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  1. EUREKA ! You are a genius. I am too stupid. How did I not think about that. ๐Ÿ™„ Columbus egg type of thing.
  2. In the ME is it possible to eliminate the MAP so as to have a clean Black or White background to better see the links and object graphs. Other possibility would be to thicken the link lines. Is that possible?
  3. I checked in detail and I am ok with all texture airfields on all the maps. Must be luck.
  4. Is there a way to force the camera image on the screen, or it is mandatory that the player does hit an F12 key. I have tried to activate and deactivate cameras so as to have one camera at a time active. But the image of the active camera does not appear if not hitting the F12 key. There are many parameters in the camera (like Padlock) but the manual does not document them and I have no idea how to make them work. Any advice is welcome.
  5. IckyATLAS

    AAA How to make it fire in anger

    Thanks to =RS=Stix_09 to have taken time to look at my mission. I had not noticed that one could do with land based artillery pieces the same "action grouping" with a leader like for planes, ship convoys or vehicle convoys. This indeed makes things much simpler. That was a useful info. As well as demonstrating that you can detect planes over the 10km bubble. You don't see them but you detect them. I agree about on the line of sight distance(LOS) but let's put things in perspective : At 8000 mt distance and 250 mt altitude , the LOS distance is 8004 mt. At 8000 mt distance and 1000 mt altitude , the LOS distance is 8062 mt. At 3000 mt distance and 1000 mt altitude , the LOS distance is 3162 mt. At 1000 mt distance and 1000 mt altitude , the LOS distance is 1414 mt. This last case is significant. When the plane is near then it starts to become significant distance between horizontal distance and Line Of Sight LOS. but the plane is in any case already inside the firing zone. So we can consider that horizontal distance remains a valid approach for a good enough approximation for the short range guns. The 88 mm gun remains an exception because of its range, if you fly at very high altitude. At 8000 mt altitude and distance, then the line of sight is 11'313 mt so out of range. The SPOTTER parameter is completely useless. You can have it set at whatever range you want or have it not checked the result is exactly the same. In the manuals it is mentioned that it is used on the GUI map to draw circles like a radar range but not more. It is the Attack Area (example centered on the gun) that would play this role. I think it has not been implemented or is buggy. I finally tested a variant by replacing the Attack Area with the Force Complete which basically meant for me STOP the action. In the manuals it can be used to switch on and off the searchlights, but it was strange to use that for artillery, or I did not find that info. And indeed as Gambit21 and JimTM (sorry guys if I am long to understand ๐Ÿ™‚ ) noted that: Force Complete LOW all the AAA pieces do the max firing and engage at their max LOS distance. Force Complete HIGH shuts everything OFF. Force Complete MEDIUM setting has the guns including the 88mm engage at close range 1500 mt (LOS) or less in both directions (incoming and leaving) and very anemically. In fact the Medium setting is equivalent to having no Force Complete or Attack Area at all. If you leave each gun active and independent on its own it behaves more or less the same as with a Force Complete with Medium setting. I could check and compare and behaviors seem identical, and indifferent to the airplane altitude. If over 2000 mt the Flak 36 or Flak 38 or MG34-aa react but do not fire, as they have no time really. In all these cases the gun range hierarchy is somewhat respected. The 88 (Flak 37) reacts always first, then comes Flak 36 and then Flak 38 at the same time as the MG34-aa. I would conclude that Attack Area has to be used when you want the AAA to take action fully at a specific distance that you set, and Force Complete if you want either shut them OFF or having them work at full capability up to max range. You must also set the AI (will impact dispersion and range precision) parameter according to how much damage you want your AAA to inflict on their targets.
  6. IckyATLAS

