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  1. I had the same issue with the Herlbrug sequence (see: were part of the city was destroyed and burnt down. The trees were perfectly fine in the middle of incinerated blocks. Would be very immersive if we could have the choice of deleting tree zones and replace them by static blocks of burnt and broken trees. When you fly low or 500mt or so over these cities then you would get a better feeling of what it was back then. Nice lush trees an parks amidst burnt ruins makes everything surreal and fake.
  2. The idea is nice. Music does create a sens of drama, but stuttering is horrible, and kills the pleasure of viewing it.
  3. The only rotation you can do is around the Y axis. This is fine on flat terrain. But you cannot rotate around X and Z axis which would allow you to have a static object correctly positioned on a sloped terrain. For houses it does not make sense because a house is built to stay vertical even in sloped terrain but if you do it then let it be accessible for all type of objects, it will be simpler. For a majority of blocks it does make sense to have their Y axis oriented perpendicular to the terrain, and this needs to act on X and Z axis which are hidden. Otherwise if devs do not want us to have access to the X and Z axis then they should modify the way the "Set on ground" command works. When an object is selected if the set on ground button is used the it should put it flat on ground so that the Y axis is perpendicular to the ground whatever the slope. Here it seems that the ground has no slope and that all Y axis are vertical from a completely invisible flat surface which is not the terrain. The only information used is the elevation of the point of the terrain matching the center of the object, and not the slope. So if it is too difficult to have it made automatic then let us do it manually.
  4. It is interesting to see from the poll (thanks to those that answered) that waiting two years for a title like this one is perfectly OK. Pricewise it is also clear that 100 US$ seems to be the upper limit. We do not know how many copies in total are being sold, but for sure we must be a small niche market. This would also put a cap on how much can be invested to develop a title. I wonder about how large is this community that keep the ball rolling.
  5. Couldn't you use your persuasion talent and friendly connections with the Dev team to have them free the translation and rotation motions along all axis to allow us to position all static objects and blocks at least as we want. They should also allow block deletion for non server scripted missions and campaigns. For the elements that are fixed in space but animated like artillery maybe there it is more delicate to allow the rotations. But in those cases at least let us change the translation on the Y axis. I imagine there may be an impact on the calculation of the artillery bullet trajectory but I suppose that the start point is not fixed on the map ground coordinates where an object is put.
  6. It is true that I have not considered the Server related consequences. I am in scripted campaign logic, so I tend to limit perception to that.
  7. On reason to scale down maps if I remember very very long ago was that in fact the planes could not fly at realistic speeds due to CPU/GPU limitations and so the map was scaled down so that the time of flight would be equivalent to a higher speed. Another element was to avoid long flights between action places, so as to have quickly actions happening without having to wait too long. In real wartime you had missions lasting hours and then air fights lasting a few minutes. That is not seens as very exciting to replicate. Gamers need action in rapid fire it seems.
  8. It is really strange why Jason choose an old game engine that is so limited in terms of number of planes or complex planes. This would mean that it is not very efficient resource wise. I hear that four engine bombers could not be handled by this game engine. So why to choose it in the first place. In the time span of six seven years the processors and graphic cards have improved a lot, but this game engine does not seem to profit much from this hardware evolution. But I admit I am not a specialist for these game engine and maybe there were other advantages, like low or free license costs, easier development, who knows ...
  9. My understanding is that a BOP would be a very large undertaking in time and money. Out of the possibilities of Jason and his team. The game is a big challenge technically but money or financing a dream is one of the most difficult challenges. So let's see how much are we ready to invest in a dream.
  10. It is a pity that when we are down and in the plane like sitting ducks we cannot use the eject button to get out and run for cover. If we stay we will be attacked and killed.
  11. Excellent. I love that you added GMC CCKW. But why you do just half of it and we do not get it as static object. And most of all why do we have a static Opel Fuel and a static Zis Fuel and we do not have them as dynamic vehicles. Please in the next Update do complete these little details.
  12. Sorry but I may have skipped some info posts. How do you create the poll? I mean to have the items listed with the buttons to do the selection etc. Is there a specific tool we need to have ? I know it was stupid question, I just didn't look well enough or too fast. Moderator please cancel this post.
  13. It smells BonBon (The french will understand)
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