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  1. I find the idea of having collector vehicles, collector ships, collector trains, collector pilots, collector OBJECTS, you name it perfectly sound if this is the price to pay to get more for the game and enrich the theater. I find the price a little high for a vehicle (I would have thought around 10 US$). Now until seeig the finalized quality, detail and animation it is difficult to say. Anyway I will buy them only if they become additional vehicles that will be available in the editor, and that can be integrated in all the BOX scenarios like all the existing vehicles, in columns or alone. Will this be so?
  2. The power of words. Jason just wrote one word and three pages of posts rained down, dreaming, hoping, drooling. Let's hope it has a positive outcome and is not an oversell or just a joke. If it is Pacific Theater then I forgive everything. Hurri or C47 would be kind of, well ok, but please do not do it again.
  3. First of all, many thanks to all the dev team. Adressing aircraft visibility is a very important issue in combat flying. In MS2020 type flying no one cares. I like also the haze control. I understand we have now an MSAA x8 version. Is MSAA only as x8 or can we choose. In the settings we can only select FSAA or MSAA nothing else. Did I miss something? What about a future DLSS 2.0 ? ๐Ÿ˜‡
  4. Unfortunately the missions are not compatible straight out of the box with Game version 4.501. Up to 4.009c it was all fine, but this new version is not compatible. Please allow some time for me to do the necessary and update the missions. Try what Cleo9 has advised. It may work.
  5. In theory yes. But there have been 2080Ti versions from non-founder editions up to 1'700 US$ in my country at least. Let's say that the border here is a little blurred.
  6. Kuban map is heavy but it is awesome and the best one to date in my opinion. The sea color/reflections and wave behavior must be improved but other than that it is an excellent map.
  7. 1: Yes 2: No 3: Very significant but wait a moment, don't hurry buying one. First check the various benchmarks when they come out in October between 2080Ti and 3070. The 3070 should be at par or slightly better but we need benchmarks that we do not have yet. A 2080Ti would be worth buying if the price gets around 350$ from my point of view. But I am skeptical and in general I do not advise buying used GPU cards as you have no idea what they went through. Otherwise get a 3070 and you will have a board that will have a much longer technological "life span" for future games, and also if you later on, upgrade your cpu and motherboard with PCIe 4.0. There will be also by end October the AMD announcement on their new GPU. It may be of the level of a 3070 and if so in general AMD is less expensive than Nvidia. In conclusion it is worth to wait and see until the end of November, then you can choose your Christmas gift ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. If money is not a problem and you do not care on price/performance ratios and want the best performance then buy the 3090, that was at the price of the former 2080Ti. Nothing will surpass it whatever comes from AMD, and so this is the easiest no brainer buy, as long as your PSU can handle it. You should have at least an 850 watts or better 1000 watts power supply. But even for those who will buy a 3090 I would advise to wait for the benchmarks, as at the moment we have only Nvidia performance information and technical specs and we do not know how it relates to game performance for games that are not RTX and DLSS 2.0 designed for, typically IL2.
  8. We continue talking about AI, but there is not much of Artificial Intelligence here. I have no idea how the flying skills of the wingmen are programmed but it is probably a set of parameters like "how hard you can turn", "what kind of figures you are allowed to do" etc. I would be happy to know by the way how it is done. The future we may have artificial neural nets ANN and learning features implemented. I will not use the buzzword "deep learning" because this is just for ANN with multiple layers and here they will all be so anyway. As an example you may get a set of trained ANN to a certain level of skill in flying a plane that comes for each training level. This is done by the devs and you get them included in the game. In career mode they can be modified through learning depending on actions and the ANN will improve its skills from the base level it started. What I am saying here above are existing techniques that work well in an environment where the rules of the game are known, like games of chess, go and many other video games where ANNs are now able to beat any human player. Flying a plane and air combat is after all an environment pretty constrained by many rules and the plane specifications. Do not respect them and you crash or get killed.
  9. For benchmarks on IL2 I am afraid we will have to buy the card and do it ourselves. That is expensive for a 3090, but finally the same price level of a 2080Ti. For me buying a 3090 would make sense with uplifting my whole rig. I am an Intel customer so I am very unhappy about the CPU situation at the moment. Version 3 of Ryzen that will be shortly announced, may this time overtake Intel for games where they were reigning undisputed until now. Ryzen 2 just matched them, but if Ryzen 3 can best their clock speed then Intel may loose the battle. Rocket Lake is too far in the future and it is not clear to me how better it will be anyway. I would have appreciated if the Devs would do this, and show us what is the optimal CPU/GPU choice specifically for IL2. They developed the code so they should know exactly what will run their game best.