    Developer Diary 217 - Discussion

    I am so happy to get some news about our BoBp planes, Dora, Mustang etc. Maybe a little more on where the map stands would also be nice, with some pictures. Maybe next week ๐Ÿ™‚ ? I loved the funny Landing Gear Dance. The physics are excellent with elasticity and deformation very well simulated. Magnifico !
  7. It is really annoying that the Mission Editor is not reliable at all. It regularly freezes and then just crashes the ME window disappears. This happens randomly but really often. I have also noted that it crashes during scroll pan of the map, or zooming in or out. These are the two actions that make the ME crash. After some tests, it seems it is not the number of objects but more the links as well as the areas (circles) between the objects that may be the culprit. There may be moderate number of objects but a lot of links. I do use the selective display by trying to have a minimal number of icons or links displayed but it does not seem to have much effect. My very polite request to the overloaded devs, Please try to have this issue solved.
  8. I have been frustrated by the way AAA was behaving so I wanted to give it a full test. I checked JimTM notes which show again interesting and strange effects. Clearly the behaviors are not one could normally expect. The following comments are for German AAA land based fixed guns, and mounted on a vehicle, againts Russian Pe2 bomber planes. To make it simple if you have a AAA gun that is active on duty say of country A and an enemy B is incoming then if A has spotted B, then A according to its range capability should engage B. Clearly this is not the behavior. If the AAA guns are just left to themselves, they react very late and in a very lousy way that has nothing to do with their real capabilities and range parameters. So I created a small spectate only mission, with the German flak guns and the smaller AAA machine gun on a tripod. The action is on an airfield on the Lapino Summer map. I have made three missions with the Pe2 bombers overflying the airfield where the AAA guns are. The missions are for an overfly at 250, 1000, and 3000 mt. Check that your Hud is not in hidden mode to see the text information displayed on the screen. The bombers are first detected by a spotter (switch to spotter camera F12) in the wild that is based at 9500mt from the airfield from where he alerts the airfield if he spots incoming enemies. At that moment the AAA guns are alerted and ready. (switch to the camera facing the incoming bombers) The radar of the airfield will give the horizontal distances of the planes as they approach with steps of 500mt, or when they leave the airfield, to help the gunners man their guns properly. It is interesting to see how the different type of guns react against the incoming or leaving planes, and depending on the altitude. Run the mission and see what and how it happens. When the bombers are vertical of the airfield look also at the guns behavior. Then switch (F12) to the camera oriented towards the leaving airplanes. You can always free the camera F11 and do whatever you wish. It is nice to look from the belly of the bomber how the AAA unleashes hell against you (mainly at 250 mt). A comment here on the 10km radius limitation for airplanes "visibility". Because they simply disappear at a larger distance, CheckZone will not work if you have a radius over 10km for planes. They will not be detected, because they are not visible. Here are the 3 missions complete. You can see how it is made. For an altitude of 250mt: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AggNwB5PZgtYhzPGeJ4ze34LoiqD So here is the Track for planes at an altitude of 1000 mt. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AggNwB5PZgtYhzJZ_wad-zsu0Ndh For an altitude of 3000 mt. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AggNwB5PZgtYhzFkfY8Qe7S9nJXV Feel free to comment.
  9. The title is very DCS type. But I would love that instead of planes and tanks, that we could also get the opportunity to buy an asset pack in terms of objects library to populate our World when designing missions.
  10. IckyATLAS

    Brake lever on the Pe2Ser87 query.

    I did not know that model but after checking, indeed you could have more, but this needs to go up in the TM range, which means unfortunately to spend more ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  11. IckyATLAS

    Brake lever on the Pe2Ser87 query.

