefer a different approach. To know if GPU/CPU are equilibrated and one does not limit the other here is my approach. You need to measure two performance parameters one for GPU and one for CPU. But we want to have a measurement specif to IL2 and not a synthetic type of measurement. You have to consider that IL2 is a CPU limited game, for two reasons. It is CPU intensive (complex simulations are generally very cpu intensive), and uses only about two full cores, even if you have 64 of them. This is why the Single Core performance and frequency is very important for IL2. So a very fast 4 to 6 cores (5GHZ) is enough if you only play IL2. You need a reference state. This reference state is related to a given map. Lapino map is much lighter and smaller that Kuban or Rheinland map. Here you have to choose the map according to the mission you want to analyze. The reference state is an empty map (do not import anything) with one plane flying (the player) and nothing else, this means the sky is just completely clear, no wind, no turbulence, and absolutely nothing else. You will add in this map a Timer with two short text messages displayed on the screen, like START and STOP. Please activate also the ingame framerate counter. Display time 1 second, It is enough for you to see it and it will not impact the measure. Consider a 60 seconds timer. When start is flashed you start your stopwatch and when stop flashes you just stop it. Set to the Max/Ultra all your graphics settings and the resolution to the native resolution of your monitor. Do not use any image framerate limiter like Synch to monitor frequency. We do not care here if there is image tearing. First do the test with the empty map and compare the two timers. You will see no difference even maybe the IL2 Timer maybe even a little faster. During the timer run note also the framerate. Now you have two reference values. If in this reference case you already have a slower IL2 timer then either your CPU is really too limited or the GPU limits your CPU. To check if the GPU is limiting, set your graphic settings to the minimum and see if the IL2 Timer speeds up, if yes then the GPU was limiting your CPU. Second download your mission based on the same map. Choose a place and a moment in the mission worth doing the test. This is where you have the highest intensity of action with the highest number of objects and most importantly "planes". The high intensity of action and planes will impact the CPU and the highest number of objects to display (and mainly smoke, fires and explosions) will impact the GPU. Because of the connection CPU/GPU it is not very easy to separate completely the two. But we can find some rules. We compare the values with the reference values. If the IL2 Timer is way slower than your stopwatch, and the framerate has diminished but only slightly then CPU is limiting. If you have a high framerate drop but a slight Timer slow-down then GPU is most impacted. My experience is that the planes are what takes the maximum CPU resources, and their number does impact the CPU. The number of objects has an impact that is much smaller than planes. The GPU is impacted by the quantity of objects to be displayed but also by the clouds, the smokes, fires and explosions. You can also use two additional tools: 1) TechPowerUp GPU-Z that will show your GPU utilization rate. 2) The Win 10 CPU Performance indicator where you can see the load of each thread if you have Hyperthreading or each Core if you run without Hyperthreading. These tools will give a measure of how the CPU and GPU are loaded during the task execution. Regarding the memory the optimal is to have the fastest speed as specified for the motherboard. Over that the final impact in terms of CPU and framerate is just overkill you won't see it. An even if you gain one fps that's just invisible. Overclocking from 4.2 to 5 will bring you much more. And this is why the best CPU for IL2 is not AMD but Intel 9900KS that runs stock at 5Ghz flat.
  12. This is what should have been the function. But unfortunately not. They just stay a little longer. I suppose this is to free resources to optimize cpu/gpu load.
  13. I would have imagined that implementing an RRR feature would have been a pretty easy and straightforward task. Now it seems that it is a pretty complicated thing to do. I still wonder why.
  14. It's weird indeed. Sometimes it is the pilot in the seated position as when flying the airplane but he has a wrong vertical coordinate relative to the cockpit seat. So he is well positioned but above his seat. On other occasions he is standing with the arms wide open which seem to be the default pose for admiring the pilot dressing, but again at the same height of the seat. Two issues here, the choice of the wrong pilots body pose, and the vertical offset from his seat.
  15. In general going to very high RAM speeds, will have an enormous effect on the weight of your wallet (which will become very light after acquisition) but very little effect on the performances. The CPU clock will have a direct and visible impact on the CPU performance which for IL2 that is CPU limited is a big plus. But having a superclocked CPU is worthless if your Graphic card cannot digest the data and follow the pace. What GPU do you have?
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