  10. It is not clear for me how the pure rasterization performance will be impacted compared to 2080TI. Besides what the GPU is, the max clock speed per CPU core remains a major performance criteria for IL2. The scheduling implemented in Win 10 on the CPU side will also help but I do not know by how much for IL2. I would consider two parameters (outside of RTX/DLSS) that make more sense for IL2. 1) Cuda Cores The number of cuda cores and the new memory management. 2080Ti has 4352 cuda cores 3080 has 8704 cuda cores that is 100% more or X 2 3090 has 10496 cuda cores that is 141% more or X 2.4 2) The new memory management on PCIe 4.0 avoiding to go through the CPU. That could improve vastly the loading of the scenes for large and complex maps, with a high number of objects. It is not clear to me however if this needs specific implementation in IL2 by the Devs. Potentially we could expect at least x 1.3-1.5 improvement in FPS in 4K with a top CPU running 5GHz per core. I mean 4K because at lower resolutions the CPU has to process much more data as the frame rate increases and in IL2 he is the very critical component. In 4K or above the GPU has to handle an enormous number of pixels and so he becomes the critical component. What is the perfect equilibrium between CPU/GPU is difficult to say. Besides that if the devs could at least implement DLSS 2.0 that would allow excellent antialiasing with little or no hit on FPS. I can imagine that Ray Tracing would be too difficult to implement in the IL2 graphic engine. But it could bring spectacular visual effects on water, snow, ice and atmospheric objects like clouds.
  11. Agreed but if only we could have more than 4 craters standing after a bombing. It is really time to change this kind of limitation, or give us the choice of how many craters we want to keep like (minimum=4, medium=12, maximum= all) indipendently of their size as the size depends on the bomb explosive power.
  12. And after all we have a flyable Tri-motor Junker, and so a flyable C-47 is some additional work but worth it. Collector plane at 30 US$ would sell like hot cakes. But I have a better proposal. A B17 flyable collector plane. I am ready to pay at least 50 US$ for it.
  13. Your laptop image as far as I know will be the image generated by your graphic card inside the laptop. You cannot have an external graphic card that will generate an image on your laptop screen. You do not have an video input port on a laptop. You can output your laptop screen image onto another screen. There is always an output video port, like HDMI (standard or mini, micro) or Display Port (standard and mini) or DVI for older laptops. You can then duplicate or extend the image across the two monitors. If you duplicate both images will be identical. If you want to combine the two images as being one unique surface you can do that in Windows but only from your laptop with its internal graphic cards, and this will work for your office space. You will have a double monitor size which is nice for work as you can open application windows across the two monitors. Better have identical monitor size and resolution to avoid scaling and size effects, but if the two monitors have distinct functions and different displays then no problem to have monitors different but adapted to the specific task. What I have not tested as IL2 does not run on my professional laptops, is if you launch IL2 in a double extended monitor configuration, will the image cover both monitors as a unique larger image. To be tested, and I am interested to know how it works. It could work if in IL2 you can set an image resolution compatible with the size of the double monitor resolution. Probably you need to play in windowed mode and not full screen mode, but again this is to be tested. Beware that your performance will drop significantly as even if it works your laptop graphic card will have to manage double the number of pixels. Your FPS will suffer and be less than half the FPS with one monitor. On my personal gaming rig I prefer a large 42 inch, full 4K monitor, instead of multiple ones smaller and at lower resolution. Your question makes me remember about some professional military grade simulators I saw many many years ago, where you had multiple graphic cards on one motherboard (a special purpose built motherboard) , each graphic card was driving one monitor connected to it. It was a quad graphic card configuration driving four monitors. Each video output was a separate channel. Three monitors were for displaying images out of the window and one was internal to the cockpit data display. This is the best way to go as every image has the full power of one graphic card. The CPU load may become an issue. In those time you did not have multiple core CPUs but you had quad sockets with four CPUs. The software has also to be designed to take full advantage of this type of hardware. Anyway these systems were completely out of reach for the general public. A GTX 3090 that we will have available in a few weeks now is multiple times more powerful than the four graphic cards combined of that time, and the image quality has nothing to compare as it is also multiple times better in visual quality.
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