    Which Thrustmaster Hotas model do you have?
  12. We experimented in the Massive Attack or the 50 Bomber mission, the differences between the CPU load and the GPU load. You can have a decent or acceptable framerate if you have a top graphic card, but a very slow overall game caused by the CPU, which kills the playability. In IL2 it is the CPU performance that will be the main factor and so when designing a scenario that is the parameter to consider. Let me remind you that even if there are 50 Bombers, this scenario involves in reality 65 active planes. All parked planes (10 planes of various kinds) are fully active and not static objects. In addition you have the player plane and four fighters. Two questions here: 1) How can you measure the CPU performance 2) What elements of a scenario will impact more or less the CPU performance. Answer to (1) To answer the FIRST question I have set up in the Massive Attack V1.0 mission an additional internal 30 second timer. This timer is started a minute or so after the mission is launched. When the timer starts a START message is flashed on the screen, at the same instant I also start a stopwatch, and when the timer stops a STOP message is flashed, and I stop my watch. I can now compare the two times and have the time slowdown factor (TSF) due to CPU load. A factor of 1 is perfect as 30 seconds ingame are really 30 seconds. Over 1 means that the game is slowed down. In the version of the game that is published and you can download this factor is approx. 1.89. This is the average of measurements at different places in the mission and you go from 1.86 to 1.93. I have put also another timer that runs during the air combat between the fighters and A20s, the firing of AAA from ground, ships and trains, oil tanks on Fire etc... This increases slightly the load by 11% and we end up at 2.10. By the way the framerate was a very decent 60 FPS as seen from a FW190 in the midst of combat with a group of A20B. Answer to (2) To answer the SECOND question I will modify the mission by taking away certain elements and looking at how they impact the time slowdown. I designed the scenario in a very modular way using groups and having each group completely autonomous. You have then above a group management system that will act and coordinate them. By designing this way a mission it becomes very easy to add groups or take them away. Here I will delete groups and measure the impact on the time slowdown factor (TSF). I will take as a reference the 1.89 value. Groups eliminated individually a) Camera group deleted -> TSF = 1.89 -> Improvement 0.0% b) Trains group deleted -> TSF = 1.83 -> Improvement 6.7% c) Fixed Ground AAA groups deleted -> TSF = 1.88 -> Improvement 0.0% There are 45 pieces of fixed ground AAA guns. Still remain AAA on trains and on ships or vehicles. d) Truck/Tank convoys deleted -> TSF = 1.85 -> Improvement 4.5% Combined Groups eliminated e) Only planes remaining -> TSF = 1.73 -> Improvement 18.0% This means that all active objects have been deleted from the scenario except the 65 planes. Here we can conclude that trains, ships, truck, and artillery impact the TSF by 20% if extrapolated in full combat. f) (e)+Parked airplanes deleted -> TSF = 1.50 -> Improvement 43,8% Here we can extrapolate that the 10 parked planes have contributed alone by 25%. g) Only 50 bombers remaining -> TSF = 1.36 -> Improvement 59,5% Now we will come back to the original scenario, keep everything, player plane and the four FW190 fighters and only eliminate bomber groups. To be precise a bomber group comes with all the waypoints, formation commands, attack areas, landing etc... There are 5 bomber groups with 9 planes each and one with five. Lets see: h) Eliminate 1 group with 9 planes -> TSF = 1.73 -> Improvement 17,9% i) Eliminate 1 group+parked planes -> TSF = 1.50 -> Improvement 43,8% j) Eliminate 2 groups+parked planes -> TSF = 1.26 -> Improvement 70,7% k) Eliminate 3 groups+parked planes -> TSF = 1.00 -> Improvement 100% This last case has seen the elimination of 37 planes out of 65. Conclusion: (A) Airplanes take by far the most of the resources. We are at no CPU impact or slowdown with 28 Flying airplanes and all the rest. (B) If you do not have too many airplanes, you can then add a lot of activity on the ground, animate the cities, rivers, ports and airfields. It will have a limited impact overall. The ME does support 65 but also more planes. The GPU will cope the CPU not, and the impact is more slowdown. I have to give credit here to Gambit 21 if we consider playability. He mentioned a limit of about 25 planes which is pretty correct if we want to have a scenario fully playable. The data above is valid for my system which is already a powerful one. For some of us with less powerful system the threshold maybe around 15 planes. Hope this helps designing future scenarios.
  13. I tried on my system and no problem, the Moscow Winter map loads all textures. Here is the one of the Airfield you had an issue. Maybe the Map or some texture files are corrupted.
  14. IckyATLAS

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    Very nice modeling work. I love the map pictures, colors and ground features are photorealistic when looked from afar. I hope Bodenplatte map will be improved in terms of resolution and buildings destructability compared to Kuban.
  15. IckyATLAS

    Weapon Data

    I wanted to avoid using attack area. I have in my multiple bomber mission a city and airfield defense system with over 20 AAA units. To be effective they should all be connected to one very large attack area. I am not sure this will change something. But can it be done. I have to try. For the Land-based AA by attack command do you mean attack area or attack a specific target ? And how to handle 20 30 or 40 AAA units in an area like a city. Still a lot to experiment.